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letting guys fuck me leds me to a whorehouse
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a sexual story. It deals with sex, pure and simple and should not be read by people under age. It's not for everyone, contains some humiliation. If this turns you on read the story.

I've been married for two years and you might say we have a open marriage meaning my husband or I could have sex with other people without disturbing the other. Every now and then, I would get super horny and go on the prowl looking for men to fuck me. My husband enjoyed hearing all about it when I came home while we had sex. It worked the other way around also I would enjoy hearing about him having sex with other women just as much as he enjoyed my escapades. Most of the time I went out I would find two men to have sex with sometimes more. I never had trouble until this one night and that's what this story is about. The one night when things changed, and I went from a swinger to working in a whorehouse.
Sitting at the bar, I knew I was being stared at so I glanced around the room. It wasn't hard to see who was staring it was a group of three men sitting in a booth. They weren't just staring it was more like they were leering so I decided to walk over to them.

I made a show of getting off the stool making sure my skirt opened enough for them to get a good view of my upper thighs. I casually walked over to them gave them all a big smile and asked, "I hope you have finished stripping me with her eyes. Now would you men like to go somewhere and do it for real?"
They looked a little shocked one quickly responded he was more than ready. One sitting closest to me, remarked that I was probably too expensive for him and his friends. I leaned over and rubbed his crotch feeling his cock start to grow hard and I sweetly said, "Thank you for thinking I'm expensive, but the truth is I'm just a horny wife looking for some fun. If you know how to use this cock I am rubbing I think we could have lots of fun."

He put his hand on the inside of my leg and as his hand start to move up my leg, I spread them a little wider for him. His hand moved up until it touched my panties then he gently rubbed my pussy and said, "I think you're right and this is the perfect place for my cock."

We left the bar heading to their hotel room, just as I thought they were all from out of town here for a convention. Once in their room the men were in a hurry to start but I told them to slow down as we had all night. I promised them a good time and asked if they'd like to see me do a striptease for them.

They sat and I slowly began to do a striptease, I took my time making it look as sexy as I could. I slowly removed my blouse and dropped my skirt. I swayed and ran my hands over my body before I removed my bra. When my bra dropped to the floor and the men saw my tits they commented how nice they looked. I do have nice round firm tits the biggest but they're all real with pink nipples.

I took extra time removing my panties and when the men saw my clean-shaven pussy I thought there were going to cum on the spot. They were thrilled seeing such a pretty pussy they all told me. I was thrilled thinking about how soon it was would be filled with nice hard cocks.

Now it's your turn to undress and show me what you have for me, I sweetly said.

The three men quickly undressed and showed me their hard cocks. I'm all yours, who wants to be first, to put his cock into my pussy, and see how nice it feels. It's nice and tight hot and ready and I promise each of you it will stay that way all night.

I quickly ended up on the bed with the first man on top of me while the other two watched. He fucked me in a hurry with short fast strokes that really didn't satisfy me, but I moaned and told him how good he was just to make him feel good. As I anticipated he came as fast as he fucked. Completely unsatisfied I still told him how good it was as he rolled off me. The second man climbed on and took his time fucking me he had a nice pace with long even strokes. I was enjoying it and felt my orgasm building as he slowly fucked me. This time my moaning and complements were real, my body shook as I exploded with a orgasm. He picked up his pace and started moving faster as his need to come neared. He rammed me hard a few times and pushed his cock as deep in me as he could and held it there as he shot his load into me. When he was finished, I asked him to ram me hard a few more times so I would climax once more. He complied and short time later I exploded with a second orgasm.

The third guy had patiently waited and now was his turn and he hopped right on sending his cock into me in one swift move. His cock was longer but thin; I clamped my pussy tight so we both would enjoy it. He varied his pace but slammed hard into me each time sending small chills up my body. He also played with my nipples softly rolling them in his hands while he fucked me adding to my pleasure. He was the best out of the three and I was glad he waited to last. Not only was he the best he lasted the longest giving me multiple orgasms before he was done. Just as he was ready to shoot his load in gave my nipples a small twist rammed his cock hard in me and as he sprayed semen in me I exploded with a major climax.
Now that the three men had fucked me, I offered to suck their cocks in hopes I could get them hard again. Unfortunately, as much as they enjoyed what I did with their cocks none of them could get hard again. Since they were done for the night, I cleaned up and got dressed. All three were very thankful and told me how much they enjoyed fucking me. I told them I had a good time to and now I was heading home to have sex with my husband who enjoyed hearing my stories while we fucked.

The sex had been good I had had better and worse and I couldn't wait to get home and tell my husband I fucked three strange men, he loved hearing about it. The better the story longer he would stay hard and the better sex we would.

I casually walked through the parking garage to my car and as I neared it a hand grabbed my shoulder I turned around and was face-to-face with a young black girl who wore too much makeup. She started yelling and screaming at me and I wasn't sure why all I could understand was there was something about money. I tried to calm her down but that didn't work she just kept yelling. A large black man walked over and asked what's the problem. I explained I didn't have a clue only that the girl was upset for some reason, I told him. Now that he was there, the girl seemed to calm down and he asked her what the problem was. She said, I owed her three hundred dollars.

I couldn't believe she thought I owed her money and asked why would I owed her money I didn't even know her. She said I stole her tricks and she would have made three hundred dollars on them, so she felt I owed her the money I had made. The man gave me a funny look and asked if that was true. I felt foolish telling the man what I had just done as it really wasn't anyone's business but mine. I explained it anyway and made a point of saying I didn't earn any money that I did it for fun.

He said he understood what I had done but it did sound like I cost the girl some m
oney and I should pay her. I said that was impossible I only carried a few dollars for parking and a few drinks. The girl started complaining again that she needed the money, the big guy leaned towards me grabbed my arm and said I had to pay the girl.

I explained again I had no money. He pulled me towards his car, saying that because I like being fucked and sucking cock so much I could earn the money and give it to the girl. It suddenly dawned on me that this big man was probably her pimp and the whole thing was a setup. He held my arm in a vise tight grip stopping me from getting away. He threw me in the backseat of his car and the girl jumped in next to me.
He drove a short distance pulled up in front of a two-story house, pulled me from the car and escorted me into the two-story house. The front room looked like a lounge with a portable bar, chairs and couches, there were about dozen men sitting around and two girl serving drink's.

He pulled me up the stairs to the second floor; there was a long hallway with six doors as he pulled me down the hallway he knocked on the doors. Some of the doors opened immediately and girls stepped out, the other doors men came out of and harried down the hall, then a girl stepped out of the room. All the girls had a few things in common, they were black, and nude I realized I was in a whorehouse. Most of the girls gave me dirty looks maybe because I looked younger than them or because I was white I didn't know and I didn't care.

One girl asked, "You're not going to have her work here are you?"

The man laughed and asked if she was afraid she would lose too many customers if he put me to work. She didn't answer him but I think that was her concern, I thought she shouldn't worry about that I had no plans to work here. He told them I owed Angel money and I would have to earn it, he added but not on her back, she will be your fluff girl and cleanup girl. The girls chuckled and seemed to enjoy that idea; I didn't have a clue what he meant. Angel had come up the stairs in time to hear what he said, he told her it would be her job to make sure I did my work well and this made her very happy.

He ordered me to strip and first I refused but the second time he repeated his order I knew I had no choice. I removed all my clothes and handed them to him, he said I would get them back after I earned the money and not before. A few girls comment about my body and clean-shaven pussy, saying they were glad I wasn't going to earn it on my back. I could clearly see why they said that, some I think were younger then I but looked much older and most had hairy pussies that looked disgusting.

Angel said I had to fluff the men as they came up before they went to the rooms. I asked what fluff was, she explained that fluffing was, a term from the porn business for girls that sucked the male actors to get them hard before a scene. That's what I was to do, suck the customers before they went to the whore's room, so they would be done faster.

She had me kneel near the top of the steps so all the customers would pass me on the way to the rooms. The first man on the steps stopped and stared at me and asked Angel about me, she told the man what I would do for ten dollars. The man complained saying the whore would do that and he already paid for the whore. Angel surprised me when she said, yes but for that ten dollars, she will clean your cock before you leave. The man quickly gave her ten dollars and pulled his cock out for me to suck.

Angel pulled my hair yanking my head up, so I was staring directly at the cock. I opened my mouth to let him slide it in and close my mouth and began to suck. Angel whispered in my ear don't let him come just get him hard. I did what she said and as soon as he was hard I pulled my mouth off him. Before he went to the room Angel reminded his I would lick him clean when he was done fucking the whore. A second man came up the stairs and stood in front of me waiting for me to suck him hard. It wasn't so bad sucking them to get them hard but I disliked cleaning them after they fucked a whore. Their cocks were slimy and tasted bad but I had no choice and licked them clean.

I spent the next four hours on my knees sucking every cock twice before the number of men dwindled. Angel told me that I was done with the men and it was time to clean up. I felt relieved and happy thinking I could get this terrible taste out of my mouth and maybe go home.

Angel pulled me to the first room pushed me in and told the girl I was there to clean up. The black whore told me to get between her legs, and clean her pussy. I want to back up but Angel was directly behind me, "You want me to get the boss or are you going to do what she said," Angel meanly said.

I crawled up between her legs and began to lick the globs of cum off them. As I moved up closer to her pussy, the smell of sex was over powering. Even though it smelled so bad, I lowered my mouth down and licked it. Licking all the spent, cum around her pussy my tongue moved over it and she grabbed my head and pulled it tight against her hairy pussy, "suck all that cum out, sweetie," she ordered. I did as she said and sucked hard on her pussy getting a glob of cum in my mouth, which I swallowed. She held me tight against her pussy and all I could do was continue to suck and lick her until her pussy was clean and she was satisfied. She released my head my face was dripping wet with old, come and pussy juice. Angel handed me a rag and I cleaned my face before I realized the rag was my expensive blouse.

Done in this room Angel pulled me to the next room and I repeated the same performance, each room was the same. The girls were enjoying having a little white girl suck their pussies clean. Angel took me to the last room which was empty, here she got on the bed pulled up her dress and spread her legs. She didn't need to tell me what you wanted as I simply crawled between her legs and began to lick her pussy. Her pussy hadn't been used but it still smelled bad. I used my tongue to lick inside her pussy and over her clit, bringing her to orgasm. After she climaxed I then licked her clean being done with her she led me downstairs. The only one down there was the boss the big black man that had brought me here. Angel told them I did a good job and she had gotten her money.

He smiled at me and said my night was almost over there was just one more thing I had to do. He unzipped his pants and pulled out an oversized cock, it was big even though it was limp. Without thinking, I dropped to my knees and he moved close to my mouth.

I didn't want to touch it but I reached out and held it in my hands as I licked the large head. It felt heavy in my hands as it started to grow hard and as it grew I realized how thick it had become; now I couldn't close my hand around it anymore.

"Now suck it and stroke it while you're sucking," he said.

I pulled my head back and looked at the monster in my hands. It looked even blacker in my white hands then it did when I first saw it. I was amazed at how large it had become, but worst was the head, on top of the thick pole was a disgusting looking head. It looked like a large mushroom I didn't think I could fit in my mouth. "Suck it I said," he ordered.

I opened my mouth as wide as I could push my lips over the head, he pushed forward sending that grotesque completely in my mouth. "Now stroke it, I get to come in your mouth unlike the customers," he laughed.

My mouth was open so wide my jaw hurt, I began to stroke the shaft. It took a while but finally he started to groan and I stroke faster. I almost choked when his warm sperm flooded my mouth, and shot down my throat. I was gulping it down as fast as I could and wondering if he would ever stop. I continued to stroke his cock sending every drop of his sperm into my mouth. He pulled back and the head popped out of my mouth, I still held the shaft and licked the head clean. He said I did well and Angel threw my blouses and skirt on the floor at my knees. The boss told me to get dressed and he would take me back to the parking lot.

On the way to the parking lot, all I could think about was all the cocks I had sucked in that whorehouse and yet the only cum I had gotten was from sucking used pussies. I badly had wanted a cock fucking me and wondered what it would be like to be fucked by the pimp. My pussy was hot thinking about his big cock and how it would feel in my pussy.

Getting home I told my husband all about my night, making a point of how disgusting it had been sucking the whore's used pussies. His hard cock was stiffer then normal that night and as I sucked him he patted my head and said, "With the way you suck cock those guys got a bargain for only ten bucks, bet you suck pussy just as good. You plan on going back and doing it again and maybe offering to fuck the pimp this time," my husband asked.

Thinking about those other cocks and pussies I had sucked I moaned a faint but definite yes, as I sucked his cock wishing that pimp was fucking me as I sucked him harder.

Dear Reader, if you're here you either read or glanced over this story, thank you. I enjoy getting comments about my stories. Like the last guy that fucked me said, why be gentle just give it to me, I may not like it but so what, I always want more.

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Dam baby that was soo good i lost my load&didnot even tuch it maby we could make our own hot&sticky story's j.j mableton ga 6429d factroy shoals rd would u wright me some time?hope2hear u soon?

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deprived of imagination, but otherwise pretty good

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