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Thanks for reading this, and I know there is some type-o's I'm just too lazy to fix them
Blitz house, Somewhere in Enddinhton

I just Got there and it was only Me Blitz and Fox. We were going to Set

some stuff up and then Smoke some pot till the Others came.
"SQUIRREL!" Fox screamed from down stairs,
"Once sec, Gran!" I told Blitz's Grandfather as I dashed down stairs

"What, Do you want to suck my dick, or just hand over the Jeany?"
Jeany was the Bowl Fox one that week at a game of poker with a few of the

dealer here in parchment.
"No, I got a girl that just texted me, she said She wants to meet you"
"Why? did I do something?" Blitz walked by and I stoped him "Hey, bro Can

I steal one of your cigs?
"Make yo self at home, Your gonna be here for the next week" he told me,

I thanked him and light up.
"Because," Fox started again, "she added you on facebook and says your

"What? does she do Meth?"
"No, she's a stoner... Not a crackhead"
"Oh," I raised my right eyebrow "Who'd this girl?"
"She's My friend"
"Oh Thanks That's Helpful"
"I know, She'll be here at 1am"
"Okay, What, am I her babysitter?"
"Yes, she's 14 and she's German.."
"What!" I gasped "Dude, You know how HOT! German girls are?"
"Very, I know. If she was on the no touch list from Zach, I'd fuck her,

but she is so I won't." He said taking a sip of his Beer "and if you

don't want your ass kick by Zach you'd keep your pants on too."
"I'll Try Fox," I said ending this chat, I went up stairs with the Cig in

my mouth, I puffed on it alittle bit, but went out looking for Blitz AKA

Zach, there was alot more people there now, about 15 not including: Zach,

Fox, and me. I didn't know any of them, I didn't care. I was to busy

thinking about this German girl, that wanted to meet me. The smoke from

ciggiret burned my eyes after a few minutes as the cherry, the red

glowing part of the cig, almost reached the fliter. "damn it" I muttered,

throwing my butt on the grass and then stomping it out,
"Zach Where the fuck are you!" I shouted into the woods
"Over here" he called back,
"Where the fuck is over here?"
"Turn around dumbass" he said a-merging from the woods
"What are you doing in there?"
"Looking for a bush" by bush he met someplace to have sex
"right. Is brit gonna be here?"
"Yes, She's back there getting dressed."
"Damn Zach, You lucky bastard!"
"Yea, I know.. come'on, Let go get high".
he said pulling out some weed.

"Right behind you," I said pulling out my wooden pipe,
"Nice Squirrel" Zach said grabbing the pipe. "I Like it! How much do you

want for it?"
"Give me 30 in weed and It's yours,"
"tomorrow Squirrel, and I shall take this with pride" I started to pack

the bowl, that's where you start putting the weed into the bowl and

backing it down, I lit up the Pipe and then with the end oh the lighter I

pushed down the burning weed down into the un burned part, I took a Big

puff and the handed it too Zach. "Dude" I ex-hailed "that's the shit

right there hahahahaha" when you smoke, everything becomes funny and your

secnes are Highthin and the colors are deeper.
"Yes it is." he said Agreeing with me.
A girl walked up to us, She was pretty, and was young, younger then me,

and I was the youngest.
"Hallo" she said in a thick German accent.
"Hi," i said dropping the pipe out of the mouth.
"SQUIRREL" Zach yelled "Dont lose the weed!"
"Fuck," I whispered, and pick the bowl back up. "who are you."
she introduced her self and for the life of me i can not remember her

"I am from Germany and the.. Pot as you call it... is legal... "
"really" i said passing her the bowl, and she took a big puff "jesus,"
"Squirrel, keep you pants on," zach said. she leaned over and kissed me

on the lips and passed the smoke to me. "Fuck," Zach moaned.
"We will" she told him standing up and pulling out a pipe of her own full

up weed, "follow me she said pulling me by the hand into the woods...

after alittle bit she stopped and turned arounded and kissed me again,

'this will be good' i though to myself. she pushed me to the ground and

unzipped my pants, pulling them down to my knees then lit up her pipe.

"This is Love Poison"
"You mean Potion," I correted her,
"Yes yes." she said putting the pipe to my lips I inhailed the smoke,
and if i didn't have a big enough boner, My dick grew, more.
"Jesus," I pulled her close to me and kissed her, while taking off her

pants. I pulled them all the way down when I saw she wasn't wearing

panties or anything... I rubbed my dick up and down her pussy, till it

was nice and wet, and then Slowly I inserted it. It was like nothing I've

ever felt before. It was warm, and tight. Our bodies were one at that

We moved together, then she sat up and moved up and down, I flipped her

over onto her back, and I pounded that pussy till I was almost coming in

side her and I pulled out, she grabbed my dick and put it into her mouth

and like that, I came.
she spat it out then Took a drink of her vodka. and kissed me.
"you, are good. one of the best." she told me
"I am... well was a virgin. you were my first."
"I don't believe you. but that is fine with me."
She got up and put her pants back on. She held my hand, and for the rest

of the night we were one.

When i woke up the next morning she wasn't cuddled up next to me like she

was when we fell asleep, on Zach's bed. I asked Zach what happened to

her, he told me that she had to be at the airport back home at 5am. I

never would talk to her again, to my regret. I will always want to talk to her again, and ask her if she remembers me.
Maybe the Gods will bless me and I shall meet her the the next life.


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2016-12-25 06:00:34
"True Story"

anonymous readerReport

2011-03-16 16:36:18
The street-talk is not an issue; the total lack of structure, grammar, proper paragraph breaks, etc., is the bigger problem. You don't just randomly mash the 'return' button in the middle of sentences, and you don' randomly capitalize whatever word you feel like. Oh, and pot (nor any other street drug) is not legal in Germany. Also, you shouldn't be posting sex stories if you are under 14 years old, which you must be, to write this awfully. Go back to school.


2011-03-15 14:20:52
Hey guy, Not very many peeps here like or understand the street talk. Ewe'd do much better if you just tried to ewes regular English.

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