It was finally summer vacation. I'd been relaxing around the house for about a week, when Mom told my that tomorrow I was to go over to my Uncle Don's to help him with some yard work. She thought it would do me good to spend some time with him over the summer since Dad was gone.
He had been sent to prison when I was ten for raping someone. I didn't know a lot about it, but I had heard that he got an extra long sentence because someone else was with him when the rape occurred, but he wouldn't tell who it was.
My uncle lived close so the next morning I walked over to his house to help him. When I got there Uncle Don was out in the yard already, weeding some flower beds. I started right in working with him. We worked for several hours, then he asked if I was ready for some lunch.
We went inside and he told me to get cleaned up first, so I headed in to the bathroom to wash. When I came out he told me that I might as well take off my dirty tee shirt too since it was covered with dirt. I took it off. My hairless chest wasn't real muscular, but I was in pretty good shape. I was 5-11, about 150lbs, and I was just starting to grow a happy trail low down on my stomach. My Uncle was a big guy, 6'-2, around 220lbs, not an ounce of fat.
He told me to start making some sandwiches while he cleaned up. I started looking through the cupboard, pulling out bread, and digging through the fridge for lunch meat, mayo, and lettuce to make us some sandwiches.
Uncle Don came back in from cleaning up. He had changed so now he was only wearing a pair of shorts and some flip-flops. His big broad chest was ripped with muscles and I could see how strong his legs were. He had no hair on his chest or back, but his heavily muscled arms and legs were covered with a thick mat of black hair.
I finished the sandwiches and just as we were sitting down Uncle Don pulled a six pack of beer out of the fridge and set it on the table. I sat down and he pulled one of the beers out of the six pack twisted the top off and held it out for me. I told him that Mom didn't let me drink beer. He said "If a man works as hard as we did, he deserves a beer for lunch. It'll just be our little secret, you can keep a secret right?"
I said yes, I wasn't going to tell.
We ate, then he said "Let's go in and watch some t.v. for a bit. It's too hot to be out side. We went in to his family room where the TV. was, and just as I was getting ready to sit down he said "Hey, you ain't sitting on my couch with those dirty pants. Take 'em off first.
Well, I was a little embarrassed to take my pants off, cause that morning, I'd let the house with me worst pair of boxers. They were pretty old, and stretched out and my cock would always fall out through the opening in the front.
He said "Come on, take 'em off. Don't make me tell you again." I was shocked. Uncle Don had never gotten stern with me before. But here he was, mad cause I hadn't taken my pants off? I didn't understand. He reached out and grabbed me by the arm, pulled me around to look directly in my eyes and said "Do I have to tell you again? Get the fuckin’ pants off boy."
I was trembling from fear. I didn't know why he was so mad. But I unzipped, then let my pants fall down and stepped out of them. Just like I had thought, my little 6” cock was poking out of the hole in the front of my boxers.
Uncle Don had turned to grab the remote to start a movie. When he turned around he could see my little limp cock. He started laughing.
"Is that what you were worried about?" He asked.
I was so embarrassed, but he just thought it was funny.
The movie started playing. It was Porn. 2 guys, one on his knees sucking the other mans cock. I had never seem porn before.
Uncle don sat down and pulled me down beside him. He looked at me staring at the TV., shocked at what I was seeing. He said " See that boy on his knees? That's where you're going to be in about 2 minutes.
"No way" I thought. I ain't doing that.
Uncle Don sat back, lifted his hips and pulled his shorts off. I couldn't believe what was happening. His cock was huge. must have been 8" and it wasn't even hard yet. It had a big mushroom head, and veins along the shaft. He started stroking it and it instantly sprang up, growing in length and girth.
He said "Today you're my cocksucker. Get your lips on my dick boy"
I just sat there not knowing what to do. Scared out of my wits.
WHAM!!! He slapped me on the side of my head. "Suck my dick Bitch" I heard him growl. I was dizzy from the slap and stunned just sitting there trying to figure out what was happening. WHAM!!!! "Suck it you cunt" he yelled. I was so frightened, I didn't move. WHAM!!! another slap, then he grabbed a fist full of my hair and shoved my face down into his lap. "Suck it boy. You better open that mouth."
I was crying, Scared and dizzy from the slaps to the side of my head.
"Suck it or I'll make you wish you had boy."
Then he took his other hand and slipped it under my face and grabbed my nose, pinching it closed. I had no choice, I had to open my mouth to breath. As soon as I did, he thrust his cock in. "Don't bite or I'll fuck you up you cocksucking punk. I didn't want to, but I knew I had no choice any more. I started sucking and he told me to slide up and down. I started bobbing my head up and down as his cock got harder and bigger in my mouth. After what was probably only a minute, he said that's pretty good but you need to go down farther. He pushed my head down farther on his cock. I started gagging and choking as it hit the back off my throat. He just pushed harder, forcing the head of his cock deep into my throat. I couldn't breath. I was crying, my nose was running and I thought he would choke me to death. He finally let me up for air. I took gasp of air, then he slammed my face back onto his huge cock. Over and over he forced me to take his cock down my throat, till i just knew I was going to die from choking on it. Then I felt his cock get even harder, Throbbing in my throat, then he said
"Here it cums bitch. Swallow my cum. I'm going to fill your belly with it. Augh, Augh, Fuck yeah eat my cum you cocksucker.”
I felt it spray in my throat over and over, the heat in my throat as his hot spunk blasted in my throat. He let me up.
"Good boy, you're going to make me a good little bitch".
I sat up still not able to grasp what had just happened. I wanted to run home, but when I stood up Uncle Don reached out, grabbed my arm, pulled my back down and said "Hey cunt, I ain't done with you. You ain't going anywhere yet.”
I was still crying, not knowing how to get away. Uncle Don stood up, grabbed my hair and dragged my off the couch as he headed down the hall towards he bed room.
"Use my bathroom to wash your face you fucking crybaby. I got something for you when you're done, so hurry up".
I went in to wash my face, but I must have taken too long. Uncle Don came in. He had a belt in his hand.
He said " I told you to hurry up. Now I'm going to teach you that you better obey me when I tell you to do something.”
He pulled me out into his bedroom and sat on the edge of his bed. He was still naked and so was I. He pulled me across his lap and started pelting my bare ass with the belt. I was screaming for him to stop. Soon I was sobbing, begging him to stop. "I'll do whatever you want Uncle Don, please stop. I’ll do it, I’ll do it, I'll do anything you want".
He stopped and put the belt down.
"Anything? suck my cock again."
I begged "please Uncle Don, don't make me do that again."
He just grabbed the belt and started swinging.
"When I tell you to do something I mean do it". Whack, whack, whack, over and over. My bare ass hurt so bad. It was welting up and every time he hit it the pain was terrible.
"Okay, okay, anything Uncle Don. Just please, please stop" I begged.
He put the belt down and said "on your knees cocksucker. Swallow my dick."
I just dropped right down and took his cock between my lips and sucked it as it grew in my mouth. Soon it was hard and he said "Take it down your throat"
My throat was raw from the first mouth fucking, But I just took it as deep as I could. Soon I could feel his pubic hair hitting my nose and still I kept trying to get it deeper in my mouth. Anything to keep from getting the belt again. I was learning fast how to suck and take his cock deep, learning how to breath, learning what Uncle Don liked from a cocksucker.
He Stopped me before he came.
He said "now it's time to really turn you into my bitch. I'm going to take your virgin ass. It's going to hurt, but don't fight me. you know what will happen if you don't do as you're told."
Now I was really scared. There was no way that huge monster cock of his could fit inside me. What could I do? My ass was so sore from the belt, I couldn't let him spank me anymore.
"Yes Uncle Don" was all I said.
“Good boy, you're going to be such a good little bitch.”
He pulled me up off my knees and asked "how do you want it, doggie style or laying on your back?”
I didn't want it at all, but I knew I couldn't lay on my back. I didn't want anything touching the skin on my ass. It hurt so bad. Doggie style? I Didn't know what it was, but it wasn't laying on my back.
He told my to bend over and lay my body on the bed with my feet on the floor. How embarrassing. My bare ass all red and welted, sticking out for him. He got behind me. I felt something cool and wet as he probed my asshole. I didn't know at the time, but he was lubing me up for his huge cock. I felt a finger poke in my ass. I thought "not great, but not as bad as I had feared". Then he moved his hand away and I felt something pressing against my hole. It pushed harder. It started entering, stretching me, hurting real bad. I thought he was going to rip me open.
"Stop, stop. It hurts. Don't Uncle Don. Please don't " I was crying again. I thought my ass was ripping open. I tried to move away. SMACK!! right on my ass cheek.
"Hold still bitch, or it'll really hurt. You're going to get fucked today one way or the other.
SMACK, SMACK, SMACK!!! My ass was on fire. I don't know which was worse. The pain from my raw ass where the belt had beat me or the pain as my ass was penetrated for the first time by Uncle Dons massive cock. I froze and didn't move. He suddenly thrust forward and his cock head slammed into my bowels. I screamed in pain. SMACK!!
"Shut the fuck up bitch."
He started moving in and out. tearing my ass apart, thrusting harder and faster, ramming the whole length of his cock into me. He kept this up for what seemed like for ever, pounding away at my ass.
“Oh you got as nice tight ass. Can you feel my cock fucking your ass bitch? You like it, don't you? Don't just lay there, fuck me back. I'm going to fuck you till I cum in you. You're going to love being me bitch. I'm going to turn you into a cum loving slut before we're through. I'm going to fuck you every day, and you're going to beg for more."
He kept talking like that while continuing to pound away at my ass as hard and deep as he could.
I hated it, I wanted to get away and never come back. How could my Uncle Don do this to me? I though he loved me. We had even shared a beer just a little while ago. How could this be happening now?
I was crying, sobbing from the humiliation and pain.

Why was my cock hard? Why was it so wet where it pressed against the bed? What was that feeling in my testicles? What is happening to me?

I came, the first time ever. Right there bent over with Uncle Dons big fat cock deep in my aching ass.
He must have felt me cum. He started laughing.
"I see the cunt likes getting fucked. Did that feel good? You know you're going to be my bitch forever now."
He just kept banging away thrusting over and over. I though he would never stop. All of a sudden, he thrust all the way in and I felt his cum shooting in my belly, pumping over and over filling me with his seed.
He eventually pulled his cock out and wiped it on my ass.

"Tomorrow, you learn how to eat my ass. That‘ll be another secret for you to keep" He said, before walking into the bathroom, leaving me there too sore to move.
I heard the phone ring, then Uncle Don called up, "Your Mom called, she wants you to stay here tonight."
Oh God no. Whats next?

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