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Spring - 1999 Three Years Later...
“Daddy! Daddy!” Alicia cried out joyfully, then squealed as she was swept up into the air, swung around and gently deposited back to earth.

Tanya called out from the kitchen, “Supper’s almost ready, wash up, both of you!”

Frank hugged his two-year-old daughter tightly, then looked at her tiny, delicate, but very dirty little hands. “What have you been doing?” he asked, grinning at Alicia and showing her how dirty her hands were.

“I was hunting!” Alicia exclaimed proudly. "Mole Rats!"

“Well, now you’re going to be washing!” Frank laughed, then picked her up and carried her to the bathroom.

It was after dinner and Alicia was finally in bed. The ten o’clock news was on, but they weren’t watching it – they were just sitting there, together, not doing anything – maybe remembering, but perhaps not.

“How’s the club going?” Tanya asked quietly.

“Fine,” Frank replied. “The new dancer is working out all right, I guess. She isn’t you, so…”

“I got an offer to sell the club,” Frank continued. “I told him I’d consider it. It’s not the same without you there. And if you’re not coming back…”

Tanya sighed. They’d been over it before. She didn’t want to strip anymore. She wanted to raise Alicia. But Frank could tell she was restless. There was no real adventure in her life – not like before… But tonight, Tanya was feeling especially restless; Frank could tell. Finally, she told him.

“Colonel Brady called today,” Tanya said quietly.

“Really?” Frank asked, wondering where this would go. “What did he want? He’s not still fishing for aliens, is he?”

“Huh?” Tanya asked, surprised by the direction of his question. “Uh, no.”

She sighed. “He wants me to come back – to come out of retirement. They have a job for me that he seems to think I’d be interested in.”

“Yeah? What sort of ‘job’?” Frank asked, sounding a little irritated. He knew that, whatever Tanya wanted to do, playing ‘I Spy’ for Uncle Sam wasn’t anywhere near the top of her list.

Tanya shrugged. “He didn’t want to talk over the phone. He wants me to come see him.”

“Are you going to?” Frank asked.

“He seemed to think I will,” she replied. “He told me to watch the news tonight.”

“What channel?” Frank wanted to know.

“He didn’t say,” she said.

They watched the news for a few minutes. It was a dull night and the biggest story was the ‘Millennium Bug’ that everyone was terrified was going to crash all the computers. The commercial came on.

“Well, that was fun,” Frank said and started to get up.

“We interrupt this program to take you live to our affiliate station in Palm Springs!”

“Hey, they interrupted a commercial!” Tanya exclaimed, somewhat sarcastically. “Something must have actually happened!”

The TV screen was dark and the picture bounced around wildly, like someone was running and carrying a live feed camera on their shoulder. There was a lot of pandemonium and people talking with extreme emotion – mostly fear, grief and anger.

“Hello, Dave?” the West Coast News Anchorman said anxiously from his desk in Los Angeles. “Can you tell us what’s going on?”

“Dave? Can you hear me?” he inquired again. “We’re going to cut back to our regular newscast until you’re ready. Alright?”

“Hello, Harold?” a new voice asked. “Are we live yet?”

“Yes, Dave, I can hear you,” Harold replied, annoyed at having to give orders over live TV. “Get a camera on you. Tell us what’s happening!”

“Harold? This is just awful!” Dave said, still invisible, but sounding terribly distressed. “I don’t really understand what it is we’ve uncovered here…”

The camera feed, which had been displaying a running gait across sand and shrubs, was approaching a group of people lit up by portable floodlights. Hopefully the invisible newscaster, Dave, would be among them. Tanya’s mind interpreted what she saw as the camera approached:

'Civilians, milling around, nervous. They act shell-shocked.'

Then the camera was very well focused on the most macabre scene Tanya had ever witnessed on television. It was a man, or once was. His emaciated head was tilted back and there was a long, rounded object sticking out of his mouth and pointing up into the sky. The camera panned down, displaying a naked, mummified corpse. The mummy’s feet were off the ground and a long shaft that disappeared up between its legs was supporting the entire body.

Then the camera turned its bright lights across an area where many corpses were staked out in like manner – an entire grove of dead, rotting bodies were staked out, reminding Frank of a macabre version of a young tree nursery. Two of the staked-out bodies were still nakedly fresh and bloody; one male, one female, both young, perhaps teenagers.

The scene immediately changed to show Harold sitting at his desk in Los Angeles. His mouth was open in horror. Then he turned quickly to the side and threw up, setting his network career back at least ten years.

Frank and Tanya watched, mesmerized by the ghastly events along with the rest of the world, for the next three hours. All the networks were carrying it. Fox scarfed CBS’s initial images of the staked-out victims and interrupted their live feeds with it repeatedly, stealing millions of gore-hungry viewers from the other, more conservative networks who, after that first horrific burst of images, refused to show them again. It didn’t matter – by morning, the images were all over the internet.

It turned out that every hiker who had disappeared into the Superstition Mountains for the last three years was staked out in that grove. In the days that followed, it was determined that many of those discovered in that grove had died from exposure or other causes, then were evidently found and staked out by whatever monstrous person was committing these sins against God and Nature.

The bodies were located on sacred Indian burial grounds, which was why they’d not been discovered before now. The Forestry Service discouraged visitors from desecrating sacred places like this. A schoolteacher who was taking his class out to study ancient Indian cultures discovered the macabre collection quite by accident. There were two rangers with the group to insure that the ancient site remained undisturbed by the students, not realizing what they would find when they got there.

Tanya called Colonel Brady and turned him down cold. She knew that being a government agent would limit her ability to act if she needed to. Instead, after spending all night talking it over with her husband, she offered the government the elite services of Tabor Investigations, the newly-formed (one hour old at that time) husband and wife team of Independent Investigators (read, ‘vigilantes’ or ‘bounty hunters’).

The government never got back with them. Frank sold the Club anyway, and they took Alicia to live with her grandmother for the summer. Tanya’s mom, Alicia, was delighted, or so she said. Perhaps when summer was over, she might be singing a different tune.

It was two months after the grisly discoveries and there were still hundreds of hikers all over the mountains, along with dozens of agents and officers from every law enforcement group. Tanya and Frank, with their daughter safely ensconced at her grandmother’s and with the bar finally sold, decided to take their long-delayed honeymoon. Location? The Superstition Mountains, of course.

It was night and they were alone. The homeliest, hook-nosed ranger showed up around dusk and made sure they were set up properly and their campfire wasn’t going to cause a range fire, then left. The stars were brighter than either of them had seen for years. A coyote and an owl competed with millions of crickets and a pond full of frogs. The wildlife was all invisible, but very audible.

“In the winter,” Frank told her, “the sky is even more magnificent than it is now.”

“That’s pretty hard to imagine,” Tanya whispered, gazing upward as she lay in his arms.

“Yep!” Frank assured her. “Come Christmas, if you look straight up at midnight, you’ll see Jupiter and Saturn right next to each other. Sirius will be over there,” he pointed to the southeast, “and Orion’s belt will be right there.” He pointed again.

Tanya chuckled. “Some people think the world is going to end whenever the planets line up.”

“Do you think the world will end then?” Frank asked.

“Well,” Tanya said, then thought for a moment. “Let’s play it safe and be fucking our brains out at midnight on Christmas – just in case.”

Frank laughed. “Okay, just in case… But if the world ends then, we might not notice…”

“You’re probably right,” Tanya whispered.

They lay for awhile longer. The coyote and the owl seemed to quiet down, or maybe they went elsewhere. Only the crickets and the distant croakers remained. Tanya jerked awake when a dying ember popped out of the campfire and bounced off her leg. The sudden movement woke Frank, as well.

Tanya sat up. “Whatever happened to ‘fuck my brains out every time you see me’?”

Frank smiled at her. “Do you want to dance for me in front of the firelight? I brought the BB gun.”

“Darling!” Tanya exclaimed sweetly, suddenly very interested.

Despite the cool, night air, Tanya wasted no time getting out of her clothes. Once naked, she took a deep breath and made like she was smelling the moist parts of her body as they finally got some air.

“Ah, yes,” she murmured, inhaling deeply. “The exotic aroma of Deet!”

“Now, sweetheart,” Frank admonished her. “What would the frogs live on if mosquitoes didn’t lay their eggs in the water?”

“I still stink,” Tanya replied, not satisfied with his answer.

“I don’t care,” Frank told her. “You look sexy as hell standing there naked in the middle of the wilderness!”

“Really?” Tanya asked.

Frank didn’t answer. He hit himself in the groin with his fist, instead.

“Oh, my!” Tanya murmured. “Didn’t that hurt?”

“Only my knuckles,” Frank grinned.

“Oh-ho! Well, let’s get your clothes off, then, mister,” she replied and reached for his shirt.

In only a moment, she had Frank naked with his hard-on waving proudly in front of him.

“Now that’s a sight I’ll never tire of,” Tanya said and dropped to her knees in front of him. “Where shall I start on this lovely lollipop…”

She breathed gently, blowing on it and making it twitch. “Ooo! It likes that!”

“It likes being out,” Frank explained. “And it likes finding warm, toothy places to hide in.”

“Oh, well,” Tanya said, then kissed the tip of his cock with her puckered lips formed into an ‘O’.

“Oh, God!” Frank whispered. “It’s been way, way too long since you’ve done that!”

Tanya only chuckled, then sucked the whole thing into her mouth. Frank drew his breath in sharply, then exhaled with a sigh of ecstasy. “Ahhhh, yesss!”

Tanya slowly backed her lips off his cock, then licked her tongue around its tip a couple of times. “Did you bring any rope?”

“Hmmm?” Frank asked, her question distracting him from her cock play.

“Rope?” Tanya asked. “You know – for tying things up?”

“You want tied up?” Frank asked, annoyed that she’d stopped sucking on his hard cock.

“Always, darling!” Tanya laughed. “I want to suck you off and I want you to come all over me. Then I want you to tie me up and leave me by the fire.”

“Just leave you there?” he asked, not understanding.

Tanya nodded brightly. “Uh-huh!”

“Why?” he wanted to know.

“I might tell you later,” Tanya said, then went back to sucking on his cock.

“I’ll do anything you want if you just keep doing that until my cock explodes!” Frank gasped.

He could feel the vibrations of Tanya’s low laughter right through the soft, hot mouth surrounding his hard-on. He stood there as long as he could and let her suck on it. Then, no longer able to remain passive, he took hold of the sides of her head and began energetically fucking her hot, wet mouth. He cried out as he started to come, then jerked back as he felt Tanya’s teeth rake along the length of his cock.

Tanya managed to free herself from his grip just as Frank started to spurt. The first blast caught her square in the face, spackling her from her forehead down to her right cheek. As she backed away, the next several spurts landed on her breasts and belly. She lovingly rubbed his cum into her skin, her own body still aroused with her need.

“Now tie me up!” she said anxiously.

Frank staggered for a moment and just looked at her, then walked unsteadily over to his pack and dug out a length of rope. Tanya stood up and came over next to him, turned around and put her arms behind for him to tie her hands together. Once bound, she went over and lay down next to the dying campfire.

“Should I tie your legs?” Frank asked, sitting down beside her.

“No, this is fine,” she replied, squirming around to make herself as comfortable as she could while lying on her bound arms. Finally she was satisfied and relaxed back on the ground.

“What now?” Frank asked.

“Just wait,” Tanya whispered. “You don’t have to do a thing but watch.”

Frank returned to his backpack and put on a clean pair of shorts. Then he sat back and lit a cigarette. After a few moments, he heard Tanya draw in a breath. She sounded very aroused. He looked over at her carefully, but he couldn’t see anything unusual.

About ten minutes later, she whimpered. After twenty minutes, she was squirming, unable to hold still any longer. She emitted a high, quiet moan in her throat as she obviously had an orgasm without even being able to touch herself. Overcome by curiosity, Frank got up and came over closer to her. He stared down at her, dumbfounded.

Tanya was covered with mosquitoes! They were swarming from miles around, obviously attracted by her sweat and the scent of his cum.

“My God!” Frank exclaimed. “Where did you learn that little trick?”

“Sorority initiation,” she gasped. “Wanna scratch me?”

“Oh, yeah!” Frank exclaimed, dropping to his knees beside her.

Suddenly finding himself in the middle of the swarm, he rolled away from her, spitting bugs out of his mouth and snorting them out of his nose.

Squirting about half the bottle of Deet all over his naked flesh and tying a soaked handkerchief around his mouth, he clambered down next to his tortured wife again. Her eyes were watered up and she was struggling desperately to get loose from her bindings so she could scratch those itchy lumps all over her breasts and belly.

Frank pressed his hands down against her breasts, feeling all the lumps from the mosquito bites and squashing quite a few live mosquitoes still sucking her blood. Tanya cried out in relief at his touch and pressed her itchy breasts up against his hands as hard as she could while writhing back and forth, trying to itch her flesh against his fingers and the palms of his hands.

He was amazed that he could feel her orgasm as it flooded through her body. Her orgasmic energy actually seemed to flow up through her belly and right through her breasts and up his arms. He gasped as his own body reacted to the sensation as she came again. His cock sprang up and he was dizzy with lust for a moment. Then he positioned himself between her thighs and rammed his cock up into her soaked, trembling pussy.

Tanya cried out wildly and arched her back, welcoming her husband’s cock inside her with another orgasm. A coyote in the distance cried out in reply, but neither of them cared, or even heard it. Frank ran his hands down the front of her stomach, brushing aside and/or squashing dozens of mosquitoes in the process, leaving her sensitive skin smeared with fresh, itchy blood.

“Scratch me, damn you!” Tanya cried out at him. “It itches!”

Frank shook his head, not believing the things Tanya would do for the sake of pure sensation. He gently dug his fingernails along the sides of her lumpy breasts. Tanya responded by clamping down against his dick as she came yet again.

Finally getting the idea, Frank began gently scratching Tanya’s itchy breasts and belly with his nails. Tanya went nuts, writhing beneath him and screaming incoherently as she started one long, continuous orgasm. Her pussy quivered and clamped against his cock several times, stealing his cum from him almost before he’d started fucking her.

He continued to ride her, though, as she was still in the middle of the most amazing orgasmic performance he’d ever been part of. The fact that his cock was buried in this sensual mass of undulating flesh kept him hard and pumping madly as he tried to keep up with her. As he approached his second orgasm, Tanya had one final orgasmic seizure, nearly bucking him completely off of her, then she passed out completely. Frank felt like he was falling off a high cliff as he pumped his semen into her suddenly still and completely immobile body.

After several minutes, he managed to crawl off her, still gasping from his efforts. Tanya was still being attacked by myriads of mosquitoes, so despite the fact that all he wanted to do was lie there on the ground, he staggered to his feet and found the Deet bottle. He practically washed her bitten and bleeding body off with the smelly stuff, then watched her for a moment until he was satisfied that she was being left in peace.

Climbing unsteadily to his feet, again, Frank got a couple pieces of wood and dropped them down onto the dying embers of their campfire. Then he sat down to watch vigil over his sleeping wife. Gazing down at her, he was surprised to find that her skin had already healed from all the bite marks. Her flesh was smooth and sexy, like always, although she stank to high heaven. He chuckled to himself, shook his head, then lay down beside her to sleep. As he drifted off, he remembered that he had intended to use her BB sized paint-pellet gun on her.

'Oh well, tomorrow’s another day…' Then he was asleep.

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