Dad and daughter lust after one another
The wind was gusting outside. Steve sat on the sofa watching the trees blow. Not really watching the trees but rather remembering his wife who was killed I an automobile accident nearly two years ago. It seemed so unfair for her to be taken from him at such an earl age. A tear began to run down his cheek as he sat there remembering the fun times they had shared. The vacations, the evenings out dancing, the times cuddling and especially the great sex they had. Steve broke down sobbing remembering that fateful night. It was her 36th birth day. They finished celebrating when she took her daughters boyfriend home. They were struck and killed by a drunk driver. The accident scene was horrific. Authorities said they died instantly. Steve lost everything that fateful night. Everything except his precious 16 year old daughter.

Nicole was devastated when she heard the news. She kept asking herself "why wasn't I in the car too when mom took him home?" Nicole spent days and then weeks alone in her room. Deeply saddened by the losses Steve enrolled himself and his daughter into counseling to help ease the matter. They would go to counseling three times a week and were able to speak about their feelings. They would cry and hug each other. They would tell each other how they felt. They talked about the good times and bad times. But each time when they left to go home they felt better. They would stop on their way home and reward themselves for having the courage to get through this sad time. Sometimes they would stop for ice cream and sometimes they would stop for burgers.

One time when they went to their counseling the weather was going to be nice so Nicole packed a picnic basket to surprise her dad. She packed all of the amenities that were necessary. Sandwiches, chips, pop, cherry pie, plates, utensils, napkins and even moistened towelettes to wipe their hands afterwards. When they got out of counseling Nicole told her father to drive to the beach so they could have a picnic. When they arrived Nicole retrieved the picnic basket out of the trunk and Steve seemed surprised by the idea of having a picnic. This made Nicole feel good as if she did something special.

Steve carried the picnic basket as Nicole carried a big blanket to sit on. They found a nice clear spot on the beach and opened up the blanket. They sat down across from each other and Nicole opened the picnic basket. She handed her father a paper plate and utensils and then a sandwich. Nicole set her sandwich on her plate then poured each of them some chips. Next she handed her dad a soda and she took one for herself.

As they began to eat they sat there talking about their counseling session. They admitted to each other that they were finally getting over the tragic accident but were still deeply saddened. Upon finishing their sandwiches Nicole handed her father a slice of cherry pie. Steve held out his plate and Nicole slid the piece of pie on to it. Nicole put her piece on her plate and they sat there enjoying it. After they cleaned up the picnic and packaged everything up Nicole stood up and held out her hand to her father and told him "lets walk along the shore."

Steve grabbed a hold of her soft hand and stood up. Steve pulled his shirt off and threw it down on the blanket. They walked towards the water with their arms around each other. They walked barefoot in the water talking the whole time. It was then that Steve began to notice Nicole as more of a woman than as his daughter. She was now 17 and she was developing into a fine looking lady. He noticed her blonde hair as the late day sun shone upon it. It hung just past her shoulders. He noticed her legs didn't look twiggy like a young girls anymore rather they looked more like a models with nice curves accenting her calf muscles and thighs. Steve even noticed how sexy her feet looked as she had her toe nails panted a pretty shade of pink. They walked to the end of the beach and they turned around to walk back. When they turned around that's when Nicole's breast brushed up against her fathers arm. It was then that Steve noticed his daughters breasts were developing nicely. In his mind, his daughter was beginning to look like her mother.

As they walked back to the blanket Nicole began to take notice of her father. She noticed how nice the gray hairs looked as the sun sparkled off of them. She noticed the muscles on his arms were firm and tight along with the rippling muscles of his chest. She admired her dad because he had courage. More courage than she ever thought she could have. She knew her dad was almost 40 but she was really comfortable around him and other people that were older.

As time went on Steve and Nicole began going to counseling less and less. Soon they were down to once a week. Their counselor told them that they were ready to face the world on their own again. Their counselor told them to feel free to call her or even stop by if they needed to talk. Steve and Nicole left that night feeling like they accomplished something. They felt good about themselves and decided to celebrate.

They stopped at a nice place for dinner that night. They were seated in a booth in a quiet section of the dining room. The waitress handed each of them a menu and told them she would be back soon. Steve looked at his daughter and told her if she wanted a drink she could have one. Nicole said "but dad I'm still 17 yet." Her dad told her she was going to be 18 soon and that she deserved it for being so brave. The waitress came back and took their order. Steve a Sirloin steak well done with a baked potato and a beer. Nicole ordered a Shrimp dinner and french fries along with a Fuzzy Navel. As they sat there waiting for their dinners the waitress brought them their drinks. Steve and Nicole began talking about other things more and more and the accident less and less. They would talk about Steve's job and Nicole's school. Nicole rambled on and on about her up coming graduation in a few months.

As they sat there Steve was admiring the beauty of his daughter. There was just something about her that kept him drawn to her. In his eyes she was a spitting image of his wife. As he sat there he was mesmerized by all of the curves of her face. To him, his daughter was the most beautiful person in the world. The waitress served them and they began to eat dinner. Occasionally they would look up and smile at each other. And when that happened Steve noticed something else too. He felt a tingle in his loins. He fought the feeling as he knew it was so wrong. Each time it happened he would think of something like cutting the grass to take his mind off of it.

On the other side of the table Nicole too began to feel a little different. Her fathers smile would give her a feeling of electricity shooting through her body. She found that it sometimes caused her nipples to harden. Nicole would shift herself so her top would be loose enough so her father wouldn't see. Nicole thought it might have been the drink she had but realized she only drank half of it so far. Plus this wasn't the first time she had this feeling while being with her father.

After they finished their dinner they drove home. They were kind of quiet on the way home. Not really talking rather listening to the country music on the stereo. Nicole was terribly afraid of the feelings she was developing. She too knew they were wrong. But they made her feel good. No boy had ever made her body tingle like that. Steve, on the other hand, had been very lonely lately especially as time has passed and he learned how to handle his wife's passing. He was lonely but he knew he shouldn't have those kind of thoughts about his own daughter.

Over the next few weeks life seemed like it was finally returning to normal at home. Both Steve and his daughter Nicole seemed to be over the brunt of the healing process. Nicole was nearing her 18th birthday and graduation. Nicole came home from school with all of the information about her graduation. She walked up to her dad and hugged him and showed him the graduation schedule. "Your going to come aren't you dad?" Nicole asked. As Steve looked over the schedule he said "I wouldn't miss it for anything in the world." With that Nicole hugged her dad and told him how much she loved him. This time she felt jolts of electricity racing through her body and this time they caused her pussy to tingle. Nicole pulled away, slightly flustered by the feeling she had and went to her room to change. As she walked to her room Steve looked at his daughter and admired the short skirt she was wearing. This gave Steve a tingle in his loin too.

Nicole laid on her bed trying to figure out why she would get these funny feelings. She stood up and undressed carefully hanging up her school uniform so it wouldn't wrinkle because she hated ironing. She removed her bra, socks and finally her panties. Again Nicole laid back on her bed. She closed her eyes as if to look for a reason as to why she had these feelings and all she could see behind her closed eyes was her father. Again a jolt of electricity raced through her body. Nicole reached up and cupped her breasts and felt how hard her nipples felt. Nicole caressed the soft skin of her breasts ever so slowly working her fingers closer to her hard nipples. As she slid her fingers across both of her nipples she felt a desire she never had before. She felt her pussy beginning to burn. Nicole pinched her nipples and all she could think of was that it was her dad pinching them...better yet sucking on them.

Nicole decided she had to stop because that was just plain wrong but she couldn't because it felt so damned good. She pinched her nipples harder imagining that it was her father biting on them. She was on fire. Slowly she slid her hand down her stomach towards her pussy. She ran her fingers through her pubic hair as she continued to pinch her nipples with her other hand. Finally her fingers found her pussy lips. They were parted and glistening with moisture. Nicole had never in her life been turned on like this before. She was still a virgin.

As she lay there with her eyes closed she continued to pinch her nipples with one hand and she began running her fingers up and down her wet slit. The whole time all Nicole could picture was her father. She slid her fingers in only a short distance as to not break her hymen. Nicole found the spot of her pussy that felt best and began to rub it. It felt wonderful. As she rubbed her clit and pinched her nipples she imagined it was her fathers fingers touching her and rubbing her. She noticed her hips were beginning to thrust up and down and she felt a tingling sensation from her head to her toes. Her pussy was getting real wet like there was liquid flowing from it. She felt wave after wave of electricity shooting out of her pussy. Finally the waves of passion subsided and Nicole just lay there. She knew she just had her very first orgasm but she felt terrible that she had it while she was thinking about her dad.

Nicole stood up off of her bed and dropped down to her knees and placed her hands together. She began to pray to god. She asked god to forgive her because she just did something so terribly wrong. She said prayer after prayer while her cum dripped out of her pussy and down her legs, the whole time begging god for his forgiveness.

At the same time Steve was equally as turned on. He took a shower and his cock stood at full attention. As he soaped it up he realized how wonderful it felt. Steve hadn't been with a woman since his wife. It has been nearly two years and he hadn't even jacked off yet. Thoughts raced through his mind as to why his cock was hard. Actually not just hard but rock hard. He thought that maybe it was because it had been so long that it was just a hormone build up or something.

Steve closed his eyes and pictured his lovely wife that he missed so dearly. He began pumping his cock and it felt magnificent. Pre cum was oozing out and he used it for a lubricant. With the water running on him and his eyes closed Steve lowered his head as if he was going to look into his wife's eyes as she was giving him head. Instead what he saw in his mind was his beautiful daughters face with his cock in her mouth. Steve's hips began to thrust and he immediately began to cum from such a wicked and incestuous thought. He pumped out gob after thick gob of cum that had been stored in him for nearly two years to the thought of his beautiful daughter going down on him.

Steve felt a relief but then he felt really guilty. He had just did something terribly wrong. He finished showering and got dressed and went to the living room to watch TV. As he watched country music videos he heard Nicole taking a shower. A short while later she came into the living room to watch TV with her dad. She still felt ashamed but she knew it was something that she had to deal with. She could never let her father know that he made her cum. They watched TV in silence until they decided it was bed time.

Finally Nicole's 18th birthday came around. A few relatives and friends showed up to bring her cards and gifts. Everyone sat around talking and sharing stories. Nobody talked about the accident. It seemed odd to Nicole how life seemed to be back to normal...except for the wicked thoughts she continued to have about her dad. Finally they ate cake and opened presents. She received mostly sweaters, tee shirts and money. Everyone had a wonderful time. As it got later everyone started to leave. Finally around midnight the last guest finally left.

Nicole helped her father clean up the mess from the party. Picking up paper plates and forks and pop cans, along with the wrapping paper from her presents. Nicole looked at her father and knew he was sad just from the look on his face. She knew he missed mom. Nicole went to father and put her arms around him and just hugged him. They stood there just hugging each other while they shed a few tears. They were just so sad that her mother couldn't be there for the party. They soon pulled themselves together and finished cleaning up. They were tired so they went to bed.

Steve climbed into his bed but couldn't sleep. Thoughts of his daughter began racing through his head again. He thought to himself that this is happening all too frequently. His cock was stiffening rapidly as he thought about his daughter. He closed his eyes and began to stroke his cock softly. He imagined Nicole standing at the end of the bed on the dresser doing a slow strip tease for him. He felt the first few drops of pre cum drip down his head. Steve used his forefinger and wiped a drop of it up and raised his finger to his mouth. He tasted it and imagined it was Nicole's pussy juice. This caused his cock to leak more.

In his fantasy Nicole wiggled out of her top and skirt and was standing there in a bra, panties and heels. As he pumped his cock he imagined her reaching behind her and unfastening her bra. As she removed the material she cupped her breasts as to teas him by not letting him see her globes. Finally she let them hang freely as she slid her hands down her stomach to her thong. Slowly and seductively she wiggled out of the dainty material and she kicked them towards her father. With one hand pumping his cock Steve reached up as though his daughter really did kick her thong to him, and he tried to catch it.

Next Nicole stepped off of the dresser and onto the bed. Getting on her hands and knees she started crawling towards him very slowly and seductively. Crawling up between his legs moving ever so closely towards his cock. As Steve stroked his cock Nicole slid her tongue from his shaved balls up his shaft to the tip of his cock. Steve was close to cumming Nicole crawled up farther until she positioned her wet pussy over his cock. Steve reached up and grabbed her hips and pulled her down on his hot rod and began to fuck her. Steve's hips began to thrust as he fucked his daughter It didn't take long as Steve began to cum. Gobs of cum flew high into the air landing on his stomach, legs and bed.

As Steve's cock went limp he almost started to cry for having such a sinful fantasy. He thought how wrong it was and he knew he needed to do something about it. He cleaned himself up with tissues he had on his night stand for just this purpose. It was becoming routine to be jacking off to the sight of his routine! Little did Steve know his daughter was across the hall having the same fantasies that he was having.

Across the hall Nicole laid in her bed. Again her body was on fire. Over the last few months Nicole began masturbating almost nightly to the thought of her father. Every time she felt terrible afterwards and prayed for god to forgive her. This night was a little different though. Nicole rolled onto her stomach and placed her pillow under her between her legs. She grabbed the second pillow to make it a little higher. She positioned herself up on her hands and knees and lowered her naked mound onto the pillows. She bunched up her comforter and placed it under her breasts and laid on it. In Nicole's mind she was now on top of her father.

Nicole closed her eyes and imagined she was straddling her dad. She lowered herself onto her dads cock. When her pussy touched the pillow she felt jolts of electricity filling her body. In her mind she felt how her dads cock would fill her pussy even though it really wasn't but to her it was wonderful. Nicole began to rock her hips on the pillows. She lowered her head to her fathers face and kissed him sliding her tongue into his hot mouth. She could feel her orgasm building as she humped the pillows. Then it happened. Nicole moaned "oh daddy" as an orgasm rocked her young body. She thrust her pussy up and down on the pillows cumming all over them.

This time was different though. Nicole couldn't stop. Her pussy was still on fire, still needing attention. She kept humping the pillows. She could feel her dads hands on her ass as he was fucking her. Again she felt her body beginning to tingle. She moaned "oh my god daddy" and began to cum again. Her breathing was heavy and fast. She was licking her daddy's face as he was fucking her. The pillow beneath her was becoming soaked. But her pussy still tingled. Nicole just couldn't stop cumming. Her hips kept humping the pillows.

This time Nicole imagined her dad had one hand holding the back of her head as he slid his tongue into her mouth and the other one found its way into her ass crack. She felt her daddy press his finger on her ass hole as she humped the pillows. She felt her body tingle again and for the third strait time she began to cum. Nicole lowered her head into the comforter and let out a few moans and grunts as she came so her father wouldn't hear her. Finally her third orgasm subsided and she knew she was finished. Nicole pulled the pillows out from under her and pulled the comforter over herself. She began to pray again. Somewhere during her prayers she fell fast asleep.

Morning came and Nicole made her way to school. It was a week before her graduation. Her finals were in the next couple of days. While Nicole was in the library studying she started to feel her body tingle again. She knew she had to stop these feelings. They were more than feelings, they were cravings and desires. She could no longer study without the thought of her father clouding her concentration so she packed up her books and headed for home.

When she arrived home Her father had a dinner already prepared and waiting for her. Nicole put her book bag down and immediately sat down at the table. Steve fixed her a plate of chicken and dumplings with green beans and they sat down and ate together. They ate and made small talk. By the time dinner was finished Nicole's bush was on fire and she need to relieve it soon. Steve had the same urge. After dinner they cleaned up the dishes and Nicole excused herself to go to her room to study.

But Nicole couldn't study. She stripped her clothes off and began to masturbate again. This was becoming a daily habit for her now and on some days she had to get off more than once. Steve was having the same problem too. A day couldn't pass without him jacking off to the lovely fantasy of his beautiful daughter. He too knew he had to do something to put an end to this and he better do it soon.

Over the next week Nicole took all of her final exams. She did quite well too. Then came the big day. Her graduation. They had to be at the high school gym at 10:00am for the ceremony. Nicole and her father arrived early. Steve wanted a good seat so he could take plenty of pictures as she walked in her cap and gown as she carried her diploma. As Steve waited he looked at all of the other high school girls. There were some sharp ones but none like his daughter. He couldn't imagine jacking off to any of them. He wondered why he was jacking off to his daughter.

The ceremony started. There were speakers and guest speakers. Then there was a slide presentation of the students last 4 years of school. Steve was so proud every time Nicole's picture would flash on the screen. Then they played a memorial for Nicole's mom. It was wonderful. For the first time Steve didn't feel sad, instead he was happy for his daughter. Finally they began passing out diplomas.

The principal handed Nicole her diploma and she marched down the red carpet towards her dad. Steve was snapping picture after picture. The whole time he was snapping pictures he was imagining she was walking down the carpet towards him wearing just heels. His cock was now swelling in his pants and was becoming uncomfortable. As she passed him he watched as she walked away. He could see her ass wiggling as she walked. Then something terrible happened to Steve. He came in his pants right there at the ceremony. He covered his lap hoping nothing would leak through. He excused himself and went to the bathroom. After Steve cleaned himself up he met his daughter in the commons. They chatted with some of her friends and their parents.

Soon they were on their way home. Nicole was no longer in school. She had to get to the local community college to pick classes for the fall quarter. On the way home they decided to stop at a fast food restaurant for lunch. They got burgers and fries and went home. They lounged around all day and just relaxed.

Steve had been contemplating something but was a bit apprehensive about it. He thought about going to his church to go to confession. He had not been to confession since his wife was killed and thought that maybe he could confess his un holy desires about his daughter to the priest. Finally Steve said to his daughter "I'm going to go to confession Saturday, do you want to go with me?" Nicole looked at her dad and said "yes" as she had thought about confessing her thoughts and feelings about her dad with the priest also. Steve looked at the church flier and told Nicole that confessions were heard from 12:00- 1:00pm Saturday. But this was still Thursday.

Nicole's body was in charge of her now. She just couldn't stop masturbating to the fantasy of her father. It was the same for Steve too. Steve was cumming more now than when his wife was fucking him all the time. That night when they went to bed they each got off. It was the same thing on Friday night too. They each new they had to do something about it and confession seemed logical.

Finally Saturday morning came. Steve dressed in a nice suit and dress pants and Nicole dressed in a nice skirt and blouse. They ate a quick lunch and watched TV and then it was time to leave for the church. All morning long Nicole asked herself if this was the right thing to do. She asked herself "how do I tell a priest I have fantasies about my dad?" Then she wondered what if the priest asks questions?? She was a bit frightened but she knew she had to do it to give herself piece of mind. She thought talking about it to someone holy and sacred like her priest would rid her of these temptations and desires.

On the way there Steve began asking himself the same questions. He was a little nervous and actually scared. The drive seemed to take forever. Not a word was said the whole way there. They pulled up to the church and parked the car. They walked up to the steps of the church and then proceeded to climb them up to the doors. Steve pulled open the door for his daughter to enter. He had no idea she was going to confess the same thing as him. They went in and knelt down and began to pray. It was almost 1:00pm now and there were only a couple in front of them. They waited their turn. The first confessional opened up and Nicole motioned for her father to go first. Steve got up and walked past her and went into the confessional while Nicole sat in the pew and prayed.

As Steve was kneeling in the confessional it was dark as the priest had the small window closed. He was so glad there was an opaque piece of linen so he wouldn't have to look at the priest face to face. All he would be able to see is the silhouette of the priest. He waited and waited and finally the priest slid the window opened. Steve whispered "Bless Me Father, For I Have Sinned. My last confession was two years ago."

Steve did not know who the priest was. He had heard it was someone new so he felt a little more at ease about what he was going to say. Father Joseph said "my son what brings you here today, what do you wish to confess?"

Steve told the priest that he used the lords name in vane a few times. Father Joseph said "and is that all?"

", father," Steve said in a hushed voice because he knew his daughter was in the other confessional on the other side of Father Joseph. Steve could see the silhouette of the priest sitting there.

"Go on," the priest said.

"Father, I don't know how to explain this or even if I should explain this but I have had some very wrong feelings lately," Steve said.

The priest's reply was, "What do you mean?"

Steve was scared, but his cock was stirring in his pants at the same time.

"Go on," the priest mumbled.

Steve mustered up the courage and whispered, "I have been having lustful thoughts and fantasies about my daughter."

There was a moment of silence. The priest whispered "I see. Go on tell me more..."

Steve asked the priest, "What do you want to know, Father?"

The priest asked, "How long has this been going on?"

Steve replied, "About a year."

Father Joseph then asked Steve, "Have you had any sexual contact with her?"

Steve's answered quickly, "No."

Then the priest asked Steve an unusual question. He asked Steve, "Tell me your fantasy of your daughter including all the details so I can try to sort this out."

Steve paused for a second. The priest told Steve not to be afraid that this is all confidential information. That made Steve feel a little better. Then Steve began to whisper.

"Father, my daughter is so beautiful. Ever since I lost my wife I have been counting on my daughter more and more I lay on my bed at night and I imagine her standing on my dresser slowly and seductively stripping for me."

With that Steve heard the priest shift around in his room. Steve watched as Father Joseph repositioned himself in his chair as if he was making himself more comfortable.

"Then she begins to touch herself as she removes her bra and panties."

The priest said, "And this turns you on?"

"Yes father" Steve whispered.

Again he heard the priest stirring in the confessional. "Go on," the priest whispered.

Steve continued. "Then she takes her breast in her hand and lifts it to her face and she licks her own nipple." By now Steve's cock was rock hard. He needed to relieve the pain in his groin so he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. Then Steve whispered, "I imagine she is crawling up between my legs moving ever so closer." Steve couldn't help it. He began jerking his cock right there in the confessional. He looked at the shadow of the priest in the opaque window and saw something that utterly shocked him.

He saw a silhouette of the priest sitting there...and he was stroking his cock! And it was huge. My god Steve thought it has to be at least 10 inches long, and it was towering!

"Continue," the priest whispered. Steve felt ashamed but turned on at the same time so he said. "I picture her tongue licking up and down my hard cock, and then taking all of my manhood into her mouth." Steve began stroking his hard cock even faster. "Then I picture her climbing up on me lowering her pussy onto my cock until I'm all the way in her." Again Steve looked in at the priest and his jacking tempo quickened.

"Go on," the priest mumbled.

Then Steve told the priest "I hold on to her hips as she bounces up and down on my cock the whole time I'm thrusting in and out of her tight wet pussy."

When Steve finished that phrase he began to cum...right there in the confessional. He knew he was shooting his seed on the wall that stood between him and the priest. When he whispered to the priest that he cums in his daughter he looked in the window and saw the priests towering cock begin to spurt. Steve tucked his cock back into his pants and zipped up.

At this point Steve was really worried. The priest made some commotion for a few moments. Then he said to Steve "for your penance you will say 9 Our Fathers and 9 Hail Mary's plus you will come here to the church next Friday night at 7:30pm for counseling with me to rid these demons from your body." Steve was nervous about what just happened but agreed and went out to the pews to pray and wait for his daughter. While he was praying he wondered what Father Joseph meant by "ridding his body of demons" meant?

It was now Nicole's turn to confess. As she waited in the dark in her confessional she too was nervous. She had no clue of what her own father had just confessed. As she knelt there, Father Joseph slid the confessional window open. She too was glad there was a white piece of linen separating her from the holy priest. Nicole began, "Bless Me Father, For I Have Sinned. My last confession was 2 years ago." Nicole began confessing her sins, "Father, I have used the Lord's name in vain many times and I'm very sorry. Also I disobeyed my father a couple of times and for that I am very sorry too."

Father Joseph's replied, "And is that all?"

Nicole felt ashamed. There was a pause and Father Joseph again asked her if she had any other sins to confess. Again there was a long pause.

Then she whispered, "I have one more sin to confess, Father."

"Go ahead" Father Joseph replied.

Nicole was getting flustered and really nervous. But then she finally began to speak. "Father, I have been having very wrong and wicked thoughts."

"What do you mean?" the priest asked.

"I know it is wrong," Nicole whispered "but I have been thinking of my father in a romantic and sexual way."

Father Joseph seemed a bit shocked as he sat in his room hearing her confession. He thought to himself, "Could this be the daughter of the man he had just listened to?"And if it was did her father know she was confessing this?" Father Joseph asked her "does your father know about your feelings?"

"No" Nicole whispered.

"Tell me all the details of your fantasies so I can try to sort this out," Father Joseph whispered. Nicole heard the priest shifting around in his room she too could see his silhouette through the linen. She was embarrassed but she knew she had to tell. "He is just a perfect man father" Nicole whispered. "Ever since mom died he treats me with respect and honor. He always puts me first and takes care of me."

The priest whispered, "Tell me about your sexual fantasies," as he repositioned himself in his room.

"When I lay in bed at night father, I wish he is laying right there next to me. When I think of that I get goose bumps on my skin and feel like jolts of electricity are rushing through my body."

As she said that she did feel jolts of electricity rushing through her body. She felt her nipples stiffening and her pussy getting wet. Nicole tried to fight the feeling but it just got stronger as she continued to speak. Again father Joseph asked her to continue.

"Father," Nicole whispered, "when I touch my breasts and pinch my nipples I close my eyes and imagine it is my dad's mouth on them." With that Nicole instinctively reached up and caressed her breasts through her blouse and gently pinched her nipples. She couldn't believe she was so turned on in church especially telling the holy priest about her sinful thoughts. Nicole unbuttoned the top three buttons and slid her hand under her bra cup and squeezed her breast.

"Then, Father, as I rub my pussy with my fingers I so desperately wish it was my dad's tongue licking me." Nicole could not contain herself anymore. She reached up under her skirt and rubbed her pussy through her sodden panties. Her panties were soaking wet. She began a rhythmic rubbing motion over her wet pussy as she spoke to the holy priest.

"Oh, Father," Nicole moaned out realizing she needed to be a little more quiet. "Then I picture my dad crawling up on top of me and kissing me while I feel his cock on my wet pussy."

Nicole looked at the silhouette through the white material and what she saw surprised her. Actually it stunned her. Nicole saw the priest stroking his holy staff! Nicole didn't know what to do. She had to confess but she was getting nervous. She never saw a man jacking off before let alone her priest. She was too far gone to stop now.

"Father, I feel his tongue sliding into my mouth as I slide mine into his and then I feel his cock slide into me filling me completely and taking my virginity." As Nicole finished that sentence she felt fire rush through her body. She tingled all over from her head to her toes. Her body began to shake uncontrollably as she began to cum. She couldn't believe she was cumming in her church inside the confessional while she confessed her sins. As she came her eyes were fixated on the priests cock. She could see him jacking off and pretended it was her father jacking off for her. Just as Nicole's orgasm subsided she saw the silhouette of the priests cock spurting drops of cum through the linen. This caused Nicole to begin to tremble and cum again. She rubbed her wet pussy harder as she came a second time. She saw the priest cover himself up and reposition himself in his room. Nicole's orgasm ended.

Father Joseph said "For your penance you will say 9 Our Fathers and 9 Hail Mary's. Also you will come to this church on Friday night at 7:00pm to meet with me to go through counseling to rid your body of these demons that are causing these feelings." Nicole stammered "thank you father" as she buttoned her blouse and excused herself from the confessional.

Nicole walked over to where her father was sitting and knelt next to him to pray. The whole time she questioned her faith and herself. She kept asking herself "why?" Nicole said her penance and sat back with her dad. They looked at each other and got up and walked out of the church and went to their car.

During the drive home neither one spoke a word. They both were tired from their orgasmic confessionals and even felt ashamed for doing that in the holy church. Once home they each took turns showering. They met in the living room and began to watch a movie that was on cable. Finally her father broke the ice and asked her if she felt better having gone to confession. Nicole responded "of course daddy, don't you?" Steve agreed and said that they should go to confession more often and that they should start going back to church.

The movie was boring and soon Nicole dozed off on the couch. Steve was sitting in the chair and he too was fighting the urge to sleep. while fighting the urge to fall a asleep Steve looked away from the TV at Nicole. She was fast asleep. His eyes gazed at her body. There she was laying in her night gown on the couch. He stared at her feet for a moment admiring how beautiful they were. Then Steve's eyes slowly scanned their way up his daughters legs to her knees. Then up her thighs and then to her sexy ass. Her night gown had risen to the bottom of her ass and Steve could see the very bottom oh his daughters cheeks. Nicole moved slightly and parted her legs in the process. Steve watched intently and then he was rewarded. Nicole parted her legs just enough for her father to see her bare pussy.

Steve just stared at his daughter's pussy. He could see her golden pubic hairs. Her pussy lips were still a little puffed up from what happened at confession. Steve just continued to stare at his daughter. He felt his own tool stirring in his pants. Quietly Steve removed his cock and began stroking it. Steve leaned a little forward for a better view and continued stroking himself.

He moved as far as he thought he could for fear of making a noise and waking his beautiful daughter. He just fixated on her legs and pussy. He kept stroking and soon he felt his balls tighten. He knew he was going to erupt so he very quietly took a tissue out of the box and held it up to his cock. Being only a couple feet away from his daughter's naked pussy really turned him on. Steve began to cum. He missed the tissue with the first spurt and he almost fainted when he saw where it landed. A gob of cum landed on his daughters big toe. He feared she felt it and would wake up and catch him. But he couldn't stop stroking. Finally Steve pumped the rest of his cum into the tissue.

Steve just sat there for a few moments while his cock deflated. Quietly he tucked his cock back into his pants and just sat there. He looked at his daughters foot and saw the gob of cum stuck to the bottom of her toe. He didn't know what to do about it. He couldn't wipe it up because then she would know. Steve decided to just leave it alone and maybe she wouldn't notice. Steve got out of his chair and took his tissue to the trash can. He grabbed a soda out of the fridge and went to the rest room to take a piss. He was still in shock that he saw his daughters pussy naked like that. He felt ashamed but excited at the same time.

Steve returned to the living room only to find his daughter awake. She got up and excused herself to go to bed. Steve looked at the floor and saw the spot where her toe hit the carpet with his cum on it. He felt better that she didn't realize it was there. Steve shut off the TV and turned out the lights. He retired to his room as his daughter went to hers. Steve pulled the covers up to his chin and fell asleep. But Nicole couldn't sleep. She was on fire.

Nicole recanted in her mind what happened at church earlier in the day and her young body began to throb again. She ripped all of her clothes off and laid naked on her bed. She squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples while imagining it was her dad pleasing her like that. Soon her hands were down to her wet bush. Sliding her fingers up and down her moist slit, her hips began to thrust.

Her fingers began to penetrate deeper. She was scared but horny at the same time. She could now feel that fine membrane inside her young vagina. She was careful not to break it but it felt so good to have her fingers fucking herself like that. Slowly she withdrew her fingers and began to rub her clit. As her hips were thrusting she began to cum. She had to use all of her strength to not make any noises. She just wanted to scream out "oh daddy fuck me." But she couldn't. Her young body just kept cumming and cumming. Nicole lost count after her fourth orgasm and passed out.

Morning came and Nicole met her dad in the kitchen for breakfast. They made small talk about what they were going to do for the day and then they each went on their own way. Nicole went shopping and Steve was staying home to clean the house. While Steve was cleaning he decided to do the laundry. He washed and dried his and Nicole's clothes then he decided to strip the sheets off of their beds to wash them. Steve was just about to pull his daughters sheets off of her bed when he saw her pillow on the floor. He saw a large stain on it and wondered what his daughter spilled on it. I picked up the pillow and examined it closer. Steve rubbed his fingers over the stain and it was dried. He couldn't figure out what it was. He raised it to his nose to smell it. It was then that he knew what it was. He knew it was his daughters pussy juice.

Steve sat down on his daughters bed. He kept inhaling her scent. He could feel the rush of energy running through his body. The more he inhaled her scent the harder his cock got. Steve knew he was alone so he stood up and undressed. He laid Nicole's pillow down on the middle of her bed. He crawled on her bed and positioned himself over the cum stained pillow.

Steve thought this would be the closest he would ever come to fucking Nicole. He lowered his hard cock onto the stained pillow and began to hump it. Steve began thrusting his hips up and down. He could feel his pre cum oozing out of his cock and onto the stain that his daughters pussy made. The whole time he had his eyes closed and imagined his daughter humping the pillow in the same fashion. He pictured her beautiful pussy rubbing back and forth and up and down over the soft material. Then he imagined it was his daughter under him. He could feel her legs up around his back with her heels pressed against his ass cheeks. He could even hear and feel her breathing and moaning. That was all he could take. Steve began to cum. He just kept imagining that he was fucking his beautiful daughter, filling her beautiful young pussy with his cum. Steve's orgasm subsided. He got off of the pillow and bed and examined the mess that he had made. His pile of cum was right in the middle of his daughters cum stain.

Steve went to the bathroom and cleaned up his wet cum soaked cock. He returned to Nicole's room and took her sheets and pillow cases and went to the washer. Just as the washer started, Nicole returned home. Steve thought about how close he came to getting caught by his daughter. Nicole went to her father and hugged him and handed him a small present. Steve was surprised but also elated. He took the small package from his daughter and opened it. It was a tee shirt. On the front of it said "Number One Dad." Steve liked it so much that right in front of his daughter he pulled his shirt off and pulled the new one on. He bent down and kissed his daughter on the cheek and thanked her over and over.

It was now Thursday night. Nicole never told her father about going to the church for counseling. She knew she had to follow through with it because the urge to fuck her father was growing stronger by the hour. Nicole laid in bed trying to figure out what Father Joseph was going to say. Then she tried to figure out what she was going to say. It was all getting too confusing so she drifted off to sleep. A deep sleep.

She walked into her father's room and pulled his sheets back exposing his nakedness as he slept. Nicole knelt on the bed and took her fathers cock into her hands and began to rub it lightly. She bent down and took her father's cock into her mouth and began to lick it. She could feel it begin to grow in her mouth. Soon her father's cock was standing tall. She looked up at her father realizing that he was looking into her eyes too. Nicole climbed up on top of her father.

Steve grabbed his daughter's hips and guided her wet pussy to his cock. Slowly Nicole sank down on her father, farther and farther until all of him was inside her. Slowly with her hands on her fathers chest she began to ride up and down. It felt wonderful to finally fuck the man of her dreams. As she looked into her dad's eyes she began to cum. Just then Nicole woke up. She realized she was dreaming but she realized something else too. She was really cumming. It was strange to her for she was cumming without even touching herself. After her orgasm subsided Nicole rolled over and fell back asleep.

Nicole drove to the church as Father Joseph requested. On the drive there she pondered what was going to transpire. She arrived a few minutes before 7:00pm and walked into the church. Nicole blessed herself with the holy water and made the sign of the cross as she walked towards the alter. She knelt down on the first step and began to pray. Just then Father Joseph walked out of the sacristy and on to the alter. He motioned for Nicole to get up and follow him and proceeded to walk to the sacristy. Nicole followed as ordered, never speaking a word.

In the sacristy Father Joseph proceeded to tell Nicole that it was time. Time to remove the demon form her body that was clouding her mind. The priest placed his hands together and bowed his head and said a short prayer out loud. Then he told Nicole to disrobe. Nicole looked in horror at Father Joseph. She said "I don't think so."

Father Joseph again said to disrobe. Nicole he said, "You will only be seen by me and God. God put you on this earth without any clothes on so be not ashamed."

Nicole turned her back to the priest and slowly began to undress. She kicked her shoes off. Then she pulled her top off over her head and placed it on the chair next to her. Then she unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down her sexy legs. She stepped out of the jeans and then folded them and placed them with her shirt on the chair. Now Nicole was only wearing her panties and bra. She reached behind her back and unhooked her bra and pulled her arms through the straps. She tossed it on top of her other clothes on the chair. Finally she slid her panties down her ass and then the material fell to the floor. Nicole stepped out of them and was now completely naked.

The lights went off. Nicole was nervous. Actually she was scared. She started to tremble not only from being nervous but from being cold. Father Joseph whispered, "Follow me my child" and proceeded to walk out into the church. Nicole did as instructed and walked totally naked behind the priest. Father Joseph walked to the six foot tall wooden cross. "Stand right here my lost soul" as he placed her back up against the wooden beam. Nicole didn't say a word. Father Joseph took Nicole's right hand and raised it to the cross beam to her right. He strapped her wrist to the beam so she couldn't move her arm. Next Father Joseph took her left hand and raised her arm to the cross beam on the other side of the cross. He strapped her left wrist to the cross beam. Nicole was now helpless.

She tried to pull her arms down but she couldn't. Nicole stood naked and tied to the cross on the alter. Father Joseph began saying prayers for Nicole. He blessed her body with holy water. As the water landed on Nicole it felt really cold. It made her nipples stiffen. Nicole wanted so badly to squeeze them but she couldn't. Father Joseph said he would be back shortly. He blew out the candle which was the only light source on the alter. It was now completely dark.

Nicole heard a door open. She heard scuffling in the room where she had undressed. She feared it was someone other than Father Joseph. Her father arrived for his counseling session. Steve new nothing of his daughter being there. Father Joseph told Steve that it was time to rid his body and soul of the demons that were clouding his judgment and thoughts. The priest then said "undress and we will begin the counseling. Steve protested but was soon cut off from Father Joseph. "God put you on this earth with nothing on and that is how he wishes to see you right now." "God needs to cleanse your soul." Steve did as ordered and began to undress. He piled his clothes on the small candle table. Soon he too was naked. "Follow me" Father Joseph said and he walked out on to the alter.

Once on the alter Steve could see very little. He saw the giant cross and he saw what looked like a person tied to it but he wasn't sure. Father Joseph positioned Steve about three feet in front of his daughter. Father Joseph began to pray. Steve just stood there and then he saw the figure on the cross move slightly. Steve began to get really nervous. Next father Joseph reached for the incense. He held the chain in one hand and began to swing it back and forth . He walked around the cross then around Steve. He walked around them six times. The smell of the incense was intoxicating. Nicole felt her head beginning to spin from it. Steve felt as if he was in another world, almost like he felt from smoking weed in high school.

Next Father Joseph lit a candle. Steve looked up at the cross and was in shock. It was his daughter tied to the cross. Steve looked in her eyes and then he slowly began to look down her body. His eyes looked down her arms and saw they were tied to the cross. Then his eyes moved back to her face. Nicole looked back at her father nervously. She was exposed and nervous and there was nothing she could do about it. The smell of the incense did seem to help her relax a bit though. Next Steve's eyes scanned down his daughters neck to her breasts. For the first time Steve saw his daughter's breasts naked since they developed. Nicole felt her father staring at them and her nipples stiffened even more. Next Steve's gaze slowly moved from her breasts down her stomach to her bush. Nicole could feel herself getting warmer. Her father was looking at her naked pussy and she could feel it starting to tingle a bit. Steve scanned down his daughters legs all the way to her feet, pausing for a moment to stare at her sexy red toe nails.

Nicole looked back at her father who was standing there naked in front of her too. She saw the well built body of her father totally naked. She gazed upon his well built chest and toned arms. But what Nicole really looked at how well built her fathers cock was. It was semi erect and must have been eight inches already. She wondered how large it was when it was totally hard.

Nicole was interrupted as Father Joseph began to pray. The priest walked closer to Steve and had a candle in his hand. Father Joseph made the sigh of the cross on Steve's chest. Then the priest turned to Nicole and placed the shaft of the candle on Nicole's right breast and made the sign of the cross. Father Joseph slid the candle on her nipple as he made the sign of the cross. He did the same to the other breast and nipple too. Nicole didn't think her nipples could get any harder but they did. Even she was amazed at how far her nipples were sticking out. Then father Joseph placed the candle in front of Nicole's bush and made one more sign of the cross.

As Steve stood there in front of his daughter his cock began to harden. He couldn't help it, his daughter turned him on that much. Father Joseph looked at them both while standing at their sides. He said "you both sought out my advice and counseling because you both are attracted to each other" Immediately Nicole and Steve looked at each other in shock. "You both have a demon in your souls that needs to be extracted." Tonight we will release the demon and free you two from your lust for each other."

Father Joseph walked behind Nicole. She couldn't see what he was doing. The priest pulled a black cloth from his pocket and reached around Nicole's head. He pulled the black strip of material over Nicole's eyes and now she was blind folded. This caused her to feel even more nervous. She now stood before her father naked and tied to a cross and to make it worse she didn't know what was going to happen. There was something about the blindfold though. Nicole felt her body beginning to burn even more. She knew her pussy was moist but now she could feel it beginning to tingle.

Father Joseph began to pray Steve watched as the priest picked up a large candle that was in a glass. Nicole could see nothing. As the priest prayed he walked closer to Nicole. As he spoke Nicole felt a sharp pain on her left breast. A moan escaped her lips and it echoed throughout the church. Then she felt the same sensation on her right breast. Her nipple burned so bad but it stiffened even more. She thought to herself, "is the priest pouring candle wax on my breasts?"

She felt some of the wax drip off of her breast and land on her feet. She could feel the wax cool and harden on her toes. This was turning Nicole on and knowing that her father was watching the whole show turned her on even more. Next Father Joseph poured the wax between Nicole's cleavage and she could feel the wax run down her stomach past her navel and then through her bush. Once the wax hit her pussy Nicole screamed. Not of pain but rather of pleasure. She knew there was no turning back now. If the priest wanted her demon from her body it was awake now and listening.

As Nicole stood there tied to the cross blindfolded she knew her pussy lips were wet and opened. She felt a strange sensation on her pussy. Father Joseph placed the butt of the candle on Nicole's pussy and rubbed it up and down a few times. Slowly She could feel the priest inserting the candle into her pussy. She winced in pain as she had never yet been fucked. She was worried that the candle was going to take her virginity. The priest felt her hymen and stopped. He withdrew the candle and raised it to Steve's face. He held the candle under Steve's nose. Steve inhaled his daughters scent. The hormones of her scent caused his cock to harden completely. Father Joseph placed the candle in front of Steve's mouth and Steve began to lick his daughters juices from it.

Father Joseph nudged Steve closer to his daughter. He whispered "its time to bring the demons out of each other" Nicole wondered what that meant. Steve was now right in front of his daughter. Steve new what he had to do. He lowered his head and placed his lips on his daughters. He kissed her softly. Then he kissed her again. This time he let his tongue slide across her lips. Slowly Nicole opened her mouth for her father. Nicole's tongue met her fathers half way. The explored each others mouths like two high school kids in a parked car. Steve broke the kiss as Nicole could do nothing about it as she was still blind folded and tied to the cross.

Steve began kissing his daughters neck then her ear. He slid his tongue into his young daughters ear. He heard her moan softly so he knew she approved. He kissed his way down her neck to just above her breasts. Steve brushed away some of the wax that had hardened. As he stood in front of his naked daughter he reached up and cupped her breasts and held them up. Steve lowered his head to his daughters breasts and kissed them lightly. Steve licked the bottoms and sides of both of her breasts. Next he flicked his tongue over his daughters nipples. They were so hard and long. Steve hungrily sucked a nipple into his mouth like he was a baby breast feeding. Nicole moaned loudly. Actually her moaning was turning to panting as her heart rate quickened from her fathers ministrations. Back and forth Steve sucked on his daughters nipples.

Letting her breasts go Steve kissed his way down Nicole's stomach. On his way he swirled his tongue in her navel. He kissed and licked his way down her hip then down her thigh. Using both hands he felt his daughters sexy soft thigh as he licked and kissed it . He made it to her knee. Steve raised her leg and kissed and licked her calf. Finally Steve had his sexy daughters foot in his hand. He lowered his head and began kissing her ankle. Nicole felt sensations she never knew existed as her father licked her foot. Steve slid his tongue over the top of his daughters toes. Then he began to suck on each toe one at a time. This felt so good to Nicole that she began to cum. Nicole could feel her pussy juice dripping on to the carpet on the alter. Drop after drop dripped off of her pussy lips. She couldn't believe that her father just gave her an orgasm from sucking her toes.

Steve placed his daughters foot back on the floor and knelt in front of her. Her bush was right in front of his face. Nicole could feel his breath on her pussy. Steve kissed his daughters navel again and began kissing his way to her bush. There reached up and cupped his daughters ass and pulled her pussy closer to his face. He could smell his daughters wetness. Steve tilted his head a bit and licked lightly at his daughters wet pussy. Nicole moaned loudly. Again Steve placed his tongue at the bottom of his daughters pussy and licked up towards he bush. Again Nicole moaned.

Steve began to eat his daughter's pussy on the alter in front of the priest and god. Nicole never knew having her pussy eaten felt so wonderful. As her father tongued her wet hole she could feel another orgasm building. Steve continued to caress and rub his daughters ass while he ate her pussy. Nicole couldn't take it any longer. Her hips began to buck on her fathers face. For a moment her father wasn't eating her rather she was fucking her fathers face. The jolts of electricity raced through her young body as her dad sucked on her clit. Her knees were getting weaker and she was afraid she was going to collapse or pass out. She could feel her juices running out of her pussy and on to her fathers face. Finally her orgasm subsided.

Nicole heard the priest saying that the demons were being released. She was beginning to wish the demons would stay in her if they brought her this much pleasure. Nicole could feel her left wrist being untied. Then her right wrist. Finally Nicole was free and off of the cross where she had stood for an hour and a half. The priest pushed Nicole down to her knees in front of her father. "Release the demon from your father" the priest said. Steve moved closer and his cock pressed up against his blind folded daughters lips. Nicole moved her face so she could feel her fathers cock rub against her cheeks. She began to lick the shaft of her dads cock. She could feel his head as she licked away from her father. Then she could feel his hair less balls as she licked towards his body.

Steve reached out and placed his hands on his daughters head and positioned her mouth at the tip of his cock. Nicole stuck her tongue out and licked the tip of her fathers cock. She tasted his pre cum as it oozed out of his cock. Nicole's mouth instinctively opened and her father pushed the head of his cock into her mouth. Nicole's mouth was stretched pretty wide because of her fathers girth. She was able to take her fathers head and only about half of his cock into her mouth without gagging.

Nicole bobbed her head up and down on her fathers cock as she was giving her first blow job of her life. It didn't take long for Steve to begin thrusting his hips. Nicole could feel her fathers hands holding her head tighter. " Is he going to cum she wondered?" That question was answered almost immediately as Steve began pumping his cream into his daughters mouth. "Swallow it all" Father Joseph said as he sat watching the action from the first pew. Nicole began to swallow as much of her fathers thick milky cum as she could. Some dripped out of the corner of her mouth and on to her chin.

Father Joseph again stood Nicole up. Again her wrists were fastened to the cross. She couldn't understand why. Once her wrists were secure Father Joseph positioned Steve in front of his daughter. Father Joseph moved behind Steve and reached around him. Father Joseph reached around to the back of Nicole's knees and yanked them up pulling her feet up off of the floor. Nicole screamed as the only thing that held her up were the straps that tied her wrists to the cross. It was becoming painful as the material dug into her flesh. Father Joseph placed Nicole's legs around her fathers hips. Nicole squeezed her legs around her father's waist to help relieve some of the pain in her wrists.

Steve moved his hips closer to his daughter. His cock head was now pressed against his daughters wet pussy. Slowly Steve began to insert his massive cock into his daughter's tight love hole. As his head entered her pussy she began to scream. The pain in her wrists plus her fathers cock pressing against her hymen in her virgin pussy was too much to handle. Nicole screamed again as her father nudged in a little farther. She could feel it happen. Her father's cock broke her hymen and she was no longer pure.

Steve reached around and held his daughters ass in his hands. His cock was sliding all the way in. Slowly Steve began to withdraw from his blind folded daughters pussy until his cock head was half way out of her hole. Then Steve began to slide back in. Nicole was screaming from pain and pleasure. It felt so good to have her father's cock in her but yet his size hurt her. Steve began to thrust a little faster in and out of his daughters hot tight pussy. Both of their fantasies were coming true but this was not how Nicole pictured it to happen. Nicole's pussy was on fire. The longer her father fucked her the better it felt. after about 15 minutes of slow fucking Steve picked up the tempo.

Nicole began to moan and pant. She knew she was going to cum and soon. Nicole moaned "oh daddy yes, yes, yes, oh my god this feels so good! Yes daddy fuck me, fuck me, oh god daddy as god as my witness fuck me! Oh my god daddy I'm going to cum! I'm cumming, I'm cumming daddy!" Nicole's body began to shake as she came on her fathers cock while it fucked her in a rhythmic fashion. That was all Steve could take too. Steve pulled his cock out of his daughter and placed it in the groove of his daughters cunt. He began sliding his cock on her slit and moaned "oh baby here it cums." Steve began to cum. Jet after jet of hot cum squirted out of his cock onto his daughter. She had cum on her chin and tits. The last couple of jets of cum landed on her stomach and her bush.

Father Joseph walked behind the cross and untied Nicole's wrists again. Steve held his daughter in his arms. Nicole reached around her fathers neck and held him tightly. Steve dropped to his knees on the alter and laid on his back pulling his daughter on top of him. Steve's cock was still rock hard and he pulled his daughter down onto his pole. She winced in pain as his cock entered her again. Finally his cock was in her and Steve pulled his daughter to him and kissed her. They tongued each others mouths as they fucked on the alter. Steve's hands caressed his daughter's ass as she rode him.

Steve saw what was about to happen. He spread his daughters ass cheeks as he saw Father Joseph removing his cloak. Father Joseph smeared some K Y jelly on his cock. He was a little larger than Steve. Steve pulled his daughters ass cheeks apart farther offering her virgin ass hole to the holy priest.

Nicole moaned to her father "what are you doing dad" Then she felt it. Nicole stopped moving and froze in her tracks. She reached for her blind fold but her father grabbed her arms. Father Joseph pressed his well lubricated cock against Nicole's ass hole and pushed. Nicole screamed in pain as the priest attempted to rape her ass hole. Nicole began to scream "oh god have mercy, please no, no, no, please no..." as Nicole began to sob. Father Joseph's cock was now completely in Nicole's ass. Together Steve and Father Joseph began to fuck Nicole. Nicole's tears soaked the blind fold. Soon however her tears were forgotten.

Nicole never imagined sensations this great ever existed. She was being double fucked in god's house by her father and the priest. She knew it was so wrong and wicked. She never wanted the priest, only her father but there was nothing she could do now as Father Joseph fucked her ass. Nicole began to tremble. Her young body was going to cum again. This time it felt as though her orgasm was coming from deeper within. Her toes tingled along with her fingers. Then her arms and legs began to tingle. The hair on her neck stood up. Finally her body tingled all over. Nicole's pussy was on fire as she began to cum. She screamed "oh my fucking god daddy I'm cumming."

Nicole saw stars as her fathers cock continued to fuck her pussy and Father Joseph's cock fucked her ass hole. "Oh my fucking god" Nicole screamed. "Oh god Bless Me Father, For I Have Sinned" Nicole screamed. Another orgasm rocked Nicole's body. Then another. It was as if her body could not stop cumming.

Being on the verge of passing out Nicole felt Father Joseph withdraw his cock out of her ass. Father Joseph grabbed Nicole around the neck and pulled her off of her father and laid her on her back on the floor of the alter. The priest placed his knees over Nicole's arms pinning her to the floor. Steve grabbed Nicole's ankles and raised them and handed them to Father Joseph.

The priest took Nicole's ankles and pulled them over her head spreading her legs wide. Again like on the cross she was helpless. Steve positioned himself on top of his daughter and again entered her pussy. Nicole felt Father Joseph's cock hanging there over her face as he held her down. Nicole moved her head as far as she could to take the priests member into her mouth. All she was able to do however was to lick the underside of his cock. As Steve began to power fuck his daughter, Nicole shot off into another orgasm. This time however Steve was going to cum too. Nicole screamed and shook from her orgasm.

Father Joseph told Steve "plant your seed in your daughters womb" Nicole got really scared for fear of getting pregnant. She began to scream "no daddy don't, no daddy please." Steve began to cum. Nicole felt her pussy filling up with her fathers cum as he continued to fuck her pussy. Finally, Steve withdrew his cock from his daughters pussy.

He got up and went to where Father Joseph was. This time Steve pinned his daughter down and Father Joseph positioned himself over Nicole. Nicole screamed "No, no." The priest pushed his cock into her hole and Nicole just cried. She continued to scream and cry as her father pinned her arms under him and held her legs up and opened for the holy priest to fuck her. Just then Father Joseph began to cum. He planted his seed in Nicole along with Steve. Nicole screamed out loud begging for mercy as she felt the holy priests cum fill her pussy.

Nicole screamed out "Our Father Who Art In Heaven I beg of you to spare me...just then she experienced violent shaking a she sobbed and screamed. She came to and realized it was her father shaking her. Steve pulled his daughter into his arms and held her as she woke up from whatever nightmare she was having. As she grabbed on to her father she then realized it was all a dream. She still clung to her father and sobbed. She realized that she came in her sleep over and over because she could feel that her panties were soaked. Nicole rolled over into her fathers arms and cried. She noticed that all her father had on were a pair of boxer shorts.

As she settled into his lap she could feel his bulge through his boxers on her pussy through her wet panties. As she continued to cry she could feel her pussy was still on fire. Nicole could feel her dads cock nestled in the cleft of her wet pussy. As she shifted slightly her father's cock brushed against her throbbing clit. Again Nicole felt jolts of electricity race through her pussy and the rest of her body. She began to cum on her fathers lap as he comforted her from her nightmare. He had no idea she was cumming. She continued to act as though she was crying as she was really cumming. She tried desperately to not let her father know what had just happened. She couldn't believe that her father just inadvertently made her cum.

To Be Continued...

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