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Charlie enjoys my young wife
My wife is even better when she’s been bad. Even though I still wrestle with it, pride etc… I can’t deny that she’s more than I can handle sometimes and sharing her in different ways is exciting. Hearing about her with other men allows me to go longer because of the distraction it causes. Would you be cumming as your wife described how so and so screwed her really long and hard or would you wanna fuck the shit out of her? Wouldn’t you want to show her who’s boss and pound her longer and harder?

My wifes older sister and her husband were staying with us temporarily. A decade older than us my wifes sister was still attractive while her husband had salt and pepper hair but neither was out of shape. It was later in the evening when my wife was licking my shaft. Charlie had come home alone earlier and he gone to bed upstairs so we didn’t bother to shut our bedroom door. We spent some time licking and whispering dirty thoughts before straddling me my wife began her slow descent onto my cock. As she began to ride up and down we heard the stairs creaking and we briefly froze as we heard Charlie walk past our bedroom to the bathroom. The hall light was enough for him to have seen everything. We kept going and began whispering and giggling about the thought of him watching us.

Hearing the bathroom door then the approaching footsteps I half expected my wife to stop and jump under the covers. She instead kept riding away. We waited to hear the stairs creaking with hearts racing, they didn’t. That fucker was standing there watching us and we weren’t stopping on his account. Was he enjoying watching his wifes younger sister ride her mans big cock? I pulled my wife down on top of me while she rode and began to spread her ass as our breaths told we were both getting more excited. If he was going to watch we agreed we weren’t going to disappoint him. My wife rode me harder and faster forcing my balls swinging into motion. I began whispering how he was probably rock hard and how sexy she would look on her knees servicing this older man. She agreed and encouraged me to keep going as she was cumming. I quietly suggested Charlie could jack off all over ass while we fucked and she moaned in approval. Normally she wouldn’t even consider such things but in the heat of the moment she was and could be such a slut.

I told her how I wanted to watch her empty his balls and once she confirmed I was for real she turned and motioned Charlie over with her finger. He stood at the edge of the bed as I continued dog-style, watching my lil slut undo his pants. His hard bone sprang out and my heart raced as I watched my wifes sexy face slide down Charlies shaft. Flipping her over we positioned her head off the edge of the bed. The old bull was thoroughly enjoying my young slut wife as he swung his huge hanging balls into her face. She looked so sexy with this older mans purple headed rod pumping her mouth. I had to stop as I would’ve came. Charlie jumped at the chance diving face first into her muff. Throwing her legs over his shoulders he picked her ass up off the bed, growling and groaning as he ate her like I wasn’t even there. I could see his lengthy bone bouncing around underneath her now better than before. He had an inch or two on me.

Laying her back down Charlie got on top of my wife and her muffled moans felt good around my cock as he pumped into her. He began kissing her neck and face before forcing my cock away and kissing her. The fucker was now making love to my wife and she didn’t seem to mind the extra inches one bit. His slow long strokes turned into quick thrusts until they were both sweaty. Charlie pulled his shiny half hard cock from my wife and it hung swinging as he stood up. He kissed her on the lips and she wrapped her fist around his cock, kissing the head of it before saying goodnight Charlie. Although I wondered what the hell that was all about I wanted to cum too now. My wifes pussy was covered in white froth that ran down her ass and looked like Charlie had shaken a beer and poured it inside her. In her true sarcastic slut fashion she quickly pointed out, “That’s not all his ya know hun.” She looked especially hot as I slid inside her used pussy, it felt warm and the wetness seemed to melt around my cock. My balls became drenched as I sloshed in and out until my own warm load began to fill her to overflowing. The biggest wet spot I’d ever witnessed was under her ass all over the sheet.

I admired her used and puffy pussy lips some before we both fell asleep. What a slut I thought. She had just fucked a much older man and her sisters husband to boot before finishing off her ol man. I admire her and jack off on occasions thinking of my slutty wife just to keep in shape.

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2012-05-14 04:12:50
if this pig was my wife she would be six feet under by now.... no wife if mine would I ever allowe to fuck other guys....... this fuck is one sick prick and so is the author


2006-09-14 14:27:13
not bad, i dont have a brother in law, and my husband brother is fat as hell, but a good fantasy


2004-08-21 17:18:01
yea right err true story nope and proof read first


2004-08-12 10:43:01
u actualy rated this 10/10! my gosh u are such a perv........ i must say that this sucked! way bad! 2/1000000000000000000 is my rate! dude dont right another story or u will be shot


2004-08-12 10:21:38
hey this series is fucking great how about getting that older sister in on some pussy eating-voyuerism and maybe even ole horny mom drops by for some voyuer-fun

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