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boys lost on an island
Subject: flight 247 lost boys chapter 6

Flight 247 lost boys

By Boys in the hood.


What you are about to read is totally fiction
make believe, it never happened, no boy or boys were
ever involved in sexual activities with
other boys or teens.

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chapter 6
t had been over two weeks since the boys landed on the deserted island
after their jet crashed into the sea, All was well for the boys and no
major accidents were seen, only a few cut feet on the rocky out crop
where the boys tried to spear for fish and lobsters.

The boys were starting to get tired of fruit and fish as some boys were
having accidents, they were shitting their pants except they never wore
any as most boys were now totally nude and had no hang ups about being
seen nude.

"Boy I could go for a round of big Mac's and a long cold glass of
coke right now." Jackson groaned as his tummy rumbled waiting
for breakfast to be cooked.

"Me too, and a bucket of K.F.C could have gone down as well."
Desmond hooted. "You two talking about food again."
Wesley called out as he walked to the boys after finishing his
morning pooping and peeing.

"What else do we talk about then?" Desmond asked Wesley.
"How about last night's exploring of our dinkies." Wesley
giggled as he pinched the end of his foreskin squeezing the
remaining pee out of his bell end.

"Man do you have to do that in front of us all the time."
Jackson asked. "Uh what do you mean?" Wesley asked looking
at the boys. "You know playing with your pecker like that, milking
the pee out of your dick." Jackson replied. "Oh, that, sorry but my
dinky sometimes lets out a drop of pee when I have finished peeing
and it stays stuck in my foreskin and it feels weird and my daddy
told me to squeeze any pee left in there and sometimes he tells me
to pull my foreskin back and shake any pee out of my dinky."
Wesley explained.

"Ok too much info there Wesley, anyway how about you shake my
pee drops off my pink pecker after I finish peeing." Jackson
giggled as he and Desmond went to the pee area and let off a
bucket load of warm yellow liquid onto a palm tree that was covered
in ants.

"Better hurry or those little bastards will eat us alive." Desmond gasped
as he to skinned his pecker back and forth pushing out any remaining
pee caught in his foreskin. "Hurry up dude or I will end up with a boner
if you keep playing with your thing." Jackson moaned as he tapped
a finger up and down his cut shaft to get any remaining drops of pee
off his piss slit.

The twins had an octopus and a few rock lobsters hanging from their
poles, no not their cocks, bamboo poles and were smiling as the other
boys looked on to see what they caught.

Ron was helping out some of the younger boys with their chores as they
could not carry the crate full of coke bottles filled with coconut milk but
did help out filling them all. "Hey guys I might try and get us some meat as I
heard some grunting last night and it might have been a wild pig walking
near our camp site." Ron said.

"Are you sure it was a pig you heard grunting and not the twins having sex."
Jackson laughed. "Ha-ha, the only one grunting was Ron when he was covering
us with his teen sap." Peter and Mike replied.

"Ok you guys enough of this as we have a few boys here waiting for
breakfast." Ron sounded out. The twins returned from the camp fire with a
plate of cooked coconuts, bananas and pineapples that the twins found a few days ago.

"We will cook the octopus and lobsters for dinner so we need more fish for lunch
so how about we have a fishing contest and see who can catch the most fish."
Ron asked the boys.

"Hey that would be fun and all the boys can take turns fishing as we only have a
few fishing lines but hey it will be fun to do it." Mike hooted. "We can let the
Tykes have a go as they need to have some fun and they will be helping to
catch some fish as well." Peter remarked.

So all the boys waited to take their turns catching fish, a few of the smaller boys
caught a blow fish and one boy caught a local rock fish that was big enough to
feed a couple of boys. One hour later all the boys had turn fishing and the result
was 8 fish caught and Jackson won the contest with the biggest fish caught.

"Hey guys we sure did have some fun with the fishing contest as the younger boys
were real happy with trying to catch fish and they looked real happy and were smiling
and giggling at the fish were caught." Ron said. "We will get the pans ready for the fish
as we have two boys gutting the fish and scraping off the scales." Peter quoted.

"Yeah and we will have lobster with octopus and fried pineapple with a coconut cream sauce
for dinner as we have kept them in chicken wire and staying alive in the ocean."
Mike grinned. "Man you make it sound so enjoyable hearing how you will cook
them for dinner, I'm glad your dad taught you how to cook." Wesley smiled as
he hugged the twins and gave them a kiss and said thanks for keeping them all
well fed.

Later that night Ron was getting ready to spear the wild pig that he heard
last night and had everything he needed beside him. He was hesitant about
killing the pig but he knew that the boys need meat as he could smell the
shit that the boys were dumping as the sea breeze would send a whiff of their morning
activities as the fruit were making them squirt loose bricks.

"Ok the twins will be looking out after the younger guys while I am gone so you lot
just behave and no fooling around until I return." Ron told the boys.
"Ok Ron but please be careful out there and stay safe." Jackson gasped as he saw
Ron take off and hide in his nest and waited for the pig to come and eat the food he
placed near a pile of rocks.

It didn't take long for the pig to smell the cooked fish and Ron was ready with his
spear and large hunting knife the boys found in the bunker. It was a quick kill
as the pig had no idea that Ron was waiting there for him as he was down wind
and the pig had no chance of smelling him. The boys back at camp heard the pig squeal
and knew that Ron had killed the pig and would find out what he returned with.
"Hey Ron's back." Wesley yelled out. "Wow it looks like a baby pig." Desmond said
as he looked at the bloody pig in Ron's arms.

"We have to hang it up to drain the blood and then first thing tomorrow get it ready
to be cooked." Ron explained. "We can cook it like they do in New Zealand baked
in hot coals and rocks." Peter said. "Yeah I forget what they call it but they cover the
pig in fruit and cover it with banana leaves and slowly cook it." Mike replied.

So Ron cleaned up and placed the baby pig on a stake and shoved it into a tree
away from crabs and other animals. "I could do with a rubbing." Ron gasped as he laid
down on the bamboo bed waiting for the twins to do their magic on his growing
body. Being 14 Ron was getting more erections and had to take care of them
at times and he needed time to give himself some pleasures and relieve some
of the built up sperm in his balls.

"Hey guys just give me a back rub and then we can have some fun." Ron said as
he dropped his torn shorts and got comfortable ready for the twins to use their
soft hands on his grown body. Ron was happy that he got along with the twins
and he knew that he was not using the twins for his sexual needs as the twins
did enjoy being around Ron and loved him so much as a friend.

Morning came and so did all the morning woods, most of the older boys
quickly ran to the peeing area and shook their stiff poles until they
could start peeing. "Man this sucks, you know getting hard and then
trying to let your pee out and wow does it hurt when you have to wait?"
Simon giggled as Wesley rubbed all the remaining pee out of his
foreskin. "Hey let me do that." Simon said as he pushed Wesley's
foreskin down and then up again as a drop of pee fell out of Wesley's
pee slit.

"You know I will miss doing this with you when ever we get rescued."
Wesley panted as Simon quickly finished rubbing Wesley's foreskin until
he got his reward. "You can do me later on tonight." Simon gasped.

Ron was up early and so were the twins as they were gathering coconuts
and fruit for breakfast. With all the coke bottles filled with water
or coconut milk the boys placed half filled coconut shells filled with

"Ok you lot here is breakfast so come and get it." Ron yelled out.
It sounded like a tribe of Indians raiding a cowboy's fort as the younger
boys quickly finished peeing or dropping logs in the ground and then
washing their hands in the sea and returning to dig into their breakfast.
"Right after breakfast we are all going to help out with cooking lunch
today and I bet we won't be hungry by dinner time as we will have a feast
that you all will never forget." Ron hooted.

"So what are we all going to do?" Wesley shouted. "We need to dig a
hole big enough to fit the pig and some smooth rocks that will cook the meat."
Peter one of the twins replied. "Yeah, we also need a lot of banana leaves and
a few bunch's of banana's plus a pile of coconuts and
any other fruit we can find." Mike the other twin said.

"We also need wood lots of it to heat all the rocks for our special
B.B.Q. so when you have finished breakfast come and see me and I will
give you your jobs and chores so that lunch will be enjoyed by all."
Ron grinned.

So the younger boys started to dig a big hole just yards away from the
camp site as the other older boys grabbed any large logs and dragged
them towards the pit. it was going to be a long day as the pig had to be
cooked slowly or it would be as tough as an 8 year old gym shoes.

Jackson go grab some of the guys and find all the smooth stones you
can see and bring them back to the pit, oh the stones look like this one."
Ron explained as he held up a rock showing Jackson what he needed.
The twins were excited about today's meal as they would never get the
chance to do this ever again so they made sure this was going to be
their best meal they ever cooked for the survivors.

"Hey Ron are you going to take care of the pig, you know get it ready
guts and all." Mike asked. "All done squirt, just use your magic
here and tonight you two will be getting your reward in a special way
and you know what treatment you will receive." Ron hooted.

The twin's faces lit up as they knew they would get a good pounding
and a few long hard lollypop licks on their pink candy sticks.
"Hey Simon come help me please." Wesley asked his boyfriend.
"What's up dude?" He asked. "Well beside my dinky, I need help with
these banana leaves." Wesley replied. Simon just loved the way Wesley's
pecker and balls swang around as Wesley jumped up and down as
he stood in an ants nest.

"Yeooooooooooooo." Wesley screamed as he ran into the sea to wash
off all the stinging ants he stood on as he didn't see the ant's nest he just
kicked. "You alright now." Simon asked as he saw his lover leave the
ocean looking at his feet. "Think so, those bloody ants are always
digging their nests were you can't see them." Wesley pouted.
"Come here and I will kiss it better." Simon smiled. "Kiss this instead
and that will make me feel better."Wesley giggled as he held his uncut
pecker and shook it in front of Simon's face.

"Not now we have work to do, later tonight I will shake your thing
with this." Simon hooted as he stuck out his tongue and jiggled it
like he was licking an ice-cream.

"So why are we making a hole and filling it with rocks then?"
Desmond asked Peter. "It's a way of cooking meat slowly as they do this
in new Zealand and in Hawaii so it tastes better." Mike replied as the
boys began to stuff the big with fruit and covered it in banana leaves
so that the sand and hot coals don't get inside the pig.

"Have you found anything that looks like vegies?" Peter asked Ron.
"Well you guys are the experts on plants so come look at this and see..."
Ron asked the twins. Wesley and Simon went with them as they wanted
to see what the vegies looked like.

"Man you found these, they are root plants." Mike howled.
"Root plants, that sounds rude." Wesley gasped. "No not that kind
of rooting Wesley, potatoes and carrots are root plants, they grow
under ground, these are like potatoes and they sure taste good roasted
in hot coals." Peter replied as he took hold of the plants and covered
them in banana leaves ready for placing in the hole.

"Now we start the fire and then wait for the stones to heat up and then we
place all the food in the hole and cover it with banana leaves so the steam
will cook the food."Mike told all the boys. Everyone was now
nude and swimming and playing in the ocean as a few boys took care of
the fire and then took turns to have a swim.

"We need to get the food in now as it has been over an hour and the
coals have been moved back so let's put the pig in and all the other stuff
and then we wait for 4 hours until it's cooked." Peter quoted.
Most of the boys laid in the shelters as it was going to be a hot day
and as it would take some time to cook the pig some boys found some
extra activities to do while they waited.

"Come here and snuggle up next to me Simon as I need a cuddle from
you." Wesley asked. Simon sat next to Wesley under a shaded tree
and spooned up next to Wesley and hugged him and then placed a gentle
kiss to his lips. "OHHH, ahhhhhh." Some of the younger boys yelled out
as they jokingly hugged like Simon and Wesley were and pretended
to kiss one another.

"You are just jealous cos you don't have a boy friend."
Wesley shouted out at them. The younger boys took hold of their
peckers and shacked them in front of Simon and Wesley and then ran
into the water giggling.

"Don't worry about them as I know most of them have tried jacking
each other off and kissing as well so we just need to catch them
doing it and then we will laugh at them." Simon said as he slowly kissed
Wesley on the lips and took hold of his uncut shaft and tugged it for
a while until both boys were worn out and soon fell asleep
under the coconut tree as a slight breeze blew over them.

"Don't those two look so cutie laying there likes a couple?"
Desmond quoted. "Sure do, they look like us when we go to bed
at night." Jackson grinned as he hugged his partner as they too
found a shaded spot to sit down and wait for the pig to cook.

"Peter, Mike, come here and lay down with me and I will give you
a rub down."Rob asked. "You can rub this if you want." Mike said
as he held his cut pink dick towards Ron's face. "Later dude, we
need you to have all of your strength while we serve this feast and
then you can get a good rubbing." Ron exploded.

The twins had somehow made a crude coconut oil mix that they cooked up
and wanted to try it later on as some kind of lube for you know where.
"Don't use all of it as we made it especially for you and that big
cock of yours." Mike smiled as he felt Ron pour some of the mixture
onto his back and felt Ron's hand glide down his back onto his now
browning butt.

"Oh man that is giving me a boner dude I need to turn over as my
pecker is digging into the sand."Mike cried out as his cut pink
dick was standing straight up like a flag pole and grabbed some
of the oil and quickly massaged his hard tool until he oiled his chest
with his teen sperm. "That's better, now you can finish rubbing my back."
Mike smiled.

Ron finished rubbing and massaging Mike's sun browned back and soon found
Mike asleep like a baby. "Do you want a rub down now?" Ron asked Peter.
"Sure Ron, but if I bone up I'll have to do what my bro did and maybe
I will fall asleep as well so I am in your hands." Peter said.

Peter was right, he ended up having to squirt his boy juice as he too
had a tree trunk digging into the ground. After a ten minute rub
down Peter was asleep as both boys had done a great job getting the B.B.Q
ready and soon would be busy again handing out the food.

Ron wanted to sleep but he needed to keep an eye on the pit as soon
as the steam stopped coming out of the hole the pig would be ready
and in about an hour's time he would wake up the boys and anyone
else needed to help out with the meal.

"Hey Jackson, your pecker is digging into butt hole again."
Desmond yelled out as he found a boned up dick trying to enter his
love tube. "Uh, what, um sorry about that I must have spooned behind
you and well you know what happens when I sleep next to a cute
looking boy." Jackson giggled as he gave Desmond a kiss and then told his friend
to come with him and wash off the sand and cool off for a bit.

It was time to remove the rocks and banana leaves from the pit
and remove all the food hoping it was all cooked.
"Peter, Mike get up you sleepy heads we need you here now."
Ron called out as he and some of the older boys took hold of the metal
crate they used to hold the pig and other food in place and had used
large poles to remove the crate.

"Wow that sure smells great, let's get the bowls ready and all the bottles
of water out." Jackson shouted as Ron and the others placed the now
cooked food on the ground. Cheers went up as the pig was unwrapped
and the smell of cooked vegies and fruit was laid out into the pans and pots.

Ron used a knife to slice open the sweet looking pig and shaved off
chunks of the pork and placing bits in each coconut shell.
the twins had cut up the root vegies and added them to the cooked
pork as groans and moans could be heard as nude boys stood there
waiting to pick up their hot meal.

"Fuck that was the greatest meal I have ever had." Wesley cried out
as he bit into another slice of the roast pork. "Wesley. Don't use
that language here, you're too young to say that word." Ron shouted
at him. "Oh, sorry Ron I was just happy to get this food."
Wesley almost cried. "Come here dude." Ron said to Wesley as he
hugged him and said he was not mad at him but he didn't like little
kids saying that word.

All the cooked food was swallowed down and some boys were biting into the
bone of the pig getting any remaining meat off it. "Wow that sure filled
my tummy, I will sure sleep like a baby tonight." Desmond gasped.
"You sure will as you will be sucking my pecker like it was a pacifier."
Jackson gigged.

It looked like all the boys were going to have an early night as they
had their fill and now needed to settle down and let their tummies digest
their fantastic meal.

End of chapter 5

Thanks for reading and
the next chapter will be
real exciting for you all.


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