I am a happily married housewife and have a teenage son with my husband. Although I love my husband so much, he is an event planner who has to go on business trips every month for a week or so. I was fine with that before since I have my son to take care of. But ever since I turned 36, my body just heats up all the time and I can’t get my mind away from sex. And now that my son started high school, he needed less of my attention and with my husband mostly away, I just feel empty at times.

My husband and I still fuck at least twice a month, but for a woman in my age it’s just not enough. And whenever we fuck, I fuck him like there is no tomorrow and will always try to drain him dry before I allow him to sleep. When my husband is out on trips, I spend much time of the day with my girlfriends at the mall, and in the late afternoon I would catch up on some house works. In evening after having dinner with my son I would be in my room playing with myself before I could sleep. My husband got me a lot of sex toys over the years to keep me busy in bed while he is away.

Although I am in my late thirties, I kept my body well fit in shape. I have 36D breast size, completely natural, plus I have a curvy body thanks to my effort in the gym with my girlfriends. I am a confident woman who knows that I am the only woman beside my husband in bed. I always get those staring eyes from guys at the gym because of how good I look in those tight gym clothes.

But until recently, while my husband is away, other than the regular activities that I mentioned above I have gotten addicted to a new play. Instead of playing with myself in my bed, my son would fuck me every night on the week that my husband’s out on trip. I swear that I was only going to use my son to give me oral sex, and I kept it at that, strictly with no intercourse. But I should have known better that a young man at his age would never have just settled for only oral sex. Although my son tricked me into intercourse, but honestly I did expect it coming, I just didn’t stop it from happening.

I was so ashamed when it happen, after it happened, and until today. And YES, my son and I are still fucking during the week of my husband’s trip every month. I did try to ignore him in the house after our first time. I even confronted him the next morning after it first happened hoping to keep our relationship as strictly mother and son. I also denied him from having anymore oral sex with me. I did try to go back to my sex toys, but they weren’t the same anymore after I have tasted the forbidden fruit. My pussy was aching with desire for my son’s dick during the week that I tried to ignore my son in the house. But I guess I made matters worse because I think my son’s hormones were all over the place that he practically raped me in the kitchen one night. And after that night, that was how he hooked me on his dick ever since.

I have still much in love with my husband, and he still has no idea to this day that I am fucking our son when he is not around. You guys are probably wondering how I got myself into this incest mess. So I’ll try to start from the beginning on how this started.

I have gotten the idea of using my son as my oral sex toy from one of my girlfriends. One morning when I was with my girlfriends out having coffee and tea we talked about our husbands and our sex life. One of my girlfriends, Sally, started to talk about the guys at the gym and how she had fucked one of them behind her husband’s back.

She explained to us that it was all her husband’s fault for neglecting her needs. Then those two suddenly move the topic on me talking about how my husband is always away and asking about how I satisfy my pussy during the nights when I am alone. Sally suggested that I should find a fuck buddy to satisfy my sexual needs. I just yelled at her for cheating on her husband, and my other girlfriend, Kat, jumped in to support me.

“How could you cheat on him like that? He works so hard for you and the family.” I said firmly.

“Hey hello, we’re not little girls anymore. We are close to forty now and we have needs. And if my husband can’t do the job right, then someone else has to. It’s not like I’m leaving him for a guy at the gym. It’s just sex for god sake.” Sally responded.

“You’re crazy you know that. I am a happily married woman…,” I said when Sally cut in.

“So your sex toys must be serving you well, I am happy for you. But my pussy needs a dick and not a rubber toy, sweetie.” Sally said.

“I don’t know about you guys but I’m getting my pussy satisfied every night and without having to cheat on my man.” Kat said suddenly.

“What are you talking about? Aren’t you the one always complaining about how your husband doesn’t fuck you enough? What did you do, brought yourself a magnum size rubber toy?” Sally asked.

“Nope! Just last week I caught my son sniffing on my panties in his room, so I punished him by making him go down on my pussy and lick me until I cry.” Kat said proudly.

“Wow, hear that, she is even crazier than me. At least I fucked another guy, she fucked her own son.” Sally said to me.

“How could you fuck your son? He’s just a boy.” I said.

“Relax! We all know high school boys are always horny. I’m just helping him to be a man. And besides, it’s not what you think. Yes, we are having oral sex, but that’s it. I’m not letting his dick go anywhere near my pussy. My pussy is still my husband’s. My son only sees my pussy. I still covered myself, nothing else for him to see. He is still my son. He is just helping his dad so we would have less fight about sex.” Kat explained.

“That still sound too naughty, maybe I should have a son and try it.” Sally said.

“You don’t fuck with your husband enough to give you a kid.” Kat replied.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe you, Kat. You guys just surprise the shit out of me. I can’t believe what I’m hearing. What the hell happened to you two? I am hungry for sex as well but at least I can wait for my husband to come home and give it to me.” I said.

“Yeah! Tell that to my aching pussy why don’t you!” Sally said.

“Fine, let’s just finish our drinks and go shopping. That way I can forget what I heard.” I replied.

Later that night, I was playing with my pussy while I thought about what Kat said in the morning. But then I noticed my door was slightly opened. I rushed over to the door and caught my son looking in from the crack of the door. I saw my panties in his hands. He was probably sniffing on it while he watched me play with myself. Then I recalled my memory again on what Kat said and this is oddly similar to what happened to her and her son.

I felt my pussy aching as my son stayed in front of me waiting for his punishment. I started to imagine how his tongue would felt like on my pussy. I was starving for sex and my husband won’t be home for another four days. I tried to fight my temptation but I lost. I grabbed my panties back from his hands and walked him to my bed.

“You know you shouldn’t play with my panties. I am not going to ground you, but you will have to do something for your mom.” I said nervously.

“I’m sorry but I was just curious at what you were doing. I didn’t mean to watch you.” He explained.

I lie on the bed and slowly rolled up my night gown just to the point below my breasts. I told him to get in front of my legs. He was staring at my pussy the whole time. After he got in front of my legs, I spread them open exposing my pussy to him. He couldn’t say a word but just stared at my pussy.

“Now bring your face to my vagina.” I said.

He slowly moved forward to the forbidden area. I can tell that he was as nervous as I was.

“Now I want you to use your tongue to lick my vagina. And keep on licking on it until I tell you to stop.” I said.

And without questions my son started to lick on my pussy. His warm tongue pressing on my pussy felt so good. Then I pointed my clit to him and asked him to suck on it while licking up and down on my pussy. He tried to move his hand upward to feel my breast but I pushed his hand away.

“Oh, that’s it, keep licking until I ask you to stop. You’re doing good son.” I said.

I can’t believe that I was moaning from having my own son’s tongue on my pussy. But as I was becoming more satisfied I felt so guilty. Although I didn’t reach orgasm, my guilt was getting stronger on me, so I had to stop.

“You can stop now son. Now go back to your room and go to bed, you have school tomorrow. And remember, what happened tonight is our little secret and you can’t tell anyone about this.” I said.

“I understand. I won’t tell anyone about this.” He said.

He then left my room. I cleaned my pussy from my son’s saliva and went to sleep. I was feeling so guilty about the whole thing, but at least nothing really happened, I thought. To make things short, I continued letting my son worked on my pussy for the remaining nights that my husband was still away. Everything was going well. My son’s tongue skill was improving and I was overall satisfied.

My husband was finally home and we fucked like crazy for the next couple of nights. I did catch my son spying on us while my husband and I fucked, but I thought it wasn’t a big deal, so I didn’t do anything to stop him. While my husband was at home, my son didn’t really talk to me much, and I still spend much of my time doing the usual shopping, high tea with girlfriends, gym, house works, so on.

But as Kat continued her topic on her and her son for the past days, I started to miss my son’s tongue. Although I had been fucking with my husband since he came home, but he didn’t really like to go down on me, he was a straight pumping humping kind a guy. Not that the sex wasn’t satisfying, he gave me great orgasms in bed. But having a man’s tongue on my pussy was a great new feeling.

Soon my husband was on another trip, and I thought my son could be back to servicing my pussy at night. But on that night when my husband left again, my son wanted to do something more. While he was at my pussy he asked “Mom, can I have sex with you just like dad? We are having oral sex already. I really wanted to know how it felt like.”

“I am your mother and you’re my son. We can’t go beyond oral sex. I know you’re horny at your age right now, but I can’t do it with you.” I answered.

“Then could I just dry hump on your pussy. I will keep my boxers on so I won’t touch you.” He begged.

“I don’t think that is such a good idea son. I don’t want us to go any further.” I replied.

“My dick is really hard and I just want to get the tension out. Please let me do this, mom, I will just rub over your pussy with my boxers on. I’ll blow in my boxers.” He begged again.

“Where did you learn to say pussy? Did you learn that from your friends?” I asked.

“Never mind that mom. Can I just do it, huh, please?” He begged once more.

I had a bad feeling about that and I knew I might regret it but I couldn’t stand his begging so I agreed to let him do it.

“You promise to keep your boxers on while you hump on my pussy?” I asked.

“Yes, I promise mom. I know what I’m not supposed to do.” He answered.

“Well OK, but just this once. Now get on top of me.” I said.

I kept my pajamas and bra in check to make sure my blouse was well buttoned so my son wouldn’t get anymore sexual ideas. My pants were the only piece of clothing that I wasn’t wearing, so my pussy was the only part of me that was nakedly exposed, like before.

He started to rub his hard dick from within his boxers tightly against my pussy. I felt his head trying to poke at my pussy. But then I let my guards down and closed my eyes to feel more of his hard dick rubbing on me. But next thing I knew I felt something hard that went inside my pussy.

“Ahhh…. Shittt……. What the hell you think you’re doing? Ahhh…. Fuck!!!” I screamed.

My perverted son pulled down his boxers while I had my eyes closed and then he pumped my pussy with his hard dick. I knew I should have watched him. I knew I shouldn’t let my guard down, but it was all too late. I was having intercourse with my son. I practically cried with tears running while my son was fucking me.

“Ahhh… You little pervert, I am your mother. Damn…. Shitt…. Pull your dick out of me.” I cried.

He didn’t say anything but continued pumping in and out of me. I tried to push him off but he was keeping me under him firmly. I felt so ashamed for getting myself into this. I couldn’t even think of how to explain this to my husband. Ever since I started having oral sex with my son, I did imagined a few times how his dick would felt like in me, but I never thought I would really commit to it, and now I got a taste of his dick in my pussy.

“I’m sorry mom, but I really want you.” He said.

“I will…never…forgive you for….AHHH….for this!” I yelled.

I tried to resist him, but soon I was giving in to my desire. Knowing that my own son’s dick was inside me really got my pussy wet. I felt my pussy gushing out love juice every few seconds. But then the next worst thing happened. I felt his dick pumping slower and suddenly he stopped and collapsed on top of me.

“Oh shit, you didn’t.” I said.

I was able to push him off of me. And then I saw his man juice coming out from my pussy. My own son cum in my pussy. At that moment, I really felt like I wanted to die. I ordered my son to leave my room then I went to the shower hoping I could wash away everything. Then for the remaining days that my husband was away I completely ignored my son without even saying a word. I was so angry with him and also feared of getting pregnant from that night. But thank goodness nothing happened.

My husband came back for a short two weeks and then left me again for his trip. I didn’t have sex with my husband for those two weeks because I was so guilty about letting my son fucked me. But my pussy was definitely aching during those two weeks. What was about to happen was something I had never thought of. My own son forced himself on me in my kitchen.

I was cleaning the kitchen that day when my son came from behind pushing me against to a kitchen counter that I was standing behind.

“What the hell are you doing? Let me go!” I screamed.

He pulled down my skirt and panties and moved in closer to me. I felt his hard dick on my butt cheek.

“Please don’t do this, I’m your mother, please stop it.” I begged.

But without a word he pushed his meat inside my pussy. His hard warm dick inside my aching pussy made me feel so good but guilty at the same time.

“Stop it now or I’ll tell your father that you raped your own mother. Now get out of me!” I yelled.

But then he started to pump faster on my pussy and I just couldn’t say anything anymore.

“I’ve been practicing because I wanted to satisfy you, mom. I love you so much.” He said.

His fast pumps left me speechless with only moaning sounds of pleasure. Either my pussy was really that tight or my son’s dick got bigger because my pussy was really hurting but in a pleasurable way. Damn, his dick drove me crazy.

“Damn it, don’t stop, please don’t stop!” I begged.

I couldn’t believe myself but I was really begging my son for more. He lasted longer than I expected he would, and he even learned to pull out in time before he cum and blew his load on my ass.

He pulled me down to the kitchen floor with him and we just lie on the floor side by side. Damn he really fucked my brains out this time. I was so sore I just lie on the floor with him.

“Your dad should never know about this. You hear!” I said.

“Then can I fuck you whenever dad is out of town? I promise I’ll do whatever you like.” He said.

I knew I am a bad mother. But after I tasted the forbidden fruit with my son, I just got addicted to him. I don’t even know what gotten into me. After what happened in the kitchen I kept it on with my son even until today. I hope my husband never find out or get pregnant by accident from my son. I really love my husband. But like my girlfriend said about us having needs, it’s just sex. Besides, I wasn’t cheating on him with other guys, just our son.

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