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Okay so I left off last one with my interest in BDSM. So I am single and found BDSM. I spent a little while single, it gave me a chance to explore what I was really into.

I spent a lot of time really talking to people. I loved figuring out what people were into and why they were into it. The more I talked to people the more I thought I would like.

Even now after I have tried a lot of it out, I still like most of it. And even some things I did not think I would like. But that might be getting ahead of myself.

After about 6 months of being single my friend introduced me to a guy. We got along really well, and I loved his really long hair. He was sweet and we started spending every waking hour with each other. Soon after that I started sleeping at his parents house. So we were spending every hour I was not at work, and he was not at school.

I slept at his parents house with him for about a month before we had sex. Although everyone thought that we were already. Our first time was pretty awkward and not all that satisfying, but it was very romantic. A lot of kissing and he did very much want me to enjoy myself. It was really not something to brag about on either of our parts though.

The good news is that we continued to date a long time after this. I even moved out of my parents house and we got an appartment together. The good news about this is that he was the first man I had ever been able to get comfortable with in bed.

Although now I am more comfortable with myself only this guy and one other have I ever been so comfortable with their body and the situation. It is something that I really miss.

Anyway... after we became comfortable with each other he also became the first person that knew about my kinky side. He was never into it like I was, but he did try.

Mostly we would have this amazing sex that it is hard for me to explain. It was almost like we were playing. We would laugh and joke and tickle each other and even wrestle, but all while we were having sex.

He always showed a interest in anal. At that point that was something I was not sure about. I did trust him, and I knew he would respect my wishes and not hurt me so I allowed him to try.

The first time we tried anal was actually in his parents pool. I really don't remember how to came about that we were going to do it there. But hey we were young. It was dark and we were alone(not really into the public thing) We kissed and he took off the bottom of my bathing suit and I pulled his down a little bit.

He turned me around and bent me over a little bit. He pushed his finger inside of me just a little bit and I jumped so he pulled it back out. We kissed for a little longer and then he asked if I was okay. When I said that I was he turned me back around and pushed his finger back inside of me. Again it hurt a little, but I really wanted to do this. I knew if he thought he was hurting me he would stop.

I sucked up the pain and I could feel how hard he was behind me. It did turn me on knowing how much he wanted me. Soon after that he had his cock pressed against my ass. I don't think I ever felt him that hard. It took a little bit of work on both of our parts but he got the head in. About 5 seconds later he started to cum.

Needless to say, he really really enjoyed it. He wanted it a lot, I could tell from the way he started fixating on my ass, but he seemed to know I did not enjoy it so never really pushed it.

We only did anal one other time. It was while we were in our appartment together. I was on my hands and knees. He played with my ass with his finger a little. I always get really really wet, so he would use my pussy juice to give my ass a little lube.

After he used his finger a little he got behind me and started to put in his cock. I jumped away from him and he pulled out. I got myself ready again and told him to try again. He did and this time got in farther before I asked him to pull out again. Again I waited a moment and got myself prepared and told him to enter me again. He asked if was sure and when I said that I was he wasted no time getting into position again. This time he got all the way inside of me.

He started off moving nice and slowly but was making noises like I had never heard from him before so I know he was enjoying it. Quickly he started building up his pace. I used my hand to rub my clit. I actually started to like the feelings.

I did not orgasm but after about 10 mins he did. We always had a game. After sex we would rate it (1-10 10 being really really good) Once he orgasmed he rolled over and put his arms around me and just said "12"

I responded with a "6" he laughed and held me. He told me thank you and kissed me. We laid like that for a little while when all the sudden I got really warm and started getting a cramp. It felt very similar to menstural cramps so I was afraid I would be starting my time of the month soon. It was winter so I actually went to the attached garage just to sit on the steps because I was so warm. The cramps just got worse.

It was one of the worst feelings I have ever had. It did got suddenly away after about a half hour thank god. I did not start my period though. So to this day I don't know what caused that pain, but I almost think it had to have been the anal.

I have a rule that I will try almost anything 3 times(as long as it is not dangerous or illegal) The first time your nervous, the second time you are figuring out what you like, so it could take 3 times before you are really able to enjoy it.

Anyway, because of my rule I had to try anal at least one more time. This time was actually after me and this guy broke up. I guess I will save that for the next one. Start it out with some sex not just end with it

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2011-07-23 11:09:48
This is rea f up I wish something bad would happen to her or something

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2011-07-06 03:15:03
Damm! it made me wett

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2011-05-31 09:17:25
i enjoy it very much

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i enjoy it very much

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This is surprisingly funny

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