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thing get interesting, not to much erotic stuff but should be a good read, I don't know, just read it...the second to last chapter, enjoy
“I can’t believe he did this” Brook thought to herself. She was now sitting on the couch with Lisa and Maggie, as she felt unfathomable sadness overcome her. The pure and utter betrayal of her first love and her best friend seemed to be too much for her to handle.

“Brook, listen. I know what your going through. Believe me when I saw that you can’t blame Will.” Maggie said to her softly, rubbing her back and hugging her.

“Its just that I-I-I thought he loved me?”

“He does, Brook. Trust me, I know he does. What Anna did wasn’t something that he could control. Anna manipulated Will, she used his weakness against him. Just forgive him, trust me, right now he needs you, he needs all of us and we have to be united to save him.”

“I want to forgive him, but, I just can’t-”

“Brook!” Lisa yelled, suddenly jumping up from her seat on the couch, “Quit being such a little cry baby! Will loves you just as much as you love him! Now get that denial crap out of your head right now! We have to save Will!”

“Lisa, I-”

“No!” She yelled back, grabbing Brook’s shoulders and shaking her, “Forgive him, cause right now he needs you more than ever! So woman up and get your shit in gear!”

Brook stayed motionless for a minute. She thought about Will, how he would smile, his laugh, his cute boyish face, his wavy black-brown hair, his perfect white teeth. Brook thought about all the things they had talked about, she thought about how he had said he loved her. She clenched her fists and stood up and faced Lisa.

“You’re right, I have no choice, I’m going to save Will!”
Maggie smiled to herself as she heard the enthusiasm in Brook’s voice. She remembered the way Will acted around Brook. She thought about the way he spoke to her, the way he looked at her, that was love. And regardless whether or not it was romantic love or just teenaged love, it was still love, and those two defiantly had it.

Though in broad daylight, Darby and Will crept their way back into the town. Hiding behind trees and weaving their way through hills, the two stealthily crept towards Will’s house. It seemed like hours, but eventually the pair ended up close to the empty land behind Will’s residents. It was now about two, and Will expected there to be little commotion left in the area, yet as they ventured closer, they saw that officers were now scouting the immediate area, looking for any traces of Will.

“Go over to that hill over there” Darby said quietly pointing south of their location, “There’s an abandoned well at the top, you can’t miss it. I’ll go to your house, tell your cousin were you are, and meet you there in two hours, understood.”

“Yeah, and uh, Darby, I think I should tell you something, its just-uh, well I-”

“What is it, Will”

“it’s just, I-I know that we kinda had that moment back on the mountain, but I-”

“Will, you said this to me earlier, I want to be friends too. And even if you don’t have the same feelings for me that I have for you it doesn’t matter, I...I can’t say that I’ve ever said this about someone else before, but...I-I love you” She said, kissing Will on the cheek.
Unable to respond to such an unanticipated response, Will froze. Without speaking he turned around and ran from Darby, focusing on finding the well on top of the hill.

“Oh god” he thought to himself, “Why the hell would she love me? Things are going to become complicated, very, very complicated.”

Darby walked over to a small creek about a quarter of a mile from the empty land. After rummaging through her bag, she pulled out hair dye that she had stolen from the campsite earlier that day. Wetting her hair he added the dye, changing her hair from dirty-blond to black.

“Now no one will recognize me” She thought to herself. Next she put on a pair of dark sunglasses that shielded her eyes and a good portion of her face. Putting them on, she put her hair back in a ponytail.

having to be incredibly cautious, Darby slid through the empty lot. The three officers had taken a break and now had returned to their car to discuss something, giving Darby the chance to move. Running quickly and stealthily over the desert ground, she came to the backyard fence of the Reed house and quietly scaled the wooden fence. Once in the back yard she came around front and rank the door bell, pushing sand and dirt off of her shirt.

Maggie answered the door and invited Darby in. Darby removed her sun glasses and walked inside the house.

“Who are you again?” Maggie asked.

“I’m Darby”

“Darby? As in Will’s ‘friend’ Darby?”


“I could have sworn you were dead, you were in the obituaries in the paper you know?”

“I know, the reverend wanted me dead, I couldn’t turn Will in to him, so he left me in the desert to die and -dammit! No! look here, I know were Will is, but you have to leave now, and be as quiet and-”

“You!” Brook yelled as she and Lisa walked towards the front door, “I know you had something to do with this!”

“What? No! I had nothing to do with anything! I love Will, and I could never turn him in to YOUR grandpa, and besides, Will is safe, and I know where he’s hiding.”

Brook was now red with anger, “Look here you little bitch! Will loves me! And in case you still haven’t figured anything else out, I already know about Anna betraying us, and have a feeling you had something to with this too.”

“What!” Darby yelled with surprise, “Anna? She...she must have...ohmigod!”

“What?” Brook said in an angry voice.

“She did this to Will?”

“Listen, Darby, don’t play innocent. You stabbed Will in the back, you are a lying, cheating little slut!”

“At least I can give Will what he wants! Your to afraid to give him any!”

Brook pushed Darby away from her and ran from the house.
“I’ll find Will by myself!”

Two hours were almost up, and Will rested by the old well, leaning his bare back against it. Feeling bored, he had taken the time to look around the strange sight, finding a shed and a windmill that had also been abandoned. However, while in the shed, he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. Though he didn’t think of himself as attractive, Will had noticed his body. He flexed is arms and abs in the old mirror. He has slender, but he defiantly had muscle. He felt his neck, and touched his small, emerging, adam’s-apple that was beginning to grow. He remembered seeing a picture of his dad, and remembered him having an adam’s-apple like his own. He looked at the scars left by the taser.
“Damn” he thought to himself as he touched the spots gingerly. His mind suddenly flashed back to the event. However, this time he saw himself being zapped by Brook.

“Stop, Brook!” He yelled for mercy.

“No! You need this, Will” He thought of her saying as she put the taser to his abs. He screamed and flinched, wailing in pain, as Brook next twisted his nipples, causing him to clench his eyes close and groan. He imagined her next bending down and putting his erect dick into her mouth, sucking and licking his young teen cock. His fantasy, meanwhile, began to make a bulge appear in his shorts. Standing up momentarily, Will stepped out of his stolen shorts and boxers, then returned to his place on the ground to stroke his pulsing hard-on and enjoy his favorite fantasy.

Flinching from the touching the spot he was shocked at, he slowly stroked his boner, and slowly he fell into a dazed state of mind. The thought of humiliation at the hands of his girlfriend made him shiver with pleasure, but soon all he could think about was Brook. He still thought about her sucking his dick, and rubbing his balls. Next he imagined that she straddled his chest, then leaned forward, after removing her panties, she let him lick her pussy lips, then slip his tongue inside of her twat. Will continued with his dream of eating Brook out, he began to leak pre-cum, and his balls began to retract up to shaft. His nipples even became erect.
However, much to his surprise, Will’s next fantasy shifted from erotic visions of Brook, to simply, just Brook. he imagined her laughing, not doing anything particularly sexual, just laughing and smiling. Will imagined them kissing, nothing more than kissing, and as he imagined this small only semi-sexual fantasy, he felt something in him twitch. He shivered with a feeling of joy and pleasure. He imagined touching her softly, rubbing his hand up and down her soft skin. The strange pulse of pleasure surged through him again. He moaned softly form the idea of her touch, he felt the oh-so familiar feeling of an orgasm began to travel up his dick. With one hand he lightly rubbed his balls, and with the other stroked his cock with all his might.

“Ahhhh...Ohhhh” Will moaned with relief as he felt himself cum, five loads of white cum spirited from his dick and landed on his abs which now were tight from the orgasm he had just experienced. He keep stroking himself though, all the time imagining Brook’s tender and soft face smiling back at him.
“Oh, Brook! Oh, Brook!” He moaned with pure pleasure.

“You do love her...”

“Wha-What!” Will yelled with surprise and fear as he opened his eyes to see Darby standing inches from him, Lisa and Maggie standing a few feet behind her, both with bewildered expressions.

“Oh...Awkward..” Lisa said under her breath.

“Darby, I-I’m sorry, I just-”

“No, Will, it’s to late, I-”

“Yes it is!” An unfortunately familiar voice echoed from behind behind the barn. Rev. Greene appeared, his arms crossed. Following him was Anna.

“How-how did you find us?” Darby yelled

“Stupid, stupid girl. Do you think you can just dye your hair and get away with sneaking out and hopin’ someone else’s fence? Don’t be so stupid, my guards saw you pretty damn well, and following yall up here was pretty easy too” The reverend said, snapping his fingers as three guards walked around the barn and restrained Darby, Maggie and Lisa.

“You, bastard!” Maggie yelled, struggling against the guard.

“Thank you! But if I’m right, this boy here fits that category!” The reverend said, cackling. Will sprang up, and lunged at the reverend, who, moved out of the way before dead legging Will, who tripped and fell to the ground. He put one foot on Will’s bare back, as Anna put a pair of cuffs on his wrists.

“Now that we took care of that.” The reverend continued, “Let’s take car of this” From his pocket he pulled a small revolver. He motioned for the guard to bring Darby over to him.

“No!” Will yelled.

“No, what? If a rose bush stops makin’ roses, you kill it?” The reverend said.

“Darby! I’m sorry, Darby! I’m sorry, I’m so-”

“Will”, Darby said calmly, “It’s okay, I love you, but you and Brook are meant for each-other, you both love each-other, and if your happy, then I’m happy.”

“...Darby” Will said, starring at the beautiful beach-blond girl, as she looked on calmly, with an expression of peace on her face.

Grabbing the girl by the hair, Greene put the revolver on the back of her head, “The lord be with you, Darby as you enter paradise” And with those words, the reverend pulled the trigger.

“Darby!” Will yelled. The loud noise carried over the mountain. Lisa and Maggie turned their heads away and closed their eyes.

“Sweet Jesus!” Maggie said, as she and Lisa began to stair on in fear, as the reverend began to chuckle.

“Why be sad? She’s in a better place” He laughed.

“You monster!” Will yelled, trying not to look at the graphic corpse in front of him
“It’s my fault” he thought to himself, “It’s my fault she suffered like that”

On her way home, Brook stopped to tie her shoe. She heard the sound of a gun shot. Standing up abruptly, she turned in the direction the noise came from.

“Black Hill...” She thought to herself, “Will!”

Brook ran as fast as she could, she ran out of the small neighborhood and onto the small road that led towards the hill.

“He can’t...grandpa couldn’t kill anyone...please God...”

Brook ran as fast as her legs could take her. She reached the hiking trail to the Hill, it was guarded by two officers.

“Sorry, Ms. Greene, but your grandfather has business on top of the-”

“I’m well aware...and I need to see’s of dire importance” Brook snapped back between breaths.

“Uhh, well you are his granddaughter-”

“Exactly, I’m his granddaughter.”

Brook pushed her way past the two guards and ran as quickly as she could up the hill.

“Don’t you touch him!” Maggie yelled, attempting to pull away from her guard, “I swear I’ll kill you if you touch him!”

“Calm yourself, Ms. Reed. We are goin’ to have a gentlemen’s talk” The reverend said, kneeling down to face the naked Will face to face, “So, Will. How bout that Brook gal? Yall know, my granddaughter?”

“What? I-I-I love her!” Will yelled at the reverend.

“I’m sure, your just after her innocence! You want her like a dog wants a steak!” The reverend stood back up and walked around Will. He stopped and kicked Will in the ribs, knocking the wind out of him. The next few minutes consisted of Will being abused and kicked by the reverend.

“Anna! You traitor!” Lisa yelled at her ex-friend.

“No. You are the traitor, Ms. Connor. I am leading Will to salvation, he will be made clean in the eyes of the Lord-”

“Your wrong, Anna!” Maggie yelled back, “I know the Lord, and he wouldn’t want his kind of cruelty happening! Now let us go, we’ll leave this place and never come back, I swear-”

“Do not swear! Don’t tell me what is just!” Anna walked over to Maggie and slapped her in the face.

“Bitch!” Maggie yelled at her.

“Am I?” Anna said, reaching into her pocket she pulled out a switch blade and flicked it open, “Let’s play a game, Ms. Reed.”............TO BE CONTINUED!!!!

(dedicated to the British reader who thinks it's fall ;) love yah!!)

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