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Harry have fun with the Ring Power
Hope you like my first Chapter
In this one Harry will make his first Control test on his friend and already make some change to Hermione

Harry Potter And the Ring Of Salazar Part 2

Harry was still in the memories of McGonagall eating a 11 inch shit log when he enter the great hall. Everyone was eating and almost no one realize he had enter the room. He got to his set next to his girlfriend and was almost surprise they keep him one. They were all doing thing and no giving him any attention. Hermione was reading the Daily Prophet, Ginny was studying for a test and Ron was simply eating like a pig like always. Harry sit down and serve himself some chicken wings and potato. He look at his friend not paying any attention to him and decide to make a test

-Aren't you happy to see me? He asked.
But they did not even bother to watch him so he try another time.

-You are really happy to see me! He tell them all.

- Hey Harry I'm so happy you finally came back hanging with us, I was starting to get scare about you, said Hermione lifting her face from the newspaper with a broad smile on her face

-yeah good to see your back with the gang man, said Ron with a joy newly found

- oh I'm so happy your back, declare Ginmy just before planting a deep kiss on his lips.

Now Harry has no more doubt about the power of the ring...
If he could have made The New Principal to eat her shit on her desk and his friends to forget what they thought of him for the last month, nothing could stop him no more... He start to get some wicked thought...

He decide to make some more test
So he took a paper and a pencil in Ginny stock on the table

And He wrote this one the paper
" Hermione, you need suck your thumb like a baby" and pass it to Hermione.
She read the message and look at Harry with inquiring eyes

Why I would do that? She ask out loud. The other turn their attention to her and then Harry and he just replied Rapidly

-You Don't mind, forget this!

- Forget what?, ask a puzzled Hermione as the other stop listening and return to their occupation

Harry crush the paper and told Hermione it was a secret so she need to lean over the table so he could tell her in the ear and she did just that.
She lift her Ass from the bench and,haft bend over the table, she listen to what Harry had to say in her ear.

-Hermione, you need to put your thumb in your ass as far as it could go and scrap as much shit you can from your ass wall... And then you need to suck you thumb slow and with delightand pleasure... In fact, it's the only way you can relax before exam... Sucking your shit make you more focus on your school work... So do it now!

Harry had whisper all this in her ear and, while doing it, his cock as become hard as rock just the mental image...
But already, Hermione has bring her right hand to her ass and slide in under her robe, as she was still bend over the table. Soon, Harry could tell she had inserted her thumb in her ass when she made a grimace and now she was scraping the shit around...

Harry couldn't wait to see her put her shit coated finger in her mouth so when she bring back her hand from her ass and sit down, when she'd bring her shit covered finger to her mouth and start sucking on it,when He saw her body totally relax when she start tasting the shit, he almost blew in his pants
The next fifteen minutes, Harry watch Hermione suck her thumb while she read the 3 last page of the Prophet When Ron finally got up to go to class. Hermione got up to and at the same time she withdrew the finger from her mouth and Harry clearly saw it was clean.

Later Harry, said Ron, I suppose you don't come to class?

No, reply Harry still watching Hermione

- At least you have return to us,
I was missing you Harry, said the girl he just gave a shit eating reflex.
Hermione gave a kiss on each of Harry cheek before she said goodbye.
Harry sense the foul odor of shit in His friend breath. Hermione turn to Ron and kiss him deeply with her tongue but Ron broke the kiss

- Oh my god! Hermy what have you eat! I think your up to a tooth brushing...
But Harry cut him dead by saying

Don't mind Ron! You know you love that!

Harry was sitting at the table looking at His to best friends while they pass the great door and when he could see them anymore he turn his head to look as his girlfriend, his love, who was still studying her afternoon test.

-I could make her anything I want,he thought.

Ginny lift her head from her book to look at her love

-I'm so stress for this exam

-I got a good trick to release stress, reply Harry with a smile

-I bet I know what it is, she reply with a smile knowing full well he was talking about sex.

He approach his mouth from her ear
-You want me to face fuck you hard and to shoot my cum down your throat...

He took her hand and lead her to his dorm

Unknown to Harry, Malfoy was following them under is invisibility cape...

To be Continue

In the next chapter Malfoy will start his search to steal Harry's power and Harry will Unprude Ginny to his will...

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