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Me & my friend Michael's roleplay idea into a chapter ; )
I scooted alittle closer to him, until our bodies were atleast a centimeter apart and the warmth of his body radiated against me. "What, sis?" he asked as I sat there in my old, black Maroon-5 shirt without a bra & my dark blue panties; it was a warm night, and Michael looked the part of a rugged, sweating 16 year-old guy who all my friends told me was a hottie...and no, they wern't lying. "Big brother, can I ask you something?" I said, scooting closer to Michael and taking a breath. "Yeah, what's up now?" "Well...are you a virgin?" I asked softly, and Michael was the one to turn bright red in his face as he swallowed. "No, I'm not...Why would you ask me that, sis?" Oh shit, great--how do I tell him?! "Well...would you do, with me? I mean, would you fuck me?" Micael's reaction was to slightly get a hard-on in his blue shorts and to blush. "Whoa! Sis, I'm you stepbrother, I dont know about that...I should go..." He tried to get up and walk out, but I quickly ran to my door and slammed it shut, guarding the door with my body as I panted for air. "No!!! I mean--please don't go..." I cried softly, and pressed against his boner. Michael groaned in pleasure, "But this is so wrong..." I smiled and rubbed my chest alittle against his, and put my hands on his waist. "I know, but I've always wondered what it would be like to fuck you." Michael hid his smile, and gently began to rub my nipple through my shirt and they hardened automatically at his touch to my bare breasts. "Well, I have seen your naked body before; a few times when you were showering or getting dressed for school, I watch you and you don't seem to ever notice...But I think your so sexy." I guess my body is good & developed for my age with my 24D-cup breasts, thick but toning body, and wisps of black, soft culy hair on my sweet, tight pussy...Boys asked me out alot, but never do much for me now that I am devirgified and am now able to enjoy sex. "But sis, if I give you what we both want--what if Mom & Dad hear us?" I giggled softly, our eyes both filled with lust as he smiled back at me. "I'll try to be quiet," I whispered into his ear and he moaned into mine before we kissed.

His lips against mine were warm with fevor and passion as we fumbled to my bed while kissing, me falling underneath him onto my fluffy blue comforter once we reached it. I moaned softly and felt his boner growing against my inner thigh, and my needs were growing by the seconds as his hands slid under my shirt and rubbed my tummy. But then Michael stopped kissing and whispered heavily, "Dev, I've always had a crush on you, and you don't know how glad I am to have this chance to have you..." I smiled and kissed him harder and slipped my tongue into his mouth as I pulled his shorts off his legs, leaving Michael only in his boxers with a tent where his crotch is. "Ohh, brotherrr, that feels so good!" I moaned softly as he rubbed my damp pussy through my panties, and I demanded seductively that he take my shirt off. Michael slowly slid my shirt up my body while kissing my body until it was off, and I flung it onto the floor. Then, more heated into the moment and excited, I ran my fingers through his hair we French-kissed one another like no tomorrow, my pussy rubbing against the crotch of his boxers until I was soaking wet and whimpering that I needed his cock. "Uhhh, Dev..." Michael moaned and I told him to lay flat on his back as I slid my tongue down the warm skin of his body. My wet tongue flicked across his erect nipple and softly sucked until he moaned louder and caressed my breasts, and so my head traveled farther until I was past his belly button and sliding his boxers off. Once his body was revealed fully to me, his cock bobbed in excitement and I wasted no time licking around the shaft and caressing his sack underneath. "Mmm, sis, suck me good." Micheal groaned as I slid the head of his cock into my mouth and swirled my tongue around the sensitive skin, my caressing changing from his sack to his cock until I was out-right giving him a toturing blowjob. "Fuck yes, mmmm--baby girl, your soooo good at thisss!" He wouldn't stop moaning and slightly thrusting his delicious, warm and throbbing cock inside of my lips and I sucked harder, straoking fast with a pressure that I knew would make him cum. "That's it brother, gimme your juice all over my fucking face, mmm, squirt in my mouth!" I pumped my fist harder on his cock as I sucked his balls and licked them until I heard Michael yell he was going to cum. Then about 4 minutes later, there was the white hot, creamy batter out of his cock so I stroaked until all was in my mouth, some on my cheeks & a stream down my chest.

I licked his cum slowly from my breasts, rubbing some of it in before licking it off, turning myself & Michael on. I helped my stepbrother get another hard-on within a few minutes by doing so, and he told me we should switch spots. My pussy was wet & ready as I layed back and felt him slide inbetween my legs and slowly & teasingly rub his cock on my dripping kitty-kat. "Mmmm, ohhh brother, please don't tease me..." I purred and he smiled. "Okay, fine...then how about this?" His stiff rod thrusted inside my tight walls quickly, and we both moaned loudly. Michael leaned down and kissed me softly as he rocked up and down, his pace gentle as my lips gasped in pleasure. But I wanted it much more faster, I wanted his hot cum inside me and for him to make me scream...even if our parents were just next door to my room, I could care less by now and my body was giving directions as Michael rocked faster inside me and breathing quicker. "Ohhhh YES baby, fuck me!!!" I moaned loudly into his neck, closing my eyes as his soaked rod began to thrust in and out and back into me, until the bed began to make noise. "Shittt, yeah! Ohh DEV, your pussy is...sooo...tighhtt!!!" Our bodies made thier own music as well, adding to the soundtrack of noises as I yelled out many things I knew would ground me if my parents were listening, but we still didn't care; me and my stepbrother continued to fuck our brains out for the first time! "Sis...I'm--gonna--gonna..." Michael groaned into my lips as his tongue, so hot and sweet, played with mine in the deep kiss and he began to pound me harder with loud groans of pleasure. The bed squeaked vigorously, I wondered if Dad had built it sturdy enough for a minute and if we'd break it, but then I forgot about it as I hooked my legs around his waist and he held onto mine as he thrusted harder and deep. I was going to cum so hard, but he beat me to it as he cried out and rammed deeply into me and came in long, hot spurts. But Michael wouldn't stop thrusting once he was nearly done creaming me, banging the living daylights out of my body still as my screaming voice shook the walls. "Ahhh, yesss YESS YES, ohh brother!!!" I screamed as the cum gushed from my steamy pussy and tightened on his cock as I came.

Michael slid out of me, and collasped next to my panting body. I cuddled close to him and he pulled the covers over us as we layed there. It was a while before we both spoke, Michael stroaking my hair and holding me close while humming. I giggled softly and nuzzled his neck. "You were amazing tonite, big brother...thank you," I said as he leaned over and playfully licked my nipple. "Mmm, my pleasure, sis...But I think I better be getting back to my room before our parents kill us." I tightened my hold on him and he chuckled in response. "No, you aren't going anywhere, Michael...your staying with me tonight!" He smiled and kissed my forehead and said, "M'kay, fine by me...I love you, Devyn." I think my heart froze in it's track of beating, then sped up as I smiled and blushed. "I...I love you too, Michael..." I said and kissed him, and then yawned by accident as he laughed softly. "Hmm, sleepy? Me too." "Goodnight," I whispered lovingly to him and he kissed my cheek. "Nite, sis...see you in the morning."

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2016-09-08 10:17:02
If you don't like the way the stories are written then put your name to your complaints or say nothing at all. I am sick and tired of reading cowardly whinging comments from cowards hiding behind the name anonymous label. Cheers Alex from Auckland New Zealand.

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2014-07-19 21:24:37
delete and find a good writer to rewrite for you since you seem to be incapable of doing it properly yourself

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2012-08-25 22:11:11
since you know you fucked it up why don't you prove you have pride and delete this trash and rewrite it. always use a good editor before posting and delete garbage when you realise it is garbage.


2011-11-26 00:59:42
For the negative commenters, please stop judging me. I was naive and younger when I wrote this, I am not the girl I once was...I've learned and experienced so much since this cheap roleplay idea. I apologize for posting this up, but thanks for the critisizing remarks I totally DON'T need anymore. I take pride in all my new work, so no need to bash this anymore, please? I'm asking, which is a rare thing I will do. Thanks.


2011-11-26 00:59:04
For the negative commenters, please stop judging me. I was naive and younger when I wrote this, I am not the girl I once was...I've learned and experienced so much since this cheap roleplay idea. I apologize for posting this up, but thanks for the critisizing remarks I totally DON'T need anymore. I take pride in all my new work, so no need to bash this anymore, please? I'm asking, which is a rare thing I will do. Thanks.

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