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This is a re-write of an older one. Also, this isn't a 'wham, bam, thank you ma'am' story, so if that's what you're looking for, then this isn't it. It's a 7-10 minute read, but I think it's worth it in the end. The sequels will get juicier and dirtier. Don't forget to leave a comment! :)
Jake Johnson looked at the girl on his screen, and he realized he was in love. Never mind that he had never met her in real life, never mind that he’d only known her for about a month, and NEVER MIND that she lived about 5000 miles away in Iceland – that is how teenage love works, he told himself.

Even still, Jake’s love knew no boundaries. Chivalrous and gentlemanly, he was convinced that this was the girl for him. If he showed her how much he cared, if he showed her he would do anything for her, he’d eventually win her heart. After all, she wasn’t like all the skanks at his school – no, she was different. She was intelligent, studied hard, and above all, was the object of his affection. How could she possibly be a slut?

He looked at the girl on his screen. Today, she was laying back in her armchair, wearing a black hoodie and super tight jeans. Erika was gorgeous - curvaceous body; nice, luscious lips; dirty blonde hair; and big, pristine blue eyes that knew no depth. He wanted her, he needed to make her his. Just then, he was overcome by an inexplicable feeling. He was listening to an obscure Killers song. She said it was one of her favorites! Jake knew then that it was now or never.

“You and me babe, how about it?”
“Really, how do you feel about me? I can visit you in Iceland.”
“Uerhmm I’m not really sure I feel the same way as you do, but why don’t you come here and we’ll see?”

He was devastated. She was obviously not into him – at all. His voice started choking, and he could feel a familiar kind of congestion in the center of his chest. Jake was no stranger to rejection. He went outside for a few minutes of fresh air, before he came back to his computer and started aggressively deleting all of Erika’s pictures from his computer.

Just then, he heard something on his headphones. Voices.

Oh, she’s forgotten to switch off her webcam!

It was a tall, blonde guy he had never seen before. Erika looked like she had a glint in her eye. To Jake’s wide eyed shock, he was slapping the girl’s ass around like he owned her. Before he knew it, she was all over him. They were kissing passionately now, with Erika backed into a wall, her arms around his neck, while he fondled her ass.

Soon, clothes were flying off and he was naked from the pants down. Erika got on her knees and took him in her hand. She tentatively licked around the head of his cock, bobbing up and down slowly, trying to cover all areas of it as if it were an ice cream cone. The guy quickly got tired of this, grabbed a fistful of her hair and forced her down on his shaft, causing her to gag. She was going faster and faster now, pumping on his rock hard cock.

The guy picked her up and threw her on the bed, tearing off her bra and panties. She was now totally naked and talking dirty. Jake could not believe the vile coming from her mouth – “Fuck me baby, my pussy is so wet for you right now”

And the man complied. He pushed her head into the pillows and rammed into her sopping wet pussy like there was no tomorrow. Jake could see her perfect ass bob up and down while she screamed – and even begged – for more as the guy called her a dirty, disgusting, degraded slut.

Erika loved cock. Before long, the man’s moans started growing louder and more drawn out. Wasting no time, Erika squealed out “Baby please put it in my mouth…please let me show you what a good girl I am!”

He pulled out of her pussy and positioned his cock at the entrance of her mouth. He was in the throes of agony now, about to explode all over her pretty little face. Any second, ropes of semen would paint her face. Jake couldn’t bear to take it anymore.

5 minutes later, the guy asked Erika, “Hey is your webcam on?”
“Shit, shit shit shit shit…I hope I forgot to put it off! Okay, it’s on but nobody’s connected, so it’s cool. Phew, that was close. I should be more careful.”

5000 miles away, Jake Johnson wanted to die.

3 years later…

Jake Johnson looked outside his window, as he landed in Reykjavik, Iceland. He was off the plane quickly – first class passengers always got off first – and waited for his bags at the conveyor belt. As he waited, he thought back to what had happened over the last 36 months. His first book, Ice Ice Baby had become a runaway bestseller. Overnight, he had turned into a superstar. After all, going from rags to riches at 18 years old is no small achievement.

As a result, he had been able to get his own place in the sunnier part of California, where when he wasn’t writing, he was either drunk, drinking, or fucking. Even so, he had thought anxiously about this day for as long as he could remember. He’d had more than his fair share of girls since he moved to Hollywood, but one name was never erased from his mind – Erika.

He wondered if she remembered him – his agent thought it was a terrible idea to do a book signing tour in Iceland, but what did he know? He passively drifted through hours at the book store signing copies, but even after the whole day and a lot of advertising, she had not shown up. Was he that insignificant? Maybe she had forgotten about him completely after all.

Just as he wrapped up and made his way towards the door, a familiar voice came from behind him. “Jake!?”

It was her. She was even more gorgeous than he last remembered her.

“Sorryyy…I know I’m late for the book signing, but I’m a big fan! Do you think you could sign my copy?”
He smirked.
“Unfortunately I can’t do that.”
“Oh ☹”
“But I can sign your napkin if you take me out for a drink!”
“It’s good to see you again Jake.”

The sparks began to fly as soon as he touched her hand and saw the ring on her finger.

I got engaged this summer.

Everything from that point on got blurry. Either it was the alcohol or it was the dark feeling in his chest that was beginning to possess him, but her words were only coming through in waves. He couldn’t take his eyes off her delicious, perfect sized tits, or the way her ass swayed when she moved. He kept visualizing being inside her, biting her neck, nibbling on her ears – he couldn’t take a glance at her lips before imagining shoving his cock inside them. He wanted her, he had to have her.

She was obviously smitten by him – he had got used to women’s subtle cues by now. She was playing with her hair, scratching her wrist, and most obviously, twitching her legs – something was obviously making her pussy itch. After thousands of miles of separation for years, he could get off his stool right now, take two steps and devour her. He had to. She was the princess he’d never rescued, the one shot that he’d missed, the one that had got away.

He pulled her towards him, hoisting her off her stool. His eyes were locked with hers. He instinctively positioned his leg in between her thighs, while his hands rested on her lower hips. His lips were inches from hers now, and she could feel the depth and sound of his hot breath on her skin. He licked his lips and drew a breath, when she repeated.

I’m…I’m engaged!

He didn’t know what came over him, but Jake abruptly turned on his heel and walked out of the date he had moved mountains to engineer.

As he sat in his hotel suite that night, Jake Johnson looked at peace, but underneath the calm exterior, a fire had spawned in his heart which left him torn between two sides. He knew she was promised to someone else, but Johnson was just a slave to its whims. This time though, it seemed as if he wasn’t going to get what he wanted. And he always got what he wanted.

Half a bottle of wine down to numb his sorrows, he heard a knock on the door. Who else could it have been?

He spoke as he opened the door, “I’m leaving in eight hours.”

Without a word, she walked in to the suite. It was almost bigger than her house was. She stood in the corridor, looking around at the piano, the huge TV, and the king size bed that Jake had slept in last night.

As he stood there, he once again took in everything that she had blossomed into in the years he hadn’t seen her. Big, blue eyes the size of baseballs; mascara contrasting the paleness of her white skin, and a leather jacket and skirt that showed her for the rebel she was. A cross around her neck, stockings, and converse shoes completed the look.

God she was hot.

He knew exactly what he was going to do, the second he saw her in the doorway. He lusted to see her naked. He wanted to play with those luscious breasts, maul that beautiful backside with his hands, and bury his face in the sweet, musky smell of her sex. He wanted to ravish her. Hold her over his dining table and violate her; but most of all, he wanted to fuck her and leave his semen inside her. She had to be his.

She turned around and opened her mouth to speak, “Hey, about earlier…”

But she found that Jake was an inch from her face. Her rational brain made a weak attempt to stop her, but it was hard to ignore the effect that Jake was having on her from so close up. She had a tingle in her pussy that wouldn’t go away until it was satisfied and then some.

Her mind was screaming at her to push him away, but that tingle between her thighs had compelled her to lie to her parents and her boyfriend, to sneak past the hotel lobby man, and to ultimately knock on Jake Johnson’s door. She wasn’t now going to go back.

Before she knew it, her lips met his as he imposed himself on her slender frame.

We shouldn’t do this, I’m engaged!

It was more of a plea than an order. He pinned her arms over her head and rammed his thigh between hers as he bit her neck out of pure primal instinct.

Nooo….noooo….but….aren’t you…..uuhnbhbg seeing someone tooo?

The plea had turned into a long, drawn out groan.

She was now putty in his arms, kissing him back forcefully and with abandon. Her arms still pinned above her head, she was now more helplessly turned on than she’d ever been in her life. Her pussy was dripping wet with juices, just begging to be eaten, licked, and lapped up.

He wrestled her to the floor and tore off her jacket while she fumbled with his belt. Her top was down and her scrumptious tits were in the open now, as she scythed from side to side in pure ecstasy as his warm mouth engulfed her rock hard nipples. He licked and bit one of them, while he marauded and manhandled the other, pinching it, scratching at it, clawing it.

As they rolled around there on the carpeted hotel room floor, Erika could feel his hardness rubbing up against her through his jeans. The very anticipation that soon, a world famous writer would be inside her almost drove her over the edge before things even started. As Jake sucked on her nipples, he took his other hand down to her clit. She was wet like a flowing river. Her pussy was absolutely dripping with juices, begging to be fucked, played with, and satiated. Soon, she was so turned on that he could smell her juices while he kissed her. At that point, he HAD to taste her pussy. He had waited too long.

With that, he tore off her panties and started eating out Erika’s juicy, delicious cunt. He was loving licking her clit, but what truly turned him on was putting his tongue inside her cunt, exploring its contours and lapping up its juices. Erika at this point hand a fistful of Jake’s hair in her hands.


Next, she said uttered words he was all to familiar with.

“Fuck me Jake, I want your big cock inside of me. I want to feel you filling me up.”
“How bad do you want it?”
“Very bad baby!!! Please just give it to me!!!”

Jake played with his shaft near the entrance of her pussy.

“Then tell me you’re a slut who wants my cum”
“I’m your dirty little slut jake. I want your cum so bad. In my face, in my mouth, in my pussy, just please give it to me!”

With that, he descended his lips upon hers, at the same time entering her tightness with his tool. It was heaven. Her wet, warm, tight cunt clamped down on his cock as he sawed against its walls while he kissed her. His kiss wasn’t tender, it was animalistic. He wasn’t making love to her, or even having sex. He was quite literally fucking her. He didn’t love her; his desire for her was born from a morbid need to finally defeat the one girl who had ever rejected him. His thrusts got faster and faster, his cock sawed harder and harder.

She was moaning at the top of her voice now, each thrust harder and louder than the last, each thrust sending seismic waves of pleasure coursing through her body. In a fit of passion, Jake caught her hair and hissed in her ear while he fucked her. “Taste this you naughty slut!”

And he stuffed her wet underwear in her mouth.

The dirty words and lingerie in her mouth served to turn Erika on even more. She was now clawing at his back, sinking her nails in as she unconsciously made sure she trapped his cock stayed in her as long as she needed. Before long, she felt it building up between her legs, that electrifying feeling that kept building on itself while her partner thrusted away. She would have never thought that she’d fuck Jake. And there she was, on the floor of Iceland’s snazziest hotel, taking it balls-deep from a famous writer. That was the last coherent thought that went through her mind before the ecstasy washed over her in waves of pure elation. She came so hard that it felt like the waves came over and over, lifting her up to heights she had never imagined were possible.

Feeling her pussy clamp down on his rock hard penis, Jake started pumping even faster, even harder until he felt the feeling rise in his balls. He marauded her breasts and looked in to her eyes as he got ready to explode.

“Cum inside of me, baby”, she said

In that moment, Jake’s whole world condensed to the girl lying under him. He thought back to all the times she had ridiculed him, all the times she had made him feel stupid for wanting her, all the times she had led him on, just to hook up with the more popular guy, and all the times that he had put himself on the line, and she had fucked him over.

Now that same girl was lying under him, her eyes bugging out from pleasure, begging him to leave his seed deep inside her. He wanted to violently fuck her in the ass, he wanted to own her; body, mind, and soul. Most of all, he had this biological urge to impregnate her.

And so he came. He came harder than he had ever cum in his life. Stream after stream of warm, delicious cum that flew deep into her depths. He shouted and screamed and pulled her hair as he unloaded years of frustration inside of her twitching vagina.

Spent, they held on to each other for the longest time as his cock spasmed and jerked inside of her, until they collapsed in a heap right there on the carpet.

She put his arm around him and purred as she rested on his chest.

He thought about everything in the last 3 years that had led up to this moment. He had had his heart broken and stomped upon. He had built the life of a hotshot writer from scratch, spurred on by the memory of the blonde Icelandic girl who’d got away. He had delighted millions and journeyed across continents to come see her. And fuck her.

He realized then, the power that she wielded over him. And in that moment he hated her more than anyone in the world.

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