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Revenge, revenge, revenge....

This story is brutal. It contains rape, torture and murder. If that isn't your thing, fuck off now. For those of you who are a tad crazier, enjoy.

After almost a week of bawling like a baby, I managed to make it through the funeral with completely falling apart...until I walked through the garage door to my empty kitchen, my formerly warm, inviting kitchen. Now it was cold. No wife of twenty years, no eighteen year old daughter greeted me with hugs and kisses to welcome me home. It hit me hard. They were dead, both raped and killed by two men who invaded my home while I was attending a conference eight hundred miles away. If I'd been there... if I'd just been there, I could have... The police said, no. If I'd been there, I would've been killed as well. At times during the past week, I wished I had been.

Two hours later, still sitting at the kitchen table, the cup of lousy instant coffee sat, cold and untouched. My tears had dried, replaced by rage. I stood up, threw the cup at the sink, breaking it into a million pieces and splashing coffee everywhere. I called my brother, Jazz. His name is Jerry, but he'd been called Jazz since he was about six or seven, two years older than I. Jazz is the calm one, a cool head on his shoulders. He would know how to get me settled down...and how to accomplish what I wanted to do. He could think straight, without as much emotion. What I wanted to do would require his particular skills.

Jazz is a former marine, a former cop, now owns a private security agency. He's also a very big man. I'm no ninety pound weakling, but he is considerably bigger than I and I was thinking that might just come in handy for what I was planning.


“Hey, bro. How ya holding up?”

“Not terribly well. Are you where you can come over for a while. I need my sensible brother right now.”

“I'm about twenty minutes away.” He hung up. He didn't waste time with inquiring what was wrong. He knew. He could tell by my voice it was important.

Fifteen minutes later, my doorbell rang.

He stepped in and wrapped his arms around me in a big bear hug. I started blubbering. I quickly got a grip on my emotions and went into the living room.

“What can I do to help you, Richard?”

“Jazz, I know it's wrong and I could end up in prison, but I want those bastards dead. It would be icing on the cake if I could rape their wives and daughters, if they even have them which I doubt and kill them as well.”

“Whoa, bro! Slow down. What you are saying is scary as Hell. You don't talk like that.”

“What if it had been Jenny?” Jenny was his wife.

Jazz thought for a few seconds, then answered, “Shit. Okay. I understand.”

He was quiet for moment. I could almost see the gears grinding inside his head. “We will have to plan very carefully.”


“Hey, man. You know you can't do it alone. You haven't the skills you need to do it and get away with it. I do.”

“Yes, Jazz. I do know it. I just wanted to be sure you would be into it.”

“Hey, I haven't killed anybody since Desert Storm and I liked doing it. While I was a cop, I prayed for the opportunity to kill some asshole criminal. It didn't happen.”

“Here's your chance, bro. I want both of them dead and anybody who is dear to them.”

We began to plan. He knew how to find them and put three of his best investigators on it. Within two weeks, we knew who they were, where they lived and worked, when they were working. Most of the time they lived on what they stole by burglarizing people's homes like mine.

Once they were located, we had to decide how we could kill them. We went over so many possible scenarios I can't remember them all. The one we finally settled on was perfect.

We would take them one at a time. The first was Robert Sears. He was twenty-two years old and lived with his mother. Jazz's crew staked out the house and called us when Sears was there without his buddy. At two in the morning we all hit the house at once. Jazz and I hit the front of the house, breaking in the door. His three guys hit the back. Our noisy entrance awakened Sears and his mother, but they had no time to react effectively against our assault.

Two of Jazz's men dragged the screaming woman down to the living room. The remaining three of us quickly subdued Sears, threw him down the stairs where we then dragged him into the living room and flung him atop his mother. After we had beaten him unconscious, we started in on the woman. She looked to be about forty, maybe forty-five, in pretty good physical shape and could have been attractive if she tried a little to do so.

We stripped off her nightgown and began slapping her face and body wherever we could reach. Just slaps at first. We wanted to wait until Sears was again conscious to get more serious with her. One of the men chopped her in the throat to shut up her screams. It worked very well. I jammed two fingers into her cunt as brutally as I could. It was exquisite to see her face contort in pain.

When I heard Sears coming around, I decided to slap him around a bit. It didn't take long for him to get fully conscious. I kicked him in the nuts and ordered him to watch what we were doing to his mother.

Two of Jazz's men held him while I punched the woman a few times. When I told her to lie down on the floor and spread her legs, there was no resistance at all. She was totally, subdued.

I dropped down between her legs and rammed my cock into her cunt. It wasn't bad pussy and it didn't take long for me to cum. When I pulled out, I couldn't resist punching her in the cunt with my fist. She screamed, loudly It wouldn't be the last of her screams that night.

Two of the guys flipped her over and quickly buried his prick in her asshole. A few strokes and he was dumping his load up her butt. He jerked it out, crammed it in her mouth and made her suck it clean. Before he even finished, another guy began pounding her already slick asshole. Jazz went last. He took out his knife, slit a hole in her abdomen and poked in his cock. When he finished he filled her abdominal cavity with piss. My brother was, indeed, rather brutal. More so than I had believed him to be.

As his mother slowly bled to death, we started in on Sears in earnest. The guys strung him up by his hands to a chandelier, pulled him up until only his toes reached the floor, then began using him like a boxer's heavy bag. I think we broke every rib in his body. One of the men had been looking through the closets and came up with a softball bat. When we were done with that, every bone in his body was broken. Jazz once again took out his military fighting knife, took the man's cock and balls in his left hand and with his right, he slowly sliced them off. We left him there to finish bleeding to death.

A week later, we found the second guy, Lamont Brown. He was twenty-four and had a sister just turned eighteen who lived with him. They lived in a subsidized housing complex on the city's north side. Too many people around there, so we had to grab him when he was on his way to work. He actually had a job at a car-wash place and walked to worked to work on weekends.

Jazz had rented an old farm house outside of town through an agent, using a false name and mailing the cash for one month's rent to the agent. There was no way to connect him to the rental. We waited there for his boys to bring the young man to us while they went back to snatch his sister as she walked home from the local community college where she had enrolled.

When we got him, the boys had worked him over pretty good in the van and stripped him naked. Jazz and I took him out to the old broken down barn and strung him up to the rafters, his feet completely off the ground and left him hanging there while we waited for his sister.

They dragged her into the barn, naked and bawling her eyes out, dropped her on the floor where she just laid there sobbing. I leaned down to her and asked, “Do you know why you are here?”

She shook her head and said through her sobs, “No.”

“It's because that bastard brother of yours raped and murdered my wife and daughter. It's only fair that I return the favor, don't you think?”

No answer. I didn't really expect one. I went on, “Well, guess what. The same thing is going to happen to you. Every man here is going to fuck every hole you have to fuck and maybe cut a few new ones to boot. Sound interesting to you?”

Again, no answer, of course, so I said to the guys, “It's time to work her over, soften her up a bit, take any fight she might have out of her. I want her brother see what he caused to happen to his sister.”

Almost gleefully they went to work. They pounded her with their fists, bruises showing up almost immediately. They beat her for a good half hour before turning to me and asking, “Good enough? I don't think she's gonna cause you any trouble.”

“Did you rape her before you got here with her?”

“Nope. We thought you'd like to do the honors.”

“You were right. I'm going to enjoy this a lot.” I stripped naked and laid down on the floor on my back, my cock already standing straight up.

“Set her down on my dick and hold her. After I fuck her for a bit, whichever one of you wants can start in on her ass. We'll give her a good D.P.”

Her pussy was tight. She wasn't a virgin, but her cunt was tight and hot. Before we were through, all of them had cum in her asshole and I shot my juice up her cunt when the last of them, Jazz, shot his load.

I looked over to Brown. “Did you enjoy the show, Brown? Have you figured out now who killed your homey and his mother? Yeah. That's right. I did. Eye for an eye, don't you know. The show has just begun, you worthless punk.”

“Tie her to that wall over there, boys.” My brother was looking at me as if he didn't believe his eyes. He'd never seen me so aggressive.

When she was tied I borrowed Jazz's knife, walked over to the light-skinned young woman...girl, really. Barely eighteen. I pulled out one of her nipples, held the knife blade against it and asked Brown, “Know what I am going to do now, asshole? Huh? Yeah. You guessed it.”

I started sawing at her nipple until it came off in my fingers. Her screams resounded in the barn. The bastard was actually crying at his sisters pain. I was happier than I'd been since they murdered and raped my wife and my baby girl. This payback was thrilling. I was enjoying it immensely.

“Oh. Look Lamont. She's crying. Can't you help her? No? Okay here goes the other one.”

This time I sliced the nipple off quickly. She passed out. “Let's take a break, boys. I need a cold beer. Got any in the van?”

They did. They had an ice chest full. We sat on the rotting bales of hay and had our beers until I noticed the girl had come to. Once again I approached her with Jazz's knife. I could see panic in her eyes.

I jerked her head back, by the hair and said, “Your sister is beautiful, isn't she, Lamont? A very pretty girl.”

The knife quickly sliced down one cheek, then the other. For good measure I cut a slice across her forehead, her blood running into her eyes and down what was left of her face.

“Oh. What a shame, Lamont. She isn't beautiful any more, is she? I think it is time for a clitorectomy. You don't even know what that is, do you, Lamont?”

It was obvious he didn't from the look on his face. I said, “I'll show you.”

I grasped the girls clit with my fingers and carefully cut it off. I carried it over to Brown and held it in front of his eyes. “My daughter bled to death from her vagina. You not only broke her cherry, you tore a hole in her insides.”

I went back to the girl, inserted the knife in her cunt and twirled it around and around. The blood gushed. I stood there, just looking as her life drained out of her body.

“She's dead, Lamont. You killed her. You. You killed her when you killed my wife and daughter. You're next.”

I found a rusty old pitchfork in one of the stalls, walked around him and jabbed it into his ass cheeks as hard as I could. I felt the thing vibrate as it struck his pelvis. I turned loose of it, leaving it dangling from his butt. I took Jazz's knife and began slashing his face, chest, arms and legs. I kicked him in the balls several times before I grasped his cock and balls and hacked at them until they fell to the dirt floor, his life draining from him the same as his sister.

My brother looked into my eyes and seemed almost afraid at what he saw. It was pure, unadulterated, blood lust. I spoke, “Now, bro. Now I feel better. sweet. So sweet.”

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The mother and sister did not need to die...the rapist hell yeah but a few big queer bulls would have worked

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