Sarah tells her teacher the story of her first time
Sarah was beautiful. Being beautiful is hard. There are stares, unwanted advances, assumptions that are made, people judge others on looks. That is just the way it is, and for Sarah it was no different. Prom Queen, at seventeen she was in love with Jim. Yes, captain of [enter popular high school sport here]. They were stars of the school. She was beautiful. She was too beautiful.

“You look like a slut.” He whispered in her ear as he walked by her. Some jock, he laughed as he walked away and looked back with a grin. “Fucking slut” he murmured to his friends. She held her head down but could hear her class mates laugh and stare.

The jock is Jim.

She felt the tears well up in her green eyes and head down, rushed to class. “How much do you charge whore?” The voice was harsh. A hand brushed against her lower back, she looked up nothing but smirks guys she didn’t know girls she used to be friends with. She walked faster. “I don’t go that way you skank!” Head down she hadn’t seen the girl she bumped into brushing her large breast against the other girl’s arms. She walked faster. The bell rang. She couldn’t stop the tears from flowing every one was looking at her and every one knew. They laughed and they laughed. Kids can be cruel, but this was insidious.

Her torment did not stop during class. The boy next to her blew kisses and the girls giggled incessantly. The teacher gave out detentions but nothing could stop them they were out of control. The bell rang, last class of the day. And she thought she was free.

“Sarah, can you stay behind for a bit please” 27 Scott taught history. Scott also knew. “Yes” Her eyes stared at the ground her hands wrapped around her waist. “Sit down talk to me, you look like you have been crying, you know…I have herd some things about you” She turned to leave unable to face her teacher. He grabbed her arm perhaps a bit harder than he intended. “PLEASE” she cried, the tears now flowing down to her full lips, ” I can’t take it any more!” He held her shoulders with both his hands “Shhhh, what did they do to you?” Sarah looked in to the eyes of her history teacher, and she saw compassion.

“He told me he loved me” She sat down at a desk. “Jim said…we had been dating…and he said if I loved him I would let him inside me…but…” “But?” “But I didn’t know it would be like…”

“There was a party after he we won the game, He had been drinking. He told me ‘I want to feel you from the inside Sarah I have been waiting so long to make love to you please, if you love me, I know you love me.’ I did love him, I flowed him up the stairs. He was drunk. He told me how much he loved me and how beautiful I looked. He undressed me too rough and I told him to slow down. He said he had waited long enough and I was going to give him ‘the pussy’ he deserved it. I was appalled. I tried to leave but he grabbed my arm so tight it bruised me! Do you see?” She reviled her bruise to Scott. “ He was so drunk. He ripped my dress off, I tried to push him off but grabbed me again harder he told me ‘listen you fucking tease I am sick of your shit, shut the fuck up and spread your legs for daddy so I can fill you with all my cum.” She began to cry as hard as she did that night, Scott sat down next to her, “Sarah, I’m…so sorry”

“He pushed me on the floor I tried to crawl away and he kicked me in the stomach, he kicked me! He was so drunk and he must have been on something else JESUS, he unzipped his pants and I was on the floor, I couldn’t believe what was happening. I was half naked and then I saw it, I had never seen his penis before. It was so big, I tried, so hard to leave but he grabbed my hair and wrapped it around his hands. I was on my knees, he bent down, his face was so close to mine, my hair was in one hand his penis in the other when he told me ‘You like this big cock I can see it in your pretty green eyes, yeah you’re my bitch alright now open your mouth cunt and taste what daddy has for you’ I couldn’t stop crying I wouldn’t open my mouth. Then…I felt a sting. He released his penis and slapped my face with his bare hands! ‘I SAID OPEN. YOUR. MOUTH. CUNT!’ I did as he asked and gagged as his trust into my mouth with such intensity I thought he might damage my tonsils. He moaned with each trust ‘YES. YEAH. TAKE. MY. COCK. CUNT. SUCK IT. SUCK IT. SWALLOW IT BITCH.’ The pain was so much I thought I would pass out when he removed himself from my mouth. I tasted his pre-cum. ‘I waited so long for this’ He picked me up and bent me over the table. Spanking me roughly I tried to move, I begged him please stop! Please! It hurts so bad Jimmy why are you hurting me like this. He whispered in my ear ‘The reason I am so hard is because you keep crying like a child, your seventeen now Sarah, its time you take it like woman.’ And with those words he slammed himself into my vagina violently mauling my breast with his hands, pinching my nipples and biting my neck. Each action became more violent the harder the trusted inside me. He didn’t wear a condom, he didn’t wait till I was ready, he took my virginity, and he raped me after beating me. I don’t under stand!”

Scott’s eyes never left Sarah, he held her in his arms but as she continued her story he felt his cock getting slightly erect. “I’m so sorry Sarah.”

“I’m not done.” She had stopped her crying and was determined to tell her story.

“He bit down on my neck, then whispered in my ear ‘Ready to have you’re my children you dirty fucking virgin? I know you are loving this [THRUST] I know you want this big dick [THRUST] You are so tight [THRUST] SO FUCKING TIGHT! Bitch take this cock, TAKE IT, TAKE ALL MY CUM MY HOT CUM IN YOUR TIGHT VIRGIN HOLE TAKEEEEEE’

“He came inside you Sarah”


“After I was to weak to run, it had been done. I collapsed on the floor.”

“Well we need to get you help Sarah we need…”

“I’m not finished . . .”


2011-04-13 00:58:25
The people I'm worried about *points at an earlier post* are the people who can't distinguish between reality and fiction. Yes, some fiction are based on reality, but if you expect people to do the reverse... Then you are the one who actually needs help...

anonymous readerReport

2011-03-18 16:46:02
Im a female and I love fantasizing about being raped and abused. This really got me pretty horny. of course I know that if it really did happen that I wouldn't like it. readers like me can distinguish fiction and reality and I enjoy both appropriately. No need to huff and puff.

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2011-03-18 16:38:58
Im a female and I love fantasizing about being raped and abused. This really got me pretty horny. of course I know that if it really did happen that I wouldn't like it. readers like me can distinguish fiction and reality and I enjoy both appropriately. No need to huff and puff.


2011-03-16 23:53:02
1. It's <fiction</b> 2. It's written by a woman.


2011-03-16 23:36:34
1. It's <fiction</b> 2. It's written by a woman.

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