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Hi this is the second part to sex with a vampire obviously ^_^ this version will all be in Jamies point of view enjoy and I hope its better then the first part >.<

I sat in my bed listening to the people party downstairs in the bar. I hated living ontop of the bar
but it was the only thing I could afford seeing as how I am a low service maid. On and off for the
past week I have been thinking about the one night I broke into a house.... his house, I had a scar
from his beautiful teeth both rows of them. God he was rough but that's what I enjoyed most
about the experience. I rolled over on my side remembering the promise I made to him.

"I don't want to go but I have to work" Collin nodded pulling him closer there naked bodies pressed

tightly together, half the time Jamie thought they where going to melt from the heat they created.

Collin softly kissed his neck and shoulder " will you be back ?" he questioned and Jamie nodded

" I promise I will be " Collin chuckled " I don't trust promises to many people break them" He softly

grabbed Jamie's hand kissing the palm softly

I snapped out of it and frowned heavily. I wanted to see him but truth was the man kind of scares me ,
But he was so romantic. I sat there for a good hour watching the sun set before I sighed getting up, deciding not to wear underwear bad idea they just got in the way I pulled on really short shorts and a
tight top. I couldn't go out like this so I pulled on a long coat and fixed my blonde hair. I couldn't help it
I was blushing and giggling thinking about how hard Collin was going to fuck me once he saw me
in this outfit. I left his house and ran around kind of forgot where collin lived but once I saw a big
brown house I knew it was his. Pulling off my coat I knocked on the door softly leaning against the frame.
The door peeled open and mine and collins eyes met. The vampire grinned and opened the door wider
to let me in I saw the way he checked me out and I couldn't help but smile " I told you I woul" I was cut short
he kissed me and I moaned weakly. He gave the best kisses. Pulling away slowly I muttered " would come back"
He just nodded rubbing my sides " your a fool wearing such an outfit I have half a mind to rape you silly"
My eyes grew wide and I moaned again " please do " I cooed trying not to sound desperate.
He grinned but shook his head " in due time " He ran his thumb down my face. He took my hand
leading me to the kitchen he had dinner prepared ? " awe baby how did you know I was coming tonight !"
I asked amazed and he grinned " I didn't i've made supper every night this week " I awed softly and hugged
him wrapping my arms around his big strong neck. See a week ago we had made one of the biggest

connection in the world He told me how long it had been sense he was interested in anyone. But here I was
He told me he wanted to get to know me better I was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen his whole
life. He sweet talked me all night and it just made my heart melt for him. Even though i was terrified by
him Mostly because last week he also almost killed me for breaking into his house. I felt his hands run down
the small of my back to my ass and I couldn't help but shudder softly at this touch. It felt amazing to me,
I sat down and he pushed my chair in with hardly no effort he was so strong. We sat there gigglingand eating and drinking this old elegant wine. He couldn't keep his eyes off me I noticed that he
hardly touched his food " I'm not so hungry I guess " he admitted pouting " sorry sweetie"
I shook my head fast" don't be It's okay truthfully I never eat this much but I am starving " He sighed
" so am I " now I was confused he smiled and stood up holding out his hand and I took it.

Fully understanding now what he was hungry for sex ? . Little did I know the whole time he
had been wishing he could suck my blood. We began dancing slowly to know music but
it was so fucking hot. He began kissing my neck softly sucking n it and I moaned gently in his ear I felt a sharp pain and I yelped " oww be careful " I groaned. I actually it really hurt
I pulled away feeling my neck it was literally pouring blood " oh my god ! " I shouted and he grabbed me

" calm down " I began wailing it hurt alot " WHY DID YOU BITE ME YOU FREAK !" I slapped him hard
watching his face twist to the side and he glared putting his hand on my neck
" I didn't mean to I have really sharp teeth " He removed his hand " here I don't want you bleeding on my carpet. He put his mouth on the wound and began to suck softly I couldn't help but like it the pain melted away and I found myself getting extremely horny. Mostly because sense I was a boy I was fascinated by vampires and I managed to snag a man who thought he was one. ONce again I didn't know that he was actually a blood sucker.

I felt him sucking and I could hear the soft slurping coming from his mouth and he pulled away
licking his bloody lips. God I was so fucking turned on I saw blood on the corner of his mouth and I licked it he just took my mouth and kissed me hard. I could taste my blood on his lips. I felt weak but I knew I could fuck him like there was no tomorrow. My cock was so hard I thought it was going to rip through my pants. I pressed it against him so he would know my intensions and He picked me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist. He plopped me down on the counter licking my neck more and I tilted my head to the side moaning loudly as he began rubbing my cock through my shorts. I rubbed my hips against his hand humping it " I need to come I'm going to explode " I whimpered loudly and he pulled off my shirt rubbing my nipples untill

they got hard and he sucked on them while working on my shorts. I pulled away laying back on the counter and he grabbed his shirt. I watched as he pulled and all the buttons popped off. Then he removed his pants god I felt like a slutty little school girl who was masturbating under her desk to her super hot teacher. He ripped off my shorts and centered himself before thrusting inside me. I arched my back and moaned so loud I thought I was going to make myself go deaf. He pounded me hard I could feel his balls slapping agianst my ass I always wondered how he could fit such a huge cock inside me. I panted not realizing how much I was begging for more. He began going harder four times in a row he hit my prostate and I screamed each time. He must've

been enjoying himself hearing me scream because I felt him grow bigger inside me. I was panting hard I was surprised I could breath. He stopped and I gasped " no don't stop keep going ! i'm close " And collin stared at me
" calm down you sound like your going to have an asthma attack" I withered around " COLLIN FUCK ME !" I shouted
and he nodded he began going again sliding in and out and I grinned joyously " mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm" Our moans mixed together and he began jerking me off with one hand
. I leaned up wrapping my arms around his neck kissing him hard. We were so sweaty that when we rubbed
together it felt like a hot massage. I was so close. I groaned heavily and came all over our stomachs and he snickered " you cum so fast" I scoffed " you don't cum fast enough " not true I was still so hard and Collin

could hold his load for an hour... trust me I know. He began pounding me harder and we kissed
I blew another load watching 3 ropes of cum fly out my dick and onto him. He pulled out and jerked of
and I watched as 6 ropes came flying out hitting my nipples and stomach. We hugged tightly my arms around is neck. My breathing had calmed down I felt weak and tired I passed out against his skin. I
woke up in the morning feeling his arms around me normally we cleaned up before we went to sleep
so he must've cleaned me up before he brought me here. my neck hurt like a bitch and my asshole

was throbbing from all the pleasure I got "morning " he breathed softly and I grinned " morning"
He softly ran his fingers through my hair and I cooed gently against his skin falling back asleep I could lay

in his arms forever.

Hope you liked it if I get good feedback I will put up a third part

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2012-09-30 00:40:13
U should defenitly add a third part!!!!

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2012-05-13 13:31:38
this is so amazing, your a genius for coming up with this kind of story, please write more

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2011-03-18 10:02:28
loved it, you should definitely add a third part.

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