The final chapter
My surreal life continues to evolve. I am still at the HO ranch. I was born a male but years ago underwent radical surgery to become a female. A female “what” is difficult to define. I have huge breasts that are still being milked, but not as often as before. I have female reproductive organs, but not like a human. I am bred to bulls and have given birth to so far seven calves.

I have accepted my life here and by doing so I have been given more and more freedom. I originally was only kept in my stall or the milking barn, but now I pretty much have access to the whole ranch. I have been given female hormones for years now and my features have feminized. I have long hair and if you passed me on the street you probably would think I was a normal 35 year old woman, except for my huge tits and wide hips. At first I would just walk around naked as I was led back and forth between the milking barn and my stall, but since they do have visitors on occasion here if I am outside I wear clothes. Usually a dress but sometimes shorts or pants. When I am being milked or bred I am naked of course.

At my peek I was producing about 8 gallons of milk per day. They have cut that way back now and I usually only get milked when I want to, in order to relieve the pressure, or because I enjoy it which I do. I think I have been constantly lactating for almost 10 years now. It just seems so natural. At rest my nipples are about 2 inches long but after they have been sucked on in the pumps they grow to 6 inches long and stay that way for a day. My breasts are about a JJ cup and I have gotten used to their size and weight. I actually go into town on occasion and I have some custom bras I wear when I do.

My pussy is a work of art. The highly skilled vet here constructed it from what he could salvage from my cock and balls along with my anus and rectum. These were all disfigured in a torture session. My new vagina was made in such a way that I could give birth to a calf and also have sex with bulls who of course have huge cocks. I do that on a fairly regular basis so they can collect the bull semen and sell it. I use a diaphragm so I won't get pregnant even though they want me to have a few more calves.

It's a nice warm sunny day today and my tits are very swollen and sore. I know milking them would make them feel better so I head over to the milking barn. I have a private stall there just for me. I find one of the ranch hands and ask him to help get me hooked up. There is a special padded rack in my stall that I lay forward on during my milking session. Each one of my large tits hang down on either side of it as I lie forward. I have removed the dress I was wearing and I get into position. The ranch hand has done this for me many times. He starts the pump on the machine and places a suction tube on each of my nipples. The suction takes hold and they stay in place. I feel my milk start to flow and I relax. He secures 2 straps across my back to keep me in place on the rack. I am strapped down on my stomach with my naked ass and pussy exposed.

My pussy looks fairly normal. The vet did a good job. My clit is extra large because it used to be my glans from my old cock. My labia lips are large too because they much stretch to accept the huge bull cocks. The walls of my vagina can stretch to a huge size too, but I have good control over the muscles there and can squeeze them to make myself surprisingly tight.

I wasn't sure how long I wanted to be milked today, mainly long enough to get some relief. I was enjoying things strapped down on my rack by myself in my stall. I actually might have drifted off to sleep a few times. I woke up when I heard someone come into my stall. Usually this is a ranch hand to check on me or on rare occasion the ranch boss or even the vet. I heard them but I couldn't see them yet. It really didn't bother me for men to see me naked or in this exposed position. I had gotten used to it over the years. I did hear the latch being thrown on the door locking it.

Whoever entered my stall must have moved up behind me because all of a sudden I felt their hands on my exposed ass. They started to rub it and traced the outline of scar from me being branded. Without saying a word whoever was back there moved their hands down to my pussy and started stroking my lips. They weren't saying a word and I couldn't turn around to see them. I heard a zipper opening up and I figured out what he wanted. He started to rub his cockhead up and down my pussy lips. It felt really good and I was getting wet. He pressed forward and his cock entered me.

I had never had sex with a real human cock before. Ten years of being in this position and this was the first time this had happened. It felt very strange since I was only used to being fucked by bulls. I had no frame of reference to know how big this guy was. I squeezed my muscles to make myself as tight as possible for him and I heard him groan. He had both hands on my ass and was pumping me good. He had a large sack with big balls that was slapping my clit as he pumped. This felt really good and I came causing my pussy to spasm. His thrusting became more urgent and I felt him swell and then start unloading his cum in me. A few strokes later he softened and breathing hard he withdrew his cock from me. I heard his zipper go back up and with a slap to my ass he walked to the door, unlatched it and then left.

Not a word had been said between us. I wasn't shocked but I was a little dumbfounded. Who on the ranch had been thinking about doing this with me? And why now? It actually felt really good and I knew I would want to do it again. I knew men on ranches when they got horny enough might have sex with some of the animals. Was this what just happened? Luckily my ovaries were from a cow and I could only get pregnant from a bull.

About an hour later the ranch hand came back and unhooked me from the milking machine. While getting dressed I looked at him to see if I could if he would give me any signs that he was the one that secretly fucked me. He acted normal and I decided not to say anything. I took a long walk through the paddock area. I stopped by the pens that held the breeding bulls. A couple of the bulls there were my sons and one was my son from being bred to one of my sons. I know that might be confusing but it is common practice for offspring to be bred with their parents in this business. I loved them all and looked forward to any chance I get to be with them.

I went back to my quarters. A few years ago they had converted an old office in one of the barns into a room for me. Since I had accepted my role here I guess they decided I didn't need to stay in a stall. My room was small but neat. I had a bed and table and chair. I also had a bathroom. For years I would just pee or poop wherever I felt like it. Usually on some hay. Someone would always clean it up. Having a real bathroom made me feel more human.

About a week later my tits needed to be milked again. This gave me relief but the ranch also sold my milk on the black market. I guess that's why they never let me dry up. I went through my normal routine of being hooked up and about an hour into it the door opened. It was going to happen again. My pussy started to get wet almost on it's own in anticipation. He quietly moved up behind me. This time he squatted down and started to lick my clit with his tongue. I had only had a bull do this to me on a few occasions and it felt wonderful. He lapped from my big labia lips and sucked my huge clit into his mouth. He was about to send me over the edge when he stood up and took out his cock. He rammed it in with one stroke. I had come to the conclusion that he had a really big cock for a human.

As he was pumping me he leaned over my back and reached down to squeeze my big milk jugs. I was still hooked up to the milking machine but it felt good to have them squeezed. I tried to make my pussy as tight as possible for his enjoyment. Even though I had given birth to multiple calves I guess he thought it felt good because he was back. Then I thought of something. Was this the same guy? I wasn't sure. I assumed it was but there was a chance it wasn't. He was lasting longer this time and I had a couple of orgasms while he pounded me. Finally I felt a big load being shot up inside me. It wasn't like a bulls load, that is huge, but it was a lot none the less. He finished and then quietly left.

Over the next couple of months this became routine for me. I would go get milked and fucked at the same time. Not every time but almost. When it didn't happen I was almost sad. I had come to really enjoy the sex. It was always the same. Him pounding my exposed pussy from behind and unloading himself into me. He still hadn't revealed himself, maybe from embarrassment. Hopefully one day I could meet him, or them if it was more then one.

One of my jobs at the ranch was to have sex with a bull and then have the bull semen collected from me so it could be frozen and sold. They found that the bulls produced a more potent semen and more of it if they used this collection method instead of just jacking the bull off. The vet inserted a custom diaphragm in me so I wouldn't get pregnant if it wasn't time to breed me. I loved the feel of a huge bull cock in me. I would be strapped to a rack and a big ramp was wheeled over me. The bull would be led in and once he was ready the ranch hands would position him behind me. The bull knew what to do and would climb up on the ramp and after lining him up the giant bull cock would enter me. It always took my breath away. The big cock would saw back in forth in me. The flared head would press against my cervix. The bulls usually unloaded a liter or two of semen in me. It would gush out into a collection pan when the softening bull cock would pull out. I was getting fucked by a bull a couple of times a month now as well as the fucking by a human I was getting while being milked.

One morning I woke up and I wasn't feeling well. My stomach was upset and I went over to the vets office to get something for it. He checked me over and listened to my gut with his stethoscope. He asked me to go in the bathroom and pee in a cup. He ran some tests and came back in to talk to me.

He said, “Mama, you're pregnant again. The diaphragm we use must have slipped and some bull semen got past it. Even though this is unplanned you have done this enough times to know what to expect. I am sure you will have another healthy calf.”

It was surprising news but really not a big deal, after all I had given birth seven times already. I settled back into a routine I always kept when I was pregnant. I would go get milked when I needed to. I didn't have sex with the bulls but my secret lover visited me in the milking barn and continues to fuck me. My pregnancy progressed like normal except for one thing. My belly was getting big, just not as big as normal. Since this was my eighth pregnancy the vet didn't visit me very often. My ninth month of being pregnant came and I was ready to give birth to my calf.

They always let me stay in my milking shed when I was getting close to my due date. It was easier to give birth in there. I stayed naked and they would place me in my rack when my time came to aid in the delivery process. One morning I woke up and I was cramping. My water broke soon after that and I called to the ranch hand to get the vet. Since this was my eighth I knew I wouldn't be in labor long. They helped me into my rack and I started to push when the vet told me too.

The vet knew he didn't have to help me much anymore and just stood behind me just in case. Things were going very smoothly and it really didn't hurt all that much. In fact it felt like my calf was coming out easily. Suddenly I heard the vet say something.

“Oh my God.” he said. “Something's wrong here.”

“Keep pushing Mama, I can't believe this.”

I was getting scared now and hope the calf was alright and not deformed or stillborn. I gave one last push and he was out. The vet was holding him behind me where I couldn't see and usually cleared his mouth so he could start breathing. I was waiting for that first bleat so I knew he was OK. It took a couple of long seconds but then I heard it. I was expecting a sound I had heard many times before but this was different. Instead of the bleating of a newborn calf I heard a cry, a human cry. It was the cry of a newborn human baby.

“My God Mama you just gave birth to a baby, a human baby not a calf.” the vet said.

These words didn't make sense to me. How was this possible? I started to cry as they helped me off my rack. I sat down on some clean hay and after checking him over the vet brought me my newborn son. He settled down as I held him and as I placed him to my breast he started to suckle like nature intended. News of this miracle spread fast and soon people were stopping by to see it with their own eyes. The ranch boss looked in and didn't say a word. He was a big man and I could have sworn I saw a tear in his eye.

They helped me to my room. I cleaned up and tried to relax with my baby. Somehow I had gotten pregnant from being fucked by the stranger. I guess after I recovered the vet would run some tests to find out how. This changed everything. This was a human baby not a calf and nobody was going to take him away from me. They brought me diapers and things I would need to take care of him. I had plenty of milk for him so whenever he got hungry I was ready.

A few days later the vet ran some tests on me and the baby. It turns out I have two ovaries. One was from a cow and the other one was from a human. All this time I was producing both kinds of eggs. Since I had only had sex with bulls up to recently that's who got me pregnant. I told the vet about my recent experiences with the secret guy and he said that's how it happened. My secret lover was the father of my baby.

About a week later I got a visit from the ranch boss. He came into my room and sat down to talk to me. I was nursing my baby in a big rocking chair they had given me. He was having trouble finding some words to say.

“Mama I have something to confess.” He said.

“I am almost 50 and I have never been married. I have tried to find a woman that would have me but they all end up leaving. I'm a big guy and I have an abnormally large penis. Way too large for the average woman it seems. Ever since you arrived here and I watched you having sex with a bull I have dreamed about what it would be like to have sex with you myself. It took me a long time to work up the courage. I had to do it secretly in case you decided you didn't like it. After that first time I fucked you I knew I couldn't stop. You could take my large cock unlike anyone else before. I had no idea I could get you pregnant. Now that you have given birth to my son, our son, I had to be honest with you.”

As I looked at him speaking to me from his heart tears came to my eyes. Our son suckled at my breast and I hoped I would hear what the future would hold for us.

“I want you and our son to move into the ranch house with me. I want us to raise him together. I don't know if you could ever love me, but I would like to try. Your old life would be over and new one would begin.” he said.

So that's what happened. I moved into the big ranch house. We lived as a family. I finally made love in a real bed with my big ranch boss. I loved his big cock and he loved fucking me. He got me pregnant two more times. I had son's like always. When I turned 40 they found some cysts on my ovaries and I had to have a hysterectomy. So no more babies of any species from me. I decided to have a little plastic surgery done. I had my breasts reduced. Well reduced from gigantic to huge I guess. I ended up with a DD cup. I also had some work on my face done. A nip here and a tuck there.

The boss and I got married. I love him and our sons. My journey is complete and though some might think I got here against my will I wouldn't have it any other way.


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No more sequels?! :((

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Yeah, I understand there are some sick fucks in this world, guys who use abuse and discard women, and they suck, they really do. There really is no place for those guys, women hate them for what they do, and men hate them for the stereotypes they create.

But honestly this entire series seemed like it was written by a women who think men's brains are wired entirely different than that of a female's. And yes, while its hard to understand guys at times, they still have the same basic psychological behaviors as women.

At this point it's just becoming a bit ranty, and honestly I only read to this one to see if it had a better ending, but whoever the writer is doesn't seem to know the first thing about human psychology and behavior, never mind the limitations of biology. The best fictional stories are those with roots in actuality.

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Okay. Just got done reading the whole story.
With a few exceptions it was a decent read, But...
with the last chapter I felt it was more of a right off to appease readers.
When it got to the part about mama's secret "admirer" I had hoped holly returned, using scott's own junk to knock him up in a strange "it was me all along austin" spin instead Ranch boss who seemed money grubbing and in cahoots with holly from the beginning. Butt hwaut dew eye no. Gewd stewie bruh.

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Great story with a nice ending. Where & what did you do with Holly?

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