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Draco bigin to change Hermione's life
For those who love this and don't mind my writing been poor

Drago Malfoy was walking across the park while talking with his Friend Gregory Goyle. They were going to Hagrid's class next to his hut. Drago had tell about the ring and the morning events to his pal, taking great care to order him never to want the ring for himself, never try to steal it, always try to protect Malfoy ownership of the ring and never spoke about it... Only refer to Drago's power. He also made him faithful to him in any way.

Goyle was frantic by the fact his friend was having ultimate power.
He had masturbate, during the time Malfoy was in Harry's room, thinking of Hermione Granger eating the inside of her asshole... He also seem to develop some sort of fixation about her.

- God man! Drago you have to make this Mudblood let me destroy her ass with my 12 inch monster then I want her as my personnal toilet for one hour, request Goyle, and you should give her the same commands you gave the Weasly slut. Drago Malfoy already knew what long lasting order he would give to the muggle bitch. But what his friend has propose sounded good in his ear. Gregory Goyle was know for 4 Thing around the school. First,He was the biggest boy in school. With 300 pounds of muscle and grease,mainly concentrated in his fat ass Second, He was a Bull. He was indeed known to use brute force to sit is dominion. This two thing merge together made him the terror of Hogwarts.The two other things were least known... Or at least, less talked about. Everyone have heard the story about Goyle cock's size. One year ago, Drago's friend finally achieved to bring back a girl to his dorm... But when she saw the size of his cock, she almost ran away in fear... This thought really made Malfoy desire to see Hermione ass fuck by Goyle with all his brute force. Finally, the last thing making Gregory famous in school was the fact that every time he shit in a toilet, this one has to be close for at least 2 hours due to Extremly stinky odors.
His friend had a very slow digestif metabolism that make him shit only one time a week but for hours, since everythings get out this one time. All this made Goyle comment really appealing for Drago.

- Drago turned to his friend as they arrive to the hut and said

- My friend i promise you will have what you want but remember Granger is my slave who I will rent freely to you when I will want.

- Sure, man, if it means she used like a Mudblood should be!

They stop to watch the class forming around the animal pen. They spot Hermione sucking her thumb and, Malfoy wonder if Potter had put a long lasting command the other time.
Then, Pansy Parkinson walked out of the crowd to meet them.

-Hey sweet heart, she called drago,
You have heard the rumors?

What rumors? Ask Malfoy a little scare it could be about him or the ring...

- Muggle Granger has a mouth hygiene problem. Since this morning, it seems her mouth is really smelly, so much you can smell her shit breath from one meter. Everyone seems to know now and it seems to get worst every hours of the day... Mosly all girl had tell her but it look like she don't know what it is... Now everyone stand far from her... Pathetic whore! After Pansy explanation, Malfoy was excited and he observe Hermione while approaching her front the back. She was alone, out of the crowd, leaning against a tree... She was still sucking her thumb.

- I heard you had difficulties with your mouth Granger! Asked Drago when he reach The girl back

Hermione turn around screaming
- fuck you Malfoy!

Immediately, he could smell the rumors where true... She's been sucking shit from her ass since this morning, understand Malfoy, And she don't even realize it...

- Shut up and listen! Bitch! He order

She stood in silence waiting for him to talk.

-Ok, from now on, everytime a guy slap your right ass cheek, you beg him to fuck your ass and let you suck him clean after... And when you'll get slap on the left ass cheek, your gonna have the most extreme Orgasm... Real big one!, He first ordered her while getting harder in his pant.

- Also, anytime you hear someone say
"I need to take a shit" or any sentence of the same meaning, you'll beg this person to shit in your mouth... If the person does shit in your mouth, you'll eat all of it with delight! And Last, when someone call you Mudblood, you'll obey or take as absolute truth what they tell you after or before, Declare The slytherin Boy.
He knew full well that the girl was use to hear thing like: Hey Mudblood, you are suppose to clean my boots or Mudblood shouldn't be allow to wear anything...

At this moment, Hagrid came out of the forest with Firenze the centaur.
The sight gave Malfoy a last minute suggestion.

- one last thing, Muggle whore,
Every time you will see male balls, you will feel the need to empty them on your face... Any male balls will make you want to suck the cock that goes with it until he can no more cum on your cute face... You can't resist it... You won't be able to rest until you've done it... Better yet, you won't be able to think any thing other than this... And you'll keep the cum on your face,Only someone else can clean it...
Drago knew that with all first orders Hermione would see a lot of balls. this means she will be cum covered most of the time from now on... Or shit covered... But what make him really Horny from his last order was that Firenze was always nude...

Hagrid asked every student to gather around the pen and Malfoy order Hermione to do so while a the same time forgetting their discussion but not the orders.When everyone has gather up around The giant and the centaur, Hagrid begin explaining thing about centaur But Drago wasn't listening. He was to far much interested in looking at the girl he had just transform. He saw her put her hand to her ass again to bring it back to her mouth... Her thumb was all brown before she put it in her mouth. Goyle was watching Hermione even if he didn't know nothing of what His friend had order her. Gregory had, since this morning, became hypnotize by The little Granger... All his life, he had dreamed of a slave girl he could do everything he want with and now, this slave with no face has change for Hermione Granger.

The moment that Malfoy was waiting for finally happen... To some point in his speech, Hagrid start to talk about centaur anatomy and Firenze started to rotate so the student could see him from all angle.
At some point, the mixed beast was turning his back to were Malfoy and Goyle were standing next to Hermione. Malfoy told his friend to look at her. She was standing eyes and mouth wide open looking straight at Firenze Pineapple size balls. The foul odors of her mouth was spreading itself around the crowd. Suddenly, She gently push the student in front of her aside and walked, mouth still open, to the centaur's back. Everyone was watching her now... Only Firenze hadn't see her approach him from behind...

-Are you all right Hermione? Asked Hagrid also watching her with wondering on his face

Firenze almost hit her with his back legs when she took his two big balls in her hands and lifted them to kiss them with passion...

-Oh my God Hermy! What are you doing? Screamed Hagrid.

But no one had time to do nothing more before Drago shouted.

-Everyone shut up! Let her do this, watch and enjoy the show until I tell you what to do.

-You, he pointed the centaur, enjoy this!

He then took out of his pocket the magic photo camera his mother bought him for his birthday and start to take photo of Hermione who was trying to take one of the horseman balls in her mouth. Drago order everyone to stand all behind him so the they would not spoil the beauty of the pictures he was taking. Hermione looked Like she had only one thing in mind... Make Those balls produce as much cum they can.
Firenze who could do nothing but to endure The girl teasing was becoming really horny and his long massif cock start to expend. Hermione wasted no time before grabbing it from her position behind the creature and she begin to jerk him while tonguing his balls more intensely.Drago was turning around the couple, taking pictures from every angles. He even took one of all the class smiling while looking at Hermione who was trying to get as much of her face inside the Beast asshole, still jerking him with one hand and massaging one of his ball with the other.

-Those photo will be so fucking hot, think Malfoy still snapping some shot.
His photo Machine was the best model of all wizard photocamera... High quality moving picture which can be develop in any size in less than an hour with only one spell.

After 30 minute of balls and ass licking, The young muggle made her way under Firenze and took hold of his cock... The dick was big as her arm. She opened her mouth and start to suck the cock. Malfoy was frantic on his camera. He took more take with the class behind her after ordering her to deepthroat the cock so she could continue to lick his ball with her tongue. It took her 15 minutes to expand and use her neck enough to take almost all Firenze 1 foot cock down her throat, grab the two huge balls, bring them to the tips of her tongue that was sticking out between her bottom lips and the cock lodge down her throat but she achieve it only several second because Drago had ordered Firenze to empty is balls when she did it. He was taking picture after picture of Her as Firenze shot his first load down her throat. But Hermione conditioning was to desire cum on her face... So when Firenze cock got out of her throat and mouth she aimed it directly at her cute face. After only a minute did the cock stop squirting cum on her face and head.
Drago took some last picture of the girl in front of her. he could only recognized her because he know who she was... Hermione Granger was a total mess... She was more cum then flesh right now.
Surely the odors of her mouth had disappear under the strong odor of horse cum emanating from her. She was trembling, as she start to acknowledge what she just did...

- I just suck a horse cock... No this can't be real... She said in shock, what I have done! What is happening to me? Why I wanted is cum so much...She was surely crying under all those layer of cum.

Drago Malfoy wished he could leave her like this and see how much time it would take her to found someone who would clean her but, he had other plans for her and those plan needed that she do not remember this event... He ordered her and everyone to forget everything that happened in this class and remember only having met with Firenze and learn more about him... They can only remember all this only if they see the pictures he took but will not remember Malfoy being at the class and who took those picture.
He also asked Firenze to come to the next class and give him the order to always let's girls who want to suck him do it. Finally, he cleaned Hermione with a spell and tell everyone that the class was over. Everybody said bye to Hagrid and Firenze and started to walk toward the castle. Malfoy and Goyle were walking few meter behind Hermione far enough not to be heard but close enough for watching her ass sway in her tight jeans that were cover in sperm not long ago.

-Why haven't we fuck with her yet... ask Goyle, We could have been fucking her in front of the class today...

Malfoy order his friend to remember everything... Gregory eyes became big as saucer when all the image of the class they just had came back to his mind... He looked at the girl walking a few meter in front of him. She had here arms clench around her belly... Surely full of horse cum...

-Why did you make her forget all this... She has to know she a horse cock slave... Argument the young man.

-why? Because it will make her fell a lot more like a whore when she's gonna see those pictures she's don't even imagine exist, he explain, also she's not slave to horse cock but to all cock... I guess she's worship testicle now,or maybe what they produce. The wind struck their face bringing a strong smell of horse cum in his trail.

-Hey Mudblood Granger! I'm sure you'll pass the night over a toilet bowl isn't it? Make sure to lick it all clean with all the other bowl of the washroom, Taunted Goyle loud enough for her to hear.The girl didn't shown them attention and accelerate her walk. Malfoy knew that the last comment of His friend would keep her busy all night but Goyle couldn't be blame since he did not know what orders Drago gave her... And why would he be blame... This was Hermione Granger new life now...

-When are we gonna fuck this bitch? I can wait anymore! Asked Gregory Goyle watching the girl enter the school. I know you had fuck Pansy but I'm still fucking virgin man... I want to loose it with her!

- Tomorrow night she be ours... Replied Drago Malfoy with a smile, Tomorow is her day... And at night, she'll be screaming on your cock Goyle! And we will broke her for real... Tonight, you can always find Ginny Weasley and call her by her full name 3 times in a row... I'm sure she'll suck your cock to thank you, he mocked.

- yeah I'll do this! Hope I'll find her! Declared his huge friend.

-Take this I won't need it tonight said Drago giving him his invisibility cloth.

They enter the castle and separated.
Goyle headed up in search of the Weasly girl and Drago Malfoy headed to Flinch's room

- I hope Goyle is gonna find Ginny! This little bitch really need a second throat fuck today, she better get use to it, think Drago while entering the old janitor office. The old man look at him with disdain But had no time before Malfoy said

-You will do something for me tonight while wandering the school...

To be continue...

i know you want fucking... it's cumming

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