Annie Goes To High School

Males/female, cum swallowing, group sex

When the bus arrived at the school Annie got up to get off with Tommy right behind. His hands were on her naked ass as they walked down the aisle toward the front. Tommy was holding her skirt up with one hand as they passed the driver. Due to the congestion of at the door, the line stopped just as Annie was at the front. The driver saw her ass and reached over to cop a feel. She giggled as he squeezed one cheek and whistled. As they got off she encountered a breeze that had the intent of blowing her skirt up exposing that sweet ass to all that could see. Annie struggle struggled with the skirt until they until they had safely entered the building.

Upon entering the school building Annie swiftly made her way to girl’s restroom. She found her a stall and sat down to push Tommy’s cum from her soaked pussy. Several dollops of cum fell from her nether lips only to plash into the water below. After several minutes she reached for the toilet paper to clean what was left from her pussy. When she returned to the hallway Tommy was nowhere to be found. Annie carefully made her way toward her first class.

The first four periods progressed well to some extent. She tried to sit near the back of the room so as to not expose herself to the teacher. Some of the male students that also sat in the back soon figured out what she was wearing, or not wearing, and were taking their liberties with her. As long as the instructor did not notice, she did not mind letting the boys play with her wonders. Her ass cheeks and pussy were exposed when she sat in the student chair. Hands from both sides and the rear were groping her. Fingers were pushed into her pussy while her clit was rubbed. Annie soon felt an orgasm building. She was too weak to tell the guys to stop. She was thankful that this was just a study hall. Suddenly she gasps. Those in the room not involved turned in the direction of her gasps and stared. The smell of sex permeated the area and everyone knew what had just happened. Annie was on her way to being the school slut, and it was only the first day.

When the lunch period arrived Tommy found her and ushered her off for a private meeting with him and his buds. There were six of them when she arrived besides Tommy. He had taken her to the men’s weight room. The seven guys let their pants drop to the floor. She was told to suck each one. There were four white and three black. As she dropped to her knees, they lined up for their turn. The whites went first and then the blacks. She removed her blouse to keep it from getting messy and began to suck off the cocks laid out before her. Her mouth was like a velvet glove as she sucked each cock into her throat and made each one cum. When she got to the black guys she was amazed at the size of each one. There were three of them and each one was at least nine inches in length and two inches in diameter. She had never sucked a cock this big. She found that she could not deep throat the blacks as she had the whites. They were just too big around to fit down her throat. But she did the best that she could. Tommy told her that with practice she would soon be able to deep throat all of them. She still was not sure. As each one cum in her mouth she managed to swallow their entire loads. When she finished with the last one, Tommy told her to thank the guys for lunch. As she thanked them, a burp escaped her lips and caused her to giggle.

As she finished sucking all seven off everyone noticed that there were still twenty-five minutes left in the lunch period. They decided that they wanted to fuck this nubile young thing. Annie was told to lie back on the mat that covered the floor of the weight room. Her pussy was already soaked from sucking seven cocks. The first to fuck was one of the black boys. He got down on his knees between her spread legs and began to push his cock into her wet pussy. As he pushed, she gasps at the size that was being forced into her young twat. It was enormous by her standards. He began to bang her hard into the mat and was very soon dumping cum into her bucket. She fucked six of the seven with Tommy abstaining. He wanted her on the bus home that afternoon

With six loads of cum in her pussy and seven loads in her belly, Annie began to compose herself. She had three more classes to attend that afternoon. As she stood she had to hold herself to keep from leaking. Once standing her muscles could keep her from leaking the six loads out. She did not have time to go to the restroom to push the cum out. There were only a few minutes left until her next class.

As she arrived at class she proceeded to the rear of the room as usual to find a seat. Finding one, she began to sit down; however, in order to sit she had to release the muscles that was holding the cum in place. In doing so, a dollop of cum fell from her pussy and landed on the floor next to her seat. Annie quickly sat down, but to those seated around her it was obvious that she had been fucking during lunch and that she wore no panties to conceal it.

The smell of cum filled the rear of the room. The new school slut had made it obvious to everyone that she was full of cum and felt no embarrassment about it. While she had not taken notice, her teachers had. She would soon be earning her reputation as well as her grades on her back.

To Be Continued…

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everyone loves young pussy, twelve seems about right.

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This was a great story. Please continue it.

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Write more about annie what a great story series,more wanton sex on the bus ;-)

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