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I know what you want
So let’s get started
You Step out the shower all soak and wet
Relax your mine
I’ll take care of the rest
Stand there let me take a look at you
Thinking of a thousand things
I want to do
Turn around I’ll dry you off
It won’t be long before I make you shout
And scream my name
lay yourself down on the bed
I’ll start at the toes to the top of your head
One toe two toes three toes four
I won’t stop till you begging for more
Kissing you on your inner thigh
Did I hear a soft moan or gentle cry?
I spread your lips with my tongue
I found the wet spot
But it’s too early to cum
Roll over on your back
I’m the type of guy that will smack that ass
And lick that crack
From the bottom of your cheeks to the small of your back
Get on all fours
Because I know what you like
Doggy style
I must say
Always seems to bring a smile to your face
Because we Control the pace
Long stroke, short stroke, or in between
I’m guarantee to make you cream
Out of one whole
And into the next
Round two
So give me your best.

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2013-04-24 23:03:06
If you're true to yourself and oerhts, people finding out isn't that big a deal.The things you "hide" everyone already knows because they are ture of everyoneYou smoke. Like everyone either does or did at one time or another.You have a vibrator like all women do. (those who don't want one)You're on benefits. You and one or two million oerhtsThere's something wrong with you. and most other people (I myself have arthritis. a heart murmur, flat feet, hay fever, and I'm bald)You're not living a double life.So it doesn't matterit shouldn't matter to anyone and if it does then they're a dick.My real name is Nigel Auchterlounie

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