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Best Sister Ever!
Freaky Hot 2

A couple nights later I was doing homework

in my bedroom when Shelly knocked on my door.

She walked right in, and kneeled beside my

chair and just came right out and asked me

"are we ok , as far as our little adventures,

or , I should ask , are you cool with

everything?" I just looked her eyes and

blurted " I love what you're doing for me!

Thank you "! She added " well you'd be honest

with me and let me know if you're freaked out

at all , right"?! I assured her " I swear , I

love it ! I was even trying not to act too

eager , but I loved every thing we did! "

Shelly asked " so you'd let me know if you

think we going too far?" I assured her " of

She smiled, stood up, , than hiked the

long pajama top up enough to show me she had

no panties on ! As she was showing me her

pussy she asked me "is this too far?"! I

whispered " no"! She sat on my lap facing me

and put her lips against mine than whispered

"is this too far?"! I couldn't even speak ,

and just shook my head "no"!
I was wearing jeans this time and I felt

her fingers unbuttoning them, and pulling the

zipper down , and reaching her hand in my

pants grabbing my dick asking "is this too

far ?" I said "keep going"! She started

pulling my pants down and than just whispered

"take your pants off, or would that be too

far?" I said nothing and took my pants and

underwear off!
She pulled her shirt off and stood in

front of me leaning in to put her nipple in

my mouth and I immediately started licking

her nipple! She took my dick in her hand and

rubbed her pussy with the head of my dick ,

again "too far yet?" I just sucked her tit

and than felt my dick entering new territory!

It felt amazing ! I felt my dick enter her

pussy, and she lowered herself until I was

deep inside her!
She leaned back and said " look , your

dicks all the way in my pussy!" I did look ,

and was again so turned on seeing my dick in

my sisters pussy! I watched her move up and

down on it before she started kiss my

passionately and sticking her tongue in my

mouth, frenck kissing me and I squeezed her

tits hard! She asked again "is this too far?"

I replied " I hope not"!
She fucked me good and I started warning

her I was gonna cum she said "cum in my

pussy, please , cum inside me"! Well I did! I

shot my load in my sisters pussy! As I was

cumming she was looking in my eyes and

whispering "I feel your warm cum squirtin

inside me" adding "feels nice"!
We kept kissing while my dick was still in

her until I softened up and it slipped out.

She whispered " I never came as much as I did

fucking you , that was amazing"! I told her

"your pussy felt so good!" Than I blurted out

"thank you for letting me put it in your

pussy, it felt awesome!"
She started telling me "as I tried to tell

you earlier , if you ever want me to make you

cum, just ask" continueing "seriously , don't

hesitate to ask me if ya just need a quick

handjob!" ( just a quick note, now ,many

years later . although we're both married

with kids , I will call her or stop by for a

handjob and she will take me to her bathroom

or somewhere private and I will pull my pants

down and she will jerk me off! But those

stories are later )!
For now I was curious of how serious she

was about jerking me off whenever I asked!"

The next morning I was eating breakfast and

Shelly comes in the kitchen in a small t-

shirt and panties saying "good morning"! Her

panties were very shear and I was getting

hard watching her ass stroll around the

kitchen. I had to ask "Shelly, any chance you

could help me with this " as I briefly pulled

my shorts down to show her my hard dick"!
Her eyes got wide and she smiled and said

"meet me in the bathroom"! I headed right up

and went in and she folled me than shut and

locked the door. She lead me to the sink and

put her hand right down my shorts and fondled

my dick. She pushed my shorts down, grabbed

some baby oil , squirted it in her hand and

started jerking me off! She whispered "if ya

want you could play with my tits"!
I stuck my hand up her shirt and fondled

and squeezed her boobs while she was jerking

my dick good. I mumbled "here it comes" and

she pointed my dick into the sink. I shot

globs of cum into the sink. When she gave my

dick a final squeeze a small bubble of cum

oozed and she bent in and licked it of my

dick, kissed it and said "that should hold

you for a couple hours!"
That same night, I was sleeping and Shelly

knocked on my door, It woke me and by the

time I opened my eyes she was sitting on my

bed with her hand sliding down and playing

with my dick. She smiled and said "I thought

I'd check if you needed to cum before I went

to bed! I whispered "cool, thank you"! She

replied "my pleasure" and slid down until her

face was by my dick, pulled my underwear down

and started licking my dick. She my whole

dick and my balls for a while than just

sucked it faster and harder until I just came

in her mouth. It happened so fast! I didn't

even warn her! But she swallowed every drop

of my cum!
Many nights watching tv she would sit

beside me on the sofa , put a blaket over my

lap and jerk me off under the blanket. Once ,

on the way to the beach , she layed a blanket

over us and jerked me off with our parents

right in the front seat! Another time at the

beach , in the hotel , I was in the shower,

she came in to pee and removed her whole

bathing suit and sat on the toilet. I peeked

out of the curtain and she wastotally naked,

leaning back on the toilet with her legs

spread shoving a dildo in and out of her

pussy! I was mesmerized! She quietly says "I

have no where else to go, I'll jerk ya off

after I cum!"
Than she gets up, says "duh" and climbs in

the shower with me, bends over and tells me

"stick your dick in my pussy"! I get behind

her ass, line my dick with her pussy and push

in until I'm fucking her pussy! It was a

quick but satisfying fuck!

anonymous readerReport

2011-03-19 06:38:44
Story is better then it appears and is somewhat underrated.

There is a 5 year age spread here with the Female being Older which makes things interesting.

She just happen to like her little brother. Plus he is close and very game. Neither is going to tell but I am willing to bet the parents know.

My kids are young adults still living at home, Common in Hawaii, and they have been very close from toddler age. They have never done anything and i would know, but I also would not have cared from about 14 on as long as theykept it private.

Their Mother who is fairly gameherself would absolutly Freak to the point of death. However she would Not Call the Cops or anything.

There Mom is a lot younger then me but still middle aged.

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