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continuation of high school dance
When good things start happening life they don’t stop.

Wow that was a amazing night at the dance with Amanda and me. The way we were passoninately together was amazing. And the best part was now that we were together we could have that all the time. I was soo juiced for what was to come in the weeks following.

That next Monday she walked right up to me and grabbed my dick and said “hey baby.” Now that’s a good way to start the week. After that she said: “Elizabeth colleen and I are having a sleep over Saturday night and we want you to come. I already checked with my mom and she’s cool with it.”
I responded “great Ill be there do you want me to bring anything.”
“Just you and your big cock;)” That got me juiced.

Friday night came around and I went over to Amanda’s house. It was a huge mansion type place and her parents slept on one end while she slept on the other. When I got inside I said hi to her parents and went off to her side of the house.

When I got inside I was blown away at what they were wearing. They all had jean booty shorts that were atleast 2 sizes 2 small for them and very tight v neck shirts so I could see there bra’s. Amanda’s was red colleen was light blue and Elizabeth was green.

Then Amanda said “ finally you’re here we’ve been waiting on you to play spin the bottle.”

Elizabeth took the bottle and said “ok Im spinning first.” She spun the bottle and it landed on Amanda. She said “Amanda you have to give Liam a lap dance while taking off your shirt.” Amanda said my pleasure. Colleen put Donk on the cd player and Amanda came over to me and got on top of me and the chair I was sitting on and started grinding me. As she was doing that she took off her shirt and revealed her red silk bra. Then Elizabeth said “times up” and it was over.

It was colleens turn to spin the bottle and it landed on Elizabeth so colleen said “I want you to give a pole dance with that broom over there and in the process take off your shirt and shorts.” “wow Your trying to strip me quick I like it ;).” So she got on the pole and started going crazy sliding up and down while ironicly sliding down the pole by E40 was playing in the backround all while staring hungrily at my cock. She took off her shirt to reveal her green bra and her tight booty shorts to reveal a matching thong. Right after she did a booty role which was sooo sexy.

Amanda spun the bottle next and It landed on Colleen and she said: “its time to see those sexy tits of yours, twerk Elizabeth and take off your shirt…. And bra ;)” So colleen did that exactly that and did it quiet well. She was also staring at my dick so I was excited for what was to come. She bent over started choosing. Elizabeth was behind her taking it like a champ and Colleen took her shirt and bra off. Right next to me Amanda
Started to feel her self up and was moaning so I went with it and started to help her out. The time ran out and finally it was my turn to spin.

I spun it and it landed on Amanda so I said “ok I’m down with all the forplay, Amanda you go eat out Elizabeth, Colleen you come suck my dick. Everyone rotates in 1 minute and every1 get naked.” I said in a powerful tone. So they all got naked but not before I saw Amanda and Colleens red and light blue thongs respectively. Then all the girls came over to me and pulled my pants and boxers down to reveal my throbbing cock. Then Amanda started going down on Elizabeth and apparently she was good at cuz Elizabeth was moaing in like five seconds. Colleen came over started sucking me like a champ giving the full head. After a minute she went over to Amanda and Elizabeth came over to me.

Elizabeth said “naw I don’t wanna suck it I want you inside of me.” With that she hopped on my cock and started ridding like there was no tomorrow. I was so surprised at how tight she was and how good she felt. Amanda came over and sat on my face so I licked her pussy. Colleen not to be left out came over and bent over in front of Amanda so she was getting eaten by her and making out with Elizabeth. I was the most amazing thing id ever see in my life

Soon Elizabeth was Screaming “Oh Liam fuck me im gonna come OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD IM CUMMING YESSSS!! A powerful orgasm and she almost fainted on my dick. She got of and went to lie down.

Then Amanda got off my face and on my dick and colleen sat on me. Colleen was moaning hard but not near as hard as Amanda was and she was saying “yah daddy you like how I role that dick daddy, you like my tight pussy engulfing your big, fat, cock. About five minutes later she was screaming 2 “ OH FUCK YAH FUCK ME DADDY IM COMING YESYESYES DADDY!!! After coming down she also went over to Elizabeth and they started messing around.

Colleen was just about to get on top of me when I said “wait Stand up and bend over.” She did just that. I stood behind her lined up and went inside. She was easily the tightest out of the three. She let out a guttural moan as soon as I entered her, and after a minute or so she was wetter than a slip n slide. She yelled “Oh god YES YES that’s the spot im gonna COME FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK THAT PUSSY RIGHT AWWWWWWWWWWWW IM COMING.” She came the hardest out of the three.

As soon as she got off my dick I new I was abt to come so I told all the girls to come over here and I came on all their faces. All three of them were covered in my seed and they licked all it all up off each. We fell asleep in a heap of naked bodies. GREAT NIGHT.

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2011-07-06 10:44:16
I'd give it a 7, the story etc was awesome, but not mind blowing, and the writing was grammatically correct most of the time and decent in terms of structure etc.

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2011-07-06 10:30:29
I'd give it a 7, the story etc was awesome, but not mind blowing, and the writing was grammatically correct most of the time and decent in terms of structure etc.

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2011-03-20 00:56:02
The scenario is hot. Your writing however, is not. You have given me an anti-boner.

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2011-03-15 22:50:45
Igve it a negative 3 out of 10

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2011-03-15 13:57:52
Lame assed waste of my time...........2 out of 10

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