It’s 3:00 in the morning
I look at you; you look at me
So what you want to do its 3:00 in the morning.
I want to make love to you from head to toe.
Hitting it fast then slow.
Making your body scream in ecstasy
This is not a nightmare but a beautiful dream.
I enter you not once but twice.
Every stroke a pure delight.
You rub your hands down the small of my back.
Not to hard but a gentle scratch.
I’m on top you on the bottom
Pull your legs back
I don’t mind if you holler
You say you want to switch position
Let’s do it because I’m on a mission.
OH WOW so you want like that!
You know I love giving that ass a smack.
Don’t stop now
I’m about to erupt
It just change from making love
To I want to fuck

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