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Willie the Dog and the Parrot.

Willie came running in the house and checked every room. He stopped, looked at me, then took off outside again. Soon back he came and jumped up on the couch with me. He said: “Have you seen Sam? (our cat). I said: “No, why?”. Soon Sam came in the kitty/doggie door with a parrot in her mouth. The parrot was squawking a little, muttering something like “Oh Willie…Oh Willie.”

Willie was going crazy, racing around all excited. Sam dropped the parrot at my feet. The parrot flew up to the top of our hutch. Willie barked and Sam looked for way to climb up and get it. The door bell rang. I answered it. A good looking woman, in hot shorts was standing there looking upset. She said: “I think your cat got my parrot, have you seen him?” I said: “Yes, come on in.” She came in and I pointed to the hutch. “OH…there you are Ginger!”

She looked around at Sam and then Willie. “Oh Hi Willie!…is Willie your dog?” I said that nobody ‘owns’ Willie, he just hangs out here for food and to have sex with my cat. Willie went straight for her pussy with his nose. “Oh…Willie, not now!” and she pushed him gently down. (..not now????...what the hell.) “Sex with your CAT!”…she exclaimed. I said yes, strange as it seems.
The bird was content where it was at, so I said to have a seat on the couch. Sam just watched the bird. The girl sat sideways as we talked and Willie kept putting his nose in her pussy. She kept giggling and pushing him away. After some small talk, she said to Willie: “You need to come over and see me Willie, I have some doggie treats for you!” Willie jumped around in circles and licked her face, cleavage, and another sniff at her pussy. Sam now watched her and the bird.

She said that Willie comes to visit her on her days off, and they take naps together. “He lays right here on my tummy.” Willie jumped in my face to lick it and whispered: (“..she’s got a big mouth!”) She finally stood up and reach up and the parrot got on her finger. Sam was ready to spring. I blocked Sam and walked her to the door. Willie was barking and licking her legs. “Oh Willie, later.” she said. (later?)
That afternoon Willie came in and jumped up on the couch beside me. The girlfriend was taking a nap, so we could talk. “That’s Mrs. Perkins daughter with the bird. Her mom told her about me and she just had to try some dog dick. She’s a moaner. “Oh Willie!”…she says over and over.

That’s where that parrot gets it from. She likes to have me chase her around her house naked. I think she’s into doggie rape games. “Oh Willie!…don’t rape me. Don’t force yourself on me. Oh Willie, this is the last time I’m doing this….here…let me help you get it in…oh my god, oh my god, Willie your so big and long….you fuck so fast...OH…cum in me baby…do it now…Oh Willieeeeeeeeeeeeee.”
“I love it and it gets me off to chase pussy first, like Sam. Sam gets pissed when I fuck the parrot lady, and somehow got the parrot, and ran with it….”Oh Willie”…the dumb bird yells and the parrot lady sees Sam sneaking out and follows her.”

Sam lay on the floor watching us. “Come here Sam baby.” Willie says. Sam slowly comes over and lays by Willie and starts purring. They took a lovers nap….awwwww. The girlfriend got up and came in the living room. She looked at Sam and Willie and smiled. She talked baby talk to Willie (he hates that, he told me) but she wouldn’t go near Willie with Sam right there so close.

That night the girlfriend was on the phone with her sister and they always talk for an hour or more. Willie and I talked quietly. “Has your girlfriend ever tried two dicks in her before?” I said I didn’t know, but she’s usually up for anything new. “Get her naked on top of you, and I’ll get her from behind, she’ll like it, I bet.” Willie said.
Well…that night I put Sam outside and locked the doggy/kitty door. I got the girlfriend in bed and we started in with her on top. Willie just waited. I got my dick in the girlfriends pussy and we started in. I felt Willie jump up on the bed. Next thing we know Willie mounts the girlfriend. She says: “Oh my god, Willie, not now baby!” I said: “Oh let him play a little.” She moaned as Willie’s dick poked around her butt hole, trying to get it in. She reached back and helped him get it in. She said: “Are you sure you ok with this?” I said: “Let’s go for it.”

Willie started speed fucking her as she began to move with him and moan loud. She managed to say: “Oh my god…this is hot, go Willie Go!” She was real excited and started fucking me and Willie real fast. She moaned loud as Willie licked the back of her neck. Willie shot and got off before his knot got in. The girlfriend moaned and fucked me hard and fast. She shook a big climax and collapsed on me.

Later on I let Sam in. She sniffed the air. She went over to Willie and sniffed all around him. She headed for the bedroom where the girlfriend was. She started to growl. I quick closed the door to keep her out. Willie stood beside me and said: “Sam’s pissed cause I fucked the girlfriend, don’t let her near the girlfriend for a while.”

The next day Willie came in all excited. The girlfriend was at work. He said: “I overheard the parrot lady say she’s got the hots for you, and she’s on her way over right now!”
The door bell rang and there she stood. Short shorts, a tiny top for her big tits and a big smile. She was holding a large paper sack. “Hi, I just wanted to thank you for saving my parrot the other day. I brought some lunch and a bottle of wine for ‘us’ to enjoy.” I said to come in and have a seat. Damn she was hot looking, nice ass too. She unpacked the lunch and the wine.

Willie kept putting his nose in her pussy, which made her giggle and say quietly: “Not now Willie.” Sam just watched. She was a talker and jabbered on and on about Willie mostly. The wine got her a little drunk in no time. She scooted close to me and asked if I was into a little ‘kinky’ stuff. I look at those super tits and said: “Oh yes”. She proceeded to tell about how Willie and her ‘accidentally ‘ got together.

“I was taking a nap and Willie came up on my couch and laid on me. We were tummy to tummy as I only had a robe on. I was petting him when I felt a big growing lump on my tummy. I knew it was his cute little thingy coming out. I just had to adjust myself as it was so hot on my tummy. I opened my robe more to cool off some. “
Willie is listening to all of this and is shaking his head.
“The next thing I know, Willie’s thingy is entering my vagina by accident. He started having sex with me real fast. I didn’t have the heart to stop him. He was having so much fun, I just let him go with it. I didn’t know about a dogs knot. Soon he got me out of breath and I felt a huge shot of something filling my vagina.
It felt hot and wonderful in me.

Then I felt this big thing swell up inside my vagina. It hurt! Willie tried to pull it out, and that made it hurt more. I held him and waited. Soon it slowly went down as my vagina was throbbing with a little pain and lots of pleasure. About the 10th or 12th time we did this I got use to it. Now I like to sing when we do it. ”
Willie is rolling over and coughing. Sam just watched.
She began to lean her head against me, and rub my leg. Willie quick nudged Sam and pushed her outside. She began to tell me how lonely she was and only Willie’s visits made her happy. “I don’t have a regular boyfriend and I thought maybe we being close neighbors….that maybe we could ….” She began to slowly lay on top of me, kissing my neck. A little rearranging of our legs and she was rubbing her pussy on my boner.
I hear Willie come thru the doggy door and come and sit at the edge of the couch by us. She says: “Oh hi Willie, come to mama, come on.” He jump up and tried to mound her. She said: “Wait Willie, mama has to take her panties down first.”
Willie is taking my piece of ass right before my eyes. I quick unzipped and stuck my boner in her, leaving Willie her back door. I slipped my hands under her top and bra and squeezed her tits real good. She moaned and started fucking. Willie was so cool, he backed off and started licking her butt hole. That sent her into a frenzy of fucking me and going crazy. I had a hold of a wild woman now biting my ear and starting to sing. Her pussy was so good and tight I came in no time and pulled out.

Willie was ready and stuck his dick in her immediately. Now she began to yodel, and loud! I tried to muffle her mouth but couldn’t . Willie fucked her like a machine gun, fast! He had told me that when a woman sings like that, it hurts his ears. He was stuck there while his knot was big. He kept jerking on his knot. She orgasmed each time he jerked. Now we had yodeling with a “OH GOD” in-between yodels. I put my fingers in my ears as Willie suffered. Sam heard all the noise and here she came. Her ears must have hurt as she put her ears down. She cocked her head as if to say: ”What-the-Fuck is all this???” then took off like a shot outside.
The parrot lady comes every Tuesday. She always shakes her finger at Willie and says: “Now this is the last time“, then gives him a hand job, blow job or has him fuck her.

I like to pop popcorn and watch the show. Sam just growls and watches. I’ve found that duct tape works well on her mouth, then I fucked the shit out of her.
Willie came in limping. He said: “Old Mr. Miller shot me in the ass with a BB gun. I fixed the old fucker but good. He left his car window down, so I jumped in and wiped my ass on his steering wheel.”

“See ya Willie”

“Bye Blue”

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Dog and gerlas

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HELP, I am in dire need of a picture of No-Neck. We have a newer susroviper ( a real riot, he is 5'6 and weighs around 300lbs ) who, due to his size, his head goes straight down without any curvature or hint of a neck. His name is Nick L.On a side note, the Q95 radio station in Indy, the Bob and Tom Show, has had a comedian who does a routine that contains the lines of No- Neck Nick ( Knick Knack patty whack give a dog a bone, but it can't be no neck bone cause Nick ain't got no neck. If Nick wore a turtle neck sweater, he'd be blind )We have been calling our Supe NO-Neck Nick and he actually thinks it's funny, We all cut up with each other. We are Employees of Chrysler ITP-II in Kokomo IN. The local paper does not carry Drabble, but I live east of there in Upland IN and get the Muncie Star Press which does carry the comic. ( love Wally by the way, I have 3 weinerdogs myself).I've not seen No-Neck for a while (yours, not ours) and REALLY would like a a panel with his picture and

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kochuma banastexc, inch mtkin ekela arag arag grela, ba vor im bayxnescuttunner@ grem erevi im mot aveli lav kstacvi, vorhevetev mek mek aynpisi hogevichakum em haytnvum vor grum em heto kardum em zarmanum em, u ink@ der iravunk uni inchvor karcik haitnelu, aistex en asel, vaaaaay mamayis arev!

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Thanks for the article! I hope the author does not mind if I use it for my course work!....

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