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The Strip Tease
by: Charles Wolph

I just finished installing four hidden cameras in my bedroom so I can see what’s going on in my room at all times. It took me four months of saving my allowances to afford them. All these months of planning will finally be put to the test this Friday. There are only three days to fully test the cameras. I need to make sure they are where I want them and they are working properly. James is coming over to stay the night and I plan to watch him jacking off in my room when I’m not in there. He has been my best friend for several years now; we met in the 5th grade, almost 5 years ago. We have been having these sleep overs every Friday for 4 years now. I already know that he jacks off in my room; he asked me if he could. I’ve imagined him jacking off and I just really want to watch.

About five months ago, James was staying over and like always I had to do my chores after dinner. I have to wash the dishes and take out the garbage on Friday nights. James was company so I usually just let him hang out in my room till I’m finished. This Friday turned out to be a little different from previous Fridays. Before I started my chores we went into my room to get his bed ready. As I was pulling the extra blankets out of the closet for him he asked me if he could jack off in my room while I was doing dishes. He explained that he has no privacy at home since he shares his room with his older brother and his bathroom doesn’t lock. I told him to go ahead and he didn’t have to ask anymore. He thanked me and then asked if he could lock the door just to be safe. I told him of course you can lock the door just make sure it’s unlocked in 20 minutes when I get done with my chores. He said it won’t take him that long and he smiled. I shut the door behind me and I heard it lock.

The only thing I could think about while I was doing my chores that night was James. I didn’t know where he planned to jack off; I was kind of hoping that he was doing it in my bed naked. After I finished my chores I headed to my room. The door was unlocked when I got there, so I’m not sure how long it took him and I wasn’t going to ask. When I entered the room he was sitting on top of his blankets, cross legged, in his boxers looking at a handful of DVD’s. I shut the door behind me and locked it. Then I asked if he had decided on a movie and he held up Iron Man. We watch Iron Man every few months, so I wasn’t surprised by his choice. I told him to put it in and then I climbed onto my bed and lay on the covers while I watched the movie. James leaned forward, put the disc in the DVD player and pressed play. He then lay on his back, hands behind his head and ankles crossed.

“Hey Cody, is it ok if I sleep in my boxers?” he asked as he looked up at me. I told him to get as comfortable as he wants to, it doesn’t bother me. I had a hard time concentrating on the movie tonight. It’s not from seeing it so many times, but from picturing James jacking off and now being able to glance at his body every so often. It was hardening in my pants and I wanted to do something about it now, but I couldn’t in front of him. I excused myself from the room to go to the bathroom. James asked if he should stop the movie, I told him not to since I would only be a couple minutes. As soon as I has shut and locked the bathroom door I pulled my shirt off and hung it on the towel rack. My pants where proving much harder to get off, I fumbled with the button and zipper for at least a minute. Finally I had them undone and I pulled my pants and underwear right down to my ankles. My hand grabbed ahold of my uncircumcised cock and I just started stroking it hard and fast while trying to be a quiet as possible. With all the images in my head it had only taken less than a minute to blow my load all over the sink. Wow, that was a big load, felt great. I had to grab on to the side of the sink to sturdy myself.

Quickly I pulled up my pants, flushed the toilet and washed my hands and the sink before throwing on my shirt and heading back into the room. When I got back into the room, James was laying on his side with both hands in his boxers like he was cupping his cock and balls with them. I decided that I should change for bed before I lay back down. Usually I wear my pajama bottoms, but I didn’t take them when I went to the bathroom. So I just stripped down to my boxer briefs and threw my clothes on the hamper. I climbed into bed and under the covers; don’t want a noticeable boner during the middle of the night. With James laying on his side to watch the movie I was able to look at him much more than before. I did notice with his hands inside his boxers like that it caused the back of his boxers to reveal a little bit of his ass. He had fallen asleep like that, still above the covers, and I really didn’t mind, I liked looking at him. It was starting to get late so I shut the movie off before I fell asleep and left the TV on overnight. I laid there in the dark for 15 minutes to make sure he was asleep before I jacked off again. It took me almost a half hour to cum because I had to do it so slowly as to not make any noise. I didn’t have anything handy to wipe it off so I just used the inside of my underwear. That morning I woke before James did and when I looked down at him, I noticed that sometime in the night he has turned just right and bunched up his boxers. His balls were visible through the bottom of his boxers. I rolled over and fell back asleep; it was 7 am on a Saturday, to early.

James still stays over every other Friday and every Friday he does that same thing while I’m doing my chores, jacks off. His sleeping habits have also changed over the last few weeks. He is now getting under the covers and taking off his boxers before we start watching a movie or playing a game. I still haven’t taken that step; I’m still sleeping in my underwear. There are nights when I want to reach down, pick up his boxers, put them up to my nose and take a deep breath. But I’m too afraid he’ll either wake up while I’m doing it or notice that they aren’t exactly how he left them the night before. Tomorrow is Friday and I have been testing for the last 2 nights. I’m confident that I have it set up just like I want it. Last night’s testing was cool; I recorded myself jacking off, and then watched it. I don’t think I’ve ever turned myself on before. I can’t wait to see what kind of stuff I’m going to be watching Saturday night when I’m alone. It’s Friday and it feels like the school day has twice as long as normal. There it is, the bell, I rushed to my locker to get my stuff so I can meet James at his locker before we walk to my house. When I got to his locker he said that his dad got him a gift last night and he brought it with him so we could both use it. We got half way home before he stopped and pulled it out of his bag to show me, Soul Caliber 4 for the PS3. He said he couldn’t wait any longer, he had to tell me. We rushed to my house so we could play for a few hours before dinner. I had been waiting for this game for months, but couldn’t afford it because of my recent purchase.

We played right up mom yelled for dinner. James had to use the bathroom before dinner so I shut off the game. It also gave me the few seconds I needed to turn on my hidden cameras and start recording. It was the same as any Friday; James went into my room after dinner and locked the door. I was excited. Yes I wanted to play more Soul Caliber 4 but I also wanted to watch my recordings. I finished with my chores and headed back to my room. When I got into the room I noticed that he was fully dressed and had even put his shoes back on. Before I could ask him, he started telling me he wanted to play Soul Caliber with some modified rules. He handed me a controller and said we were playing Strip Soul Caliber. I said, Ok, you’re on! I’m going to kick your ass. James then told me the rules.

1. We can’t play the same characters
2. Loose a battle, loose a piece of clothing
3. If we tie, we both loose a piece of clothing
4. The looser can’t wear clothes till the next morning

The rules sounded fair to me, so I agreed with them. We sat at the edge of the bed and started playing. James lost round one and took off his shirt. I lost rounds 2 and 3 and took off my socks and shoes. He lost rounds 4 and 6 and now had socks and shoes off in addition to his shirt. I lost round 5, so I took off my shirt. We had both lost an equal amount of clothing so far. I was feeling confident that I was going to win this. Round 7 belonged to James, so I ended up taking off my pants. I equaled the score again in round 8 and now he was sitting here in his boxers, and I was in my boxer briefs. It all came down to round 9, the final round. It was really, really close, I almost had him. There was no way I was backing out of the rules, I lost so I had to strip naked. I grabbed the waist band of my underwear and pulled them down and off. I flung them across the room and they landed in my hamper. James reached over a patted me on the back and told me good job that was close.

James stood up and said you’re not going to walk around naked all night by yourself. Then he took off his boxers and threw them across the room. I tried to tell him he didn’t have to do that, he had won, but he insisted. I did feel a little embarrassed being naked in front of him, but he didn’t seem to care. He suggested we play a few more rounds, since we are so evenly matched. We played for almost another hour before I had to lie on my stomach to hide a boner. James didn’t even notice it. After about 30 minutes, he suggested watching a movie. I told him I’d watch any but Iron Man, he laughed and said he brought one from home. He said he found it in his brother’s stuff and hadn’t had time to check it out yet. He put it in the DVD player and sat on the bed next to me with his back against the wall and legs spread. It was a Guys Gone Wild DVD, James started laughing and I laughed with him. We decided to watch it just to laugh at it. I thought it was good, lots of naked men, more cocks than I’ve ever seen. I glanced over at James a few times and notice that he had a boner. After about 30 minutes, James paused the video and said that he knew what I did in the bathroom every Friday when he stays over. I told him I was sorry and he said that I didn’t have to be, I should have told him. He would have let me jack off in the room. It is your room after all, he said, and you let me jack off in here. He also told me that when I was doing my chores earlier, he didn’t jack off today, he wanted to wait till later tonight. I finally sat up instead of lying on my stomach so he could see that I had a boner too.

Why don’t you sit next to me and relax and I’ll start the movie again. So I did, I sat against the wall next to him. My dick standing straight up in the air, I was afraid to touch it in front of him. Ten minutes go buy and he is starting to massage his dick, so I wait a few more minutes and I start to slowly massage mine. James reaches over and grabs my dick right out of my hand and asks me if it would be ok if he jacked me off. I didn’t respond I just closed my eyes and tilted my head back. He kept going real softly, like he was pacing it so I wouldn’t cum to early. After a few minutes, I reached over and grabbed his dick and started doing the same to him. I had never touched someone else’s dick before, and it felt very similar to my own. It felt good. He had to tell me to slow down a few times, he didn’t want to cum to soon either. In the DVD I had seen a guy sucking another guy’s dick, so I asked James if I could try sucking his dick. James didn’t have a problem with it, so he laid down on the bed and I kneeled beside him. I pulled his foreskin back, bent over and put his dick in my mouth. I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to be doing this. James suggested that I might need to suck on it instead of just putting it in my mouth and bobbing up and down.

I did what he suggested and he started moaning and asking for it harder. He put his hand on the back of my head and started teasing my hair. Then he gently started pushing down on my head. I was really enjoying this and I know he was too. I knew James was starting to get close to cumming; he was trying to ask me if he could cum in my mouth but I could barely understand him. I kept sucking, harder and harder while he was pushing my head down even harder with both his hands now. I could feel the shiver go through his body then he filled my mouth with a huge load of cum. It was salty, sweet and sticky; I didn’t know if I should swallow it or spit it out. So I swallowed all of it. He sat up grabbed me by the shoulders and pushed me onto my back. Your turn is all he said then he started sucking my dick. This felt really amazing, he wasn’t taking it easy; it was like he was determined to get me off. It didn’t take him long at all to get me off. I told him, its coming and he just sucked harder while putting his right hand on my stomach like he’s holding me down. It’s…here…my body convulsed and I shot my load into his mouth, some got on his face when he pulled off. Apparently I wasn’t quite done yet. He reached over and grabbed my underwear out of my hamper and whipped his face off. I told him that was the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced. He wipes me off also then throws the underwear back into the hamper and lies down beside me. He whispers in my ear that was so good, can we do that again next time I stay over? Whenever you want to you I replied.

We fell asleep in the bed together, naked. We woke up at 10:30 am to my mom knocking on the door. She was trying to tell us that it was a nice day and we needed to get out of the house today. After debating on what we were going to do today, we decided to walk down to the river and go for a swim. James didn’t bring any shorts with him, so I let him borrow one of mine. Mom already had lunch waiting for us when we got out to the kitchen; we thanked her for it and took it with us. There was no one at the river today, just us. We decided to hike up a trail on the other side of the river. The river wasn’t deep, a little cold, but not too bad. It wasn’t a long trail, but no one ever hiked it. We went about half a mile down the trail and stopped. James grabbed me, pulled me close and pulled down my shorts. He was jacking me off out there in the middle of the woods; I had no problems getting hard. I started to return the favor, but he stopped me and said he wanted to try something else. He dropped down to his knees like he was going to suck my dick but instead he spun me around and started licking my ass.

I really liked this and he could tell. He stopped, stood up and started kissing me on the back of the neck. His hands were wrapped around the front of me caressing my bare torso. He gripped me around the chest grabbing my right shoulder with his left hand and I felt one of his fingers from his right hand rubbing my asshole. I had no choice about moaning, there was no way I could control it. Gently he started sliding a finger in and out and after a while he added another finger, then another. He whispered in my ear that he wanted to stick his dick inside me. All I could manage to say was, be gentle.

The End
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