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First co-worker
Listening to her whisper her dirty thoughts was great but knowing she could and would act on them left me torn between jealousy and total arousal. She mentioned there was a guy she was attracted to at work and I gave her my approval. Of course I was balls deep in her at the time and loved hearing about my lil slut being bad. Joe was a hi-lo driver at work who let his attraction to my wife be known, even complimenting certain clothes she wore. Especially tight pants that sported her camel toe between her legs. It was hard to hide her thick meaty lips. I’ve been with more than a few women, even married once before and none compare to my lil slut wifes. While most had thin lipped little gashes my wifes pussy is shaven revealing the thickest dark lips that wrap around a mans cock in a wet hugging caress.

On one occasion a man she brought home from the bar was so fascinated with my wifes muff that he stopped to turn on the bedroom light and spent quite some time between her legs just complimenting, admiring and licking her juicy lips.

As she came to bed she snuggled up to me wrapping her hand around my cock. My wife and Joe had shared the ride to work together on a couple occasions and the frequent sexual conversation between them lead to their meeting. His wife wouldn’t be home and when my lil slut showed up at his house as planned any small talk was short lived. Calling her Pocahontas, his nickname for my wife, Joe motioned her toward him. My cock began growing as she rubbed it on her slick muff. “He’s a good kisser and seemed to breathe me in with each kiss,” she whispered. I asked what she was thinking about as they were about to fuck? Without hesitation she responded, “How many times I’m gonna cum on his cock.” She confirmed that she had done all the slutty things I liked with him, riding his cock than stopping to suck it clean every so often. How he returned the favor, and she enjoyed the ass licking dog-style nearly as much as he seemed to.

With my cock throbbing rock hard I could wait no longer and dove down to sample her sweet muff. Her freshly pounded lips laid apart inviting my tongue in. Her sloppy seconds were better than firsts with anyone else. It didn’t take long before we were on our sides where she began 69ing and filling the room with the slurping sounds of her enjoying the length of my shaft. I licked her smooth damp ass clean twirling my tongue around her amazing tight little hole that had brought me so much pleasure a dozen or so times. The thought of her tight ass clamped around my cock like a vice milking every last drop made me think she should let Joe see what heaven is like. As I pumped into her she panted in agreement, she would give up all her holes to Joes somewhat smaller cock next time.

As usual I had to resist cumming myself as my wife rode my bone describing how Joes cock was a few shades darker than mine and she teased and made him squirm by sucking hard on it right after he came. I envisioned her sweet ass jacked up with her boyfriends cock inside her and erupted. My massive load began to pour out and down my balls as she continued humping until I was soft. She sucked my slippery cock and finished licking my balls as if to ensure I wouldn’t change my mind about sharing her with Joe and partially in thanks.


2004-08-13 01:24:27
keep going,,
but plz try to change your routine,,
your parts are v much the same except the name of the third person
and try to describe the scene "wife with third person" more and more

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