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Harry’s Christmases Part 2

December 24, 1998 Harry Potter sat in his chair watching the fire, when the fire moved to the side and Father Christmas stepped out. “Hello Harry”
“Mr. Cringle how nice to see you again, you been well I hope”
“Yes Harry and it’s nice to see you”
“Egg-nog sir”
“OH Yes thank you. I was on my way home and saw your chimney smoke and thought I’d drop in, that is if you don’t mind or I can just leave and it‘s Chris”
“No .no stay sir er Chris it’s fine. I wish to apologies to you sir, I was a small child who didn’t realize you were just being you and tried to make my life a little happier”
“No Harry I didn’t understand until I watched your family closer, I quite understand why you said what you did”

As he sat “Harry are you happy”
“yes Chris I don’t believe I could be happier, Voldemorts gone I married the woman of my dreams and to become a father in half a year.”
“What of the other girl, do you think you would have been happier with her”
“No I believe I married correctly, Chris and I believe she’s happy with me too, did you want to ask her something”
“no I wondered did she ever tell you of the gift I left her”
“Huh No.. I don‘t know, not sure.. what gift, I can ask her now, she would love to meet you Chris”
“Well alright”
He walked to the door.

“Sweetheart can you come here for a minute, there’s someone I want you to meet”
Father Christmas stood up and turned to her “Hello Mrs. Potter, I’m Father Christmas, Harry and I wished to ask you a question”
“Father, Father Christmas” she looked at Harry who nodded with that smile.
Harry escorted her to her chair and she sat “What do, do want to know”
“Several years ago I gave you a book and I was wondering if I hadn’t would you have married the other boy and since you didn’t, are you happy that you married Harry”
“Book oh the boo… you send that I thought my mum or dad gave it to me”
“Yes that one and I gave to you”
“I don’t know I certainly hoped I would have married Harry even with out the book, but it did help tremendously. I can’t image being without him and yes I’m truly Happy.” as she moved over to Harry chair and sat in his lap.
“as I had hoped”
“One moment Chris.. Dobby”

“Yes mister Harry Potter sir, you called Dobby”
“Yes there eight reindeer on the roof can you see they get some carrots and a bit of barley and a touch of water if they wish. Oh and Dobby afterwards would you like to join us for some egg-nog”
“Raideer, yes sir, join you, you and misses and Father” and he begins to cry.
“Yes Dobby old friend join us and Winky too, if you don’t mind Chris”
“Thank you Harry and I know they thank you too, and Yes Dobby would you and Winky join us”
“Yes sirs” and he was gone

“Chris what this about a book”
“Oh my love, you remember the book ‘The Lovers Quest‘, I showed you in sixth year, the one we read together sitting in front of the fire”
“Oh The one with the inion ‘Read with a Friend’”
“Yes that book a very lovely story”
“You know Chris it took us months to finish that book”
“Oh it wasn’t that big”
“No but not even half way thru the first chapters, the snogging caused us to keep losing our place and we would start over, in fact we read the first chapter or I should say part of, at least a hundred times or more”
“Thank you Father Chri..
“It’s Chris Mrs. Pot…
“And it’s Hermione, Chris”

She remembers the book all to well, Christmas morning at home her sixth year, as her family unwrapped their gifts. Her father handed it to her. she was sure it was a book, as was some of the others, but the handwriting she didn’t recognize. ‘Merry Christmas Hermione from Father Christmas’ , she gently removed the wrapping and look at the title ‘The Lover’s Quest‘, and opened it and inside the inion read ‘Read with a Friend’. She immediately thought of Harry, her best friend. She set it aside to open her other gifts, later in her room, she looked at the lovely book, opened it again and looked at the inion and again thought of Harry. After a few minutes she thought why Harry, why not Ron she asked herself, after all Ron has been more friendly than normal as of late and they have been snogging for some weeks before the Christmas break. Why Harry.. Was it the title, she knew Ron won’t care to read any book unless it was about Quidditch or some other sport or a girlie Magazine. He hardly read his school books and only after she nags him to. Or was it something else, she wasn’t sure. All she knew was when she gets back to school she would find Harry, her best friend and ask him to read it with her.

Harry had remained at school as he has done before, being the only home he had to go back to, is the Dursleys and if at all possible, No.
He could have gone with Ron, to the Burrow again, Ron asked if he wanted to, but Ginny would be there, so he stayed at school. There were a few others who remained, so he had someone to talk to and play in the snow. The teachers for the most part left them alone. Harry did notice that one couple took advantage of the lacked rules and were snogging all on the place, he had even walked by an empty classroom and heard them, opening the door just a bit looked in and they were shagging on top of the teacher’s desk. He backed out quietly and laughed to himself ‘way to go Derick, shag her good’ he thought of Hermione for a moment, shaking his head ‘what’.

Later he thought why did I think of Hermione, before I would think of Cho and then Ginny, the latter two he had dated, Cho’s which turned out badly and Ginny did like to snog, but that’s over they broke-up Thanksgiving. Why Hermione, she’s my best friend.

Hermione heard pecking on the window, she opened it and Hedwig flew in, she took the parchment and parcel and ruffled Hedwig’s feathers as she handed Harry’s owl, an owl treat and got a dish of water. Hedwig hoots as to say ‘thank you’ “Your Welcome Hedwig, how’s Harry.” the snow white owl hoots happily as telling her ‘he’s fine‘. She reads Harry’s letter’

Dear Hermione

Happy Christmas!! Just some things I picked up at Hogsmeade and thought you might enjoy. Hope you’re enjoying being home with your parents and I am sure you received a new bunch of books. And other stuff too of course. It snowed here again last night, covering all in a new blanket of white, in fact the snowman out front, the bottom section is half buried. There about twelve of us spending the hols here and it nice to have someone to talk to and play chess and snaps with. Oh some do rather enjoy it, you remember Derick from Ravenclaw, he has been snogging Lewinda all over the place. In fact I heard a noise in Muggles Studies classroom yesterday, and then a moan as I was walking by. I peeked my head in and they were shagging on Professor Burbage’s desk, I left before they heard me. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves despite being stuck here, for me it’s fine no Dursleys, no problems, quiet, peaceful really and enough classmates to keep from being lonely, even if I‘m the only Gryffindor here, oh Mrs. Finnigan, Seamus‘s mother picked him two days after you left. I enjoyed your gifts and look forward to reading, in front of the fire tonight. Hope all is well and can’t wait to see you again.


She opened the parcel and sure enough books, two old looking leather covered books she didn’t remembering ever seeing before. ‘The Runes of Grivosuton’ and ‘History of the Goblin Wars‘. And in between them a novelette ‘The Burning Heart‘. ‘Oh Harry, only you’. Harry had discovered her hidden secret, she enjoys reading Romance novels.

Ever one returned from the Hols in good sprits it seemed, Harry met Ron and Hermione at the main door and hugs all around and a nod to Ginny. Ron was wearing his new brown sweater with a big red ‘R’, mum strikes again. Lavender Brown hugged Ron, trying to rekindle their off beat romance. Hermione just looked funny and turned to Harry asking him how his stay was. They walked to the Gryffindor Tower common room, talking about their gifts, yes Harry received Hermione’s and Ron’s and they his. Hermione said she loved the in-between. Ron just stared for a minute and turned and walked off. Hermione just looked at his fleeing back, like someone had stepped on her foot.
Then Hermione as she wiped the start of a tear, showed Harry her new book and the inion ‘Read with a Friend’, she quickly said “ Harry when I saw the inion my thoughts was of you, not sure why, but each time I open it I think of you, silly isn‘t it”
“No, not at all, I am your friend, Mione your best friend and I’ll be more than happy to read with you, anytime, just say when, now if you would like” he had really missed her.
“Yes, I think now would be a good time, thank you Harry” and kisses him on the cheek. He blushes.

They sat on the loveseat in front of the fire and began slowly reading. Harry’s arm being penned against Hermione was going to sleep and Harry asked if she wouldn’t mind he would like to put it on the top of the seat, she moved a enough for him to pull his arm out and placed it on top of the loveseat above her shoulders, but not touching. They sat reading. Ron came in later and looked at them and walked off, they never saw him. Later Hermione said her shoulders were getting cold and Harry moved his arm down and wrapped her, his hand touching her arm, she sighed.
Harry absently minded rubbing her arm, sent little goose bumps thru her. ‘Lovely little goose bumps’ she thought.
After a few more pages, Harry asked if she was “thirsty, hungry“, she nodded, “lets go to the kitchen for a snack, one minute“.

He ran upstairs and grabbed his invisibility cloak and back to the waiting Hermione, under the cloak, Harry could smell the scent of her hair, apples, no something close but not “mmmm” she smells good.
Then she said “Harry” she heard the ‘mmmm’ and smiled.
“Oh sorry”

And out the portal to the kitchen they went, where Dobby had a late-night snack waiting.
They sat across from each other and ate, staring into each others eyes. After they finished Dobby ask if they needed anything else.
Harry replied “huh oh Thanks Dobby huh No Thanks”

And back to Gryffindor common they went. It was quite late and Harry said “err.. I had a wonderful time, huh see you in the morning, huh nite Mione”
“Yes Harry me too, till morning then” and kissed his cheek again. He walked her to the girl’s dorm stairs and watched her she ascended the steps, she paused at the top and turned to see Harry face go beacon red. “Nite” and disappeared. She smiled to herself, “humm“.

That night she dreamed of the novelette Harry had given her, in her dream she was the heroine and Harry was the dashing captain. She woke just as Harry was going to kiss her. “sweet Maeve, Harry” she murmured, her knickers were damp.

Next morning Harry waited for his best friend to go Breakfast.
Hermione stepped out of her room and on the landing about to walk down, when she heard.
Ron had just came down “Hey mate lets eat”
“Be right with you Ron, waiting for Mione”
“She knows where the Hall come on”
“No, you go we catch-up”
“Ok Harry”
And off he went

Hermione paused for a moment and smiled and walked down.

“Hi Harry, what you doing and where’s Ron. She noticed Harry smile dropped at the mention of Ron’s name. ‘o did I mess up’ she chided herself.
Harry started to turn to walk away” oh he’s gone to eat, I ..”
“Harry, look at me”
Harry turned she could see the slight pain in his face. She grabbed Harry and said “sorry, you were waiting on me, wasn’t you”
“Huh I “ and turned.
“Harry James Potter look at me please”
He turned, she said “sorry I shouldn’t have, forgive me” and kissed his cheek “Harry will you read some more with me tonight” ‘please Harry please’
“yes of course, more than happy to” although his voice was slightly off.
‘Yea I messed up’ she thought ‘I’ll try not to mention Ron again for awhile’

They walked to the Great Hall and entered together, no big deal, they do it all the time. Ron motion for Harry to sit next to him, there was only room for one,
Hermione said “Lets sit here Harry do you mind, not as crowded” there was room for both to sit beside each other.
“Of course not Mione, here’s fine” and he sat with his best friend.

After breakfast, they had potions, Ron joined them and they walked to the dungeon together.
“What you sit down there for”
“More room”
“Oh, ok Hermione can you help me with my Transfiguration essay tonight.”
“Yes of…” she saw Harry twitch ‘I goofed again’ “huh Ron.. uh… Harry and I had planned to…”
“you go on help him, I got something else I need to do” Harry snapped and walked into Potions grabbed his cauldron and sat next to Neville, and pulled out his notes.

After Potions Harry disappeared, Hermione was almost late for Ancient Runes looking for Harry.
He didn’t show-up for supper, she waited til meal over.

Later in the common room Hermione was helping Ron and watching the portal, watching for Harry. Ron tried to kiss her several times, she would turn away or push him back “Stop it, Ron.. Write”
After about twenty minutes Lavender walked in and looked upsettingly at Ron, she had been crying and rushed upstairs.
Hermione stared at fleeing Lavender for a moment, shrugged then looked the portal doorway.
Finally half hour or so Ron asked “What did I do, if this about Lavender, I didn’t do anything she kissed me”
Hermione turned to him “What”
“I said she kissed me”
“Who kissed you”
“Lavender, before I knew she wrapped herself around me and kissed me”
“Oh who cares” she said as the portal door opened, in walked Harry covered in mud and sweat.
“What do you mean who cares, I do” Ron said. And grabbed her hand.
Harry heard “cares, I do“. and saw Ron holding her hand, He walked straight passed them to shower.
“UH Ron…” jerking her hand out of his and ran upstairs, carrying her book, crying.
“Mental, she mental” as he picked up his parchment and headed upstairs to his bed.

Of course Ron didn’t tell Hermione it was not just a kiss. ‘Hey it was just a knobber no big deal it’s not like we’re shagging again’

Lavender had met Ron outside the Great Hall after supper was over. He was walking to the common, Hermione had ran off ahead looking as she was going to cry, she had only pecked at her food. ‘what’s with her’
“something wrong Hermione” he had asked once.
“oh ok” and continued to stuff his face.
That was their supper conversation.

In the corridor Lavender grabbed Ron and pulled him into a searing kiss and pushed the non-fighting Ron into a near-by broom closet and soon had her tongue painting the insides of his mouth and her hand down her trousers, gripping him tightly He moaned and grabbed a breast, a familiar bra-less breast. Next he knew his trousers and boxers were around his ankles and Lav was stroking him, she broke their kiss and looked into his eyes, she could see the lust there, ‘good enough for now’ she thought and lower herself to her knees and took him into her mouth and began bobbing her head, sucking gently at first then harder as she played with his sac.
“oooh Merlin” Ron muttered and soon released a wave of hot spunk into her sucking mouth. She choked slightly on the first, but held him in and swallowed it along with the following spurts. Ron going soft slipped from her mouth and before she could rise up.
He pulled his trousers back up and said “Thanks… I need to go study” and left a slightly stunned Lavender on her knees, as he stepped out into the corridor and headed for the common.

After Harry showered and dressed for bed, he walked to his bed, he turn to sit and saw Ron laying on his bed. “Ron why are you here..”
“Where else would I be”
“I saw you and Her…”
“She’s gone nutter if you ask me, she was helping do my paper, I was telling her Lavender jumped me I figured that’s why she was mad at me, she just sat there holding that stupid book, you walk thru, she said Ron you know the angry way of hers and rushed upstairs. She gone mental that one“.

Harry jumped into his trousers and headed down stairs, looking around the common, just Ritchie was sitting there on the couch. “Huh Ritchie you seen Hermione”
“No not since, no not since class I just got in though”
“Oh ok” Harry walked across the room and sat on the loveseat, front the fire and stared at the flames. Several people walked thru, Harry didn’t notice.

Hermione finally regain her composure and dried her tears, when Parvati Patil walked in “Hey Hermione what’s wrong with Harry”
“What… Harry… something wrong” she started sitting up worried.
“Yea he’s sitting in front of the fire staring at the flames, I said hi and sat next to him, he didn’t even notice, something wrong with him if he didn’t notice me”
“I, I don’t know, maybe I should check, thanks Pav”
She picked up her book, wiped her eyes and quickly headed downstairs.

There he was watching the flames, she smiled.
Neville was talking to him, well trying to talk to him.
“Hi Neville, can I talk to Harry”
“You can try”
Hermione sat next to Harry and picked up his arm and slid in under and next to him and opened the book, “Harry where were we” holding it in front of them.
Harry looked down and pulled her close with his arm. “Not sure maybe we should start at the beginning”
“Yes Harry, the beginning” and open to page one, somewhere around page six “I’m sorry Harry” as she turned to him. He turned to her “My fault Mio..” and they kissed.

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2011-07-23 16:57:16
uh where did you come up with the time frame. Harry Potter didnt become a father until like somewhere's after 2007.

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hey DEMECK23dude it was not all that good i agree with the dude after you the characters are not the charecters sooo i gave it negative rating it was not that good

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I am not a fan of this story simply because of the pairing as i feel there is no attraction between Harry and Hermione. Still if you like having the characters out of character (which they have to be for Harry and Hermione to work as a couple) then more power to you.


2011-03-20 08:34:19
loved it keep it going. It's a very good story & makes you feel good reading it. In the Harry Potter books allways didn't like to see ron with her & not Harry as it should have been. so keep it going ca't wait for more Dave

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