I was hired recently to make a series of promotional images for a local art museum. The work involved a mix of gallery photos, augmented by a series of studio shots of specific selections from the collection.

So, on this particular day, I was wandering around one of the museum buildings with a single, small camera, hoping to capture some candid images of guests perusing the exhibits. This particular gallery featured an assortment of the museum’s statuary and sculpture collection, with an emphasis on numerous classic nudes interspersed with two-dimensional art along the same vein.

As I walked in, I noticed a single person, seated on one of the benches provided for visitors, staring at a sculpture of a nude man with a rather large phallus, flanked by what appeared to be life drawings of the subject by the artist. As I wandered around, making a few images, I realized the person was female. Drawing slowly closer, I noted several more things.

First, she appeared to be younger than one would expect to find in an art gallery in the middle of a weekday. Secondly, she had a sketch pad covered with detail drawings of the sculpture focusing on its stone cock lying next to her on the bench, her leg pulled up so her skirt flared about a pair of beautiful, coltish legs. And, finally, it appeared as she sketched, her free hand was out of sight under her skirt.

She was deeply absorbed in her sketching and hadn’t heard me as I’d stayed out of her line of vision. As I approached from the left, I noticed her arm moving slowly but surely back and forth and heard a small moan escape her lips. She was masturbating to the nude images all around her and doing a pretty good job of it, by the sounds.

I purposefully let my shoe squeak slightly on the hardwood floor, alerting the girl to my presence. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her jerk her probing fingers out from under her skirt and turn the sketchpad over in her lap. I thought I also saw a glint of moisture on her digits as they grasp the pad.

“Hi,” I said. “Sorry to disturb you.”

“Oh, um, that’s OK,” she said, a little defensively. “I wasn’t doin’ nothing.”

“Didn’t say you were,” I replied. “I’m Mick. I’m doing the new promotional photos for the museum.”

She relaxed, slightly.

“Oh, yes,” she said, standing and holding out her hand. “My daddy talked about you. I’m Nancy, by the way. My daddy runs the museum.”

“Hi, Nancy,” I said, taking her delicate little hand in mine. Her skin was warm and ever so slightly damp. I noticed her face was slightly flushed and bore a fine sheen of perspiration, even though the gallery was fairly well air-conditioned.

“So, I guess you enjoy the sculpture area,” I said. “What were you sketching?”

I reached out and slipped the pad from her grasp before she could react. I saw immediately my first impression had been correct. The top sheet was covered in different images of cocks, obviously drawn by a child’s hand, but a hand that held something in the way of talent.

Nancy flushed anew as I took in the images on the pad. Some of the cocks were flaccid, but most were erect. One, the largest in the center, had what could only be a globule of precum dangling from the tip of its rampant length.

“Nancy,” I said. “Tsk, tsk. How old are you?”

“Um, 13,” she whispered, hanging her head. “May I have my pad back, please? You’re not going to tell anyone, are you?”

I laughed inside, realizing I had this young minx right where I wanted her. I took a closer look at her body, from those same coltish legs leading downward from the short skirt she wore and up, to her small but obviously braless breasts, hard nipples poking through the thin material of her plain white t-shirt.

“Well, I don’t know,” I said. “You really shouldn’t be drawing cocks and touching yourself right out here in the open, you know.”

“I wasn’t,” Nancy said. “I didn’t … you know.”

“Really,” I said, grabbing her left hand and pulling it up to my nose. “It sure smells like you were.”

I ran my tongue out and around the tips, tasting just the hint of her pussy on her fingers.

“Mmm, yummy,” I said, my cock stirring in my jeans. “Tastes like it, too. Have you ever seen a real one?”

“A real what?” she said, her gaze now focused on the swelling in my crotch.

“Cock,” I said. “Have you ever seen a real cock?”

“Um, no,” she whispered.

Lowering my voice conspiratorially, I went in for the kill, as it were.

“You want to?” I asked her, putting my free hand under her chin and lifting her eyes to meet mine.

“Yes,” she whispered.

“Yes, what?” I said, holding her gaze.

“I want to see one,” she said.


“I want to see … a cock.”

“Good,” I said. “Come with me.”

During my explorations of the museum, I’d found quite a few out-of-the-way corners and secluded spaces to hide camera equipment. I knew there was a large custodial closet just down the hallway in this particular gallery. Holding her pussy-soaked hand in mine, I led Nancy toward the hideaway.

As hoped, the door was unlocked. I held it open for her. I ushered her inside with a hand on her back, followed her and turned and locked the door. I placed my camera on a shelf at waist level after setting it to video capture mode (it was a good camera) and pointing it toward the approximate center of the room. I put my hands on my hips and waited.

“Well, do you want to see my cock?” I asked her.

She just nodded her head.

“Come here and take it out,” I told her.

Almost in a trance, her eyes never left my crotch as she walked the few paces toward me. Her hand reached out almost with a will of its own and pulled at the snap of my jeans. I moaned as her fingers tugged the zipper down, putting delicious pressure on the shaft of my now-hard staff.

My jeans dropped around my ankles. Nancy gasped as, freed from its confines, my cock surged upwards, slapping her in the palm of the hand. Her hand closed reflexively around the shaft.

“Oh,” she gasped. “It’s … big!”

Now, I’m not porn star big. But my 7-inch cock is fairly thick. Nancy couldn’t reach all the way around it with her small, 13-year-old hand.

“It’s warm,” she whispered. “I think I can feel your heartbeat inside it. Why’s it so big and stiff?”

“Because of you, sweetheart,” I said. “It likes when you touch it. Go ahead and touch it some more. Like this.”

I wrapped my hand gently around hers and showed her how to stroke the shaft. It was my turn to moan as Nancy got into the rhythm and began to slowly jack my cock.

“Oooh,” she moaned. “It’s getting harder! The juice is leaking out of the tip!”

“Wanna taste it?” I moaned.

She stopped cold, looking up into my eyes again. Uh oh, I thought. I pushed to far.

Rather than run screaming from the room, however, Nancy bent at the waist and ran her tongue along the top of my shaft, scooping the copious precum lingering there into her mouth.

She pulled back, keeping her grip on my member, as she swirled her tongue around in her mouth. Her eyes closed as she savored the flavor of what must have been her first taste of the male essence. A big grin split her face.

“That’s yummy,” she said, adopting my own word for her fingers from few moments before. “Can I have more?”

“All you want,” I said. “But only if I can have more of your juices.”

Nancy lifted her left hand up toward my face, but I just shook my head.

“No,” I said. “You get to taste it from the source. It’s only fair if I do, too.”

“What do you mean?” she asked, fidgeting slightly in front of me.

“Take off your clothes,” I said. “I want to see you nude, just like all those statues you like so much.”

Nancy looked up at me for a moment, then reached down and grasped the hem of her shirt. I stopped her.

“Wait,” I said, reaching over and grabbing my camera. I put it back in still capture mode and adjusted the focus and exposure.

“OK. Go ahead. Strip for me, Nancy.”

She pulled her shirt up and over her head, exposing her delicate, b-cup breasts to my gaze – and my lens. Her puffy nipples were a pale pink, just a couple of shades darker than the milky white flesh of those delicious swells on her chest. They protruded a quarter-inch or better from the small, wrinkled areola.

“Oh, my God,” I moaned, snapping photos as the topless adolescent dropped her shirt on the floor at her feet. “They’re beautiful.”

Nancy beamed, hurrying to strip off her skirt. I stopped her again, telling her to slow down and tease, to make it sexy. She turned her skirt around so the snap and zipper were centered over her tummy just below her navel. She slowly undid the closures, parting the material to expose the elastic top of a pale blue bikini panty.

I ordered her to turn around and bend over, then slowly slide her skirt down and off. Nancy did as I instructed, inching the skirt lower and lower until I could see the material stretched tightly across her ass, outlining the lips of her tiny pussy. The light blue material was noticeably darker in the crotch, giving mute evidence to the young teen’s excitement and arousal.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you Nancy?” I asked.

“Yes,” she gasped. “It’s fun showing off for you like this.”

She dropped her skirt, stood up and turned, stepping out of the pool of material at her feet. She hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panty and slowly slid her last garment down her thighs.

I almost came on the spot as her tiny twat was revealed. Topped with a tiny patch of reddish-blond peach fuzz, her pussy was just a delicate line between her thighs splitting two obviously puffy labial lips. It looked like two fingers of a tightly clenched fist.

It was my turn to moan as I snapped a final photo, put the camera down and stood, towering over the tiny, naked girl. I wrapped my hands around her waist and lifted her onto the worktable, dragged a small rolling chair over in front of her and sat myself between her thighs.

I pulled her feet up onto my shoulders and kissed my way slowly up her thighs as I pressed her legs to the side, opening her crotch to my gaze. I parted the lips of her snatch with my thumbs.

“Ready?” I asked, speaking directly into her slightly-open pussy.

“I … I don’t know,” she said, just a hint of fear and apprehension in her voice.

“Well, then, let’s find out,” I said.

I traced just the tip of my tongue from the bottom of her cunt up to the top. As soon as my tongue flicked across her clit, her hips arched up and Nancy let out a growled, “Oh!”

I pressed harder against her most-delicate flesh, suckling her nubbin into my mouth and brushing it lightly with my teeth. I released the suction with a pop, pulled her lips further open and forced my tongue as far as it would go into her pussy.

“Oh, Fffu …,” she began, obviously not used to cursing. But she also wasn’t used to the sensations I was giving her with my lips and tongue.

“Fuu … Ahh … Oooh …,” she groaned, almost incoherently. “Fuck! FUCK!”

I cupped Nancy’s tight, round buttocks and pulled her closer against my sucking lips and probing tongue. I felt her slim fingers as they twined in my hair, gripping my head and pulling back, forcing me deeper into her peach. I pulled her lips even further apart, pressing my tongue deeper inside her until the tip brushed over her virgin barrier.

“Oh, crap!” she cried. “What’s that?”

“That’s your cherry, your hymen,” I told her. “Did it feel good?”

“It felt … I don’t know!” Nancy moaned. “Do it again.”

I continued on, licking and probing her now dripping cunt, driving her higher and higher. Her hips began jerking uncontrollably as she climbed toward the peak.

“Oh, something’s happening,” she said. “What’s happening? I have to pee, I think. Stop! I’m going to PEE!”

I ignored her, sucking her hard little clit back between my teeth and flicking it with my tongue. That was all it took to drive her over the edge.

“Ahhh, fuck,” she moaned. “Oh, shit! What’s happening to meeeeee!”

Her young body tightened, her muscles locking as her hands flew to the sides, gripping the edges of the table as her first orgasm overtook her. I continued to suckle and tease her clit, driving her directly from one into a second, harder cum.

Even as I orally ravaged her pussy, I stood up, never taking my mouth away from her cunt. My rampant cock was dripping precum as I moved forward, keeping my lingual contact as long as I could. I finally had to release my lip lock on her crotch, rising to my full height to fist my cock into position between her open, dripping lips.

“Wait,” Nancy cried. “Oh, no! Please, don’t … OOOOOOOHHHHH!”

She screamed as the head of my cock split her tiny pussy, ripping away her virginity. I slid in slowly but steadily, my passage eased by the copious juices flowing from her depths.

God, but she was tight! Even with her ample natural lubrication, it took several thrusts to bury my cock balls deep inside her virgin cunt. When I finally seated myself firmly in her depths, I paused, holding still to allow her to adjust.

“What are you doing to me?” she moaned.

“I’m fucking you, Nancy,” I said. “That’s what you wanted, isn’t it? To get fucked? Isn’t that why you were drawing all those pictures of cocks? You were dreaming about this, weren’t you?”

“No,” she protested. “No. I don’t know.”

I pulled her ankles up and over my shoulders again and slowly slid out until just the head remained inside her pussy.

“Do you want me to take it out?” I asked.

She was quiet for a second, the post-orgasmic spasms that still racked her pussy threatening to force me out.

“Yes,” she moaned. “Wait, no. I don’t know! It hurts!”

“Hang on, baby,” I said. “It will start to feel better soon.”

“Nnngh,” she moaned as I forced my cock back inside her. “Oh, God!”

I slowly fucked Nancy, my cock bottoming out against the top of her vagina on each thrust as tears rolled from her clenched eyes and down her face. I gradually increased the speed and force of my thrusts, building a steady rhythm until I was literally pounding her into the stainless steel table.

“Nnngh, nnngh, nnngh,” Nancy moaned with each thrust as her pussy opened and adjusted to my invading cock, fucking her into a frenzy. Gradually, she started responding, pressing her hips up upward to match each downward thrust.

The pleasure eventually overwhelmed the pain. Her lower body was coated from clit to thighs to ass in a glistening sheen, a combination of her sweat, virgin blood and pussy juice as she finally succumbed to the fucking. Her pussy muscles spasmed again, clenching hard around the shaft of my cock as she launched into her third orgasm, the largest one yet.

“Oh, fuck! Fuck! FUCK!” she cried in time with my thrusts. “It’s happening again! I’m cumming! Fuck me! Fuck ME!”

As her orgasm peaked, I ripped my cock from her pussy. She didn’t notice, until I slotted the tip into her tiny asshole and pressed forward, riding the tide of her flowing cunt deep into her rectum.

“Oh, shit!” she screamed. “That’s the wrong hole! You’re up my butt! Put it back in my pussy, please!”

“Hang on, sweetheart,” I moaned, bringing my right hand down to massage her clit with my thumb. “You’ll love this. I know I will.”

I bottomed out in her ass, the walls of her hot, tight hole squeezing around my cock. I only managed about 10 strokes up her ass before she came again, her ass clamping around my shaft, trapping me inside and milking me like a gripping fist.

“Oh, shit, baby,” I yelled. “Here I cum!!”

The first shot was ripped from the tip of my cock, deep into her bowels like a cannon blast, coating her insides. It was immediately followed by a second, then a third as I filled her guts with my searing seed.

“Oh, I feel it,” she cried. “I feel you cumming in my butt! God, I’m cumming again!”

We both froze as my cock spasms diminished. Her rectum clenched, forcing my cock from her depths. I watched as my cum flowed from her gaping ass, dripping slowly between her cheeks to pool on the table beneath her.

God, she was a mess. Her crotch was red and swollen, pussy and ass gaping open from the recent pounding, coated in a mix of our juices. Her eyes were puffy and red, her face a deep crimson, streaked with her tears and spittle. Her naked, heaving tits rose and fell like a bellows as she struggled to catch her breath, the puffy nipples rock hard and several shaded darker than before.

“Oh, my God,” she moaned. “My whole body hurts. What did you do to me?”

“Exactly what you wanted, baby,” I gasped, fighting to calm my breathing. “Exactly what you wanted.”

She looked up at me, a quizzical, almost predatory look in her eyes.

“I know,” she whispered.

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She looked up at me, a quizzical, almost predatory look in her eyes.

“I know,” she whispered.

one of the finest ending sentences/statements I've ever read in a porno/erotic story ever I believe. ***** Fellow Traveller

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