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Katherine Parr, the Prefects Tale
Katherine Parr, the Prefects Tale

I am a student at Katherine Parr’s school. Katherine Parr is a very exclusive private all –girls boarding school sited miles from anywhere in the wilds of Cumbria. The parents who sent their children there were very keen on discipline and Katherine Parr obliged them with a strict regime of corporal punishment in the proud tradition of its eponymous founder. I said all girls but no, that’s not entirely true. You see teachers’ sons were allowed to attend the school due to its remote location making other arrangements unpractical and there were usually about two or three in each year at the school. They were given no special treatment and their presence did lead to some embarrassment for both boys and girls, given the punishment regime of the school. I am a teacher’s son, this is my story.

I was never very popular at Katherine Parr. The other lads shunned me, I was better at English and Maths and Science than at football and fighting I was also overweight and had worn glasses and braces until last year when I had finally been able to ditch the braces. At the same time I swapped my glasses for contacts. This made me a ‘freak’ as well as a ‘swot’” and I was either picked on or ignored by the popular crowd of boys and girls. However I had always taken care to be popular amongst the teachers. Even in French, my worst subject, I had always taken care to try my best. When I joined the sixth form this year it all paid off and I received that rarest of honours, I was one of only three male prefects in the entire school. No-body dared to pick on me now that I had the power to spank pupils or send them to their housemaster for the cane. Even the other newly made prefects restricted themselves to the odd snide comments.

It was two weeks into term when my first chance for revenge came. The Headmaster was having one of his periodic crackdowns on smokers and had asked all the prefects to keep an eye out on the usual spots (actually with the school’s strict rules the usual spots changed
on a weekly if not daily basis). So it was that I took twenty minutes of my lunch hour to wander round some secluded areas. I was about to give up when I heard a snatch of conversation from two fourth year girls. “….Just been for a tab round the back of the language lab. Prefects haven’t clocked that one yet.” I smiled and wandered off in that direction.

As I rounded the corner I caught a whiff of smoke and saw a group of three fifth year girls puffing on silk cuts. Behind them were three familiar figures” Richard, Matthew and Dave were the leaders of the ’in crowd’ in my year and my chief tormentors” this was going to be sweet! They were grouped in a small huddle, however I could see only one cigarette, I sniffed again and smiled in triumph, that wasn’t tobacco! I cleared my throat loudly and the six students froze. I marched over to Richard and snatched the joint from his hand before he could recover. I stubbed it out on the wall and palmed it. Then I turned to the three girls. “Put those out,” I snapped. “All of you come with me”

I led them all into the school building and into an empty classroom. “You three wait here” I said to the girls. “Come on” I snapped at the others and led them on down the corridor to
the Headmaster s study. I knocked and waited” Come,” Mr Critchley ordered. I opened the door and ushered the three miscreants in and then stepped in after them closing
the door. I succinctly explained how I had found them just a few minutes ago. I handed the half smoked spliff to the Head and he sniffed it and frowned deeper. “Thank you” he said to me gravely.
” My pleasure,” I replied evenly. “ Just doing my job. Now if you'll excuse me Sir I have some cigarette smokers I’m going to deal with myself.”
“Of course,” the Headmaster replied. “You were right to bring this to me”
I returned to deal with the fifth year girls with a renewed spring in my step. I love being a prefect.

Richard, Dave and Matthew s fate was announced in assembly the next day. Richard had been identified as the instigator, a baggie was found in his pocket and he admitted to being the one who got it for the others. So while Dave and Matthew would each receive twelve of
the best at a Whole School Public, Richard would be getting the birch. Whole School Publics were almost unheard of. House Publics were rare enough, one a year, if that. Only the sixth form could remember the last WSP. Sophie Rudkin a persistent offender in the fifth year had
received ten strokes of the cane naked before the whole school when first one, then two and then eventually all twelve of her victims amongst the first year girls had plucked up the courage to tell the Head about her systematic bullying campaign. Meanwhile Richard would
be the first boy to receive the birch in Katherine Parr s history. Almost everyone in the hall could remember the last girl to receive the birch. That had been Deborah Smith who had been caught fixing ballot papers when the school had a vote on whether students should be spanked on the bare in the classroom. I could well remember the screams from the birching tower and, no doubt, Richard would soon be screaming himself! All in all, it was the best news I’d heard in ages.

The Whole School Public was part of Thursday morning s assembly. The Headmaster led the two naked boys onto the stage, the girls hardly bothering to hide their sniggers and comments. Mr Critchley delivered as fierce a caning as anyone present had ever witnessed and then left the boys naked, facing the school while he finished assembly. At Friday at 9.00 the whole school stopped for the birching. I was in a free classroom with the three girls I had caught smoking. I had decided that their discipline should coincide with the birching and so Kelly Sheridan a very attractive 5th former lay across my lap, naked save for her knickers, which I had lowered below her knees. Her two friends stood facing me hands on head and equally naked. Kelly s spanking would continue once she had finished listening to Richard s screams, which could be heard even from here. He finally fell silent and I paused to let it sink in before I spoke to the three girls. “Remember, that is what can happen to trouble-makers and count yourselves lucky you escaped with a hand spanking this time. Kelly you've got ten more to come count them out please.”

The effect on my fellow students was immediately noticeable. People who wouldn’t t give me the time of day before now went out of their way to be civil to me. The only person who dared to be rude to me now was the Head Girl, Alison Johnson. She hadn't been spanked since she was a third year and had never had the cane. As Head Girl she considered herself above such concerns (and above most of us mere mortals). She was very popular with all the teachers (even more so than me) and with the pupils, she was the best looking girl in school and she had an acid tongue when teachers were out of earshot which endeared her with the ‘in’ crowd of sneeringly superior ”beautiful people”. Unfortunately I doubted I would ever get revenge on the ice queen and so I did my best to ignore her and did so perfect a job as Prefect that she would never be able to reprimand me in her position as Head Girl and First Prefect.

However my chance did come, I was making my way to class when Alison came dashing the other way, running late for French class on the other side of campus and anxious not to upset the notoriously strict Mme Jospin. She careered into me and hissed a particularly vile insult at me as she picked herself up and went to grab her bag. That s when she froze, I followed her gaze and saw why, a bottle of vodka wrapped in a spare jumper had rolled out of her bag, she snatched it into her bag but she was too late. I took her bag from her and said, “I
think we d better have a word.”

I led her into an empty classroom and shut the door. “Well, well, well” I said “Our very own Head Girl with booze in school.” To her credit Alison had completely recovered by now
and resumed her usual sneer. “Listen Shit, I'll just tell the Headmaster it was me that found it on you and now you've concocted a ridiculous story to try and get yourself out of it. I
think we both know who'll be believed. Now unless you want the cane I suggest you give me my vodka back.”
“I believe we both enjoy Mr. Critchley s trust,” I replied, “I just need some hard evidence.” I picked up her bag again and began rummaging through it, ignoring Alison s protests. In the front pocket was a scrunched up Victoria Wine bag. I opened it up and rummaged inside. I pulled out a crumpled receipt, on closer examination it was a credit card slip “Dr. Philip
Johnson, that s your father isn't it. You re a signatory on his card aren’t t you?” I knew the answer to this, Alison was always flashing the Gold Card about and boasting about her rich background. “Smirnoff Blue, fifteen pounds,” I continued reading aloud.

At last Alison cracked and began to plead. She was used to getting what she wanted and clearly thought she could get round me. “Please” she said, even using my name (normally she referred to me as ‘Shit or ‘Geek’) “Let me off, I’ll let you come to the party and I'll
make sure everyone s nice to you, there'll be lots of girls there and…“
“I m not interested in partying with people who are only even being civil with me to keep you out of trouble,” I told her.
“I'll be nice to you for the rest of the year she continued. I'll make sure everyone lays off you. Please..”

“I think you'll be nicer to me anyway once you re no longer Head Girl and I m still a Prefect,” I said smugly. “No, I'll think I’ll give you a spanking and then send you to the Head for the cane. Maybe it’ll be another Whole School Public I teased.” Alison went pale. She had never had
the cane and the mere thought terrified her. As for a Whole School Public, the humiliation would be too much to bear. Then her parents would punish her for losing her rank as Head Girl (Daddy would probably cut off her allowance) and she would lose her much loved

“Please,” she tried again “couldn’t t you punish me yourself, you know you could give me the slipper or something,” I simply smiled and shook my head. “Or or I could… you know give you… a ….a blowjob” Ali finally said clearly desperate.

“Very well,” I said. “So in addition to your spanking you re going to get the slipper and then you’re going to receive some additional, intimate punishment from me. In
return you may keep your vodka and no one else need ever know. Very well but you will do exactly what I say. Understood?” Ali looked horrified she d been prepared to suck me off to escape the cane but hadn’t counted on having to take a spanking and a slippering as well. However she had little choice.
“Yes” she said quietly
“Yes what?” I prompted.
“Yes Sir,” she said blushing

“Very well, come here.” I ordered. She came and stood in front of me. “Take everything off above the waist,” I ordered. Reluctantly, Alison moved to comply, she undid her tie, folded it and placed it on the desk. Then she untucked her blouse and slowly began to unbutton it. The few male students at Katherine Parr all agreed that Alison had the biggest and best tits in the school and as she took off her blouse, folded it, put it on the desk and stood before me in just a black lacy push up bra I was even more impressed. “And the bra,” I prompted she reached behind herself pushing her jugs out even further and unclasped it. Then she pulled the garment off her chest altogether and placed it on the desk with her shirt and tie. “Put your hands on your head.” I told her as she tried to cover herself. Blushing harder than ever Alison raised her hands onto her head displaying her charms lewdly to me.

“Now, ask me to play with your tits,” I ordered. Alison looked ready to storm out but she didn’t, instead she muttered “Please play with my tits, Sir.” “I m sorry I didn’t t hear that,” I said
innocently, “and look at me when you speak to me. “Please play with my big tits, Sir.” Alison repeated loud and clear, looking me in the face this time (though she was bright red with the humiliation of it.) Who was I to refuse a lady?! I reached out and cupped the breasts I had fantasised about and began to squeeze them and rub them and play with them. After about ten minutes of this
I released them and said “Now what do you say”
“Thank you for playing with my tits, sir,” she said, thoroughly humiliated.

“Now, put yourself over my knee,” I ordered. “I’m going to give you a good spanking before you get the slipper. You obviously need to learn how a Head Girl should behave!” Alison put herself across my lap and my hard on was pressed against her. I slid her skirt up to reveal her shapely thighs, stocking tops, suspenders and flimsy black knickers stretched tight across her pert arse. I put my fingers under the waistband and pulled her skimpy knickers down below her knees. I then raised my right hand and brought it firmly down onto her firm arse and left it there a moment, relishing the intimate contact. and Alison moaned softly in humiliation and discomfort. I continued to spank her soundly and she began to sob quietly in pain and humiliation. After about ten minutes I stopped and her arse was now bright red

“Fetch me the slipper,” I ordered, and Alison got up and made her way to the small cupboard at the back of the room. There was one like it in every classroom and they all contained the same things, a slipper, a long wooden ruler and a paddle. Alison reached in and picked up the slipper, a thick soled size twelve. She brought it over and handed it to me. “Now back into position” I ordered. Alison resignedly slid herself over my lap once more, trying to ignore the throb of my erection. “Now then, let’s see. I think twenty whacks for the vodka and another ten for trying to get out of punishment. You will count each whack aloud and thank me for it. If you count incorrectly or call out other than to count I will add another five.
“One Sir, thank you Sir” she gasped out as I laid the first whack on her buttock. When I reached ten I snaked my left hand around to cup her breasts and played with those as I completed her slippering. She had to take forty in the end and I succeeded in reducing the proud girl to tears. As she lay on my lap groaning with pain and humiliation I rubbed her arse slowly then slid my hand between her legs to her cunt. It was wet. I leisurely fingered her for
a while, playing with her tits again with my free hand.
“That turned you on didn’t t it,” I teased.
“Yes Sir” the Head Girl admitted breathlessly.

“It s time for the next part of your punishment,” I told her. “Kneel in front of me,” I ordered. “Take my cock out yourself and then I m sure you know what to do.”
Nervously Alison licked her full lips before unzipping my flies. She reached in and undid the flies on my boxers and then pulled out my erection. She cupped my balls in her hands and looked up at me. Then she kissed the end of my knob and began working her way down with
little kisses and licks until she reached my balls. She sucked each one in turn while wanking the shaft in her soft warm hand. Then she kissed her way back up to the top of my cock and slowly took it into her mouth. She took about half my cock into her mouth and began sucking whilst teasing the end with her tongue. Her hands returned to my balls. I began playing with her big tits, cupping them in my hands and squeezing them together kneading the heavy mam-meat like play-dough and tweaking her sensitive nipples. “You’re good at this,” I commented, “I bet you've sucked a lot of dick haven t you?” Alison just groaned and carried on giving me a great blowjob.

“Play with your cunt while you do it I ordered” obediently Alison slid her right hand under her short skirt and onto her naked pussy. She began to masturbate, moaning around my cock as she worked first one then two fingers into her sopping wet twat. After another few minutes of this action, I took my cock out of her mouth and slid it between her big tits. I took her hands and placed them on her tits, pushing them together and told her to give me a tit wank. She began to move her breasts around my dick, ducking her head to lick and suck at the tip as it emerged from between her baps. After ten minutes of this I sensed that I was now close “OK, sweetheart, I said finish me off with your mouth and make sure you swallow.” She released my cock from between her big tits and hungrily took it back into her mouth. Her right hand
returned to her wet pussy and her left cupped my balls. I cupped a tit in each hand and played with them as her skilful mouth brought me closer and closer. I began thrusting forwards, gently fucking her face she moaned and her right hand moved faster underneath her school skirt. She looked up at me and I came in her mouth. She swallowed and came herself. I slapped her cheek with my softening prick, leaving cum on her face I did the same on the other cheek. Then I said “Lick it clean, bitch” Alison took my cock back in her
mouth and licked and sucked it clean. I put it away and stood up.
“Now what do you say Alison?” I prompted
“Thank you for my punishment Sir,” she said obediently. With that I turned and walked out of the room, leaving the Head Girl kneeling on the floor, well spanked and topless, her knickers round her knees and my cum on her face.

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