Annie Goes To High School by lovesyoungpussy

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Annie was the last to board the bus that would take her to school. The hour long trip was spent mostly in the dark because of the distance the bus had to travel. Today she decided to wear a new outfit that she had talked her dad into buying for her over the previous weekend. She was wearing a sheer white blouse over a pink push up bra that covered her 34C breast just barely, a pink plaid skirt that barely covered her pink frilly panties. As she proceeded down the bus aisle, most of the seats in the front half were taken. She arrived at the back and found her a seat next to Tommy James, a senior and football player. Tommy has a reputation of being forward and aggressive with the girls. Annie had just turned fourteen and was a freshman. Her goal was to have a boy friend by the second week of school. As she sat down, her skirt rose up high on her thighs almost exposing her panty clad pussy to any interested party, and Tommy was surely interested. Since the bus was dark, except for the occasional street light, she did not worry too much about it. Besides, that was the reason she had worn the outfit. Annie was the last one to board the bus on the morning route, and would be the first one off in the afternoon. The ride would take over an hour to return to the high school. Most of the students habitually slept during the dark trip. Tommy had no intension of sleeping, not while he had fresh pussy sitting right next to him.

Tommy slipped his arm around Annie’s shoulders and pulled her close to him. In the dark his actions would not be detected by the driver or those around him, though most of those around him knew of his reputation and expected to see some action. He could smell Annie’s perfume and it was causing his arousal. To Annie, the attention that she was receiving by a senior football player was more that she had ever hoped to receive. All of the girls in her click had a crush on him, but none ever dreamed of being this close. As she settled into the trip his hand inched its way around her and landed on her breast. Chills ran down her spine as his fingers caressed and squeezed and pinched her. With his other hand he found her bare thigh and moved it up toward her velvet vee. She jumped at his touch, but her mouth was quickly covered by his in a passionate kiss. His tongue slipped into her warm mouth and dueled with her own. As they kissed, his right hand was squeezing her right breast and his left had found her pussy. She had begun to excrete juices into her panties. His hand found the crotch of her panties very wet as she cooed at his touch.

Tommy had managed to unbutton her blouse just enough so that he could dip his hand into her bra and squeeze her bare tittie. He had pulled his other hand from her thigh and took her left hand and placed onto his crotch. She could feel his hard cock through his blue jeans. He returned his hand to her wet pussy while at the same time returning to kiss her passionately. His hand slipped into her panties only to find that she had no pubic hair. He pushed a finger into her hole. As he did so, she whimpered into his mouth. Tommy took this as her approval. He temporarily broke the kiss and told her to rise up slightly so that he could pull her panty down. As she rose, he pulled them down to her ankles and off placing them in his pocket. He then unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard cock for her to hold. All this time Annie had become limp in his arms as his hands manipulated her private parts. Tommy pulled her head down toward his meat and told her to suck it. Annie had sucked only one other cock in her life, her dad’s. She opened her mouth to take Tommy in. He was large. At least an inch and a half wide and eight inches in length, but she managed to take most of him into her oral cavity.

Annie brought Tommy to the edge twice. Her dad had taught her well. After the second time, he brought her up and kissed her passionately. He then pulled her over into his lap all the while continuing the kiss. Their tongues were fighting a battle of passion. He picked her up by her bare ass and placed her pussy at the tip of his rigid cock. Letting her drop down onto the shaft, he filled her cavity. Annie had not expected the action to progress this far on the bus, but welcomed it. She was now fucking the first boy she had met in high school. She thought to herself that she was such a slut, but then she also thought what fun it was to start the day with a load of cum in her pussy. As she rode his cock, Tommy had sucked one of her nipples into his warm mouth. The other nipple was being pinched, but not by Tommy. A hand had appeared from behind her and grabbed her nipple. This had become a group thing. Annie bounced on his cock continuously as the bus rumbled toward the school. Each time it hit a bump, Tommy pushed deeper into her cunt. Each time she gasps and each time it brought her closer to her climax. As she rode him she threw her head back in ecstasy, her eyes rolling back into her head. She was close. Tommy knew she was close and was pushing his rod harder into her sweet pussy. He wanted to cum also. He whispered into her ear that he was about to cum and she answered him to cum in her for she was on the pill. Daddy saw to that. As he slammed harder into her in anticipation of climax, she began gasping and crying out that she was about to cum. One of the onlookers reached up and placed his hand over her mouth to keep her from crying out. Tommy reached up and grabbed her face and mashed his lips hard against her as he came deep in her cunt. As she felt his cum hit the back pussy it triggered her orgasm. They screamed into each other’s mouth as their climaxes hit at the same time. Tommy came more than he had ever come before. As they came down from their highs, his cock began to shrink while still within her. The sun was beginning to come up and they could see that they were both exposed to all that cared to see. Annie rose from sitting on his lap grabbing her pussy so as not to spill their combined fluids and sat down next to Tommy. She was naked from the waste down except for her skirt which was bunched up around her waste and he had pulled his blue jeans down during the course of their fucking. Tommy pulled his pants up and stuffed his cock back into the fly. She buttoned her blouse and pulled her skirt down over her naked ass. Tommy refused to return her panties claiming them as a trophy. Annie’s chief worry was his cum that was within her. Would it come out and flow down her legs? She knew she had to find a toilet as soon as they arrived at school. Just as they arrived at the high school, she reached up to kiss him again. He returned the kiss and then whispered that he would see her after school for the return trip.

Will she fuck him again in open daylight for all to see?

Will she fuck daddy tonight?

Is she really a slut?

If you want to know, then send me feedback and I’ll write part 2.

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At least they wrote. I don't see anything with your name on it. Try writing something yourself and see how well that goes. And if you have a name then use it when you comment . . . as for who is a wanker, I guess you are or you would not be so upset that you didn't get a hardon.

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your stories are far too short, make them longer and with some sort of plot

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so, who is the twelve yo guy? why dont any girls sign up here?

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Gr8t story! Maybe in the next one , maybe itnstead of Tommy fucking her on the bus, have the bus driver ram his monster cock in her cunny. That would be SO HOT!

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fuck me im 12 n im fuckin horny

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