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continuing the story..........hope u like it
“So what do you say? Are you gonna stay the week with me? My wife is not due home till Sunday, today is Monday, and we can have fun all the time. Take leave off from work. Tell them you are not well, I’ll give you the letter to make it genuine. What do you think?” I thought about it and said, “well, I could but it might pose problems for me as in what am I going to tell my mum? Normally I am home at the end of the day no matter where I go but if I had to stay here, it would be a big problem. Let me think, rite now though; I want to sleep for some time. So if you don’t mind, can I?” saying this, I turned to my back and went off to sleep. We had fucked all evening. After some time I felt his hand on my waist and he came closer to me, spooning me from behind, nestling his dick against my butt crack. I sighed and snuggled closer, wiggling myself against his dick, getting it up like the flag pole. His hand moved up and cupped my right tit and he used his thumb pad to stroke and caress my nipple, causing it to become hard like pebble. Don’t know how long I slept, but when I woke up, I had some amazing nice wet feeling in my pussy. He was eating me. It was the best way any guy had woken me up in a long time. You see, whenever I used to have sex, I would snuggle up and sleep off for some time. But I have never had a guy wake me up like this; they would have already walked away. So this was very nice. He was doing amazing things with his tongue. He liked my outer lips and nibbled on them. Then, when I could take it no loner, I yelled, “now!” He took my clit into his mouth and began sucking on it. Then all of a sudden, he pushed his finger into me and started curling it inside. Another finger was stroking me up to my ass hole. All of a sudden, he released my clit and started laving his tongue on it; he started licking it. All I could do was clutch on the bed mattress, throwing my head from side to side with one hand and with the other hand; I held his head and pushed it closer to my pussy. I started breathing very hard, trying to prolong my orgasm but I knew my release was close. I stiffened for a few seconds, holding back my self, but he intensified his licking of my clit and increased his finger thrusts in my pussy. I could not hold back and I started screaming, giving in to all the passions he managed to stir up in me- nothing but physical hunger for him, he was too good with a woman’s body, he knew which buttons to press to release the passion, the lust in a female. He kept licking and thrusting his finger deep inside me, I kept cuming. Every time he touched, I came. He did not stop, we went on for about half an hour; I had endless orgasms. Later, he laid next to me asked me if I was hungry and I said that I was, so he got up and went to the kitchen and started to rustle up some breakfast for me. Nothing grand; just some cereal and milk, some fruits and orange juice. While we were eating it, I got an idea and I told him I would cook the lunch and dessert for him. He said sure “go rite ahead, only on one condition though” I looked at him skeptically and said, “what?” “You will cook naked. No clothes for all the time that you cook in my kitchen. You ok with that, I am ok with you cooking or else no cooking!” I looked at him as if he had lost his mind. “Are you crazy? How can I cook naked? What if I spill something on me? My skin will burn.” The thought also gave me shivers. “Okay” he said, “not naked but then, you can wear the apron but nothing else. No lingerie at all and leave your hair open, I like you hair that way.” “Ok that is fine with me.” And I began the cooking process. There was ham, cheese, and other things in the fridge. The pantry had some liquids that I could use to make the dressing. So I just got every thing on the counter top and got started for the salad. I was preparing the marinade for the chicken when he walked in and asked what I was doing. When I told him I was just preparing the marinade for the grilled chicken, he said ok. It was while I was washing my hands that suddenly he was rite behind me; he started rubbing his erect dick against me and was also stroking my butt and at times, pushing his fingers between my legs and stroking my lips and my pussy. A few times, he also pushed his finger into me; I think he might have managed to touch my G- spot. He continued stroking his hard dick against my butt and then, he took my hand and pulled it behind between us and guided it up to the tip of his mushroom head. I started stroking him and then, used my fore finger and thumb and stroked him. Using my thumb pad, I stroked his tip; I learnt that last night, to get him very highly aroused, I only had to do two things; one stroke his tip or second; push my tongue into his pee hole. Many men didn’t like it but he loved it. Me stroking his tip really got to him. He cleared the counter top, pushed me down on the top so that I was bending from my waist, held my hands behind my back in his one hand; he parted my legs and took me from behind. It was a new experience for me; I had never had a man take me from behind. He began thrusting into me with full force that he could muster; there was noise in the kitchen- not the cooking ones, he was grunting, I was shouting, pushing him for more and there was the sound of skin slapping against skin. I could fell his balls slapping against my no man’s land- the area between the anus and the pussy. That drove me mad and made me shout out, “oh yes, fuck, that feels great. Push harder into me, rip me apart, take me with madness you have never taken any one lese in your life.” He left my hands and cupped my breast and started pinching my nipple and the other hand went between my legs and he started rubbing my clit. That got me really wild and I started thumping my hips against him, meeting his every thrust for thrust screaming “yes, yes, yes” and then, I could feel his sperm being shot into me. I started tightening my pussy walls around him and started squeezing him. He just moved away from and said that he was hungry and wanted food. I just told him to give me thirty minutes; I still had to prepare for the dessert. I whipped up some cream, chopped some strawberries, and melted some chocolate. Also opened some champagne and poured into a bowl and then put it in the refrigerator. I called out to him saying lunch was ready. He sauntered into the kitchen, tugged off the apron off me and made me sit on the chair to eat. After eating the lunch, I told him to go out for 15 minutes to prepare the dessert. Once he walked out, I got the champagne bowl, the cream, chocolate and the strawberries bowls out onto the table. Then I got the small V-shaped table onto the dining table and set it on the edge. I took a sponge, dipped it in the champagne and rubbed it all over my body, giving special attention to my tits. Then, I also rubbed champagne on to my pussy lips, the inner lips and the clit. Then I lied down with my hips resting against the V-shaped table, pushing my hips out in the air; exactly the effect I wanted. I smeared cream all over my pussy and tipped it with a whole strawberry. Then I gave my tits a champagne bath once more, slathered melted chocolate on one tit, and the other with the whipped cream and then I put a strawberry where my nipple was. Once I was ready, I called him. When he came in, he was shocked to see what was in front of him but I could tell from his eyes it pleased him. He came over and licked the chocolate first and then I saw surprise on his face and I nodded and said, “Yes, there is champagne there as well, did you like it?” He said, “Like it? I loved it. It tastes yummier then any dessert I have ever tasted in a restaurant. I am not sure anyone can serve dessert so sinfully. I don’t know if I should eat this or simply stare at its perfection.” I put my hands behind me head, thrust my tits up in the air, inviting him in for the party and said, “dig rite in. Its all yours.”
He parted my legs and licked the cream from the pussy, making me moan and getting the taste of champagne. He kept eating the cream, avoiding the strawberry and finally I felt him licking my inner lips and the clit making me cum almost. He told me to keep my legs apart so that I don’t squeeze the strawberry. Then he started licking the cream form my tit and he ate the strawberry. Then he started licking the chocolate form the other tit and then he kissed me. I could taste cream, champagne and the chocolate on his tongue. He pushed his tongue deep into my mouth and kept giving me the chocolate that he had licked off my tit. While he was kissing me, he rubbed his hands over my tits and then, he started massaging them. Since I had applied cream and chocolate on them for him, they were soft and slippery and they had some oiliness on them. It heightened the pleasure for me to be massaged with cream and chocolate remains making moan more and more. Then, he went down to my pussy. But first, he removed the V-shaped table from the dining table, and then he pulled me towards the edge of the table keeping the strawberry there. Then, using his tongue, he massaged the strawberry against my inner lips till the juices started coming out of the strawberry and it mingled with my pussy juices. Then, he collected all the strawberry juice on his tongue and plunged it in side of me. He massaged my inside pussy walls with the strawberry juice on his tongue. The sensation was so amazing; I started contracting my pussy muscles and started squeezing his tongue inside of me. But he continued his assault on my pussy, it really felt good. Then, without warning, he thrust into me and started pounding me with his monstrous dick and took my left tit in his hand and then started squeezing my tit and pinching my nipple at regular intervals. And this time, we both came together. I could feel his sperm mixing with my cunt juice trickling out on to the table along with the strawberry. Once he was out of me, he made me get up and lick all the juices that had gathered on the table; it tasted yum, with the strawberry in there. I lapped it all up. As soon as I did, he kissed me, tasting him self, me and the strawberry on my mouth. “You taste very nice with the strawberry.”s

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great story. u should use paragraphs more often though

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Holy fuck, hit enter once in a while!

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