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First sharing
Sharing her has become a pleasure. The foreplay is already taken care of by another man and I don’t think it’s my imagination; she is all the hornier after being with other men. Hearing her whisper in my ear how she was fucked by my best friend would have pissed me off at one time but now as we fucked it turned me on. He was enjoying my wifes pleasurable pussy like I had hundreds of times. He suddenly pulled his wet cock from her muff and forced it immediately into her mouth where he pressed her head into the couch as he pumped her face. Whispering in panting breaths she tells me how he forced her to swallow more cum than she really wanted to. This was my best friend treating my wife like a whore and I would have never learned the details if she knew it would cause problems.

Originally it made it easier to think my wife was making up these stories but my best friend confirmed after reluctantly admitting to it in some detail. A short time later I began to entertain more of these thoughts and frequently found myself strangely aroused. During sex we would talk about her fucking men we knew and she would moan in approval even suggesting she’d be a good lil slut and the best fuck he ever had. With her bedroom eyes glazed over with lust she would openly fantasize of these men slapping their huge balls into her pussy dog-style, she enjoys a nice fat cock and a huge set of swinging balls really excite her. Although not planned, one of the guys we talked about would get his chance to swing his balls into my wifes ass real soon.

With the sun setting Tom drove our van as his wife lay sleeping next to him. Bored and sitting quietly directly behind him I had convinced my wife to remove her panties from under her skirt where curled up she pretended to be sleeping in the chair behind Toms’ wife. I continued hiking her skirt up more even rubbing her pussy from time to time as she pretended to sleep with her ass in full view. I never tire of her beautiful tanned looking Indian ass. I could see Tom glancing frequently even adjusting the mirror. Before long I was licking and playing with her pussy as Tom did his best to keep quiet and drive. The night before we had shared a motel room where Tom was tormented as my wife and I fucked in the very next bed or rather put on a show for him. Now he watched in the mirror as we made our way to the vans fold down bed and began fucking and whispering. “You want him to help me fuck you don’t cha?” I asked. My lil slut responded, “Uh huh, ya know his cocks hard and he needs a turn.”

She suggested we switch at a rest stop and continued talking dirty until I came all over her belly. As she wiped her belly I quietly asked Tom if he needed a break from driving. He nodded and immediately pulled over on the side of the express way. We switched places without getting out and his wife remained undisturbed. After some barely audible whispering I watched in the rear view mirror as my wifes head bobbed in Toms lap. I was kind of surprised she was actually doing it but the slurping sounds told me she was also enjoying my friends cock. I could hear faint moans and watched their silhouettes in the mirror as they fucked in several different positions. After approximately a half hour I could see and hear Toms pace quicken as thoughts raced through my mind. Was his cock bigger than my own? I glanced over at Toms less than desirable wife acknowledging the fact he’d surely leave her for my wife. As they approached the seats near the front I could see Toms grinning ear to ear smile. My wife looked satisfied and sexy in her lustful freshly fucked state. The next several times we had sex we would describe the incident and how bad we were. Tom was a married man who enjoyed my wife right under his own wifes’ nose. I’m certain Tom to this day occasionally jacks off thinking of his encounter with my wife.

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2012-09-01 01:32:42
this guy is an asshole letring his wife fuck other guys so he can watch
if she was my wife I'd kick the shit out of both of them, then cut his cock off and make her eat it and hrow her ass out on the street


2006-09-14 14:33:11
not to bad, you have a chance to be a very good writer, just go into more detail, thats my only suggestion. Dont worry about the people who think they are bad. You wont please everyone


2004-09-18 22:32:32
Tell me more about how you have worked this in the past. I would like to get a blow job for her toothless sister.


2004-08-24 15:49:48
dude...why would anyone let their wife do that??? that's stupid!


2004-08-17 03:18:58

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