Sarah tells how she was gangraped at a party. A rape initiated by her boyfreind.
Poor Sarah Pt. 2

He just smiled at me. I was on the floor, naked, in pain, crying, cum fucking dripping from my previously virgin cunt and he was just standing there, smiling at me, “I see you had fun.” “Fuck you…” I murmured. His eyes lit up with rage “Excuse me?!” He rushed toward me. I crouched into the fetal position but it was to late. He began to beat me, first he punched me in the face for what seemed like eternity, and then he started the kicking. ‘Get UP; GET THE FUCK UP CUNT FUCK ME? NO FUCK YOU! THAT’S WHAT I’M GOING TO DO. FUCK YOU. GET THE FUCK UP YOU ARE DISGUSTING, I AM DONE WITH YOU, LITTLE BITCH GET THE FUCK UP OR I WILL MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE A DISASTER’ I don’t know how I managed to stand to my feet, but when I did he grabbed a handful of my hair and dragged me out of the room. “Fuck me…fucking cunt…whore…fucking” he was mumbling like a mad man as he hauled my half limp and beaten body down the stairs. The music from the party was defining. There was still a large amount of people down stairs…partying. ‘HEY MATES’ he shouted.

My head was pounding. I was naked. Beaten. Raped. And now the humiliation washed over me as I sobbed and begged Jim to put a stop to it. “Please Jim, I’m sorry baby please I’m so sorry, please your so good, so, so good baby PLEASE” Jim chuckled. “Jim what the fuck is that, is that Sarah?” His friend called from the kitchen. “What she is” Jim replied “is a cock whore, a cum bucket who begged for me to introduce her to my friends, a special introduction eh” Jim smiled as the crowd grew around us. The girls snickered and some left in disgust dragging their disappointed boyfriends along. Around 12 people remained around 5 girls and 7 guys. “Dude what are you doing?” I couldn’t tell who was speaking I was so ashamed- naked in front of all my classmates. “Sarah here had a taste of my cock and now she wants some more” All eyes were on me. “Isn’t that right bitch?” Jim turned to me. I looked into his eyes my hair still around his fist. “NO I…” I couldn’t finish because he let go of my hair and began to choke me. His friends to high or drunk just laughed. “Oh my god” one shouted, “The little cunt rag really likes it rough huh, aye Jim, do we get to play with her?” Jim’s hands still around my neck he turned to the speaker who looked eager to participate, taking a few steps toward us rubbing his cock trough his pants. “Sure mate do what you like It’s a party isn’t it?”

Seven guys.

I was on a table. There were hands on my breast and in my mouth hands on my privates. Voices shouting:

“Beautiful body she has my god”

“Jim, is this your spunk oozing out her cunt huh?”

“What huge tits she’s got my cock would fit right snug in-between”
I was being molested by strangers they touched me wherever they pleased finally Jim spoke up. “Well don’t just feel her go ahead have some fun with it, I haven’t touched her ass hole yet the party has just begun!” My eyes grew larger, not only was he going to take my virginity but he was giving me to his friends, and strangers so they could rape my ass hole as well. I began to sob.

A girl who was watching shouted “Jesus don’t cry here you need something to suck on” and guided a cock straight for my lips. “What beautiful lips she’s got” She smiled. Quickly the others followed suit. A big cock filled my pussy again, ravishing my cunt lubed with Jims cum, another in my mouth I sucked eagerly hoping I would not have to endure any more blows. “This whore really loves it” Someone shouted. “Yes that’s right love suck on my dick like a good girl I think I’ll have you call me daddy, you like that eh? I nodded eager to please my new assailants. “Jim your girl is one huge cock slut huh!” “That bitch is not my girl” Jim shouted from the couch. “Do what you want with her” “Oh we will” another shouted.

How they managed the positions they did I don’t understand I had men sucking my breast and my clit a cock in my pussy and my mouth finally they each began to cum. First the man in my mouth “daddy is going to give you his spunk down your throat are you ready for it? Huh? Would it be your pleasure to swallow all of my spunk would it?” I nodded yes and he exploded I eagerly swallowed salty warm liquid. The man in my pussy pulled out and pushed the others away to cum on my breast. “yessss look at those big tits covered in my cum” He shouted. More men who were masturbating came over to cum on my face and hair. I was covered in semen and tears. Someone turned me over and began to lick my ass hole. “It’s mine! This virgin ass is all mine!” he shouted. I felt more spurts of cum on my back and neck. He worked his fingers into my ass hole slowly until I was moaning in pain. “She loves it! Ha! Virgin my ass you love this slut. Daddy is going to fill you up nice and full and his friends are going to help” He wasn’t kidding. I felt a sharp pain as his head pushed through my tight virgin ass hole, then he violently started to pump. I screamed in pain “PLEASE STOP I CAN’T TAKE IT” “yes bitch you can and you will take all of our cocks in your little ass beg for it” “I can’t I cried” “BEG FOR IT” I was turned another way and a man entered my pussy. I was being filled in all my holes. Another cock in my mouth it was too much to take. “Please” in between the cock thrust in my mouth. “Please daddy I love all your cocks inside me fill me with you hot cum mmmm take me” They began to laugh the girls were highly amused. “Look at her how disgusting OMG I can’t believe her begging for it GROSS!” One after the other the men ejaculated in my ass hole all seven of them had their turn pumping cum in my former virgin ass. I could only hear grunts laughs and high fives.

“Take my cock down your throat, that’s it good girl, here it comes here is my load of cum for you Sarah”


“Sloppy seconds I don’t give a fuck ha, ha, Im taking it. This slut looks too good to pass up”

“Hey guys were having a real bonding moment. She loves it! I think I might give her as a gift to the chess club they could use a loose little whore to suck them off! You would like that wouldn’t you bitch?”

I cried “Yesssssss”
“I know you would bitch ass slut your disgusting really they wouldn’t touch you no one will look at you after this!

They all looked at me covered in cum.

“I think she needs to clean up,” Jim shouted making his way into the kitchen. He removed his flaccid cock from his pants and began to urinate in my face. “Jim what the fuck the kitchen man?!?” A friend shouted. “Lick it up Sarah” he demanded after he relived himself on my body “LICK IT UP DOG”

I did.

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Its a wonderful story yet lacks imagination a bit and to short the girls should of shoved stuff in your Pussy and ass while you gave blow jobs to the guys

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