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Ms. Lewis has a session with Pierce, Brook learns about Rachel, and Rachel is completely and totally fucking insane...I mean I created her, but still, she is just crazy, so fucking crazy!!
Rachel gazed through the peep hole she had drilled in the boy’s showers earlier that morning. Though most of the boys wore sliders in the showers, there wasn’t much to left to the imagination with the wet material perfectly framing their adolescence genitals. She hungrily starred at Will Reed as he lathered his bare chest with soap.

“Ooooohhhh...” she moaned to herself. Will was wearing sliders, yet Rachel could see the outline of his cock through them. She loved seeing him naked. He was thin but still he had pecks and his tummy had slight curves from a slight six pack.

“He has such a great body..” she thought to herself. Will had nice biceps which matched his broad shoulders. He was about 5’7, and what drove Rachel crazy was his emerging adam’s apple, “Oh, day I’ll be with you...and you’ll be all mine!”

“So have you done anything with Brook?” Blane asked Will as they left the locker-room and prepared to go home.

“Well...”, Will said. He wasn’t sure if Brook would appreciate him telling all of their sexual experiences, “We’ve done some stuff, but we haven’t gone all the way, I guess”

“Whatever dude, I’m sure that Pierce hasn’t gotten the balls to even make-out with Haley yet.” Blane said, as he shoved Pierce playfully.

“Shut up, Blane!” Pierce laughed back, nudging Blane back playfully.

“Hey boys, mind if I join your jerk-circle?” Lynn asked sarcastically, running up to stand next to Blane.

“Whatever, Lynn. You’re practically a guy anyway! Hey what did Rachel say to you guys today?” Will asked.

“She was insane! She came up to me and called me a chink, then she fuckin threatened Brook. She was saying, ‘stay away from Will! He’s mine!’ I don’t know, she’s insane. Seriously, Will, why would you ever be with that?”

“I don’t know Lynn? I mean when I think about it, I would rather do her than you.” Pierce said laughingly. Lynn laughed and punched him in the stomach, “Ow!” he groaned, flinching form the sudden pain.

“You pussy!” She playfully yelled back, running ahead to get in her dad’s honda.

“She can punch like a guy!” Pierce said, rubbing his stomach as the 5’ girl got into the passenger seat of the gray honda.

Will got home at about five. Brook greeted him at the door and hugged and kissed him on the lips. They walked in the house were Maria was busy cooking dinner.

“Hey, Will. How was football, beat the crap out of anyone today?” Maria asked warmly.

“Practice was fine, mom. How was work?”

“You know, shitty, but its whatever.” Maria turned around and put a healthy amount of spaghetti on both Will and Brook’s plates, “And what abut you, Ms. Greene? Make any friends?”

“Yeah, I made friends with Lynn Chung and Haley Reynolds, they’re so nice!”

“Oh, Lynn and Haley! They’re nice girls, and I think Will’s been friends with them for some time now.”

“Yeah, their friends of mine.” Will responded, slurping down a fork full of noodle.

“That’s great, Brook. Now what about enemies?”

“Well... this girl, I think Lynn called her Rachel-”

“Brown hair and eyes, kinda tall?” Will asked in a suddenly serious tone.

“Yeah. She was very pretty and she looked nice, but she was just such a bitch!”

“Yep.” Maria said, siting down at the table, “Rachel Phillips. Will’s ex.”

“yeah, she mentioned that” Brook said, remembering how angry Rachel was with her and Will’s relationship.

“Stay away form her!” Will said warningly, “She is insane. One day I went to Pierce’s house to spend the night, and I forgot my phone at home-”

“She called fourteen times and eventually came to our house. She lives three fucking miles away! She is very, very creepy.” Maria interrupted, shoving her mouth with spaghetti.

“Oh boy, looks like I amde enemies with a stalker” Brook sighed.

“Oooohh...ahhh....” Rachel moaned. She rubbed her swollen pussy lips with her left hand, while rubbing her breast and erect nipples with the other. She then reached over and grabbed a picture of Will. She had taken the picture earlier that day while watching Will shower-off in the locker-room, “Oooohhhhh.....Will.....ahhhh”

Rachel moaned with pleasure as she continued to rub herself, inserting one finger into her snatch. She felt the oh so familiar feeling of an orgasm begin to emerge between her legs.

“Will! Will! OOOooooohhhh....WILL” She moaned loudly, thrusting forward as she felt herself burst with an orgasm, her ejaculate slipping out of her twat.

Rachel sat up in her bed, breathing heavily. She looked at the picture of Will. She couldn’t help herself anymore, she loved him. But as she thought about the boy she loved, her mind shifted to the thought of Brook.

“That bitch, I’ll kill her!” Rachel grew angry. Biting her lip, she reached for her cell phone on her bedside table. After dialing the numbers to Amy Lewis’s phone, she lay back in bed.


“Ms. Lewis, this is Rachel.”

“Oh! Rachel, what’s the word?”

“I need Will. Now listen and listen good, I have a plan to get him, and if you cooperate, then you can have him and Pierce too.”

“What is it?”

“Right now he loves that girl Brook. We can use that against him, I have a plan, and I can also bring Pierce down too.”

“Good. So what did you have in mind, Rachel?”

“Listen first. now here it is...”

The next day started like the day before, with all the kids gathering into their indiidual homerooms. However, after homeroom had ended, unlike the day before, Amy Lewis asked for Pierce and Will to stay behind.

“What do you want us for, Ms. Lewis” Pierce asked politely.

“Well boys, let me put this simply. Starting today, both of you will become my play things, and anything and everything I want to do to you, I get to do, and that includes anything. So if I say strip, you strip. If I ask you to play with yourself, you do just that.”

“Uh...I don’t think that’s gonna happen” Will responded, laughing a little bit. Nevertheless, Will felt his dick jump with lust at the thought of his teacher forcing him to strip and masturbate. He thought about when Brook had made him do such a thing, and his imagination took off, carried by his teenaged hormones.

“Oh isn’t it?” Ms. Lewis said, pulling her cell phone out of her purse, “See this, let’s say I put this in Brook or Haley’s locker. Now, if I’m right, that’s theft, and they get expelled, am I right, boys.”

“You wouldn’t do that! that’s just evil!” Will yelled back, now sporting a full on boner form his fantasy.

“Also, I have a little friend who could get your mother fired just like that!” Amy laughed, snapping her fingers.

“How’s that?”

“HA! How could it not! But to save time today, Pierce, stay. Will, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“What are you going to do to him?” Will asked, standing from his desk, his boner disappearing from the insidious threat.

“I told you. You two will do everything I want, and don’t think that going and telling others will help you out of this one, after-all, I don’t think getting me fired will be worth having the Reed household living off of food stamps.”

“Dammit!” Will swore under his breath, “Look, this involves me more than Pierce, don’t make him-”

“No, it’s okay, Will. Whatever she wants to do me I can handle it. Besides, I’m not letting you, Brook, or your mom get screwed over.”

“Thanks, Pierce.” Will said, surprised at Pierce’s bravery.

“How touching. Now, Will, I suggest you leave, or you might see something you don’t like.”

“Pierce, should I-”

“Go, I’ll be good”

“Alright.” Will stood up and walked from the classroom.

“Dammit!” he thought to himself, “What does she want with us?”

After Will left the room, Amy walked over to the door and locked it. Next she returned to her desk and sat, crossing her arms over the wooden desk.

“Now, Pierce, I think that you are very attractive. Why don’t you take off your shirt for me? Hmmm?” Amy asked politely.

“Wha-what? I-I can’t do that!”

“Pierce? Think about what will happen? Do you want your friends living in a homeless shelter?”

“I-I...” Pierce stood and reluctantly pulled his polo-shirt off revealing his tanned and athletic young body. He was shorter than Will, but he was similar on his athletic build. He had broad shoulders, and had an actual six-pack that was most likely from his athleticism and his thin figure. Amy looked on at the boy with unimaginable lust.

“Good, now get naked.” She said, feeling her heart beat extra fast as she watched the beautiful young teen stair back at her in shock.

“No way!” Pierce yelled back.


“F-fine!” He pulled off his burks and socks, then unbuckled his belt and pulled his kaki pants down, leaving himself standing in his stripped boxers, “Please, Ms. Lewis, I-I can’t do this!”

“Pierce! Now!” Amy responded sharply, pointing to the ground with one finger.

Reluctantly, Pierce put his thumbs in his boxers waist bands. Closing his eyes he tried to sum up as much courage as possible, “Don’t be a pussy!” he thought to himself, “Don’t be such a pussy!” Pierce quickly pulled his boxers around his ankles, revealing his boyhood as they fell, “You did it, Pierce, you did it!”

Pierce looked like an average fourteen-year-old. He had plenty of pubic hair above his cock and balls, which was light brown like his wavy hair. He was uncircumcised, though, and his balls were hanging down below his three inch, flaccid dick.

“Oh!” Amy said, “Pierce! Look at that!” She got up form her desk and walked over to the humiliated naked boy, “Look-at-that, Pierce. You know, I hardly ever see boys that are uncut anymore!”

“Uncut?” Pierce asked, looking down in a concerned manner at his hanging genitals, “Is-is that a bad thing?”

“Oh no, Pierce, it just means that you didn’t get circumcised when you were a baby”

“What’s that?”

“Your like a child, you know that, pierce?” Amy said, shaking her head as she looked at the poor teen while he looked down, trying to avoid eye contact, as Amy walked up to the boy form her desk to examine the boy. Amy laughed, but reached down and pulled
his foreskin back.

“Ah!” Pierce moaned, not prepared for the sudden contact with his genitals. His dick jumped a little as his teacher pulled the foreskin back over his head.

“You know, Pierce, you’re pretty childish. Do you masturbate yet?”

“Well-I-uh-I....yes, I-I do, Ms. lewis.”

“Well then, do you like girls? I see you around that Haley girl a lot, she’s a lucky girl if that’s who you like. But then again, I think every girl in this school looks at you with that same look.” Amy smiled as she say Pierce turn bright red with humiliation.

“I-I-I guess I-I like her?” Pierce responded bashfully.

“Well, do you ever masturbate to her?”

“Ye-yes, Ms. Lewis...” Pierce responded, he felt so embarrassed.

“Oh, Pierce, how precious! You know, you have a cute little dick here, it wants to be hard, and you look like have an average sized one at that. I have another question, Pierce. How often do you masturbate, and be honest, I won’t tell anyone.”

“I...” Pierce didn’t want to say it. He was very sheltered, and thought of masturbation as a ‘taboo’ sort of activity, “Ms. Lewis! Please I-I-”


“Twice...twice a day...Ms. Lewis...” He said shamefully, looking at the ground in defeat.

Amy laughed and smiled at the boy, “You are one horny little boy, Pierce! I thought you were just a little innocent kid, but your just a horny little fuck, aren’t you!”

Still smiling, Amy next began to quickly stroke Pierce’s semi-hard cock. He moaned with pleasure at the sensation he was receiving from his captor. Amy’s heart skipped a beat when she heard him moan, so she began to quickly stroke the uncircumcised dick, causing pre-cum to leak from the young teen boy.

“AHH! Ms. lewis! I-I-I’m gonna-AHHH!” but it was too late, he his knees folded as he shot his load. His face turned red and his breathing became heavy, “Ms. Lewis...why-why-”

“I know, that felt good didn’t it, Pierce? Now then, here’s the next part of your session.” Amy pulled Pierce over to her desk by his balls, causing the teen to cry out in pain.

“Aw! Ms. Lewis that hurts! Please don’t hurt me like that!” The boy yelled as he felt his teenaged testicles being squeezed.

“Relax, you are such a pussy! Now hold still!” Amy pulled from her purse a tube of icy-hot, “Now this will be a reason for you to cry!” She let go of Pierce’s balls and pulled his foreskin back. She applied the cream directly to the underside of foreskin.

Pierce yelled in pain, as Amy pulled his foreskin back up, allowing the icy-hot to cover his tender dick head. Pierce let a signal tear drop from his eye, as he automatically reached for his cock, only to have Amy grab his hands before he could do such a thing.

“Now wait a minute, Pierce! Let’s make a deal. I won’t call you back for one of my sessions if you go the rest of the day with that stuff on you dick. Understood?”

“Ye-yes, Ms. Lewis” Pierce responded, quivering from the pain now streaming from his dick.

Pierce was allowed to put his cloths back on and leave. Meanwhile Amy Lewis sat back at her desk, beaming with pleasure. She quickly reached into her skirt and fingered her pussy, quickly shoving her fingers in and out of her fully matured twat, as she moaned and quivered under her most pleasurable orgasm to date. She pressed her fingers on her clitoris and moaned with lust and pleasure.

Pierce’s dick was on fire, as he ran to the lunch room to find Will. He wanted to wash off the awful substance coating it as it stung his teenage dick. Will saw him running into the room, and ushered him over to his table.

“You okay, man?”

“She-she ju-just put this cream on my-my dick!” He whispered into his best friend’s ear.

“Shit, does it sting?”

“Yea-yeah! I have to keep it one the entire day bu-but it-it hurts so ba-bad!”

It was now ten minutes until three, and Pierce was barely making it through the day. He tried to remain calm, but nevertheless was fidgety and squirming in his seat.

“Come on! Be three already!” He thought angrily to himself. He watched the clock and began to count down the seconds until three, “One...two...three....four...five...” Pierce was on fire now.

When three finally came, he rushed from the Algebra room and ran straight to Amy Lewis down the hall.

“Ms. Lewis! Please! Please let me take it off!” He said in a panicked manner.

“Okay, Pierce, you kept are end of the bargain, now come in.” Amy said, motioning for the boy to enter her office, were she closed the door and locked it.
Pierce pulled his boxers and pants down quickly as he pulled his foreskin back and, with a tissue, wiped the icy-hot off his dick.

“Good, now Pierce. I don’t want you to masturbate until our next session, understood?”

“Wha-what? But how can you-”

“I saw how much you came this morning, so I know how much you usually cum after about a night of back-to-back orgasms. Also, you’ll be wearing this.” Amy said, pulling a strange device from her purse. It was a chastity belt, and though it didn’t look threatening, it was to become Pierce’s worst enemy. The device had a cock-ring she attached to the base of Pierce’s genitals. From the cock-ring, a small bag hung underneath it which his balls fit into rather comfortably. The part his dic went into, however, was less comfortable. It was only the size of his dick while flaccid, and squeezed his cock. The device left a small whole in the top which allowed for urination. Pierce grabbed his dick but was devastated to realize that he could not feel his hand through the leather sleeve encasing his dic.

“No...” He thought to himself.

“Don’t worry, Pierce. You’ll have the ability to cum next tuesday, also, it won’t appear through your clothing, and since you shower after school, I suggest that you wear slides, unless you already do that?”

“Yes, Ms. Lewis”, Pierce responded, devastated that his dick was now no longer his own.

Rachel sat in her bed room, looking on her macbook. She had searched Brook Greene on google and bing, but what she found was nothing interesting. She found that Brook was from a little town in eastern Nevada, Brownsville to be more specific. Seeing no other leads, Rachel searched Brownsville, Nevada.

“Jesus!” she said to herself as she saw the massive cult that was busted in the town. She read the article up until she saw the name, Rev. Lloyd Greene, “he looks like Brook. He must be related, or at least know her?”

Feeling curious, she searched his name as well, hoping to find someone who could help her bring her new enemy down.

“Let’s see...Rev. Lloyd Greene arrested and taken to Brownsville city jail.....escaped, leaving dead guard and no clues...” Rachel greedily read the article. She pushed back to look for any other sites with Lloyd’s name. After several searches and websites, she suddenly came across a curious website.
Entitled, “Long Live Brownsville”, the site was dedicate to restoring the ideals of the Rev. Lloyd Greene. Rachel was very interested in this reverend, and clicked on contact information. A telephone number pooped up and she quickly wrote it down on a sticky-note near by.

“Well, Rev. Lloyd Greene, your going to help me kill that bitch Brook!”........TO BE CONTINUED

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