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Kendrick's parents were out of town for the week and he knew what he wanted to do. Then his best friend text him and he got an idea. He told her to come "chill" wit him because he had the house to himself she said cool. His best friend was Kari and she was beautiful. She stood about 5'5 light skin nice body the whole package. He hopped in the shower got freshened up. Five minutes after he got out the shower the doorbell rang, he went to the door in boxers and shorts. When he opened it he could see her eyes linger on his still damp body he returned the favor as he eyed the sexy girl up and down. He invited her in, when she walked by him she drug her index finger teasingly across his body which caused a twitch in his dick. He guided her to the living room couch and then he went to the kitchen and got drinks and snacks. When he came back he turned on the tv he asked what she wanted to watch, she said jersey shore. They watched that for a bit and Kendrick made a groan, she asked what was wrong and he said his back was hurting from the track meet the day before. She offered a massage he gladly accepted. He sat pn the floor between her legs and she went to work. He heaven. When she was done he stood up and streched he felt like a million bucks. He asked how he could repay her, she said with a full body massage oils and all. He laughed and agreed. He went and got the baby oil and came back and told her to take off her shirt. She said she didn't have on a bra. He turned around and waited til she gave the okay. He started with her neck massaging it gently then he moved down to her shoulders and she moaned. He smiled to himself. Then he went to her back and her side where he brushed against her breast. He kept doin that and he was getting harder by the second. Then he went to her bubble butt and massaged it for ten minutes until she laughed and told him to do her legs. He started on her calf muscles he got to the top of he thigh and slowed down a little because he was getting close to her pussy even though she still had on her shorts and panties he could still feel the heat from her pussy he knew she was turned on by this. He went far up her leg and just barely touched her pussy, she squirmed but didnt say anything. He kept doing this til she let out a low moan and tightened her legs. He knew she just came. He sat down and said all done. She sat up and leaned her head on his shoulder. He finally got to see the best pair of titties he had ever seen in his life. He reached up and pinched her nipple and she looked up and kissed him and said thanks for the massage bestie. He said no problem it was his pleasure. He looked in her eyes and could see the lust in her eyes so he went for it. He leaned in for a kiss and she leaned in too when thier lips touched his hands started to roam. They went straight for her nipples rolling them in between her fingers. When he did that she pushed her chest out basically begging for more. He broke the kiss and moved to her neck and kissed, sucked, and left passion marks on her neck then he went down to the beautiful globes that he has been waiting to kiss and touch since he first laid eyes on her. He kissed and liked on her nipples and she through her head back. Then he started kissing down her stomach as he was going down he pulled down her shorts and panties all at one time. He moved down to her completly shaven pussy and just admired her pussy then he reached out with his finger and rubbed up and down lightly. She was bucking her hips wanting me to go further in the depths of her pussy, he did. He spread her lips to see the glistening pink inside then he went it head first. He licked her clit and she jumped then he ran his tongue up and down her pussy she was loving the attention. He kept this up for about a minute then he grabbed her clit between his lips and sucked. When he did that she screamed and clamped her legs around his head so tight he that couldn't breathe. He stoop up and went to his Condom stash and pulled out the first one he touched, he ran back to the living room and told her to come to his room. She got up and looked at the hard on in his shorts she rubbed it and he took her to the back he told her to bend over because he about to beat that pussy up. She tuened and bent and he slipped the condom on and rubbed his dick up and down her pussy to get it wet and to tease her. She started thrusting her hips back trying to get it in. She said put that fat dick in my wet pussy and fuck the shit outta me. He pulled back and put it to her entrance and thrust in as hard as he could and she shrieked. He started pounding her pussy she was loving it, she was gripping the sheets and biting a pillow to stifle her moans. He then pulled her hair and smacked her ass and kept fucking her hard. By this time she came 3 times already. He turned her head and said yu love this daddy dick don't you. She screamed back yes I do I want your dick in me forever don't you ever take it out. He got up and layed down on his back and told her to ride him like ciara. She hopped on and grinded back and forth rubbing her clit on his pelvic area then she switched it up and started goin in circles. He was loving this, it was heaven on earth to him. Then he took control again he pulled her body tight to his and lifted his hips and jack-hammered her for about a minute she came harder than she ever had in her life. Then he flipped over and put her on her back and her legs on his shoulders and kept punding. He was getting close to cumming so he sped up. He was going as fast and as hard as he could and then he shoved it as deep as he could and let the sperm go into the condom. He collasped on the side of her but was still semi-hard they kissed cuddled up and fell asleep in each others arms.

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2013-10-18 14:57:27
have sucked my best friends for 7 years. he introduce me to drinking his pee one day i was deep throat him,he just started peeing,nothing i could do till he was done. end up loving it.

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