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This is part three. Please comment on if you’d like a part four and what you think I could do better, thank you for all your votes and all your advice and comments, its greatly appreciated ALSO note that most of this is true. I and ‘Nikkie’ are in love with each over greatly. Please don’t steal this story and say it was your own. Thank you.
As soon as we heard the knock we both jumped off each over. I stood beside Nikkie, as she walked to open her door. “Oh my god.” I heard Nikkie say, “CAYLA? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE?” Nikkie Practically shouted, but tried to keep calm. I held her hand without Cayla seeing to help her not lose it. “Well, Nikkie. I was just wondering why I wasn’t invited to this “SLEEPOVER”? I thought we were Best friends! And look at what you go and do, you selfish bitch!” Cayla raised her hand to slap Nikkie, but I stepped in front of Nikkie and grabbed Cayla. “No Cayla. Don’t touch her. Hit me if you want, but not her.” And there I go again....with the protection. Soon everyone would know about me and Nikkie if I kept this up. Cayla pulled her hand from me. And slapped me. “I thought we were friends Tyler. I thought we cared about each could you?” I was getting angry. “How could I WHAT Cayla? How could I try to get to know Nikkie better? How could YOU even think about hitting her?” I said disgusted. “go home Cayla!” I said starting to turn, she went to hit me again, so I grabbed her hand and twisted her round, so her back was to my front “You know what Cayla? I do care for you! You’re like my sister. Maybe You just want to be a little more huh?” I said, running my hand down her tummy, tracing her hips, touching her thigh before I pushed her forward, and carried on till we were at the front door. “Go home Cayla. Come back tomorrow. Well sort this out then” She looked like she was about to cry, as she turn’t and walked down the street. I walked back inside, closed the door and ran upstairs back to Nikkie.
She was standing up the window. Staring out toward the night. With the window open and her hair blowing in the breeze. She was leaning up the side of the window. I walked over to her, and realised she hadn’t noticed me come back “Nikkie?” I whispered, as I Stood behind her wrapping my arms around her waist. Pulling her closer to me I rested my chin on the top of her head, and realised her hair smelt of apples, my favourite fruity smell. “I’m sorry about that. Would you like me to leave now? Or would you like me to leave you so you can sleep?” she sighed. “No” she said turning. “I feel bad for Cayla, Tyler the reason I wanted to carry on kissing you is because, Cayla’s a lesbian too, and she’s madly in love with you, and you’re such a sweet person! I wanted you all for myself” she said, looking toward the floor. “I stole you from her” I felt like someone had jumped all over my heart then thrown it in the trash. “Nikkie. I wasn’t Cayla’s in the first place. I don’t love her back” I said, I put my finger under her chin and lifted it, until she was looking at her. “I, I love you Nikkie” I said, kissing her again, my hands slid down her back and wrapped round her waist, pulling her up to me, I lifted her legs up till she was wrapped around me, suspended in the air, and gently leant her against a wall, out tongues started to entwine each over again, as Nikkie started gripping my hair, in that vicious passionate way. It didn’t hurt, and didn’t bother me. So I let her carry on. “Nikkie” I said gasping for air. “I love you” I said. Kissing her neck and collarbone. I wanted to kiss every part of her I could. And I would, I vow, that I will. I turn’t round and went to the bed. Nikkie still clinging on to me. I turn’t and fell, so I landed on my back onto her bed. “I love you too Tyler. My Tyler. Oh Tyler don’t stop!” She said, kissing me again. We were kissing so passionately it felt like fire. I wanted to make this last forever. No end. Just the beginning. I rolled so I was on top of Nikkie. I traced my hands over her bare legs, and pulled her knee against my body. “Nikkie, you’re so beautiful” I said between our kiss. Eventually I stopped kissing Nikkie and we both started laughing. I started kissing her neck before I stood up. I ripped off my jumper and put my hat on Nikkie. “Suits you” I said smiling. “Keep it” I continued saying. I ripped my socks off, and my jeans. Till I was just left in my top and underwear. I leant back on the bed next to Nikkie. “Want to get inside the covers?” I said “Sure” Nikkie replied, she pulled up so she was wrapped around my neck again. I pulled the covers back and layed in them, before pulling them back over us. “You know Tyler? When I saw you yesterday, I knew I loved you. That’s why I asked you to come over today” she said giggling. “Can I do something?” I asked her. “Anything” she replied staring into my eyes. I slid down the covers and parted her legs. I could feel the heat coming from her Vagina. I put my hands on the top of her underwear, and slowly began to pull them down......

Should i continue writing a part four? Please let me know in the comments. :)

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2013-05-06 15:46:57
it is short try towrite long stories your a good writer

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2012-02-27 00:34:35
whatever it is you have BiBiLdy its working on me ty again xoxoxo

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2011-11-27 10:04:56
This is a great story. I am glad some one else has bad feelings for Cayla.

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2011-04-22 18:45:59
Keep going! It is great but try to make the stories longer

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2011-04-11 23:34:54
Keep writing plssssss my love goes out 2 Cayla

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