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kinda long, but its the last story so why not? Sex scene is in the middle, lots of non erotic stuff, but still a good story
Brook had to rest, her body was begging for relief, but she kept running up the hill.

“I bet they’re at the well...” She thought to herself. Brook was almost to the point of collapse as she ran. The sole thought of Will being in danger kept her going. She couldn’t bear the thought of losing him, she just couldn’t accept such a thing.

Brook finally reached the top of the hill and dove behind a rock to avoid detection, only to see a gruesome sight before. Her grandfather, who was yelling and shouting, stood over a familiar looking body which was covered with blood and lay motionless on the dirt. She noticed a gun in her grandfather’s right hand.

“Oh god no” She thought to herself as she ducked behind a rock a few yards from the well and old barn, “he-he did! He killed someone!”

She looked on in horror as her grandfather next began to kick Will roughly in the side, yelling and screaming at her boyfriend. Next she saw Will curl up in pain as the reverend kept assaulting him, Brook couldn’t help but notice the look in the eyes of her grandpa. His eyes didn’t have anger in them, no, this was different, it was something very different. Something more sinister, something more evil and sadistic.
As she looked at the horrid scene in front of her, she suddenly shifted from Will to Maggie and Lisa’s situation. The two were restrained by officers, and though she couldn’t hear exactly what they were saying, they were obviously yelling at Anna.

“Anna!” She thought to herself. She clenched her fists, “I’m going to kill that bitch!”

Anna yelled back at Maggie and Lisa and walked over to the two. Brook watched in horror as she saw her ex-friend pull a knife form her pocket. Still starring, she watched as Anna flipped the blade open and waved the weapon in front of Maggie’s face menacingly.

“I have to do something!” She said to herself. Looking around her, she found a medium sized rock next to her foot. Grabbing it tightly in her hand, she crept quietly towards the situation, sneaking quietly behind the barn, and with all her strength, she threw the rock at Anna’s head. The rock made contact with Anna’s head and resulted in the girl loosing balance and falling to the ground.

“Ah!” Anna yelped, dropping the knife as she fell. Brook darted quickly towards her captured comrades. She leaped forward and grabbed the knife from the ground, jumped on Anna’s back, and pinned her to the ground by sitting on her lower back and pushing her face into the dirt.

“You, bitch! You traitor! You, you-!”

“You crazy skank!” Anna yelled form under Brook, grasping her head with one hand. She desperatly tired it push Brook off of her. He wasn’t able to reach Brook, but managed to scratch Brook’s arm with her nails.
“Ah!” Brook yelled.

Thinking impulsively, Brook brought the knife down into Anna’s spine. She kept the knife in her back for a minute as the girl under her squirmed and yelled in pain.

“You, bitch! AHHHH!” Anna yelled as the knife pierced her spine.

Greene stopped what he was doing and ran towards Brook. Glaring in surprise at the situation, he put his hand on his head.

“Brook! What are you doing!”

“Get away, grandpa! You evil bastard! You kidnap boys for no reason and then send these little spies after the ones you don’t catch to blackmail them! You have to STOP!” Brook yelled, quickly standing up and pointing the knife at her grandfather.

“Brook listen, I am doin’ God’s will-”

“God’s will? God’s will! Who is that girl!?” Brook yelled pointing at Darby’s corpse.

“Well, that’s Darby.”

“You-you just killed her? You monster! You’ve betrayed God!”

“Brook!” Greene shouted. He walked over to his granddaughter, grasping her wrist tightly, he pulled the knife from her hands, “You are speakin’ blasphemy now my dear” He shouted at Brook. In a fluid motion he slapped her face then yelled, “Now calm the fuck down!” before throwing his granddaughter to the ground. He walked forward and stood over her. Will, who was watching angrily, became infuriated at the situation.

“You bastard! Don’t touch her!” He yelled back.

“Just stay on the ground you sinnin’ sodomite!”The good reverend yelled back. Next he turned back to Brook and grabbed her by her hair, “Listen, Brook. I thought you would be different. Your daddy, your mama, your grandmama, and your older sister thought the same way, and they ain’t here now are they?”

“Di-did you kill them?” Brook asked, angrily starring into her grandfather’s eyes.

“Kill is a strong word, I like to saw that I ‘liberated’ them”

“You Bastard!” Brook yelled, struggling as the reverend held her down.

He grew angry with Brook’s comment and slapped her face again with the hand not pulling her hair, “You will respect me, yah ungrateful bitch!”

Will slipped one hand out of the handcuffs and quickly stood and darted at Greene. He full on tackled the Reverend, pushing him to the ground. Struggling to subdue him, Will tried to desperately reach for the reverend’s neck. The reverend over powered the boy, and pushed Will off and ran over to the officers. He pulled form his pocket the revolver. Grabbing Maggie from one of his hench-women, he pointed the gun on the side of her head.

“Sorry, Ms. Reed, but I will need to borrow yall for a second.”

Maggie glared up at the reverend, then,noticing that her legs were free she smiled and prepared herself for her next move.

“it’s Ms. Soto, you ignorant bible-jockey!” Maggie yelled, kicking the reverend in the groan with her free leg. She kicked the gun away from the guards who let go of Lisa to assist their wounded boss.

“RUN!” Lisa shouted frantically, already beginning to rush down the hill. the four ran down the hill after her, plowing through the guards at the bottom of the hill.

“Let’s go! I’m fucking naked!” Will shouted.

“Follow me, I know where we can go.” Maggie said, pointing to the right as the group reached the intersection.

“Get in quickly!” Clair quietly shouted, motioning for the group to enter her house.

Clair brought cloths for Will to wear, and brought water for the others. Looking into their eyes, she saw that they were traumatized.

“These were my son’s,” she said, handing Will the change of cloths, “Now tell me what happened?” Clair asked, turning around and putting her hand on Maggie’s shoulder.

“They almost got Will. He escaped from them, and a girl named, Darby, she helped him, but she...” Maggie looked away, remembering the sight of Darby’s dead body on the ground.

“Oh no...” Clair responded, covering her mouth with her hand.

“It’s all my fault” Will said as he lowered his head, “She tried to help me, and I let her down.” Brook, who was sitting next to Will, put her hand on his. He rotated his hand up and held her hand, looking up to look into her eyes, he kissed her cheek, and he felt a little bit better.

Dinner was not as solemn as the first conversation held by the group and Clair. They sat around table, talking about what they would do next, how they would bring the reverend down, and more importantly, how they would avenge Darby.

“I know I shouldn’t suggest this...but we don’t have a choice.” Brook spoke up, “We have to kill my grandpa, only then can we free the prisoners at The Farm.”

“I know...” Maggie said, “...but listen, I’ve already called the Nation Guard, they’ll be here tomorrow afternoon at the latest. I think we should wait until-”

“No! I know grandpa. He won’t stop until he has Will back in his clutches, so for right now, we have to get rid of him, and besides...”

“You don’t have a home” Clair chimed in.

“Exactly” Brook said, she tried to cover her sadness. Her own grandpa was the one who was doing the evil things in Brownsville, if anyone’s, it was her responsibility to stop it.

That night after dinner everyone went to bed, exhausted from the day’s events. Will crawled into one of the guest room beds and lay with his head resting on his hands. As he slept, Brook quietly snuck into his room.



“You okay?”

“Yeah, I am. Brook...I-uh...I’m sorry. I know that you know about me and Anna, and I-”

“It’s okay, Will I-”

“Brook, I love you” Will left great relief come from his body as he let the words slip.

Smiling, brook walked over to Will’s bedside. She leaned over him and kissed him on the lips. Next she got on top of Will, straddling his waist, and took off her top, revealing her perfect teenaged breasts. Will starred up in amazement at the two perfect tits. They were perfect, soft and smooth, her nipples were of perfect size and were rounded just right. next she stood on the bed and took of her shorts, and stood over Will completely naked. Will had a complete erection now, and took his boxers off quickly, the only thing he was wearing, and pulled off the covers.

“Brook, I want to try something” he said, as he let her lie down while he got on top of her. He kissed her tits individually as he made his way down to her twat. She had no pubic hair, obviously shaved, and she began to lick her clit.

“OH! WILL!” She moaned. Will felt the same feeling pulse through him again as he heard her scream his name. He continued licking and sucking before he put his tongue into her twat completely. The salty sweet taste was a shock to him, but he still enjoyed the flavor as he moved his tongue back and forth inside her virgin twat. She moaned louder and louder as he continued tonguing her perfect vagina. She began to fidget, moving her legs around will, she cried out with pleasure.

“OH YES! OH WILL! OOOOHHH!” She yelled as she was overcome with her first orgasm. She ejaculated on Will’s face. He wiped the cum off of his face and applied it to his cock and began to masturbate furiously while watching the beautiful brunet girl shake form her orgasm. Brook got up, still breathing heavily, and pushed Will onto the bed so that he was now laying down. She angled his cock towards her twat.

“Brook, we don’t have-”

“It’s okay Will, everything’s fine” Brook said softly, as she moved the teenaged cock into her pussy.

“Ah!” She yelled, feeling a tight pop within her.
Will was a little alarmed as he saw blood trickle down his shaft from Brook’s twat.

“You alright?” Will asked.

“Ye-yes, I’m fine” Brook said. Switching places, Brook laid on on her back as Will slowly began to hump her. He kissed her neck and tits, moaning and whispering “I love you” into her ear, the two fourteen year-olds both curled around each-other, kissing and sucking. Will heard Brook’s breathing increase.

“Brook, are you-”

“Yeah, what about you?”

“Soon, oh..” Will felt the feeling overcome him. He began to hump Brook more and more quickly, meanwhile still kissing and sucking on her tits, neck and lips.

“Oooohhhh!” Brook moaned as she felt the wonderful feeling of an orgasm overcome her body.

“Ooohhh, Brook!” Will moaned, he felt the cum rushing up his cock as he ejaculated into Brook’s young teenaged twat.

“Will! Oooohhh!” Brook moaned loudly, as she felt his cum hit her, she felt herself being overcome with an orgasm as well.

The two lovers, both overcome with the rush of an orgasm, cuddled up with each-other, wrapping their legs around each-other, they kissed and rubbed up against one another’s bodies.

“Dammit!” Rev. green shouted. Anna lay on the bed in the small clinic.

“Sorry, sir.”

“Don’t you mind, Anna. Yall have nothin’ to be sorry for” Green said calmly, yet he was furious inside. His beloved granddaughter had paralyzed his best agent, he had lost a powerful ally in Anna. Greene, however, knew that this girl was worthless to him. Besides, unknown to Anna, the IV bag attached to her was filled with 40% arsenic, a little ‘extra’ he had added when he and his guards brought Anna to the clinic.

“I feel...sleepy, sir”

“Then sleep, Anna, may the Lord protect you” He said, touching her forehead.

Anna closed her eyes, and Greene left the room, shaking his head, “That damn girl.”

Greene left the clinic and returned to his home in his pickup. He ate in solitude, meanwhile starring at pictures of his family on the wall.

“Idiots, each one” He said to himself, “They all betray me in the end, killin’ them was harder than havin’ to kill Ms. West. Dammit. But don’t you worry, my Lord God. Your will shall be done here on earth, and I will put an end to this little rebellion.”

Early in the morning, the group left Clair’s house, hiding in the back of her large SUV. Officers roamed the streets, obviously looking for any traces of Will and the others. As the group drove past the Reed house, they saw that it remained untouched, yet officers stood outside of the home, patrolling the area in case Will decided to come home. Clair kept driving, and made her way to Rev. Lloyd Greene’s residents.

“Stop here” Brook said, shaking from nervousness, “We should sneak in form the right-side, his room is on the left and he won’t be up for at least another hour.”

Parking about two-hundred yards from Greene’s house, the group exited the car and followed Brook as she ran quickly and silently through the open field surrounding the reverend’s home. Clair had driven off road slightly and had covered her car with camo-colored blankets she had in the house. Taking a spare latter from the shed outback, Brook climbed up to a window on the second story. She opened the window quietly, and motioned for the others to follow her into the house, meanwhile Clair was to remain outside as a look out.

“Okay, guys, listen and listen good”, Brook said quietly, “I have to do this, but I need you guys to help me.”

“I just called the national guard”, Maggie said, “They’ll be here in one hour, they’ll be arriving at the Farm itself so its up to us to bring this asshole in.”

“Bring him in? You don’t understand, Maggie, he has to die.” Brook responded angrily.

“Why is that, Brook? If we hold him hostage, we can take him in and he can rot in prison like a-”

“No! He would want that. If he keeps his life he won’t learn a thing. Despite what he’s done to all of these people, his life is precious to him.”

“Whatever! Let’s just get this guy” Lisa blurted out. The four quietly moved through the house, walking downstairs in complete silence.

“This is it..” Brook said, her voice was shaking. She pulled from her backpack a small revolver Clair had in her house.

“Brook, I know you have to do this, but-”

“Will, look, I’ll be fine, and don’t worry, I can do this.”

Will nodded, as Brook slowly opened the door to her grandfather’s bedroom. Everyone was still, as Brook slowly turned the door-knob. She quietly opened the door, making sure not a signal noise came from the wooden door. She stepped inside, tiptoeing threw the room slowly.

“Traitorous little worm!”

“What!” Brook yelled as Lloyd Greene lunged at her from behind the door she had just opened. He grabbed her by her neck, covered her mouth, and grasped the gun from her hands.

“Now I’ve killed my own kin in the past, so yall better stay perfectly still or I will blow her brain out!”

“Greene! You’re a monster!” Will yelled in vain as the reverend chuckled at the situation.

“Like I would care?” Greene said, “I killed her daddy and mama in similar ways. Now let’s get this show on the road!” Greene whistled and two guards rushed into his bedroom, “Take these three fools away, the boy doesn’t have to go to the Farm, just off him in the back with the others.”

Brook felt anger bubbling up inside her as she looked at the situation before her. Seeing no other way to solve the problem, she savagely bit into Lloyd’s hand to the point were red blood trickled out of his hand.

“Ah!” He yelled, throwing her to the ground, as he grasped the bite mark.

Brook drew from an old favorite and kicked the old reverend in the groan. As Lloyd fell to the ground in pain, Brook desperately reached for the gun. She pushed her grandfather’s face into the carpet and pointed the gun at the back of his head.

“Now let go of them!” She ordered the two guards who backed away slowly. As the two backed up, one suddenly pulled a knife from her pocket and lunged forward at Maggie, Will and Lisa. Maggie turned around and grabbed the attacker’s wrist, stopping the knife from going anywhere. Meanwhile Lisa grabbed onto the guard’s other hand, attempting to pull her from Maggie.

Will, grabbed the guard at the waist and brought the woman down to the ground, however, as she hit the ground, she quickly stabbed Will in the shoulder, he screamed in pain as he fell back, grasping his shoulder. The guard stood and walked over to the wounded boy, she raised the knife in her hand, preparing to bring it down on Will.

“I said back the fuck off!” Brook screamed, pulling the trigger of her gu,n she shot the guard point-blank in the head, killing her instantly. The other guard, sensing the tension, ran away form the scene. The others stood in silence as Brook nervously stood up and continued to point the gun at Lloyd’s head.

“Now get up and walk!” She ordered.

Reluctantly Lloyd stood, raising both hands in the air he walked form the bedroom and out to the SUV, blood trickling out his nose and hand. Once outside, however, the group was pleased to see about twenty National Guard members standing around the car, talking to Clair about what was happening in the reverend’s house.

Soldiers took Lloyd, restraining his hands, and walking him into a patrol car. Three other soldiers walked over to the group.

“Maggie Soto?” one of them asked.

“Yes, are you Captain Truman?”

“Yes ma’am, and this is Lt. Margret, she can fix your boy over there up”

“Tha-thanks” Will said, walking after the lieutenant while still grasping his bleeding shoulder.

While Will walked away with Margret, Maggie walked over to Rev. Greene as he sat in the back of the patrol car.

“Hey, reverend?” Maggie asked happily.


“I think this is God’s will”

Captain Truman looked on in horror at the camp. His men had stormed the camp only hours ago.


“Go on, Margret”

“They’re all boys, they told us that they were put in the prison, or as they call it, ‘The Farm’, because they broke the laws of the town and-uh-masturbated.”


“I know sir, but, some of the guards we interviewed also confirmed that. The caller, um-”

“Maggie Soto”

“Yeah, she said that this guy, Rev. Greene, he’s in charge of this place, and I guess he’s the de facto leader of this town.”

“And he just puts these boys in prison?”

“yes, sir”

“Sick bastard”

“I know sir”

“ I vote we head into town, I think these boys need to be reunited.”

“yes, sir!” Margret responded, she turned around and waved at another soldier, “Let’s move out! You heard captain Truman!”

The Nevada National Guard had stormed The Farm as the group had infiltrated the reverend’s house. About one thousand boys, ranging from 10-17, had been in the prison. When they arrived, all the guards had deserted, the few that remained were captured and interviewed extensively by the soldiers. Rev. Greene was to be brought in for violating personal privacy, kidnapping, and child abuse, and with Maggie’s continued phone calls to Cpt. Truman, the reverend’s location was easily found. Now the proud Rev. Lloyd Greene found himself sitting in the Brownsville town jail.

Meanwhile, the group had reformed at Clair’s house and celebrated their success. Maggie had called Maria, Will’s mom, and told her to stay in San Diego. She explained the situation, and even offered to pay for their furniture to be moved back home. Maria happily agreed, but said she was taking the next flight out of San Diego and to Las Vegas, and that at a time like this, she needed to be there.

At about five at night, Maria arrived at Claire’s house and rang the door bell. She was welcomed warmly, and sat down with the others for dinner.

“So what do we do now?” Will asked as the seven, including Sam, Claire's son, sat at the table for dinner.

“Well, me and Sam are moving to Tucson with Maggie. I got a job as an accountant there.”

“That’s great, Clair!” Lisa spoke up, “My big brother Justin came home today! So I guess I’m staying here!”

“Brook?” Maria said, realizing Brook’s sadness, “You alright?”

“I’m fine, Ms. Reed, its just that, my grandpa was all I had, and now-”

“No he’s not, dear. Now that he’s in prison, you might think you don’t have anyone, but I’ve decided to adopt you momentarily, or at least take you in until we can get things straightened out.”

“Oh thank you, Ms. Reed!” Brook said, as she jumped form her seat and hugged Maria around the neck, she began to cry.

“Oh don’t worry, dear, everything will be alright.”

Will smiled, as Brook sat back down next to him. He leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. Brook blushed, but smiled back, she put her hand hon his thigh and returned his kiss on his cheek.

The next day, Everyone had gathered in front of the Reed household. Hugs were exchanged, kisses were given, and everyone prepared to start their new lives.

“Bye you guys! I promise I’ll visit during Christmas!” Lisa shouted, waving at Brook and Will as they piled into Will’s mom’s sedan.

“By Lisa!”

“See yah later, Lisa!”

“See you too Maggie and Clair and Sam!” Lisa shouted at Maggie, Sam, and Clair as the two had gotten into their own cars and prepared to depart for Arizona. They waved at the girl, as they started their cars and prepared to depart.

“Bye, Lisa! We’ll come visit you too sometime, okay?”

“No problem, Maggie!”

The car trotted along the highway as the Reeds made their way back to San Diego. Brook had fallen asleep and leaned on Will’s shoulder. He put his arm around her and leaned his head onto hers. As he looked out the window he thought about all the adventures he had had in Brownsville. He thought about all those that had lost their lives, and about all the friends he had made. As Will thought about all of the people that now made up his life, he joined Brook as he drifted off to a pleasant and much needed sleep.

It was late at night, as Greene sat in the jail. The jail guard snored loudly, as Greene remain skulking in the corner of his cell. He looked at his watch and sighed. Suddenly, the door to the jail burst open, the guard was brutally awaken.

“Wha-What!” She yelled, but it was to late, the intruder quickly and expertly shot the surprised guard in the chest, leaving her for dead, as the killer pulled the cell keys form her victim. She unlocked the cell and freed the evil reverend.

“Are you alright, sir?”

“Yes, my dear, now let’s go. I have business in California” The reverend laughed as he stood and walked from the jail cell.


dedicate to my Canadian readers :)

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2011-10-28 00:50:54
Extremely helpful article, plseae write more.

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2011-03-19 03:55:21
I legitly feel sad its over...:(. Buy theres a new series :)

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I legitly feel sad its over...:(. Buy theres a new series :)

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Oh! and he's going to california because Will lives there, and he wants to kill will not Maggie, but don't worry about it...:)


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I know it seems like a lot of new characters, but don't worry, I plan on going slow with this one, so there shouldn't be to much confusion with them. the next series is a little slower, but I'm planning some real good stuff for it!! I guess I should have given Anna and Lisa parents, but I just forgot.

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