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This story is non-erotic, but wil set the scene the rest of the series, so read it if you have nothing better to do
NOTE: This is not erotic, just a preview to what the themes of my new series....thanks for reading!!

Though the summer was young, the Reed family, along with Brook, had gone to Tucson for the majority of the summer. They kept in touch with all of their friends from Nevada, but for the most part, they wished to remain close to Maggie, Clair, and Sam for the summer especially to recover from the traumatic events at Brownsville. As the summer came to an end, however, they had returned to San Diego, as Maria prepared for her job at Davis Hall Preparatory School. Maria was lucky to have gotten her old job back as an 11th grade American-Studies teacher, and she was even luckier to have gotten Will and Brook into the school with such little timing.

Davis Hall had a beautiful campus. Dark red brick walks, and tile sat on an open green lawn. A circle drive led to the front of the High School, as separate drives led to the middle and elementary schools. The school had all of the amenities that and average prep. school would have, swimming pool, track field, football field, and a gymnasium for basketball and other in door sports. Students wore a unisex sky-blue polo shirt with the school’s logo. Boys wore kaki pants with a belt, while girls wore kaki skirts. Most students wore Sparries with their uniforms, however, any form of dress shoe was allowed at the school.

“Hey, Pierce! Hey, Blane!” Lynn yelled from across the yard as she say Pierce walk up from the circle drive.

“Hey, Lynn” Pierce called back. A group of girls had gathered around him and giggled when they saw him turn around. Pierce was thin, tanned, athletically built and had broad shoulders. He was Davis Hall’s golden boy. He had a beautiful face, and had wavy brown hair that complemented his tanned skin and light hazel-green eyes. Though he was thin, he was also very athletic, and played football, lacrosse, was on the swim team. Pierce, in general, was the most attractive boy in the freshman class.

Lynn was the headmaster’s daughter and being of asian decent, Lynn was often thought of as a stereotypical asian student, yet she was quite the opposite. Lynn was a party-girl, she loved to drink, dance, and was very flamboyant and cheery.
Blane was a surfer, and was the quintessential surfer stereotype. He was a little slow, somewhat stupid, but was handsome. At 6’ he was the tallest in the group, he had blond hair that curled up at the ends. He had icy blue eyes and a surfer’s build.

“Hey, Lynn” Blane said back to the little asian girl. The three walked in together and into their homeroom. Once inside, they met up with Haley Reynolds, the other member of the group. Haley and Pierce were each other's gender counterparts. Both were beautiful, and both were relatively sheltered.

The group sat around each-other and conversed, meanwhile, Will and Brook entered the room.

“Dude, you came back!” Pierce said, standing up and giving Will a high-five.

“Yeah, Nevada didn’t really fit us. Oh yeah, this is Brook”

“Hi, Brook!” Lynn said happily, ushering for her to sit next to her and Haley.

After a few minutes passed, all the people of the homeroom entered the classroom. Each said hi to Will, surprised that he was returning, and sat around, conversing with one another.

“Alright, alright, quiet down everyone” the homeroom teacher spoke up as she entered the room, “I’m Ms. Lewis, and I’ll be your ad...vis..or...” Ms. lewis drifted off as she turned to see her class. She saw both Pierce and Will sitting in the front row and about lost it, “Uh...sorry class, I-uh, I just kinda lost it-uh-sorry” She walked out of her class room and over to her office across the hall. Amy Lewis had only became a teacher for one reason, little boys. She herself was quite attractive, and had been in countless relationships with men her age, but she couldn’t help herself around young teen boys.

Deciding to woman-up, she returned to her classroom to take role. After taking the role, she excused the students from her room and sat at her desk.

“Ms. Lewis?”

“yes, uh-”

“Rachel, Rachel Phillips”

“Oh, I’m sorry, Rachel. What is it that you wanted?”

“I saw how you looked at Will and Pierce.”

“Oh, uh-no-I-”

“It’s alright Ms. Lewis, I want to help you.”


“Listen. Will broke my heart, and all I want is him back. You can help, and as a reward, I’ll let you have Pierce.”

“Well Rachel I-” Amy wasn’t happy about being talked down to by a child, but Rachel was very aggressive about her desire.

“Ms. Lewis, I can give you them, I can manipulate boys, I’ve done it in the past. I can blackmail Will, and Pierce is like a child, he can be broken easily.”

“Well, Rachel-I have to tell you something. I like boys. I like to DO things to them, things you may not want to see, I’ve changed names, changed jobs, but I’ve done this to so many boys that I-”

“I don’t care, Ms. Lewis. Do all you want to them, torture them, beat them, whip them, I don’t care. All I want is for Will to come back to me and you’re my ticket to just that. So are you in?”

“Ye-yes, Rachel. I-I’m with you.”

Rachel gathered her things and walked from the room. She smiled to herself as she opened her locker. She kept a photo of her and Will back in eight grade taped to the back of it.

“Oh, Will...” she said to herself as she touched Will’s face in the photo, “I still love you, Will and no one will stand in my way”
Rachel slammed her locker and turned to see Will and Brook talking to each other. She felt anger overcome her as she glared at Brook. After a while, Will walked away from her, and Brook went to talk to Lynn and Haley, who happily seemed to accept her. Rachel glared and walked over to the three girls.

“Hi, Rachel”, Lynn said happily.

“Shove it chink! You!” Rachel snapped back, pointing at Brook, “Will was my boyfriend, and YOU stole him from me. I swear to you that he will be mine again, so get the fuck out of my way!”

Brook looked surprised with Rachel’s blunt anger, but her abrasive side suddenly emerged, “Look, you bitch! You have no idea what me and Will have gone through, and you have no idea what I’ve had to do just to be with him!”
Rachel smirked, then walked away. Brook still glared at her first enemy in San Diego.

“Ignore her, Brook, she went crazy ever since Will dumped her last year.” Haley said as she held onto Brook’s arm.

“it’s fine. She doesn’t scare me”
................Sorry it wasn’t erotic, but don’t worry, the next one will blow your socks off! TO BE CONTINUED

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