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Eliza, the doctor's first victim sees a chance to escape and fails to take it.
Eliza stumbled through her maniacal doctor's basement, awakening from a chemical cocktail he had administered. She found herself trapped in his torture chamber and attempted to climb out of a solitary window, right by the front of the house. Her foot was haphazardly perched upon a stack of boxes and she tried to lift her leg high enough to the ledge. He had dressed her in a hospital gown, and wherever the clothes she came in with were didn't matter.

Her fat booty was fully visible from the back of the gown, and she knew someone's feet were walking downstairs to thwart her escape. "I can't fit through the window!!", she said to herself and tried to pull on the cement. He waited patiently a few paces behind her and saw the moment when his prisoner's boobs just squished out of the window.

He pried apart her flailing thighs from behind and gave long sloppy licks to Eliza's quivering gash. She felt her grip loosening on the sill. Regret loomed in the back of her mind and he heard the shrillest screams trying to alert a couple walking past on the sidewalk, to her presence. The doctor sped up his oral assault of her cunt and ass, slurping each hole separately to his heart's desire.

"Help me! I'm a prisoner down here!! My name is Eliza Dunham!! Please help me!!!!", she howled as his rough hands clenched around her throat. "Shut your gob, whore!", he growled and slapped the bitch across the face hard. She laid back with her legs gaped wide. The hospital garb had bunched up around her chest and he grew increasingly deviant in his ideas.

"I bet no one's ever put a cock up your tight butt, have they?", he angrily threatened and grabbed the teen by her ankles. She sobbed and pleaded, "Stop it! Please! You can't do this to me". Her voice cracked as she spoke. Eliza had been yelling all through the night from her attacker having brutally raped her repeatedly. He filmed it too and took thousands of pictures of every part of her lithe form at each stage.

"But I am doing this! And I will do this until I fucking get tired of you. Then you'll die. How well you please me will decide whether I just stab you in the stomach and leave your corpse to bleed to death or load you feet first into a wood chipper. If you do well, I might spare your worthless life. Now get down on your hands and knees, whore!". She shivered in the damp chilliness of the unfinished basement. The cement floor hurt Eliza's smooth unblemished knees like nothing else.

"Nice and fat. You've got something to hold onto. The last one didn't. Now, don't be afraid to scream. This will definitely hurt". Eliza trembled beneath him. Her ass clenched shut as much as it could. His cock couldn't fit unlubricated, mainly due to its massive girth. She howled and felt him shove in. One of them had to give into the abuse and today it happened to be his teen whore. "Ow! It hurts!", she screamed. Eliza endured a deep burning friction in her bowels. He stoked the very end of her bowels and swore as he pumped her aggressively.

The good doctor made a game out of it. The head of his cock slipped out and when she thought it was over, he pushed back in. Its length stretched her out brutally. Her asshole painfully gripped the root of his cock every time he buried himself fully. "God! No! Stop it!!!", she pleaded weakly. Her asshole bled a little and the doc couldn't last much longer seeing how red her blood looked around his brown cock. He pulled out and crawled around to her face.

His hand pumped up and down until Eliza was bathed in cum from forehead to chin. "Don't move, bitch. Or there will be consequences!", he warned and got up. She saw him ascend the stairs and found a towel hidden inside of a box. It cleaned her eyes enough to see. They stung, but she had to try and escape. Again, her feet unsteadily pushed her toward the open window. The couple from earlier were on their phones and a patrol car appeared in front of the house. They pointed to the house and to Eliza who was situated in the basement ledge.

She was crying, staring at the only people who could possibly save her. The three of them watched someone pull her back inside. He promptly shut the window and spanked her across the ass with a hickory paddle. It is sixteen inches long and three inches wide, with eight beveled holes on one side in rows of two. The doc had no patience for disobedient sluts. "Do you remember what I told you?", his voice growled like a mighty lion. She shielded her reddening bottom with both hands. "I want to get OUT of HERE!!", she answered angrily and shoved him a few steps back. He grabbed nothing but air. Eliza led him on a chase up the flight of stairs and turned the knob.

Someone was banging on the house door and she noticed the police car right at the street. "Help me!!", she begged and ran for the door. Eliza didn't care that the shards of glass would cut and maim her flesh when she threw herself at his door.

But as it turned out, he thought ahead. It was made of a durable double paned laminated glass. She flopped lifelessly to the living room floor, and the doctor carried her off, back to the dungeon for more fun and games.

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2011-05-12 07:51:21
Cool! That's a clever way of lkonoig at it!

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2011-03-24 01:49:57
What sort of hillbilly retarded sickos do they allow on this website. Weirdos who even think about this shit should be castrated preferably by an incision across the throat.


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This was stupid , really dumb

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