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She rolled over in bed, licking her lips....still tasting him hours after they were finished. She smiled thinking of his lean body inside her, and the wave after wave of warm desire she felt as she climbed higher and higher, reaching the peak as he came inside her.

As she slipped out of bed, she thought she would take a quick shower before breakfast. She glanced behind her at the floor, where their clothes were intertwined in a silent embrace of their own...victims tossed aside in the throes of passion. She bravely agreed to make her way to the bathroom without the comfort of even the tiniest piece of fabric next to her skin.

As she entered the bathroom, she grabbed a towel off the shelf above the toilet and laid it on the sink next to the shower. Feeling silly, she peered behind her, before bending over to turn both hot and cold taps on. When the water reached a comfortable temperature, she pulled the knob, and water sprayed out of the shower head and hit the floor of the tub. She stepped in...immediately feeling the heat of the water coursing down her body. She stood with her back to the cascading water, letting the water run in rivulets down her body. Her eyes closed, she was dreamily unware that her dash to clean up had awoken her lover. He had seen her as she made her way to the shower, and had waited breathlessly until the sound of his footsteps was muffled by the powerful rush of water.

As she turned to let the water caress her firm breasts, he gently moved the curtain aside, and stepped in. He put one hand across her breasts as he used the other hand to sweep the hair away from her neck. Leaning close he started at the base of her neck, and begin planting kisses along the length of her slender neck. Reaching the lobe of her ear, he took it gently between his teeth and lightly nipped it before sucking it and blowing in her ear.

She was startled at first, fearing the worst....but as he worked his magic, her body yielded to the electric sensations awakening inside her. She turned and wrapped her arms around his neck, drawing him in for a long, slow, sensual kiss. He moved his arm to her back, and as he kissed her he reached down and brought her leg up to his hip. His wet slick hands made a path from her thigh, to the back of her knee....and then back up again, where his hand reached behind her, and squeezed her ass. She softly moaned as her hands went around him. He eased away from her, and took a long look at this lovely, wet beauty. His gaze, starting at her feeet, traveled slowly up her body, pausing on her face, and then coming to rest on her breasts...which were glistening with droplets of water. He reached out and cupped one of her breasts, taking the already hardening nipple, and rolling it between his fingers. He gave the other one the same treatment, then bent his head, to take the nipple in his mouth. He licked it and then sucked and nipped at first one and then the other. At the same time, she had brought her hand down, and took his dick and gave it a gentle squeeze. That gentle motion woke his manhood and he began growing in her hand.She took a step back, then knelt at his feet. She licked the head, and used her mouth to caress it. She then stopped, and using her tongue....licked the entire length of the shaft...up and down. He moaned and grabbed her head. She took him in her mouth and started rocking back and forth, tightening the pressure of her mouth, ever so slightly.He thought she started out agonizonly slow, but after a few moments, he was fighting to hold back. She stopped at the top, and placing her mouth over the head, brought her mouth down to the very base, and began sucking and barely brought her lips back to the top, when he grabbed her ears and shot his load deep into her throat. She swallowed. smacked her lips and giving him a smile....she leaned back and thrust her feet in the air,,,,spreading them as far as she could. Not needing any more invitation than that, he got on his knees and lowered his head between her spread legs. He used his fingers to spread her lips, and stuck his tongue as far inside, as he could. He gave her a few strokes with his tongue, then brought his mouth down upon her mound. he took the tip of his tongue, and rubbed it back and forth across her clit. He stopped and gently took the little nub and sucked it. At the same time, he was using his finger inside her, so while he was sucking and tickling...he was banging her with his finger too. She could barely contain herself, her hips were pumping her ass up and down, and she was moaning deeply. Not able to stand it any longer, he asked her to stand up with her back facing him, and her hands on the shower wall. She no more than stood up and turned around, when he grabbed her by the waist and bent her over and shoved his hard cock deep inside her. She squealed in delight, as he began moving in and out of her with amazing speed. She began to feel her body heat up, the wet vevety smoothness yielding to his powerful thrusts, matching him stroke for stroke. All too soon, he realized he would have to finish or die a happy death. Not wanting to leave her, he slammed inside her hot tight pussy a few more times before cumming with such force he nearlly lost conciousness. They both collapsed in a heap in the tub, breathing heavily...but nonetheless happy.

After they had taken proper showers, she went to prepare breakfast, when he grabbed her around the waist, and declared they were going out for breakfast. She laughed and he said don't laugh too hard...your paying.

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2013-01-23 10:18:46
I don't Twitter but should be ineeitstrng! I am hoping Daris gets voted into the finale. I really liked him all along & such a nice kid!Looking forward to seeing Shay too. She lives near me! Don't know her though!I found it ineeitstrng how a couple of the older contestants put back on weight.. the marathon.. just goes to show that it is a lifelong journey & ya have to work on it forever.. I know I have .

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Do you mind if I quote a few of your articles as long as I prdvioe credit and sources back to your weblog? My website is in the very same area of interest as yours and my users would definitely benefit from some of the information you prdvioe here. Please let me know if this ok with you. Thanks!

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In awe of that answer! Raelly cool!

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