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Malfoy get hold of the ring
The sound of gagging was filling the room and the noise of Harry's balls slapping on Ginny's nose each time he was burying his 7 inch cock down her throat had become a beat of music to Malfoy's ears.
He was amaze by what he was seeing. Ginny Weasly was resting on her back on the side of Harry's bed.
Her head was lying down the corner and Harry Potter was fucking her throat like he never think it was possible. Ginny's face was coated with slip and even some puke... Maybe because Harry was letting her only take 10 second of air for any minute of facial rape. He was gag fucking her for at least 30 minutes, getting strength each time he allow her to breath.
Malfoy was amaze by the way Ginny was doing every thing he would told her to do... He remember why he had follow Harry is his room...
This morning, while in the great hall,
He had wait for Harry to arrive just to see his face after his meeting with McGonagall but he had been displease by Harry quite happy face... Drago had watch Harry approach his friend who ignore him until he spoke two phrase... Then magically they became friendly again.Malfoy was not so disturb by this but what happened next will always been impregnated in his memories.

Harry Potter said something into Hermione ear. Drago had clearly observe The mudblood lift the back of her robe, put her hand in her panty and ram her thumb in her ass. She then proceed to twist it around what has seems like a minute to Drago who was quite aroused by all this. But what really made him horny in all this was that Hermione was doing this in the middle of the great hall.Teacher could have been watching... Student were watching! Him and Goyle were at the first place Just to her right back.
What The dirty girl did after made his cock painful. She had bring back her thumb to her mouth and started to suck it. Harry had watch her for 15 minutes and Drago and his lone friend to.
Finally the mudblood and her boyfriend traitor to his blood left after kissing... And some complaining about her mouth tasting awful that everybody heard. Finally Harry had whispered something to his girlfriend and they left the great wall, so did Malfoy...unseen

Harry Potter shot his load down his girlfriends throat right in front of his enemy without even knowing it...

-Cum you bitch, he yell at her

And Ginny did cum hard on his bed,
Squirting hard all around. Her throat squeezing his cock hard but he withdrew having finish to cum.
Suddenly, a spell hit him in the chest and he felt totally petrified.
Drago Malfoy threw off his magic cape at the same time he had petrifying the little Ginny Weasly who was still recovering from Harry abuse He approached is fallen enemy with a big grin knowing Harry could still see him.

-well Potter! You seem to have quite a gift! He said with a mocking voice.
I see you know how to handle a woman.

Drago examine Harry who was naked and found what was not matching.
Harry Potter was wearing a ring he did not have the same morning went he was pointing his wand at him.
Drago took the ring from Harry 's hand and looked at it

The ring of Salazar Slythering! He exclaimed, putting the ring to his mouth to kiss it and then, on his finger
Knowing all about the object since is childhood and his father bed time story, Drago Malfoy was in great joy.
He looked at his Nemesis.

-I'm gonna release you and your gonna lick my boots clean Potter, with your tongue... And eat everything you can

His boots were full of owls shit since his delivery of a letter to his father at the owls tower.


He casted the spell to Harry while taking sit on the bed next to the petrified Naked Ginny.
One second later, Harry was on all four eating owl shit off Drago's boots
Malfoy reanimated Ginny after ordering her to suck is cock like it was the only thing she can do on the earth
Several minute later, he was painting her face with cum and ordering her that from now on, the only way she would cum is by receiving cum on her face but she no longer can't washing the cum herself... Someone need to do it for her... Finally, everytime a guy say her name she would want to suck him. If the same guy said her name 3 time in the same hour, she would beg him to face fuck her and cum on her face... And always beg for more harder face fuck while getting it. Harry had finish cleaning all the shit but was still licking. Malfoy look at him...

-From now on Potter, Everytime someone call you only "Potter" you'll shit like Hell... And every time someone call you "the one" you'll cum hard!, he Ordered.

-Finally, Potter!

Harry shitted on the ground...

- You won't remember this ring and you can see it anymore. You two won't remember anything of what happened with me... I was never there, but my order still count... Now sleep until tomorrow morning and remember having a great fuck before going bed to be together. The two slip in bed and got under sleep immediately. Drago Malfoy Got out of the room under is invisibility cape... Knowing well that nothing can broke someone from obeying orders. Those command he gave to the couple would last until their death or if the bearing of the ring grant them... What he have no intention to do...

-Now where is that Mudblood bitch so I could show her some manner,he said to himself.

He remember he had a magic creature care class in 20 minute with her and this big stupid pig of Hagrid...

To be continue...

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2011-06-05 13:50:34
is draco gonna fuck harry?

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2011-03-16 11:55:13
Harry's goona have sex to... don't worry... he's also the first who gonna get Hermione to just wait for it a little bit

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2011-03-16 11:54:54
Harry's goona have sex to... don't worry... he's also the first who gonna get Hermione to just wait for it a little bit

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2011-03-16 09:12:50
had to give it a neg but only because you gave power to Dracko over Harry & that harry didn't ball hermy & others. don't have anything wrong with harry doing it to the others but he's the hero & hes been picked on the most lets do a rewrite & make it have more sex

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2011-03-15 17:34:58
horrible way to much spelling errors and not enough sex

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