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The curve of your lips,
The curve of your spine,
The curve of your cock,
All of it's mine.

All my features,
And all of my contours,
The slit in my mound--
Every bit is yours.

My tongue will slither,
And slide along your skin.
And you'll gently kiss me,
Before you slide yourself in.

Our passion will flourish,
As our breath becomes bated;
Our love will be nourished
After so long it has waited.

I will grip the sheets,
Til my knuckles turn white.
Making the bed squeak,
As I swallow your size.

Our bodies will rub,
And our hips shall clash.
With this kind of love,
I know it will last.

Your lips upon mine,
As you build up your speed,
Giving me the sign
That we'll get what we both need.

My heartbeat quickens
As our climax draws near.
The layer of sweat thickens,
Your moans are all I hear.

You scream with desire,
As I scratch at your back.
As you soothe my burning fire,
I can't help but gasp.

We fall from our high,
Silent and slow.
Deep in the night,
We basque in our glow.

Being MeReport

2013-04-05 22:48:13
It was father and daughter if u paid attention and another thing incest is fucking disgusting but good poem

anonymous readerReport

2012-09-09 07:03:02
That's the best aswner of all time! JMHO

anonymous readerReport

2012-01-04 22:11:07
It's a beautiful piece, but how is this incest

anonymous readerReport

2011-03-14 16:29:21
Yeah, really good. Luvd it too! :)

anonymous readerReport

2011-03-14 07:28:34
i enjoyed that quite it was nice ^^

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