Daughter discovers something in Mom's closet.
Nicole rolled off of her father's lap back on to her mattress. She pulled the sheet and blanket back over her and laid on her side facing away from her father. Steve tucked his daughter in and left to go back to his room. He was beginning to worry that his daughter was having a relapse about the death of her mother. Steve climbed back into bed and drifted off to sleep. Nicole laid there awake trying to figure out her dream and what it meant.

"Why does the priest want me to come for counseling" she asked herself. She thought about her dream again. "Why was I tied to the cross and fucked" Nicole asked herself. She had no answers. "Why did the priest rape my ass hole" she asked herself. Nicole couldn't make any sense of it. She did know one thing. Her dream supercharged her pussy. She never in her life came so violently as she did in her sleep. Even when Father Joseph entered her ass hole against her will, she came. The candle wax being poured onto her naked body as she was blind folded and tied to the cross turned her on.

Without realizing it Nicole's hand had found its way back down to her overcharged cunt. Her fingers were sliding up and down over her slit as she remembered the dream. Her fingers started to swirl in circles over her clit as she closed her eyes and remembered how Father Joseph reached around her dad and yanked her legs out from underneath her. She remembered how she hung helplessly by her wrists as they were ties to the cross bars of the cross until the priest wrapped her legs around her fathers waist. A soft moan escaped Nicole's lips as she suddenly began to climax as she remembered how her father's cock felt as it tore through her hymen and filled her completely for the first time. Nicole's hips were now gyrating under the blanket as she came.

As her orgasm was winding down she remembered how her father woke her up and pulled her into his lap as he comforted her. She remembered how the bulge of her father's cock felt as it pressed into the cleft of her pussy through their underwear. Nicole began to shake this time as a second orgasm gripped her young body. She began to shake uncontrollably for that was the closest she ever came to having her father. Nicole couldn't stop trembling as her orgasm's continued one after another. She lost count as to how many times she came because she passed out.

Friday morning came and Steve had to get up early to shower and to go to work. He too was lost in the moment when he had his daughter on his lap comforting her while she only had on a pair of panties and a tee shirt. As he showered he remembered what it was like to have his lovely daughter in his arms as she was barely dressed. The softness of her skin as her legs brushed up against his. Steve's cock began to rise as he showered. Slowly, Steve began to stroke his hard member as he closed his eyes and replayed what happened last night. Remembering how he brushed his hand across her ass as he hugged her. How he pulled her face up to his and felt her hot soft flesh against his cheek.

Steve's pumping was getting faster as wicked thoughts about his daughter raced through his mind. He remembered how he could feel her hard nipples through her thin tee shirt on his bare chest as he pulled her closely. Then he thought about his cock being so close to his daughters pussy. He closed his eyes and imagined that her panties were off and that his cock slid into her lovely hole. That did it for Steve. His balls began to contract and his knees grew weak. Steve had to brace himself against the wall with his left hand as he continued to pump his cock with his right hand. Suddenly he began to cum. He spewed stream after stream of hot white cum into the shower. Exhausted, Steve just stood under the running water for a few moments. Steve finished showering and got dressed for work and left.

Nicole heard her father leave so she finally got out of bed. She pulled her sodden panties down and stepped out of them. She pulled her tee shirt over her head and off and threw it onto her bed. She walked naked down the hallway to the shower. She loved how the cool air felt on her young naked body. By the time Nicole made it to the bathroom her nipples had hardened.

Nicole turned on the water and adjusted the temperature. She stepped one foot into the tub and then the other. The warm water felt wonderful as it splashed against her body. Nicole grabbed the shampoo and lathered her hair up. She took some of the suds from her hair and lathered up her bush. She liked the way it looked all lathered up. She rinsed off and then soaped up. Nicole caressed every inch of her body with a lathered up washcloth. Then she saw something that stunned her. Actually, it shocked her.

She looked closer at the tile on the wall under the shower head. What was that she wondered as she looked at gobs of a white liquid. Some of the gobs were just drops but some of them had run down the dark blue tiles. Nicole was puzzled. "Is that my dad's cum"? she asked herself. Nicole reached ut and touched a drop of it with her finger. She rubbed her finger and thumb together and felt how slippery it was. She thought "oh my god, daddy jacked off in the shower this morning." Again Nicole reached out and touched her finger to another drop of her father's cum and wiped it up. Nicole starred at it.

Nicole slowly brought her finger up to her face to look at it closely. Then she smelled it. Inhaling the scent of her father's hormones flooded her pussy with desire. Nicole brought her finger tip to her mouth and stuck out her tongue. She touched her tongue to the drop of cum her father left on the wall in the shower. It tasted a little salty. Nicole reached out and wiped up another gob of her dad's cum and sucked her finger into her mouth. Nicole liked the taste. Her first taste of cum, and what made it even better was the fact that it was her father's cum that she so badly desired.

Nicole reached down with her other hand and squeezed her nipples causing her hair to stand up on her neck. She reached down farther and ran her fingers through her pussy lips. She was on fire. Nicole began playing with her clit. She knew she was going to cum fast. She closed her eyes and pretended that her father was in front of her and she was sucking on his hard cock. Nicole raised her other hand to her face and sucked on her first finger to simulate her dad's cock. She bobbed her head up and down as her fingers stimulated her clit. Nicole's knees grew weak as her orgasm welled up inside. Nicole screamed "oh my fucking god YES", "oh god, oh god." Nicole began to cum. She took her finger from her mouth and wiped up the rest of her father's cum off of the tile and slid her cum covered finger back into her mouth. She imagined her father was cumming in her mouth and she swallowed his seed. Finally Nicole's young body stopped trembling and she sank to the floor of the tub. The water continued to fall on her as she relaxed and came back to earth.

Nicole couldn't believe what she just did. She was so in love with her father now. She had to have him, but the only problem was that she didn't know how to go about it. She feared he would reject her and not love her, or worse yet throw her out of his house for attempting such a taboo act. Finally Nicole stood up and finished showering and rinsed off. She dried off and then went to the mirror which was over the bathroom sink.

Nicole gazed at her body in the mirror as she dried her hair. She liked the way her breasts looked, how her nipples had a slight upward point. She liked the size of her aerola's. Not too big, just perfect to go with her nipples that in her mind were a little larger than she would have liked. She turned around and looked at her ass in the mirror and was proud that there was no fat or any signs of cellulite. She looked into the full length mirror that was on the back of the closed bathroom door and admired her legs. In her mind she knew she was hot. She wanted her father to look at her and think that she was hot. She wanted to hear her father say "Nicole, you are hot."

Nicole finished fixing her hair and walked back down the hall way naked to her room. She put on a fresh pair of panties and a bra. Next she pulled on a pair of old jeans that had holes in the knees, thighs, and at the bottom oh her ass cheeks. then she puled on a tight tee shirt. Again she looked in the mirror at her figure and liked the way she looked. She went to the living room and watched TV.

All day Nicole wondered what Father Joseph meant by counseling. She feared he would be perverted and try something. Finally she accepted the fact that she had to go and just deal with it. Nicole tried to put her dream out of her mind but she kept thinking about it. Finally her father called and said that he would not be home for dinner because he was working over time and then had to stop somewhere on the way home. Nicole told him OK and hung up the phone. She too had to leave in a couple hours to go to the church. She made herself some left over chicken and dumplings and ate dinner while she watched television.

It was now almost 6:30 and Nicole grabbed her car keys and locked up the house. She got in her car and drove to church. She arrived shortly before 7:00 and walked into the church and knelt down t pray. An eerie feeling came over her as she saw the towering cross that she was tied to so helplessly in her dream. She just stared at it as she silently prayed. She also saw the candles that were used to pour hot candle wax on her breasts in her dream. Nicole continued to pray as she tried to suppress last nights dream.

Father Joseph walked out of the sacristy and walked towards her. He walked to the front of the alter and motioned for her to get up and to follow him. Nicole began to panic, for this is how her dream really started. She got up and followed the priest across the alter. The priest stopped at the cross and Nicole was becoming scared. The priest knelt down on one knee and then stood up and continued to walk to the sacristy. Nicole felt a great relief when Father Joseph walked away. Nicole genuflected and proceeded to follow the priest into the sacristy.

Father Joseph Sat down on a chair in the sacristy and offered a chair to Nicole. She sat down across from the priest. "Father, I don't know what to do about my feelings" Nicole stammered. "My dear girl, what would bring on the onset of these feelings, I mean there has to be a reason or something that triggered these emotional thoughts." "Was there some kind of tragic event or situation that occurred recently"? "Yes" Nicole replied, "My mom and boyfriend were killed in an automobile accident two years ago." "Ah, I see." the priest replied. "I don't know what is wrong with me Father" Nicole said. "My dear there is nothing wrong with you." "Your incest fantasy is actually very common." "We would not be here today if it weren't for incest, as it is stated in the bible."

The priest continued. "What I believe happened is that since your mother's passing you have become the woman of the house hold." "You are trying to replace your mother, which is not what you want to do." "My dear, you cannot succumb to your feelings with your father." "You cannot replace your mother for that would not be fair to your father." "Your father will be here shortly to discuss this very same issue because he is attracted to you in the same manner." Nicole was shocked to hear those words. "My father is coming here for the same reason" Nicole asked. "Yes, at 7:30" Father Joseph replied. "I understand now Father Joseph" Nicole stammered as she glanced at her watch. It was almost 7:30 and Nicole wanted to get out of there before her father arrived. "Please don't tell my father I was here" Nicole asked quietly. "Everything is confidential my dear" the priest replied. Nicole got up and thanked the priest for his help and guidance and quickly left the church.

As Nicole pulled out of the church parking lot and drove down the street she saw from a distance her father's car pulling into the church parking lot. Nicole was in shock to find out that her father wanted her too. It seemed too good to be true that her father wanted her with the same desire and passion that she wanted him. Now Nicole just had to figure out a way to seduce her dad. She had to find a fail safe way to fuck her father without him being able to resist.

Steve parked his car and walked into the church. He saw the light on in the sacristy and walked towards the small room. Father Joseph shook Steve's hand and asked him to have a seat. They both sat down and began to talk. "You know Steve, the feelings you are experiencing, as erotic as they may seem are wrong." Steve nodded his head as the priest continued. "Didn't your wife die in a terrible car accident a couple of years ago" the priest asked. Steve was a bit puzzled that the Father Joseph knew of the accident considering that he wasn't at this parish when that accident happened. "Yes" Steve replied. "Then don't try to replace your wife with your daughter." That is not the right thing to do. "Just keep it a fantasy but never let it happen" "Do you understand me Steve" the priest stated firmly. "Yes I do Father" Steve replied. "Now go on your way and remember your daughter is like the forbidden fruit, You cant eat it so don't eat it." Steve stood up and shook Father Joseph's hand and walked out of the church.

On the drive home Steve still couldn't figure out how Father Joseph knew his wife died. It puzzled him. Somebody had to tell him he thought to himself. On the way home, he made up his mind that he would make every effort to not look at his daughter like he had been. "Maybe the priest is right" he thought, "maybe I am secretly trying to replace my wife with my daughter." Steve made it home and pulled into the driveway. He parked his car and walked into the house.

Nicole had dinner waiting for her father when he arrived. She stopped and picked up Chinese. They sat at the kitchen table and ate dinner. They talked about the days events and about what they were going to do tomorrow. Neither one spoke about going to church. Nicole cleaned up the dishes and went to her room to change into something to sleep in and watch TV in. She returned from her room to find her dad was taking a shower. A sly grin came across her face as she recalled this mornings find in the shower. It was then that she knew for sure that her father pumped that load of cum in the shower while he was imagining that he was fucking her.

Nicole laid on the couch with just her nightie on when her father returned to the living room. He was wearing just sweats and a tee shirt. Nicole now new that her father wanted her just as badly and she was going to try to seduce him. Nicole rolled over on her back on the couch and pretended to fall asleep. She let her legs part so her father could see up her thighs under her nightie. Occasionally Nicole would peek with one eye to see if her father was looking at her. He wasn't. Nicole parted her legs a little more and her nightie rode up higher exposing her bush to her father's gaze. Nicole's eyes were closed. She felt her father's eyes on her pussy. She peeked and saw her father look towards the TV in a flash. Nicole pretended to sleep and peek but never saw her dad look again.

Finally Nicole got up and went to bed. Steve too got up and went to his bed room because he had to go to work even though tomorrow was Saturday. Steve arose early and showered and then left for work. As soon as the door shut Nicole jumped out of her bed and ran to the shower to see if her father left her another present. Unfortunately Nicole found no cum. She showered and then put on a pair of jeans and a tee shirt.

Nicole went into her father's room She knew this was another place he jacked off while he fantasized about her. Nicole looked in the trash can next to her father's bed and it was full of tissues. The tissues were all filled with dried cum. By looking at the amount of cum filled tissues Nicole new she was turning her father on beyond belief.

Nicole walked over to her mom's walk in closet. Nobody had been in their since the accident. Even her father never went in there. Nicole reached out slowly with trembling fingers and grabbed a hold of the knob. Turning it slowly the door popped open a crack. Nicole was about to shut the door again but something stopped her. She pulled the door open a crack and peered inside. Slowly she opened the door all the way and walked inside.

Nicole turned on the light switch and the walk in closet filled with light. All of mom's clothes were still there just how she had left them. Nicole looked at all of her dresses that she had. Her mom had some that were old fashioned and some that looked pretty hip. Even some that were really sexy. She looked at her mom's shoe rack. Her mom must have had 30 pairs of shoes. Nicole reached down and picked up a pair of white shoes. "My god" she thought. She was holding a pair of 5 inch heels. Her mom had several pair similar and in different colors. "My mom had hooker heels" she thought to herself.

Nicole looked over at a small dresser in the corner that had jewelry boxes on top of it. She opened the jewelry box and her mom had a ton of necklaces and diamonds. Nicole then pulled open the top drawer of the dresser. She couldn't believe her eyes. That was mom's panty drawer. Nicole nervously reached down with trembling hands and pulled a pair old panties out and held them up. They were very sexy she thought. As she looked through the drawer Nicole looked in shock as she found a bunch of neatly folded thongs. "My mom wore thongs" Nicole said out loud softly. Nicole knew she should put everything back like it was and leave but something kept her in the closet. She dug around some more and found even skimpier panties. "Oh my god" Nicole mumbled as she held up a black g-string and gazed at it. She returned the g-string to its proper place and what she found next made young Nicole shiver. Her mom had several pair of crotch less panties. Nicole nervously looked at the crotch less panties. She couldn't believe her own mom wore such erotic clothes. Nicole returned the panties to their proper place and closed the drawer.

Nicole slowly opened the second drawer and looked inside. Her mom had a whole drawer of stockings. She had pantyhose. She had crotch less pantyhose. She had stockings and garters and stay up thigh hi stockings. "My god" she thought, "I never saw my mom wearing these outfits." Nicole was beginning to realize that her mom was dressing up like a whore to please her husband.

Nicole closed the drawer and reached for the next one. Nicole received the shock of her life when she puled the drawer open. It was filled with adult magazines and videos. As Nicole dug through the stuff she found an envelope. Curiously Nicole opened the unsealed flap and looked inside. A state of shock and panic flooded Nicole. They were Nude photo's of her mom and dad. Nicole couldn't take her eyes off of them. She leafed through the pile of pictures and found one of her mom that stuck in her mind. Nicole took out the photo and placed it on top of the dresser. But then Nicole changed her mind and placed the photo back in the envelope and placed the envelope on top of the dresser. She wanted to take them all to look at.

As she looked through the drawer she saw all kinds of kinky fetish magazines that she never knew existed. there were leg worshipping magazines, foot fetish magazines and a lot of bondage magazines. She asked herself out loud "was my mom dominant or submissive"? Nicole found a VHS tape and placed it with the photos to view later. Nicole closed the drawer and reached for the last one.

She was beginning to wonder if she really wanted to open it and see what was inside. with one swift motion Nicole pulled the drawer open and it exposed the contents. Nicole dropped to her knees in shock and horror. She couldn't believe what she saw. There were whips and chains. There were hand cuffs and shackles and even a spiked collar. There were several dildo's and vibrators. Some small and some colossal. Nicole reached down and picked up one of the artificial cocks and held it up. It must have been 18 inches long and 3 inches in diameter. She replaced the toy and looked some more. There were feathers and paddles. Nicole reached down and picked up this small gold chain. It had a clamp on each end. Nicole held it up to her own breasts and came to the conclusion that it was a nipple chain. Nicole placed the chain with the pictures and video. Finally she closed the drawer. She came to the conclusion that she must have dressed up like a whore for dad. Or could there have been others mom had in this room.

Nicole looked around some more, mostly at her mom's dresses. Finally she pulled the cord on the light and shut it off. She grabbed the items she wanted and walked out of the closet. She shut the door and left. Nicole had to find a good hiding place in her room so her father wouldn't find what she had taken. She hid the items in her chest inside her closet. Nicole took the envelope and laid on her bed and looked through the pictures of her mom and dad one by one.

Most of the pictures were of her mom. The ones of her dad showed he had a very large cock. A smile flashed across Nicole's face every time she saw her father's cock. There were three pictures that Nicole singled out. There was a very nice picture of her mom in this very nice dress. She was wearing those sexy hi heels that she found in the room. The second picture her mom removed her dress and was standing there in white stockings and garters and a white g-string. The third picture her g-string was gone and Nicole could see her mom's bush.

Nicole starred at the picture of her mom's bush. Nicole thought it was so beautiful and erotic. Her mom's bush was trimmed into a tiny heart. Nicole unbuttoned her jeans and unzipped them. She pulled her jeans and panties down and looked at her own bush. What a mess she thought. She looked at the picture again and then pulled her pants back up. Nicole looked through the rest of the pictures and then began to day dream.

Suddenly Nicole was formulating a plan. A plan to seduce her father. Nicole looked at the pictures again. She looked at her mom's hair. She glanced over to the mirror and looked at her own hair. It was the same color. She looked at her facial features and they too were the same. They had the same bra sizes and wore the same size panties. Nicole smiled because she now had a plan. A very wicked and taboo plan. A plan that would change everyones life who gets involved. This was going to be so deceitful and wrong and break every rule of the church, but Nicole owed it to herself to try it.

Nicole jumped up off of her bed and hid her mom and dad's pictures in her closet. She took a picture of her mom and shoved it into her small purse. She shut the closet door and left her room. She went out to her car and started the engine. She drove a few blocks away to a small beauty shop. She parked her convertible and went inside. There was one lady working and there was one other customer. The girl who was working there walked to the counter and asked "Can I help you"? Nicole said "I would like to get my hair re styled, do I need an appointment or can I just wait." Nicole looked at the name tag on the girl and saw that her name was Mandy. Mandy looked in her appointment book and said "come back next Saturday, I'm not to busy that day." "Come first thing in the morning." Mandy wrote the date and time on a small business card and handed it to Nicole. Nicole thanked her and took the card and left.

Nicole drove onto the freeway and headed home. Along the way she stopped at the cemetery where her mother was buried. She still couldn't get out of her mind how her mother really was. All of the sexy clothes and sex toys not to mention the nude pictures of her and dad. Nicole pulled into the cemetery and parked her car. She got out and walked towards her mom's grave. The grave was in a secluded spot. Nicole got down on her knees and began to pray. Tears welled up in her eyes and soon they were running down her soft cheeks. After Nicole finished praying she pulled herself together. Then she began to speak to her mom.

"Mom, I want dad too." "I know you were a wild woman and I'm not like that, but I am going to try to be like that." "I guess I am asking you for your help and guidance." I just have to experience what you experienced with least once." "Please mom, help me fuck dad." Nicole got up on her feet from her kneeling position and turned to walk to her car. Tears continued to trickled down her cheeks. She finally managed to pull herself together as she closed the car door and sped away. Nicole drove home and was surprised when she walked in and her father was home.

Nicole was pleasantly surprised when she walked in and saw that her father had a picnic basket sitting on the counter. "This time I packed our picnic lunch" Steve said to his daughter. Nicole as excited because she didn't know what she was going to do with herself the rest of the day. "OK dad let me go change, I want to go swimming today." Nicole went into her room and went riffling through her dresser. She reached in and found what she was looking for. It was a white bikini her mother bought for her right before the accident. Nicole wouldn't wear it because when white gets wet you can see through it. But this time...she wanted to be seen through her father. Nicole stripped down to nothing and pulled the bikini bottoms on. Then she put the tiny top on and then she admired herself in the mirror. Nicole grabbed the material that only partially covered her ass and pulled it up into her ass crack to give it a thong effect and she liked what she saw. It felt a little strange to have something in her ass cheeks like that but she liked the way it looked. Nicole returned her bottoms to their normal position and pulled a pair of shorts and a tube top on. Nicole slipped on a pair of sandals and grabbed a towel and walked back into the living room where her father was waiting.

Together they left and headed for the beach. Along the way they blasted the country music tunes that were on the radio. They even sang some of the songs. The whole time though, Nicole was thinking about her plan. They arrived at the beach and they walked to a spot where there was a big boulder. Nicole said "lets put the blanket here." They stopped and Steve handed his daughter the end of the blanket and together they spread the blanket out flat on the sand. "Shall we go for a swim dad" Nicole asked. Steve pulled his shirt off and said "last one in is a rotten egg." It was now a race to see who could undress the fastest and get into the water. Steve had his pants off in no time and was in the water almost immediately.

Nicole decided she was going to spice things up a little today. She began to walk to the water. She could see her father watching her. Nicole new her father was lusting for her but she couldn't let him know she knew. She walked towards the water in her white bikini. She knew her father's cock was going to get hard when she got the thin white material wet and he would be able to see through it. Slowly Nicole walked out into the water and submerged herself. Soon Steve and his daughter were splashing each other and having a wonderful time. After about twenty minutes of horse play Nicole said "OK dad, time to tan." Nicole started walking towards their big blanket and knew her father was following her. Nicole added a little wiggle to her ass as she walked. She could feel her fathers eyes gazing at her ass and legs as she walked. The cool breeze caused Nicole's nipples to stiffen like pencil erasers.

Nicole grabbed a towel and dried off. She then tossed the towel to her father so he too could dry himself. Nicole reached into the basket and pulled out the bottle of sunscreen. "Lay down dad" Nicole ordered. Steve did as his daughter asked, laying down face first on the blanket. Nicole squeezed some of the cold lotion out onto her father's back. Steve flinched momentarily from the shock of the cold liquid. Then he felt his daughters warm hands starting to spread the sunscreen around on his back. Nicole slowly rubbed the lotion around his shoulders, neck and back. Nicole Slid her finger tips slightly under her father's waistband of his trunks as she spread the sunscreen on his lower back. Next Nicole squirted sunscreen on the back of both of her father's legs. Starting at his feet she continued to smear the lotion on his legs. As she got to his upper legs Nicole boldly let her finger tips slide up under the loose material that covered his ass and lightly grazed his ass cheeks.

"Role over" Nicole ordered her dad. Steve rolled onto his back, the whole time his eyes were closed. Nicole squirted lotion onto her father's chest. Steve opened his eyes behind his dark sun glasses and watched as his daughter placed her sexy hands and fingers on his chest.. Slowly Nicole began to smear the lotion. Nicole worked her way down and soon was massaging the lotion on her father's breasts. Nicole intentionally scraped her fingernails across both of her father's nipples. Steve flinched. Then something else happened. He started to become aroused. Steve thought of sick and disgusting stuff to try to curb his swelling member. It seemed to work, for now at least. Nicole was now caressing her father's lower abdomen with sun screen. She knew her finger tips were only inches away from her fathers cock. She knew her father was becoming aroused. She could see his shorts twitching slightly. Nicole moved to her father's feet and applied lotion. Gracefully she worked her way up her father's legs to his thighs. Again she let her fingers slide up under her father's pant legs as she spread the sun screen.

Nicole tossed her father the bottle of sun screen and said "your turn dad". Nicole laid down face down on the towel. She reached around her back and pulled the string and untied her top so she wouldn't have any tan lines. She heard her father swallow hard as she let the strings fall to her sides. Steve squirted the lotion into the palm of his hands and placed them on his daughter's back. Nicole could feel his fingers trembling. Slowly he covered every inch of his daughter's exposed back. As Steve slid his hands down Nicole's sides his fingertips brushed the sides of his daughter's breasts. Nicole was in heaven. Steve moved down farther and Nicole spread her legs to allow her father room to kneel between them. As Steve squirted lotion into his hand, Nicole imagined her father squirting "HIS" lotion onto her ass. Nicole reached behind her ass and slid her finger tips under the material that covered her ass. She pulled the material up and in so that most of it disappeared into her ass crack, like one of her mother's thongs. Steve started at his daughter's feet and began to apply the lotion. Nicole thoroughly enjoyed the sensations of her father's fingers as he massaged the sunscreen into her feet and toes. It felt wonderful when her father began coating her calf's. Then the back of her thighs. Steve squirted more lotion into his hands and continued working his way up towards his daughters exposed ass. Finally the moment Nicole waited for. She felt electricity flowing through her body as her father's hands fell upon her ass. Steve squeezed his daughter's ass as he applied the sunscreen. Nicole buried her face in the blanket for fear of moaning out loud. An orgasm was welling up inside of her. Her pussy was tingling. It was a good thing her bikini was wet because her pussy juice was now flowing. As her father smeared the lotion on her inner thighs his finger grazed her mound. Nicole did everything she could so she wouldn't cum.

Nicole reached under her breasts and cupped the untied piece of material to her breasts. Nicole rolled over onto her back Only the triangles of the top covered her nipples. The sides and bottoms of Nicole's breasts were now visibly exposed to her father's gaze. Steve squirted more sun screen into the palms of his hands and started to apply it to his daughters neck. Slowly Steve moved his hands down to the top oh his daughters breasts. Nicole let the material go and placed her hands down at her sides. She hoped her father would accidentally knock off her top to expose her breasts. Steve's trembling hands applied the lotion all around his daughters half naked breasts. Occasionally his thumbs and fingers would brush against the edges of Nicole's breasts. Nicole noticed her breathing getting heavier again. Her father now was applying the lotion to his daughter's stomach. Slowly his trembling fingers massaged the lotion into her stomach all the way down to the top edge of his daughter's bikini bottoms. Steve moved to Nicole's feet. He squirted lotion into his hands and began caressing her feet. Nicole closed her eyes and imagined her father sucking her toes. One at a time he would slide them into his mouth feeling his tongue sliding over each toe. "How wonderful that would feel" she thought to herself. Lost in her daydream, Nicole snapped out of it and realized that her father was now greasing up her thigh's. Steve's fingers were squeezing firmly as he made his way to her bikini bottoms. Steve only had her inner thigh's left. His fingers slid over her soft skin. They were trembling. Steve's fingers grazed his daughter's pussy again. Then a second time.

Steve was finished and rolled over on his back next to his daughter. It was a good thing he did because just then Nicole experienced a strong orgasm. Nicole bit her lip as wave after wave of pleasure ripped through her body. Her hips gyrated slightly as she reached down and pressed on her clit through her bikini. Nicole began to cum a second time. She was sure if her father looked he would see her bikini covering her pussy was wetter than before. Nicole's toes curled as her second orgasm peaked. Finally, Nicole came back down to earth. She looked over at her father and saw he to was aroused. He had a lump in his pants. Nicole realized her top had fallen off from having her orgasms. She laid topless next to her father. Nicole pulled her top back up and rolled over on to her stomach. She recanted what had just happened. A smile flashed across Nicole's face. Her plan was working.

After about an hour of tanning, Steve opened the picnic basket and set out their lunch. They each had tuna fish sandwiches and chips. Nicole reached into the basket and handed her father a can of coke and got one for herself. They made small talk and ate their lunches. Soon, clouds began to roll in and they decided to head for home. They packed up everything and loaded up the car and left for home. Just as they were pulling into the driveway a thunderstorm started. Lightning flashed and thunder clapped.

Steve and his daughter ran into the house. Nicole began to put away the picnic supplies while her father went to take a shower. Nicole wondered if her father would leave her another present on the tile wall in the shower. That though alone caused her young pussy to tingle. Nicole slid her hand under her bikini bottoms and stroked her pussy right there in the kitchen. It felt so good as her finger slid up and down her rapidly moistening slit. Nicole withdrew her hand realizing that this wasn't the right time or place to get off.

Steve was finished in the shower. He emerged from the bathroom dressed in his blue sweats and walked into the kitchen. Nicole stepped up on a chair to place the picnic basket on the top shelf. As she did that her half shirt rose up above her nipples. The bottom half of her breasts were now exposed to her father's gaze. Nicole knew her father was watching as she took her time to give him a good view. Nicole stepped down off of the chair and announced that she was going to shower.

Steve slipped into his room for the evening. He had a raging hard on now. Nicole went into the bathroom and stripped off her clothing and threw them into her hamper. Nicole turned on the shower and looked around to see if her father left her another present. No such luck. Nicole stepped into the shower and soaped up. Her pussy was on fire and she turned the shower head off. Nicole wanted to take a bath. She adjusted the water temperature and began filling the tub. Nicole sank into the warm water and relaxed. Soon however her hand began to caress her aching breasts. Nicole closed her eyes and squeezed her breasts and tugged on her nipples, the whole time wishing it was her father doing this to her. Nicole reached down and began stroking her already excited pussy. Nicole liked how her pussy lips opened up and how her clit was exposed.

Nicole was on fire. She reached up and slowed down the water to a trickle. Nicole then slid down to the running water and placed her hot cunt under the trickle of water. Nicole raised her legs up and placed her heels on the wall. Her legs were now spread open while the warm water stimulated her clit. Nicole leaned back on her elbows and closed her eyes. What she saw was her father laying between her opened legs licking her pussy. Nicole began to moan as her pussy tingled. She could see so clearly her father's mouth and tongue on her pussy as he was tasting her. Nicole felt that tingling sensation beginning to over take her body. Nicole's toes curled and she let out a low moan as she began to cum. A very light "oh daddy" escaped her lips as she imagined her father licking her clit. Nicole began rocking her hips up and down against the pressure of water.

Just as Nicole's orgasm began to subside she felt another one welling up inside of her. Again Nicole moaned "oh my god daddyyyyyy..." as her pussy began to spasm in an orgasm that was stronger than the first one. Nicole was panting. She was on fire. She so badly wanted her daddy to eat her pussy like that. She wanted so badly for her daddy to take her and fuck her to oblivion. Nicole shut off the water and just relaxed in the warm water. But Nicole wanted more. A lot more.

Nicole drained the tub and dried off. She caressed every inch of her sexy body with a soft blue bath towel. Nicole slipped her sleep shirt over her head. It only came down just far enough to cover her ass. Tonight Nicole didn't want panties for she still had the desire to cum again.

Nicole quietly walked to the refrigerator in her bare feet. She was quiet so her father wouldn't hear her. Nicole reached for the handle and pulled the door open. Bending down Nicole reached in and retrieved a cucumber. As Nicole was bending down her father looked out the crack in his door to see what the noise was. Steve just stared as he saw his daughter bending over with her sleep shirt pulled up exposing her ass. Better yet, from the light of the refrigerator Steve could see his daughter's pussy. He could see the lips hanging down slightly with a glimmer of light shining off of the wetness.

As Steve continued to stare his cock turned to steel. He rubbed himself through his sweat pants. Nicole took the cucumber to the sink and began to rinse it. Nicole made sure all of the spiny bumps were rubbed off. Nicole dried off the cucumber and quietly returned to her room.

Steve laid back on his bed and reached for his box of tissues. He pulled out a couple and laid them by his side. Steve laid on his back and pulled his sweat pants off. Then he pulled is boxers off. Slowly Steve began to stroke his cock as he recounted the day's events. He thought of caressing his daughter's back with the sun screen. He thought about when he let his fingers caress the sides of her breasts. How he slid his lotion slicked hands up and down his lovely daughter's legs. How he caressed her feet and sexy toes. How his fingers accidentally grazed her bikini clad pussy. Steve began stroking a little faster. He thought about the image of his daughter raising her arms up in the kitchen and exposing her breasts to him.

Steve knew these thoughts were wrong but his cock was now in control and it wanted to cum. Steve stroked faster. He remembered just a few moments ago as he watched his daughter bend over and show him her sweet ass. How he saw her wet pussy as she reached in for a cucumber. Steve stroked himself faster as he pictured himself walking up behind his little girl and holding her hips as he thrusts his cock into her. Fucking her as she holds onto the refrigerator. He could hear her screaming "oh daddy" as he fucks her from behind. Just then Steve felt his nuts tighten. The thought of fucking his little girl from behind was too much. Imagining her soft ass touching his stomach as he plowed into her sent him over the edge. Steve thrust his hips as he stroked himself causing his cum to spurt out high into the air. Drops landed on his face and in his hair. Cum landed on his stomach and legs as the rest dribbled down his hand. Steve was breathing heavily from his explosive orgasm. He reached for a tissue and began wiping up his mess. A few tissues later Steve was cleaned up. He turned his stereo on low and rolled over and fell asleep.

Nicole however was in no mood to sleep. Nicole pushed the straps of her sleep shirt off of her shoulders and let the material fall to the floor. She laid on her bed on her back. Nicole took the cucumber and began rubbing it all over her body. It was still a little cold from being in the refrigerator and when she touched her nipples with it they stood out farther than she thought possible. She kept rubbing her breasts and nipples with the cucumber until she couldn't stand it any more. Nicole rubbed her face with the cucumber, briefly licking up and down the sides of it imagining it was her father's cock. Nicole then slid the vegetable down her body between her breasts and then down her flat stomach.

Nicole raised her legs up and bent her knees allowing her legs to lay parted. Now the cucumber was rubbing across her pubic hair as it slowly inched closer to her quivering quim. Nicole was nervous. She never used anything before to get off with. She knew she would be OK as long as she didn't shove it into her pussy and break her hymen. Nicole lightly slid the cucumber up and down her wet slit. "MMMMMMMMM" Nicole moaned. She could hear her father's music so she figured he couldn't hear her if she moaned a little bit.

Nicole parted her wet pussy lips with the end of the cucumber. It felt magnificent as she slid the member up and down her cunt. She closed her eyes and imagined her father rubbing his cock over her opening. God Nicole wanted so bad for her father to fuck her. She began pressing harder on her clit. Nicole began thrashing her head from side to side. Her toes again began to curl as her hips began bucking at the cucumber as it rubbed her clit. Nicole moaned "oh god daddy" as she began to convulse in orgasm. The thought of her father taking her with his cock caused her juices to pour from her hole. Again Nicole moaned "oh my god, daddy" as her orgasm subsided.

Nicole still had hunger for her father's cock. She took her pillows and placed two on top of each other and laid the cucumber in the middle. Nicole then straddled the two pillows and cucumber and lowered her wet mound to it. Carefully, Nicole lined up the cucumber to her pussy and clit and began to rock back and forth on it. She held herself up on her hands and pretended she was riding her dad. The hard cucumber felt so wonderful on her flaming hot pussy. She bounced up and down and slid front to back. In Nicole's mind, she was fucking her father.

She could feel the pressure building up inside of her again. She began thinking about all of the sex toys and material her mom had in her closet. She wondered what it was like for her mom to get fucked by dad. Nicole wanted that so desperately. Nicole, with her eyes closed lowered her head and pretended to open her mouth and kiss her father. As she imagined his tongue sliding into her mouth her pussy shot off like a bottle rocket. This time the orgasm was so strong, Nicole saw stars as she nearly passed out. "Oh my fucking god daddy..." Nicole moaned. "I'm cumming daddy" Nicole moaned again. Everything from her nose to her toes tingled.

Nicole imagined she had on her mother's spiked collar and her dad grabbed her and pulled her mouth down and kissed her again as he continued to fuck her. Again Nicole's body shot off into another orgasm. She was experiencing sensations she never knew existed. Nicole's body went limp and she fell asleep exhausted.

Sometime in the middle of the night Nicole got ut of bed and walked naked to the kitchen to get a drink of water. On the way to the kitchen Nicole looked into her father's room as his door was cracked open. Nervously Nicole nudged the door open and looked inside. There was her father laying on his back completely naked and asleep. Nicole just stared at him as she could see his body from the dim light in the room from the street light out front. Nicole could see his cock as it laid up on her father's stomach. Nicole was mesmerized like she was in a trance.

Nicole needed a closer look. Slowly and quietly Nicole tip toed closer to her father. She was at the edge of the bed. She looked at her father's eyes and saw he was sound asleep. Then Nicole looked back at her desire, her father's cock. Nicole leaned closer to get a better look. For some reason Nicole slowly reached out with her right hand. Her fingers were trembling. She reached out to her father's cock and slowly and softly slid her fingers up his shaft. Nicole looked again and her father was still sleeping. Again Nicole ran her finger tips from the base of her fathers cock to the head. This time, her father's cock twitched. Nicole rubbed it again. Right before her eyes, Nicole watched as she made her father's cock hard. It was towering. Nervously, Nicole wrapped her fingers around her dads cock and stroked it lightly. She could hear her father breathing heavier. She looked into his eyes and he was still sleeping.

Nicole let go of her father's cock and stood there admiring his man hood. Then Nicole did something that even surprised her. Slowly Nicole bent down bringing her face closer to her father's cock. Nicole lowered her head so her dad's cock was just in front of her face. She could smell her father's cock. Nicole could see her dad's pre cum begin to drip down his shaft. Nicole slowly lowered her head farther and opened her mouth. Nicole felt her father's cock touch her lips. Slowly Nicole took her dad's cock head into her mouth. Nicole slid her tongue along the underside oh his head. Slowly Nicole took more of her father's cock into her mouth. She pulled her mouth up and off of her father's cock. Nicole used only her tongue and began to run it up and down her father's cock from its tip to his balls.

Nicole could hear her father breathing heavily. A quick glance at his eyes revealed he was still asleep. Nicole again took her father's cock into her mouth. She began to suck on him as she bobbed her head up and down. Nicole felt more and more pre cum oozing out of her dad's cock. She thought to her self "is he close?? Is he going to cum...cum in my mouth." Just then her father's hips began to thrust and a load of cum rushed up her father's shaft and shot out into her mouth. Nicole gagged as she swallowed her dad's cum. There was too much for her to swallow and cum began dribbling out of the corners of her mouth.

Nicole felt her father's cock starting to soften. She pulled her father's cock out of her mouth and was about to get up when she looked into her dad's eyes and froze. Her father's eyes were now opened and he was staring at her. Nicole was scared and didn't know what to do. She panicked and turned to leave. Just then her father grabbed her by her wrist and pulled her onto the bed.

Nicole was terrified. Her father threw her down face first onto his bed. Using his knee, Steve forced his daughter down on her stomach. He took her right wrist and tied it to the corner of the bed. Then he took her left wrist and tied it to the other corner of the bed. Nicole was scared. She was tied to her fathers bed face down. Suddenly she remembered the dream of being tied to that cross. She thought to herself, "oh my fucking god, this time its fucking real." She was becoming terrified. Here she was, tied to her fathers bed in a very vulnerable position.

Nicole wondered if this is how her mother was treated. Did dad manhandle her like this. The pictures she found of her mom and dad sure didn't reflect it. Steve moved around behind his daughter. He grabbed her hips and pulled her ass higher into the air. Nicole fought and tried to free her arms but it seemed the harder she pulled the more it hurt. Nicole then felt something warm and wet. It was her father's mouth on her ass cheeks. She could feel him licking and kissing the hot flesh of her naked ass cheeks. Nicole just froze. She wanted it to stop, but at the same time it felt great. Nicole realized that her pussy was beginning to tingle and get wet. She could feel her father kissing and licking his way down the back of her right thigh. The sensations drove her wild with desire. She almost said "no daddy, my pussy isn't down there" but decided against speaking. She would just let her daddy do what ever he wanted.

Nicole felt his warm wet tongue sliding down her sexy calf muscle towards her ankle. Nicole was getting down right horny now. Steve kissed and tongued his daughter's ankle then began to lick her foot. Steve slid his tongue across his daughter's naked sexy foot to her toes and then proceeded to suck her big toe into his mouth. Nicole wanted so badly to touch her burning pussy to make herself cum but she couldn't. She pulled at the wrist bindings but couldn't free herself. Nicole began to moan as her father sucked on each and every beautiful toe. Steve then moved over to the other foot. He took every one of his daughter's toes into his mouth. Sliding his tongue over every nerve ending of every toe. Steve slid his tongue between his daughters toes, across the tops and bottoms and then sucked real hard on each toe. Nicole's pussy was now dripping. Her breathing was very erratic as her father kissed and licked his way up her left calf and thigh.

"SMACK" Nicole heard loudly then realized that her dad just smacked her naked ass. "SMACK" again she heard. Nicole was now on the verge of cumming as her father began to repeatedly smack her ass. Steve wasn't smacking her ass hard, just enough to turn her ass red in the dim street light that filtered through the window. Finally the smacking stopped but Nicole was on the verge of an orgasm. She knew that as soon as her father touched her pussy that she was going to cum. She could hear her father getting into a different position as she heard his rustling moves on the mattress. Nicole knew what her father was about to do and she couldn't stop him. She wouldn't stop him, actually she couldn't wait.

Steve slid in under his daughter's pussy and reached up and cupped her ass. Steve pulled his daughter's ass down slightly until her pussy touched his mouth. With his hands still on his daughter's ass Steve began to kiss her pussy lips. Nicole moaned loudly. "Oh daddy yes, fuck yeah". Steve began darting his tongue in and out of his daughter's wet hole. Nicole's toes curled as she felt those tingling sensations that her father's tongue gave her. Nicole began to rock her hips and rubbed her pussy across her father's mouth. Nicole moaned "oh my god daddy, I'm cumming." Nicole began to grind her pussy harder on her fathers mouth and tongue. Her fists were clenched tightly from the immense feelings of pleasure. Her toes curled as far as they could go. Nicole's insides felt like they were being turned inside out as she came.

Nicole moaned over and over "oh yes daddy, yes"! Her hips were gyrating as she covered her father's face with her juices. Finally after what seemed like hours Nicole's orgasm began to subside. She could feel her father moving behind her and she almost feared what he was going to do next. She knew as soon as she felt her father's hands hold onto her hips. "Oh daddy, not like this" Nicole moaned. "Make love to me daddy, but not like this" Nicole pleaded. "Please daddy, no!!! Free me so I can make love to you" Nicole begged. Instead she felt her father's cock forcing its way into her slippery wet pussy as she was bound mercilessly and helplessly to the bed rails. She felt her dad's cock head parting her pussy as he pushed it into her. She could feel her pussy stretching for the very first time. Nicole felt her father's cock pressing against that thin membrane inside of her that was still intact. Nicole bit her lip as she knew the pain that was to follow.

She felt it tear. Nicole winced in pain as she helplessly let her father take her virginity. Nicole was no longer pure. Her father had put his hand print on her. "No daddy, not like this" Nicole moaned again. Her father paid her no attention as he continued to slide his cock into his daughter's pussy. Finally Steve was all the way in his daughter. He began to slowly slide his cock in and out of her. Nicole begged for him to stop. She begged to be freed so she could make love to him as she so badly wanted too. This was not how Nicole wanted it to happen.

Steve reached around and cupped his daughter's breasts while he continued to fuck her tight wet pussy. He tweaked her nipples causing his daughter to scream in pleasure. "Oh fuck yeah dad" Nicole screamed every time her father pinched her nipples. "Oh fuck yeah". Steve picked up the pace as he began to slam into his daughter as she was tied helplessly to the bed posts. Steve reached around and ran his finger's through his daughter's bush, feeling the soft blonde curls of hair as they were soaked from her cum. Finally Steve began to rub Nicole's clit as he rammed his cock in and out of her hot cunt. Nicole began to moan from the double stimulation her father was giving her.

Nicole's pussy muscles began to contract around her father's cock. She moaned "oh dear Jesus" as she began to cum. "Oh my god yes!" Nicole screamed as her orgasm peaked. Steve kept pounding his daughter's pussy then he slapped her ass again. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK. "Oh my fucking god daddy, I'm cumming again" Nicole screamed. She could feel her pussy juice running out of her pussy. Nicole never knew these feelings existed. Steve began to moan too. At the peak of his daughter's orgasm, Steve pulled out and stroked his cock. He shot a rope of cum all the way to the back of his daughter's head, landing in her hair. Gobs of cum spewed out of Steve's cock and landed on his daughter's back and ass. Nicole could feel it running down the crack of her ass.

Steve got up and off of the bed. Nicole was still bound helplessly as her father moved in front of her between the headboard and the wall. Steve stuck his semi hard cock through the bed posts in front of his daughter's face. He rubbed his cum and pussy juice coated cock on her face. Nicole opened her mouth as she had no choice but to accept her father's member into her mouth. Nicole lapped at his cock as it began to rise up to her mouth. Just then Nicole felt scared. Really scared. She was tied to her father's bed on her knees and she heard something. She heard something behind her. She knew her and her father were not alone.

Nicole tried to turn to see who it was but her father grabbed her head and held her mouth on his cock. Nicole could feel someone else getting on the bed behind her. She knew she was completely vulnerable. Anyone in the world could walk in right now and fuck her and she couldn't stop them. As Steve began thrusting his cock in and out of his daughter's mouth Nicole felt a new strange set of hands touching her ass. Her ass was being caressed along with her sexy legs. Nicole tried to free her wrists again but she was helpless.

Nicole felt her legs being parted a little farther and then she felt a new stranger moving in closer to her. She could feel his hips against the back oh her ass and legs. Then she felt something really wild that almost freaked her out. Nicole felt something warm and soft rubbing her stomach about half way between her navel and her breasts. "That couldn't be" Nicole thought to herself. She felt it slide like a snake through her golden bush then across her wet opened pussy lips. Then her suspicion was confirmed as she felt that long warm soft thing pushing its way into her wet pussy.

"Oh my god no" Nicole tried to scream as she knew it was a massive cock that was about to enter her. Nicole began to struggle to free herself but she was helpless. Besides her father held her head in position as he drilled her mouth. Nicole felt that monster sliding into her inner depths. Farther than her fathers cock went. A lot farther. Finally the stranger's cock was all the way in and Nicole could feel the end of his cock pressing into her womb. The stranger began to fuck Nicole as her father fucked her face. Nicole tried desperately to free herself but she just couldn't. As Nicole tried to kick herself free she was greeted to a sharp smack on the ass. SMACK! For some reason or another Nicole stopped fighting. The smack did feel good. She just wished she knew who was smacking and fucking her.

Nicole felt the stranger pull his massive cock all the way out of her. Nicole could still feel her pussy holding the shape of that cock. Her pussy was opened and waiting for more. Nicole's eyes widened in fear as her father fucked her mouth. Nicole felt her ass cheeks being parted. Frantically she tried to escape. She felt the stranger press the tip of his cock on her ass hole. Nicole was paralyzed on her knees. This stranger was about to shove that huge cock into her ass hole and she couldn't stop him.

Nicole nearly bit her dad's cock off as the stranger shoved the head of his cock into her as hole. Nicole Screamed "Oh my fucking god no, no please stop." Nicole began to cry as she felt an incredible pain in her ass from the over sized cock. Slowly the stranger inched his cock all the way in. Nicole finally became accustomed to his size. It still hurt but not as bad as when he first shoved it in her. The stranger began to rape Nicole's ass hole as her father raped her face. Again Nicole tried to turn her head to see who the stranger was but her father stopped her. Steve reached through the head board and slapped his daughter's face. Nicole had tears running down her face. She was helpless as she was being fucked with no say so in the matter.

Strangely enough, Nicole felt her pussy beginning to tingle again. She felt her pussy lips flapping and felt her juices dripping off of them onto the bed beneath. Just as Nicole was about to cum again, the stranger withdrew his cock completely from her ass hole. "No!" Nicole screamed with her dad's cock still in her mouth. Steve pulled his cock out of his daughter's mouth He untied her right wrist and the stranger grabbed her ankles and together the two men turned Nicole over onto her back. Steve tied her wrist to the bed post and untied the other. Nicole's eyes widened as she now knew who the stranger with the mammoth cock was. She couldn't believe it. "How did he get into the house" Nicole asked herself. "How did Father Joseph get into our house" she wondered. Steve finished tying his daughter's other wrist to the bed post and she now laid helpless on her back.

Father Joseph reached out and took Nicole's sexy soft ankles into his hands and raised them up over her head. He held them to the top of the bed post. Steve tied his daughter's ankles to the bed posts with a couple of neck ties. Nicole was now helpless, totally helpless. Her arms were tied to the headboard along with her feet.

Father Joseph moved into position and started to pray. He looked into Nicole's eyes as he lined his cock up to her ass hole again. Father Joseph pushed the head of his cock past Nicole's sphincter. "Confess your sins young lady, confess your sins" the priest chanted. Quietly, Father Joseph began to pray as he thrust his cock in and out of Nicole's helpless ass hole. Nicole again had tears in her eyes as she spoke. "Bless Me Father, For I Have Sinned" Nicole shouted. Father Joseph reached down and began to stroke Nicole's breasts with his left hand while stroking her clit with his right hand.

Nicole felt her toes starting to tingle. "Bless Me Father, For I Have Sinned" Nicole shouted again. Just then Nicole's pussy began to convulse as Father Joseph fucked her ass hole. "Oh yeah...Bless Me, Oh Father, For I Have, Oh Fuck Yeah, Have Fucking Sinned" Nicole screamed as her body shook in the most powerful orgasm so far. "I fucked my daddy Father Joseph" Nicole screamed out in pleasure. Nicole could see her father stroking his hard cock above her face. Father Joseph withdrew his long hard pole from her ass and began stroking it and pointing it towards Nicole.

"For your penance my young lady, you will not fuck your father again." Father Joseph was now stroking himself faster. "You must never think about fucking your dad again" "is that understood"? Nicole nodded her head. "You will be blessed now my child". Just then Father Joseph and her father began to cum. They came all over her body. Drops of cum landed all over her coating her from her face to her pussy.

Just then, Nicole woke up. She was still laying face down on her bed with the pillow under her and the cucumber still lodged in the cleft of her wet pussy. Nicole realized the whole thing was a dream. A really kinky dream. Nicole began to hump her pillow and cucumber. She closed her eyes and pictured her father as she rubbed her pussy up and down the length of the cucumber. Nicole rolled over onto her back. She grabbed the cucumber in her right hand and raised her legs up bending them at the knees and parted them. Nicole began to rub her clit with her fingers from her left hand. She took the cucumber and rubbed her pussy with it, coating it with her own juices.

Nicole tilted her pelvis up a little higher. Her hand trembled as she slowly moved the cucumber from her pussy to her ass hole. Nicole pressed the tip of the cucumber to her rose bud and pressed it firmly. Nicole felt nerves tingle she never knew existed. Her fingers continued to rub her pussy. Nicole pushed a little harder and tried to relax her ass hole. All of a sudden Nicole could feel her sphincter open and the tip of the cucumber began to slide in. From what Nicole could tell, only about an inch or so slid into her ass hole when she shot off into a violent orgasm. "Oh my fucking god daddy" Nicole moaned. Nicole's toes curled and her whole body trembled. As she came, her sphincter tightened around the cucumber and it reminded her of Father Joseph's cock as he fucked her back side. Juices ran from Nicole's pussy down the crack of her ass and then on to the pillow beneath.

Nicole pulled the cucumber out of her ass and tossed it onto the floor. She felt great shame from the dream she just had and from fucking herself with a cucumber. Nicole just couldn't figure out the meaning of her dreams. She wanted to know what they meant. Nicole reached over to her dresser and retrieved a note book and a pen. Nicole wrote down all the details from the first wild and bazaar dream. Then she wrote down the steamy details of the dream she just woke up from. There was one thing Nicole knew for sure. She had to fuck her father.

To Be Continued..

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