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Part 8 Ginny’s Wedding LC

Harry growing hard inside her, wakes Hermione, she’s still sitting on Harry’s lap, his arms wrapped around her holding him to her, his head on the back of the couch and asleep, And he holds her, protecting her. ‘God how I love this man’ she muses to herself, he’s fully in her now and she squeezed him several times, he woke slowly, “hu.. morning, my love slept well?”
“well the bed is a little humpy and hard”
“Oh, guess you’ll have to throw it out then”
“Not a chance, I love it too much, especially the hard” She turn her lips to her husband.
He thrusts into her “you do, do you”
“Oh Merlin Yes!!”

Hermione after two orgasms, pulls up off him, turns around and kisses him hard, then lowers her head and takes him into her mouth, she’s determined for him to fill her mouth, she’s craving his taste. And after minutes he does, she swallows the first spurts, then holds the remaining, as she raises her head slowly savoring him, relishing his taste, finally swallows, then licking, cleaning making sure she has it all. After he clean and she has swallowed the last of it, she kisses him deeply. Harry returns her kiss in kind.

She rises and says “Loo, shower, dress, breakfast, got it mister”
“maybe a little more loving mixed in”
“No, my love, you’ve had you morning wake up, you need to save yourself for our new wife tonight”
“Oh… well can I go down on you , my love”
“Down on me… you want a go on me.”
“Yes my love, I’ll even put pants on I can’t get my cock back in that sweet body of yours” Harry stood up and put his slacks back on. “now for more of your ambrosia” and pushed her back on her back and dove into her with his tongue.
“Oh sweet Merlin… YES .. Oh my love eat me, oh sweet marveeeee!!!”

After six orgasms Hermione was trembling and drained and ready to suck him dry, take a nap, fuck him to death, something. Harry rose up kisses her “Breakfast”
“Oh God Mr. Potter I love you”
“And I love you, lets eat.. I mean breakfast”
“Yes master Harry Potter sir how may I be of service”
“Juice, need juice, the special one with the pep-up and rehydrations potion mixed in now, then we’re going to cleanup, then be ready for breakfast, say ten, no twenty minutes” Looking at Hermione, she just nods her head, an aura of total contentment around her.
“Thank you Winky”
“Yes master Harry Potter sir “ and disappeares

“Let me help, my love, shower, food and then I want some more of your sweetness” he stuck out his hand and helped her up, she wrapped herself around him and latched onto his mouth in a kiss that Harry felt from his toes to her lips and beyond. He returned the same. Hermione’s wetness was running down her legs. She melted into him soaking his slacks,

Winky pops in with the juice. “Your juice master Harry Potter sir”
They broke their kiss, She moan “God sweet Merlin, I love you, Mr. Potter, I can‘t… I can‘t get enough of you… I mean you more than totally satisfy me… It I need you, almost as I need air ”
“And I need you just as much, my love,” and he kisses her.
“thank you Winky”
Taking the two glasses handing one to Hermione, they drain the delightful needed juice. Hands the empty glasses to Winky who disappears. Harry picks up his beautiful wife and carries her to the shower. Where Hermione has several more orgasms, including two on his cock. Harry refrained, barely.

Hours later and then three more orgasms, Harry took her by surprise, just as she put on a lovely pair of blue silk knickers, dressing for the wedding ‘something blue‘. He picked her up, laid on the bed, despite her mild objections, vanish her panty and began drinking from the Hermione well, ‘Oh sweet Maeve!’, when he finished he picked her up, carried her to the bath, gently set her down, kissed her deeply and turned, set her knickers on top the short wall and walked off. She stood there weak kneed for scarce a moment, before collapsing on the bidet, trembling “God Harry” she moaned and then after regaining her composure, freshen up.

She dried, dressed and walked downstairs, to find Harry sitting on the love seat front of the fire, sipping a glass of her favorite wine. She sat in his lap “sometimes I hate you Mr. Potter,”
“Yes… but I would not traded you for the world, I love you too much” and kissed him.
“That’s good” earning him a slap on the shoulder and deep kiss. “I love you too Mrs. Potter”
She took his glass and finished it “time to go, dear, we’ve a wedding to go to” and rose off his lap.
“Yeah, well they can’t start without us, can they” as he got up slipped his arm around her waist.
“Wards Harry”
“Oh yea” Harry opened the wards for Wedding Guest, the reception was to be here. Then Harry apparated them to The Ottery St Catchpole Chapel.

Hermione and Harry dressed in gown and tux, arrived five minutes before the wedding, it was to be a double ceremony, one ceremony Harry and Ginny and Hermione would declare their joining for one another in the time honored style of Ancient Magical Feudalism traditions, and then again in their own declaration of their love for one another. They would leave the chapel as per tradition, Lady Hermione Jean Granger Potter and Lady Ginevra Molly Weasley Granger Potter, bonded together and to Lord Harry James Potter, Lord of The House of Potter, or by more commonly known as husband and wife and wife, the Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Harry James, Hermione Jean, Ginevra Molly Potter. Harry preferred the latter.

Harry and Hermione walked inside and down to the front and stood on the right side facing the altar.

The nearly the entire Weasley Family, kids in all, Mr. Lovegood, and Amelia Bones, sat on the left, a sea for red hair, nearly filling all the pews and on the right sat Mr. and Mrs. Granger, Tonks, Remus, Augusta Longbottom, Neville and his date Anna, Headmistress McGonagall and a couple in back Harry didn‘t know. Madame Pomfrey had been invited, but were still in Sicily, some big magical health disaster. Hermione’s other relatives had attended Harry and Hers wedding, but this one they would not understand. And of course the private wizard photographer was all over the place, the Weasleys had insisted, Harry graciously paid for.

Hermione said “We haven’t much of a family, my love, my mum and dad, that’s all. And not many friends neither. Do you those people in back”
“No idea”
Harry turned and kissed her “Hermione, my love, you are my family, that’s all I ever needed to fill my heart with love and joy, now that Ginny has also joined my heart and soon will be joining our family, I’m even more blessed than before and I hope some day soon to expand our family even further with our children as I wrap them into my heart”
Hermione looked deep into his eyes, those wonderful sparkling green eyes “I love you my husband, with all my heart” with several elated tears in her eye
Harry hugged and kissed Her once more “And I love you, Hermione Potter you are my life, my heart”

Hermione wiping the tears from her eyes again, and thought for a moment to tell Harry, but decided against it, she had a rather queasily feeling this morning, but she wants to check with Madame Pomfrey first, she knew Madame Pomfrey would be thrilled if it was so and could keep a secret. And if it was as she thinks, She would need to find the perfect way to tell Harry. ‘Over dinner, in bed, cuddling on the loveseat in front of the fire, he likes to sit there just watching the flames, humm.. while making love.. Ginny should be there… should I tell her first… how do I tell him!!’

“Every thing ok my love, you looked far away for a moment”
“I’m fine Harry, I’m so happy, I have you and soon Ginny, and weddings make me cry, now I need to settle myself, after-all I‘m getting married too.”
“You look scrumptious, Mione, I wish I could take you right here and now, I know this is Ginny‘s night, and after I, er we, love her to unconsciousness, I‘m plan on doing the same to you, my love, even if take’s all night ”
‘Oh sweet Maeve’ Hermione’s panties dampen, and she gripped his arm, “I love you” ‘Harry always does as he says‘!

Mrs. Granger watching her daughter, leaned over to her husband and whispered “I maybe wrong, dear, unless I miss my guess, I’d say you’re going to be a grandpa in about eight months.”
“you really think so”
“Yes, I do, she got that look, that look of a woman expecting about her, I’ll talk to her afterwards and see if Doctor Milford has an opening tomorrow or the next.”
“ok dear, just keep it to yourself, you know she’ll want to tell Harry in her own way”

Molly watching Harry and Hermione was thinking ‘Hermione so happy, she glowing I wonder… ‘hmmm’.
Percy noticing his mother staring at Hermione “ something wrong mum”
“No dear, everything as it should be, shortly I‘ll have a new son and daughter-in-law”. ‘a son -in-law, now there’s something this family hasn’t had in, how many years…’

Fleur hugged her husband ‘looks like a little Harry maybe on the way she thinks.
Bill hugged his pregnant wife back and whispered “Every thing ok Dear”
“Yes Bill, yes everything marvelous”
Bill smiles ‘weddings make her randy’, as if a Veela needed a reason to be randy, even though she’s pregnant he’s expecting a very good time later tonight.

The music started announcing the Bridal Procession, Harry and Hermione faced the back of the chapel and in came Ginny, in this lovely off white almost sheer gown, that enhanced her body, if it hadn’t been for the multiple layers you could see every thing she had to offer, as is you could most assuredly tell there was a woman in that gown. She was exquisite, sexy and sexy. Susan and Luna followed behind each in almost the same gown with a few additional layers, and where the hem of Ginny’s was barely touching the floor, their’s was at the knee. Harry felt himself getting hard. ‘God she beautiful‘. Hermione was getting wetter ‘damn I could just gobble her up, she gorgeous.. she got Harry’s attention, from that bulge.. I’d say she going to attend the reception full of Harry…. She’s going to be sore tomorrow‘.

Arthur escorted his one and only daughter down the aisle to present her to Harry and Hermione, his in a few minutes son and daughter-in-laws.

As he passed his wife, he noticed she was beaming. He gave Ginny to Harry and sat down by his wife, she placed her hand on his thigh, ‘weddings always make her randy’ He smiled.

“ We are gather here to join this Wizard and this witch and this witch in…… vows were said, ring placed, two five minutes or so kisses and Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Potter, walked down the aisle, Ginny in the middle. Molly was crying like a baby. Ginny was floating, she was Mrs. Harry Potter, Mrs. Ginevra Potter, Mrs. Harry James Potter, Mrs. Ginerva Granger Potter. ‘YES’ Ginny Potter. She was so wet. And from the bulge she felt, as they kissed, she wanted to get Harry alone somewhere quick.

They walked out the chapel and people were throwing rice and oatcake crumbs. Ginny ask why, Harry told her “Hermione ask them to, it a muggle tradition” as she and Harry were raised in the muggle world. “Hermione will explain later, Mrs. Potter”

“Mrs. Potter, I‘m Mrs. Potter” she turned and kissed him, driving her tongue into his mouth and grinding herself into him.

Harry apparate them to outside Godric's Hollow. Picked her up, crumbs and rice falling off them as he carried her over the threshold, he stepped towards the stairs. Just as his foot hit the bottom step.

“Stop Harry, just a second” she waved her hand, their clothes were gone, she turned to straddle him, reached down and guided him into her, she was so wet, he slid in fully with just a hint of discomfort, she loved it. “ Sorry Harry, my love, at first I wanted to do a slow strip for you, before you took me as your bride, but seeing the staircase, I wanted to feel you inside me as you carried me up stairs again, as our first night, and now, more so, my first night as Mrs. Potter”

“Yes my love” and kissed her.

She twisted and lightly humped Harry as he carried her up the stairs, when he reached the top landing, he apparate them back to the bottom and carried her up again. Ginny was flowing, Harry could feel her coating his testicles and running down his legs. She was grinding herself into him, the feel of him moving inside as he carried her up was so. ’Oh sweet Goddess he feels so good’ The third time or fourth, she oblivious to everything, except Harry cock moving so miraculous inside her. they reached the top landing, her second or third blubbing orgasm spasmed her on him, almost munching him.
Harry carried her to the bed and without leaving her, laid them on the bed and he made slow passionate love to her, she orgasmed again and he began increasingly pounding into her, trying to drive her arse thru the mattress. Several vocal orgasms later, he erupted inside her, she climaxed, her mind was a mass of brilliant swirling colors. She was moaning and screaming his name, she wrapped her arms and legs around him and pulled him into her and wouldn’t let go as her body quaked, feeling his blessedly ejaculation fill her womb, their love-essence puddle under her, her body vibrant in heavenly bliss, ‘my husband is cumming inside me, my husband Harry is cumming in me‘.

He was lying on top her, his body crushing her, but she didn’t care this time, he was hers, her husband, he was inside her filling her with his love. ‘Goddess I’m so happy‘. She heard Harry mumble, she released her hold a bit to look in his face and he inhaled deeply.

“need air, my love”

“Sor..” was all she got out before he kissed her and began moving his hips slowly back and forth. Hermione popped into the room “I knew it, you couldn’t wait, could you.”

See evidence he had orgasmed, She pulled Harry off Ginny and licked him clean then said “ Get dressed, Harry our guest are coming, Mom and Dad are already downstairs, scoot mister” she turned to the nude Ginny Potter laying there her legs now widely spread, Hermione could see Harry cream oozing out their wife. She cast a cleaning charm on the bed. “Now you Mrs. Potter” and leaned over and began lapping their husband’s semen out of her wife. Ginny grabbed her head and moaned. Harry dressed and as he turned to leave, he vanished Hermione’s clothes, put up a silencing charm on the room, just in time as he heard Ginny moan loudly “Her Hermi Ye…” before he stepped thru the veil, chuckling. He headed downstairs to attend their guest

Everyone had arrived, Dobby and Winky were grinning, so many people to serve, never so many in the master‘s house before. There were drinks and finger food galore, a wedding cake to cut and Winky was preparing a large meal, grinning from ear to ear. Dobby had expanded the dining area and was almost bouncing off the walls serving everyone. Menu cards passed out. The elves were so happy. Harry welcome everyone to the Potter Home and said “Ginny and Hermione would be down shortly. They’re changing and freshen up‘. Luna and Susan headed up. Harry started to say something, but decided against it, he knew of their previous get togethers, and wasn‘t worried.

George popped off “Right…” with the oblivious sneer. A few giggles. Drinks were served as everyone chatted.

About ten minutes later, Mrs. Granger headed up “I’ll see if they need any help”

Harry opened his mouth “I” and shut it. ‘nope not going to say a thing’ he smiled to himself, turned to Mr. Granger and ask how his golf game was doing.

About fifteen or so minutes later, Molly was heading for the stairs, Harry was moving to intercept, when the ladies stepped onto the top landing and proceed down, everyone watched the ladies descend the Stairs, some applauded, some giggled. All five beautiful women blushed. Harry thought ‘there will be an interesting tale of this day‘. His wives had changed into two very sexy outfits, Harry felt himself getting aroused again and sat on the big comfortable chair by the fire and gulped down his drink as his wives slithered up to him and sat in his lap. Thank God he had two legs. and they took turns kissing him, as one kissed the other nibbled his neck and ear. He knew at any moment he’d be ripping his thru his trousers‘ he had an arm around each, holding on for dear life. ‘God I love them‘.

At first between kisses you could hear “How’d I get… so lucky…. The two…. most gorgeous…. and sexy …. Love me….want to spen…. Rest of …. Life toge…..
“Shut up Harry”
“Yes de…”
Happy moments flowed.

However all to soon Dobby announced “Dinner!”

Reluctantly Harry let his two wives up, Hermione stood in front him as he rearranged himself. They cut the Wedding Cake, the first three slices with all three hands and the wives smeared one into Harry’s mouth, he grinned, they kissed, Ginny threw her bouquet and Harry threw the garters, Luna, Remus and one of Ginny male cousins caught each respectively well the second garter he threw twice, first time it hung on his thumb and fell, he caught before it fell far. Then arm in arm they went into the Dining Area, Harry sat Hermione with a kiss, then Ginny with a Hot French kiss, everyone ahh-ed, then sat himself.
After the Champagne served and the toasts said, everyone dug in. It was a perfect meal: Leek and Potato Soup, Tossed Salad, Fruits and Sliced melons, several different sliced Chesses, Scotch Mist, Shepherd's Pie, Smoked Haddock Mornay, Salmon en Croute, Lorne sausage, Honey and Lemon Chicken, Pan Fried Cannon of Lamb, Medallion of Scottish Beef Fillet, Champagne Sorbet masked with a Strawberry Compote, Wild Mushroom and Brie Pancake, Colcannon, Melon & Avocado Salad, Potato rolls, Yorkshire Pudding, glazed baby carrots with tarragon, scallops, drop scones, a tossed pasta, Apple cider, Ale, Tea, Soda, Irish coffee and more Champagne and Butterbeer.

Luna sat there holding the Ginny’s bridal bouquet, she caught, her eyes went all white, thinking about several paths she had seen in her dreams, this catching was one turning point for her and others she knew, most where in this room. Two paths involved the Potters, Susan and Her, another of the Potters and Her without Susan, no wait Susan later maybe another turn, and another Harry, Hermione and Ginny until, not that, I can’t replace Ginny in his heart, even if she.. No I won’t let that happen. That one can’t be neither Harry has to live to be a ripe old age with Hermione. There’s something, no two things close to one another to happen soon will decide, one is clear the other why can’t I see!!

And afterwards, the Wedding Cake, Gaelic Fruits, Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, Cheeses, Mulled wine, Hot Whiskey, Milk Chocolate Cheesecake with a White Chocolate and Bailey Cream, Shortbread Gateaux layered with fresh Strawberries and Chantilly Cream, Champagne and more Butterbeer.

Upstairs after Harry left to see to their family and guest, Ginny realizing Hermione was nude also, released her grip on Hermione head and said sexily “Turn around here Mrs. Potter I want to taste my wife”
“Oh yes Mrs. Potter” and they moved into a sixty-nine. Lana and Susan found them that way, waved their clothes off and joined them on the bed and started their own loving. The moaning was intensifying.

When Mrs. Granger walked thru the veil, she heard the sounds of female loving moans, she stepped back and quiet, then forward, she thought ’isn’t magic wonderful’. She saw her daughter and daughter-in-law making love to one another or rather devouring each other ’oh my, they definitely love each other’ and Susan and Luna were having a good time too. She felt herself getting damp ’God Richard is so going to get it tonight’ she thought. She had had some girl on girl time growing up and before she met and then married Richard. Now watching her daughters and friends, brought back some wonderful memories, after for a few moments she thought ‘ God that looks good, I wouldn’t mind joining them, but,’ absent-mindingly rubbing herself.

Susan looked up and saw her, motioned her over, she was drawn like a moth to a flame, as she stepped closer, Susan waved her hand and she was divested of all her clothing, Luna looked up and licked her lips, as did Susan and not knowing how, she was on the bed ‘big bed’, they kissed her then were licking her, Susan her breasts and Luna her mound, they then moved into a triangle and a tongue-fest went full bore.

Hermione and Ginny orgasmed, for the third time, Hermione moved around to kiss and hug her bride. She opened her eyes after an intensive kiss, and got the shock of her life. She clasped her hand over her mouth to prevent “Mom” from escaping her lips. There she was, her mother, nude, her head in Susan’s crotch, Susan in Luna’s and Luna’s in her moms‘. ‘God my mom has a beautiful body’
Ginny kissed her “she looks good, doesn’t she and seems to be enjoying herself too”
“Yes she does and yes she is” Hermione answered softly.

Mrs. Granger orgasmed and Susan, and Luna together shortly after, fell apart.
Hermione said “enjoying yourself mom” with a smirkish grin
Mrs. Granger turned beet red “huh yes.. yes I did sweetheart, it just.. of… sort of happened, I saw.. you two and… I just… it happened“.
“Does dad know?”
“Know wha oh this I haven’t… this is the first time since I met your father”
“First time since.. Planning others, Mom are we” Ginny asked
Mrs. Granger got redder if that was possible “Well No.. huh I.. I don’t know… maybe” then giggled

As she was getting off the bed “Damn this is one big bed” they giggled.

Ginny replied, “we get a little wild at times and need the room”
“ oh my, is Harry really that good”
“oh yes, mom he can be so gentle and so tender, then so much more and more, he’s Huge and can go for hours” Hermione had her hands apart showing roughly the length then the girth.
“Oh my” Mrs. Granger felt herself getting wetter.
“all night, be more like it, I‘ve never been so filled” Ginny moved her hand over her lower part of her stomach.
“and half the next day” Hermione added. The room filled with moans.
“Damn, now I’m jealous of my daughters, and I‘m getting wet again, your father is definitely in for a time tonight”
They all started laughing.

Finally Mrs. Granger said “Alright, now what happen to my clothes, we need to clean up and get downstairs, everyone waiting. This is supposed to be a wedding reception not a.. a love-in.” more giggles
Luna chanted “love-in, love-in, munch-fest, love-in” Giggles turned back to laughter, tears slowing forming in eyes, holding themselves
“I think I just peed myself”
“thank goodness for silencing spells” as they roared.

Five or so minutes later, some cleaning spells and dressed, make-up and hair straighten they headed downstairs.

The meal was excellent, conversation great.
Afterwards coffee, tea and drinks, in the lounge, more conversation, which was now the telling of little family tidbits, which had Hermione and Ginny blushing again and again, a lot of giggling, and laughing due to a few “Mom!” and some “You wouldn’t“, and “Don‘t you even“, couple of “Dad!”, and even a “oh you’re going to get it” and a “Mother!” or two or was it three, the family banter went on an on.

Harry smiling big time, he learned more about his two wives, growing up in three hours than… The way of a real family… a loving family… now his family, he could only remember being as happy once before.

It growing late, finally every one began to head home, some floo‘ed, others disapparate.
Molly hugged Hermione and they sobbed “You always have been and now you are, my daughter”
Molly crushed Harry “you too have been my son and now you’re more, you’re Ginny’s husband, My son-in-law, I’m so happy and I’m expect some little ones soon.” Glancing at Hermione for moment and winked, then Ginny.
Ginny disappeared in Molly’s embrace, “Love you Ginny, my little girl all grown up, you’re Mrs. Potter now, now make me some grandkids”. as she cried.
Arthur took her hand “come dear lets go home” after hugging Hermione “Daughter”, then hugged Harry “Son, take good care of them” And hugged Ginny “My lit.. my grown-up daughter”.

Then it was just The Grangers and the Potters.
“oh forgot mom, I’ll take you and dad home”
Harry interjected “You’re more than welcome to spend the night, we have a guest room and I can place a silencing charm on it, if you wish” looking at his mother-in-law.
Mrs. Granger blushed.
Hermione quickly said “Harry I’ll take them home and visit for a while”
Mr. Granger spoke softly “You can spent the night in your old room if you wish, sweetheart and give them some time…”
Then Ginny interrupted forcibly “This is my wedding night and I just married my two best friends, my loves and I want them both in my wedding bed, Mom, Dad the last door on the right, Hermione will cast the charm, then join us.”

“Yes dear’” all three said, too stunned to say anything else.

Ginny then added “Good, we’ll see you tomorrow then, for breakfast, might be lunch, if you need anything just call for Dobby or Winky, Goodnight Mom, Dad” and kissed them both “Go Mione, settle them in and come to bed!”

“yes dear”

Hermione walked her parents to the guest room, inside there was a fire in the fireplace, dim candle lighting, two wine glasses and a fresh opened bottle beside the bed and a very sexy night gown on the edge of the bed, robes and slippers, they almost didn’t see the nightgown, it was that sheer. Mrs. Granger blushed again “oh my”
Hermione chuckled “those elves” as she cast the silencing charm.
Her father ask “what was that”
His wife answered “ a silencing spell, dear, it sound proofs the room”
He grinned “oh OH”
“Goodnight mom , dad”
“Wait a minute young lady, I need to ask something, Richard go take a shower I’ll be right there honey”
“ok dear”

“what mom?”
“How far along are you?”
“Wh.. what you.. you think I’m pregnant”
“You have that look Hermione”
“I I’m not sure.. I mean I don’t for sure yet. I was going to go see Madame Pomfrey and have her check first chance I got, couldn’t be more than three weeks”

“Morning sickness”
“No, I felt a little queasily this morning is all”
“Tomorrow, we’ll get a stick, then I’ll set up an appointment with Dr. Milford”
“Poppy huh Madame Pomfrey can get the results on the spot and even tell the sex, but she‘s overseas helping out. Won‘t be back till next week, thought I‘d go then”
“We’ll talk tomorrow when you take us home and a trip to the chemist. We can make sure”
“Oh OK Mom goodnight”

“Hey I’m only getting wetter in here” Her dad called from the shower
“Goodnight sweetheart.. COMING DEAR” her mother answered, heading for the bath to join her husband.
Hermione chuckled as she vanished her mother’s clothes, turned and left and headed to join Harry and Ginny in their wedding bed.

Later that night a nude Mrs. Granger looking at her equally nude husband wearing the widest grin she remembers seeing in a long time, said to herself ’Thank God for silencing charms’ and snuggled up to him, kissed his cheek and drifted off in wonderful bliss.

Hermione walking down the hall ’mom thinks so… maybe… Harry will be so happy’

then entered their bedroom, as she stepped thru the veil she heard Ginny “Yesss, my love , Goddess you’re in sooo deep so damn, com.. comingggg”, and Ginny was riding Harry like a champion bull rider. Harry was leaning forward and had a nipple in his mouth and cupping the other. Hermione watched for a moment ‘damn she is one wild sexy lady’ and undressed and move to them. Harry seeing her, pulled his lips from Ginny breast and kissed Hermione, then Ginny, then down and nibbled on Ginny nipple, she scream as she orgasmed again as Hermione latched onto the other nipple, and Harry somehow managed to get a finger inside Hermione, she moaned on Ginny nipple, setting Her off again. Ginny jumped up off Harry moved down and took him in her mouth for a few strokes, move off him, shoved Hermione on her back and kissed her and worked her way down Hermione’s body arriving at her clit and commenced a full scale assault. Hermione’s back arched and she flooded Ginny mouth, Harry had moved behind Ginny and re-entered her in one shove, she screamed into Hermione’s opening in both pain and pleasure, ‘oh delightful pleasure‘. Harry moving his hips as to full lengthy strokes in Ginny developed a fast and hard love making of his new wife as she slurped his first wife, as his loves were been pleasured, it filled him with joy and then he filled Ginny in shot after shot. Ginny feeling her husband filling, the warm liquid rushing into her womb in pulses, joined him in her fourth orgasm, warming her from the inside out, she moaned into her wife. Setting off Hermione again and she bathed her new wife’s face with her love nectar. Harry didn’t fully pull out of Ginny as she rolled off Hermione and on her back as she settled Harry thrust back into her, she moaned, and continued loving his bride. Hermione joined them in kisses and fondles. Harry grabbed Ginny by her hips and pulled to the edge of the bed, with him standing on the floor, draped her legs over his shoulders and began driving into her in long strokes, Hermione kissed Ginny, move down to her breast and kissed every inch, suck one nipple then the other, Ginny orgasms were coming quick and when Hermione moved further down and began licking her clit as Harry stroked her, they were one after another, every time Harry filled her and Hermione licked another one. She was babbling, trying to say how much she loved them, but couldn’t just moaned and babbled. Then Harry began slamming hard into Ginny, Hermione moved back and reached over to fondle Ginny’s clit as Harry groaned and pumped his load into Ginny once again, Hermione pinched setting Ginny off in the largest climax she ever had, her body arched and spasmed, she screamed “Harryy” then totally limp.

Harry did as he said, after Ginny screamed in overloading pleasure and was out, Well, Hermione did help with her loving on Ginny too. Which had Hermione wound-up tighter that a eight day clock, she was so wet, and Harry moved over her, the tip of his cock brushed her slit, her hips jerked trying to capture him, he kissed her and move from her ‘noooo’, then invaded her with his tongue, she moaned and screamed quietly as Harry ate her, after several orgasms, he rose up and eased into her, she cooed, he built up speed and soon pounding her, thru orgasm after orgasm, she wrapped herself around him jerked him into her and they climaxed, her body arch driving her onto him and once again his hot seed gushes into her womb, she screamed, waking up Ginny and passed out. Harry stroked a couple more times depositing the last bit.

Ginny attempted to move “Oww… damn Harry did you kill her”
‘She fainted, sorry didn’t mean to wake you” as he slow withdrew from her limp body.
Ginny moved again “Ohhoww… two in one night?”
‘Want Me to fix that”
“Hell no, I want to remember this always, the night I became Mrs. Harry James Potter”

He cuddled up to her, she winched a bit. “You sure my love, I can ease the pain”
“No Harry just kiss me and hold me”
“Love to Mrs. Potter”
“said it again”
“Love to Mrs. Potter”
She sighed
“Mrs. Ginny Potter, I’ll hold as long as you wish”
“Oh Harry” and she kisses him. After thee or four long kisses, she drifts back off to sleep.

Harry just about to also when he feels Hermione move next him “Owww, damn Harry what did you do to me”
“Just loved you, with all my heart”
“Oh Harry” she turned mushy inside.

He slowly rolled on his back, holding Ginny to him, she turned gingerly and snuggled up, he extended his free arm and Hermione snuggled in slowly, draping one leg over Harry’s, as Harry circle her with his arm he could feel her wetness on his leg. Her lips met his and they kissed. Ginny in her sleep found Harry and wrapped her hand soft around him, he moaned into Hermione’s mouth. She looked down and giggled ’that girl’ and returned her lips to his after whispering “I love you” “I lov…” they kissed. As they fell asleep, it was already dawn, the lovers neither knew or cared.



2011-03-18 09:19:48
loved it keep it going it just makes you want read more. can't wait for the next chapters . Dave

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