I write stories because I want people to enjoy them, so please if you enjoy it then let me know so I am satisfied too. If you don't like it let me know why so I can fix it
So I guess I will start again with telling you a little bit more about myself. I was always a very sexual person. I started masturbating when I was very young. First with my fingers, then I found out how wonderful water can be. After that I moved on back massager I found at a drug store.

Then the best of all. When I was like 18ish I recieved the best present in the world. A gay friend of mine bought me a magic wand. Any guys reading this if you have a girl buy her one of these. They are completely and totally amazing. The king of 20 second orgasms, then another, then another, untill the girl passes out.

Since I got my first one I have gone through 3 of them, I am on my forth now. I first one started not to work so I bought another one online(I have still never been inside of a sex store) The next one the cord broke and it broke too close to the wand for me to be able to fix. I bought another online, had to wait a whole week for it. It was a horrible week.

The next one is where it gets interesting. I moved, and somehow during the move lost it, I could not find it anywhere. Starting about a year before this I would masturbate(or had help and orgasmed) at least once every night. I could not sleep without doing it first. You will hear about this guy later in my stories if I keep writting them I am sure. I will just call him the married man(I did not know he was married)

This was after we broke up, but I just could not stand the thought of having to wait a week for the wand to come into the mail. But still would not go into the store. I begged him to drive an hour and a half to me so that I could give him money and he could go into the store and get it. So that I would not have to go without it.

the next one I write I will have to write about my kinky side. But I hate to have too much talk and not enough sex in the stories. That's lame.

Okay so the guy that I lost my virginity with started having sex about everynight. It was always about the same though. And after a month or so we broke up.

The next guy I had sex with was about a year later. We were friends for a long time. I sort of had a crush on him before this so I was really excited when he asked me out. We only dated for 4 days before we had sex. I figured that because we were friends for so long that it would be okay.

It was always a weird situation there. He shared his room with his brother. His brother had a girlfriend too. So it's like they would take turns. His brother and the girlfriend would go downstairs to their room. Then about a half hour later they would come up and we would go down.

He was always sweet and nice. A lot of kissing. But it was always plain sex. I was kinky at this time, but he never knew that. He was always involved with this one girl. They ere on and off always. He would be dating her for a while and then they would break up and he would have a fling with someone else. This happened like hundreds of times while I was friends with him.

When he asked me out I hoped it was different, but still had a fear that it was not going to be. I was also very new at the sex thing. So I was still a little shy, and not quite ready to show how kinky I really was.

So everything with him remained very tame. He would get on top of me, put on a condom. Then he would put himself inside of me. The sex itself never had a whole lot of romance, and it never lasted very long. Afterward though we would always lay together for a little while. Or Watch a movie.

We continued to do this for a total of 5 days. Having sex exactly like the first time. After those 5 days passed I was at home when he called me. And you will never guess was he did. Lol he broke up with me so that he could go back out with the girl is was on and off with. Ummm surprise?

Okay so I was not going to tell you about my kinky side yet because I thought this one was going to be longer. But I was wrong so I guess I will tell you.

Like I said earlier I had started masturbating at a very young age. A while after that I became interested in porn. Once I watched it for a while I found myself being drawn towards the rape scenes. I spent a long time watching them. Then I found stories. I loved stories, and as you can tell from me writting them now I am still very into them.

Anyway. I would read a lot of rape stories, the more extreme the better. Then one day I started to read a rape story and as I am reading it I found out it was not really rape. It was rough and hard, but the girl wanted it. Wow I found BDSM.

I became very very interested in BDSM, I joined a couple websites, talked to tons of people online. I felt a little embarrassed by it tho so I did not tell anyone in real life I was into it.

Okay, I have so much more that I can talk about if anyone still wants to read. So if you want to know more, just keep reading and I will keep writting. Eventually it gets more interesting. But I figured if I was going to make a sex blog I should give the whole story.

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So excited I found this atrilce as it made things much quicker!


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Can't wait to find out what is kinky to you.

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