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Sorry I wrote this to be one story, but had a brain fart and broke it into three parts. and after looking at the second part I think I need to do a rewrite later. Hope you enjoy the conclusion of Harry’s Christmases

Harry’s Christmases Part 3

That first kiss, their lips met and pressed softly together, Hermione could feel her heart speeding up, the rush of heat from her lips to her toes, she almost felt faint, but not, her eyes were closed, but swirls and swirls of color danced around her, she could hear music, beautiful music and rockets. Harry had his arm around her holding her to him, she could feel him holding it was pure heavenly. ‘Oh sweet Maeve! Harry’ she opened her mouth and push her tongue to his lips, which parted as she licked his, their tongues met and fondled each other. ’God if he asked I’d give him my virginity right here’ she thought, ‘Where did that come from’ . When they ran out of air they broke. “Oh Harry” she whispered
He whispered “Hermione I, I …”
“Harr..” and they kissed again.

Several people walked by, just looking at the entangled couple. They were totally impervious to the world around them. Lavender Brown walked thru and smiled, ‘Ron’s mine now’ and danced up the stairs.
Finally they broke again and looked into each other eyes, not saying a thing, then Hermione spoke “Harry, I love you“.
“and I love you Hermio..”
And they kissed deeply again feeling each others soul. When they broke this time Harry settled back into the corner of the loveseat and Hermione moved too turning and resting her back against his chest and he wrapped his arms around her. After a few moments, “page six I believe, my love”
“Yes Harry” and she opened the book, they read two pages and kissed, one page and kissed, then two, then one and one and one, then sleep slowly over took them, and that‘s where Ron found them the next morning. Harry was half laying on the loveseat and Hermione was curled up on top on him as Harry held her.

What’s the Bloody Hell!!” he yelled, waking the couple.
“huh what oh hi Ron” Hermione said
“Harry yawned “hi “
“What do you mean hi, why are you holding Hermione like that” he barked
“Because I want him to Ron, go have breakfast” Hermione answered in that matter of fact voice of hers, snuggling into Harry.
“Huh… What” the look on Ron face utter bewilderment, then he turned and stormed off.
“That went well” Harry said
“He’ll get over it, I’m sure Lav will jump at the chance to get him and I hope she does, I got what I want” and kissed him.
“Hungry my love” Harry asked
“For you” and kissed him again “but lets clean-up and change then go have breakfast”
“Meet you here in ten” Harry helping her up
“Fifteen please”
“Oh ok.. as long as you need love, just don’t keep me waiting too long, someone might get me” Harry popped off.
“not a chance you’re mine.. now”
“Yes my love”

And off they went, he to the boys , she to the girls.

Victoria met Hermione as she was entering the shower “Hey Hermione that was you with Harry last night, did you both sleep in the common room, your bed was empty, is he a good kisser it sure looked that way, you two going together now, what about Ron, and Ginny, is he good…”
“You said that”
“never mind, yes he’s the best and yes we did sleep, that was all, and yes he is and yes we’re going together, he’s mine, Lav can have Ron and Gin has Dean, now if you’ll excuse me I need to clean-up and meet my Harry for breakfast”

Eight minutes later Harry was in the common room waiting. A few minutes later down the step came his angel. Her hair was still damp and sort of laid back, she had on a tight pair of jeans and very sexy blouse, vee-necked showing a bit of cleavage. Harry’s pulse rate went up, she had a hint of lipstick and eye liner.
“God Hermione you’re beautiful, I mean you always were but… wow”
“Thank you Harry” and kissed him “Lets eat”
“First lets dry that hair, don’t want you getting sick” and wave his wand drying it”
“But Harry” Her hair popped back to normal
“I love it this way, it’s you” and kissed her “and I love you”
“Oh Harry” she moaned and kissed him “you oh Harry… Lets eat”

It was Saturday morning and not ever one was up yet, but those who were, stopped and looked at the newest Hogwarts couple walk in Hand-in-Hand, their eyes for each other. They watch Hermione sit first, then Harry sit beside her. And they kissed lightly, then Harry help her fill her plate then his and they ate, sometimes feeding the other. Everyone stared. Ron was stunned, angry, confused not sure what he was, until Lavender slipped next to him and placed her hand on his thigh, and whispered in his ear “Don’t they make a cute couple Ron”
“Huh yea I guess” He whinged gripping his fork.
Lavender light squeezed his groin and he seemed instantly to forget them and turned to her and whispered “Keep that up and I may have to shag you right here”
“Lets find a empty broom closet” she whispered and nibbled his ear, Ron left a half empty plate, his second of course.

There was a Quidditch game between Hufflepuff and Slytherin after breakfast. Hermione asked Harry if he want to go watch, he looked at her for a moment, “Why not, a blanket a couple of drinks, sandwiches, the book and you, what a perfect day”
“Harry if we take the book we may not watch much of the game”
“Oh oh ok Harry” she purred.
“Oh I need to go to Gringotts next chance, I want to get you a ring, to show the world you’re mine”
“A a ri.. ring” and she jumped on him giving him a Hermione hug, followed by a deeper kiss. After a few minutes they broke and headed to the common to get their winter robes. Harry called Dobby and asked for a wicker basket with blankets, sandwiches, and a thermos with mafted mulled cider for an outing. And shortly they were off to the Quidditch pitch.

They didn’t make it to the pitch however, they stopped at the end of the tree line and placed the blankets, and Harry sat against a tree facing the pitch, Hermione sat in front of him and laid back on his chest, covered themselves waist down with one if the blankets, she then cast a warming spell, handed him a drink and pulled out their book. Page one, they almost made chapter two, between the kissing, before the game was over. Ron and Lavender walked up. Hermione had half rolled over and their lips were locked together as tongues caressed each the others, and wrapped in each others arms.
‘damn she never snogged me like that’ … “Hey Harry… huh you and Hermione want to go inside, it’s past time for dinner and it’s getting colder” Ron interrupting them.
“Oh hi Ron, is it.. hadn’t noticed, shall we my love” Hermione said sweetly
‘my love??’ Ron looked at her ‘she called him ‘my love’
“Sure yes if you wish love” and Harry slipped out from behind her and helped her up receiving a kiss. They turned and hand-in-hand walked towards the school
“Huh what about” and Ron pointed to the blankets and basket, the only thing they picked up was the book.
Lavender said “Ron they’re newly in love, leave them alone, here carry this” and handed him the basket after wave packing everything inside. They followed the happy couple, well that is after Lavender kissed her Ron and whispered she was getting randy again.
“it’s such a lovely day isn’t it” Ron was heard to say.

Later they sat in the common in front of the fire, Hermione had changed her clothes again, this time into a baggy blouse and a soft comfortable skirt. She had placed their book carefully in her trunk.
She had ask Harry if he wanted to read some more and surprisingly he said “No, tonight I want just to hold you in my arms, no distractions, just you and me in front of the fire” she smiled, her heart leaped.

When she came down, there was her Harry sitting on the loveseat, with two mugs of cider, with cinnamon sticks laying on a small plate beside, waiting for her. She sat on his lap and kissed him “mmmmm. Harry cider and cinnamon have you been reading my books”
“Huh no just seemed right… as this” and kissed her.
‘Oh god yesss Harry’ her inner voice sang.
They kissed and stirred the cider with the cinnamon sticks and sipped, she snuggled up against him as he held her and kissed and sipped and watched the fire, there wasn’t twenty words spoke.

A short while later Hermione pulled Harry’s hand under her blouse and Harry lightly rubbed her bare mid-section and they kissed. Hermione could feel Harry’s excitement under her. Shortly she moved his hand to her bra-less breast, wordlessly telling him, she was his and it was ok. She moaned as the first male even touch her. He kissed her again and he carefully, softly fondled her. Her knickers were soaking. He broke their kiss, she looked deep into his eyes and purred “Oh Harry, my love” as he lightly pinched her harden nibble, she moaned and nibbled her lower lip. After another lingering kiss, she laid back enjoying Harry’s hand.

Someone walked in, Harry didn’t jerk away his hand, just held it still cupping her, the blouse hid all, as Neville sat and talked to the couple for a time. To Hermione it was heavenly, her love was holding her intimately as they talked to their friend. He finally left them alone again and they kissed. She thought to herself ‘Oh Harry if we were somewhere private’ she kissed him again ‘God my knickers are dripping wet’ .

They once again fell asleep there as the noise died and the fire crackled.

Next morning Victoria gently shook Hermione “Again? Do we need to move your bed down here”
Harry said quietly ”Could you” the girls giggled.
Then Ron came in “Damn Harry do you ever plan to sleep in your bed again“,
Hermione blushed
“I’m hungry, anyone seen Lav”
“I’ll see if she’s up “ said Victoria.
“No I’ll go.. I need to freshen up and you should too, my love” as Hermione stood up, after Harry undetected by the others had slipped his hand from under her blouse, much to both dismay. Harry rose and walked her to the stairs, she kissed him and up she went.
“Bloody hell Harry you got it bad don’t you”
“Got what” Harry said looking up as Hermione disappeared “Oh… yea” and went to loo and shower.

Harry was waiting when Lavender and Hermione came down. Hermione gave him a quick kiss.
“Oh Lavender, Ron said he’ll be at breakfast and ask you to join him”
“Ask, sure he did, but thanks Harry” and started to get a quick peck, but stopped, then she looked at Hermione, Hermione smiled that smile ‘mine’, but nodded so Lav quickly pecked his cheek.
“Breakfast my love” Hermione asked
“Are you on the menu, if so most assuredly.” Harry said hugging her, before releasing her.
“Harry” she cooed. And took his hand as she kissed him again ”Maybe” and off they went to Sunday morning meal. .

The ones who didn’t see them the day before, watched in wonderment as the two lovingly Gryffindors fed each other, between quick kisses, not all were that quick.
“Hey Harry, Hermione we’re going to Hogsmeade, you two coming” Ron asked. Lavender was holding his hand.
“Yes Harry lets”
“Ok we’re coming, Hermione needs her winter robe, I’ll grab my scarf.. we’ll be right down”

Hermione changing robes, picked up her scarf and without thinking slipped their book into her robe pocket. She met Harry at the foot of the girls stairs. And arm in arm out they went, meeting Ron and Lavender. Neville, Luna, Victoria, and the Patil twins along with Susan Bones were in the entrance also and they all walked into Hogsmeade.

They had a wonderful time, stopped at Honeyduke’s first for treats and sweets, after which they split-up, Ron to Zonko’s with Lavender and Neville. Victoria, Susan and the twins off to some dress shop. Harry asked Luna if she would like to go with them to the Book shop. You could tell she wasn‘t sure, but Hermione grabbed her arm “You’re coming with us, it‘ll be fun”, Harry took her other arm and off they went. They enjoyed going thru the books. Luna was so happy, being with friends, ‘friends,’ and even found a book, the title of ‘The Sly and Hidden Magical Creatures Handbook’. She squealed in happiness as she clutched the book to her chest.

They paid for their books and retreated to Madam Puddifoots for tea and cakes. Luna was engrossed reading her upside down book. ’how does she read that way’ Hermione said to herself, shaking her head slightly, before she and Harry began reading their book. Two and a half whole chapters, before Lavender drug Ron and Neville in. Ron was going on about something.

Hermione moved to Harry’s lap to give a chair to Neville, Ron sat in the last and Lavender sat on his, she shifted once.
Hermione laid back against Harry as she felt him under her again getting excited. ‘Oh sweet Maeve!’
They had a lovely tea, even with Ron’s prattle, before bundling up to head back to Hogwarts.

That night they did their schoolwork to the enjoyable nagging of Hermione and Ron grumbling and Lavender assisting Hermione to make Ron to his, then Lavender kissed Ron good night and each when up. Harry and Hermione were the last two in the common, after kissing several times goodnight, Harry watch her as she climbed the stairs, she turned and looked at Harry, then ran down and jumped into his arms and kissed him. They ended up spending the night on the couch, partially under a conjured blanket, Hermione laying on top of him, her head nuzzled into his shoulder as he held her.

They woke next morning when Lavender, still in her nightshirt, and showing Harry some of what Ron enjoys regularly now, shook them as she whispered to Hermione “ why don’t you just move in to his room at least it would be a bed”
Hermione glowed red blushing. She kissed Harry and ran upstairs to shower.
“and you mister go clean-up, Hermione deserves a clean and presentable boyfriend” before she headed up too.
Minutes later a loo’d, showered, freshly dressed Harry waited
Ron walked by shaking his head as he headed for breakfast.

The week pasted Harry and Hermione were together as much as possible, she watched as he practiced and they did their school work together, of course Ron was always asking questions as usual.
The one that surprised Hermione was when Ron ask, “Harry when did you start fancying Hermione?”
“First of September 1991, just too stupid to know”
“Oh.. huh” the confused Ron trying to count it out.
“Oh Harry” and she gave him a kiss..

Friday evening arrived, after supper Harry and Hermione sat cuddling in the Astrometry Tower looking at the stars, in between kisses, Hermione had cast warming spells and they held each other. As they kissed Harry hand began to roam, he found she was without a bra again and both enjoyed his manipulations. Hermione’s hand slip onto his groin and found a sizeable lump in Harry’s trousers, they both moaned into the others mouth. When they heard someone on the stairs, they moved their hands away from the enjoyable area’s of each and kissed softly.
Then “Ooo enjoying ourselves are we” Draco sneered.
Harry already had his hand holding his wand, Hermione whispered “Don‘t“.
Pasty “Oh leave them alone, Drac and kiss me”
“We’ll just leaving” Hermione said and took Harry by the hand pulling him away.
“That’s right Potter run away, listen to your ….” Pasty kissed him, before he said something to rile Potter, she had other plans for Draco, and watching him and Potter fight wasn‘t one.
On the stairs Harry was fuming till Hermione said softly “leave it Harry, he’s not worth the trouble”
And kissed him.

They looked for another place to be alone together, but there wasn’t any. In fact ’The Broom Closet” appeared to have several couple waiting outside it, pressed into the coves around it, as they passed by. So they returned to the common and found their loveseat empty and cuddled, however Neville, Colin, Seamus, and Cormac playing snaps and didn’t allow any privacy. They enjoyed being together close, hugging and kissing anyway. They finally went to own dorms, even though it was early morning the boys were still at it, to shower and bed.

Saturday morning no classes, a happy Harry waited in the common for Hermione as usual, Ron was waiting for Lavender.
“You know this is your fault”
“What… What’s my fault”
“Having to wait breakfast”
“Huh.. what”
“Oh Lav been griping, Harry always waits for Hermione, Harry does this for Hermione, Harry does that for Hermione, Harry sit her first, Harry does this, geezze Harry all the girls are ragging their boyfriends, Damn Harry.. Hermione got you whipped or somethin”
“No.. she doesn’t.. I do what I do because I want to, for the girl I love, I enjoy seeing her happy and when she’s happy I’m happy”
“You shagging her?”
“Excuse me” Harry gave his friend a dirty look.
“Are you shagging her, you must, can‘t get a piece of parchment between you two most time and as much as your up her backside you must be.”
Harry grit his teeth, before he hurt Ron, a moment later
“Ron weather I am or not is surely none of your business and I would appreciate if you wouldn’t ask again.” in that tone, Ron knew to drop it.
Hermione and Lavender were just out of sight up stairs hearing every word.
“just don’t be so I don’t know so..”
“Attentive, helpful, loving, trying to make her happy, please her, what?”
“I don’t know, just stop it will you, everyone griping”
“Let them gripe, I love Hermione and I’m so lucky she loves me, and I don’t feel I’m doing anything wrong, and you know me, if I didn’t want to, I wouldn’t”
“yea I know… just don’t”
And Hermione stepped into view “Hi boys waiting long”
Lavender right behind. As she walks down past Hermione, Hermione heard “and none for the jerk today”
Lav stopped at the bottom and waited until Ron stepped to her and kissed her “morning Ronald”
Ron twitched he knew she was pissed about something, but what. But he was hungry and had waited long enough.
“morning Lets eat I’m starved” he led Lavender off.
“Hi Harry “ Hermione softly spoke
“Hi Mione” and they kissed.
“What was Ron on about”
“Oh you know Ron, he’s just being Ron, hungry my love”
“For you my love”
“Huh, oh”
“Lets eat you need your strength” and they headed for the great hall.

Quidditch today was between Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, Harry didn’t want to go to the pitch, too noisy, didn‘t feel like hearing all that noise today.. too crowded. Tomorrow they could go to Hogsmeade, so.
“Fancy a walk, maybe along the lake” Hermione ask
“Anywhere with you my love”

The couple drifted down by the lake, it was a little coolish, and the wind was just lightly stirring. Harry held her to him. As they walked along the shoreline they stumbled upon a clearing among the bush line and the old stone blocks, that look like an old wall at one time, actually it was a small niche like spot, three side thick bush the open side facing the lake, a large tree protruding from the back edge. They laid the large blanket, Harry sat on, his back against the tree, Hermione sat between his legs, facing away from him and leaned back, Harry wrapped his arms around her, she cast a warming spell and pulled an edge of the blanket over them. Harry’s hand laid on her mid section once again, under her robe, but on the outside of her blouse. Hermione sighed and opened their book.
After a few pages, she reached down and pulled her blouse up slightly allowing Harry’s hand to now rub her bare skin. A few more pages and she said softly “Harry my love I’m not wearing a bra” as she turned and kissed him. Minutes later she turned to read and Harry’s hand found a hard nipple, she cooed, he fondled one then the other, they read another half page, before she turned and pulled Harry off the side of the tree and laid on top of him. They kissed as Harry pulled the blanket edge back over them. “Oh Harry” they kissed, she could feel his excitement again. “Harry… make love… to me.. I want… you inside” between kisses.
“Yes my love, but first I want to taste you” as he rolled them over and disappeared into the blanket.

She raised her hips to allow her panty to be removed. She felt his hot breathe on her skin, she moaned joyously. She bit her lip to keep from screaming in pleasure as Harry’s tongue gave her, her first male induced orgasm. She knew he would be the father of her children someday.
Harry had never tasted anything like it, sweet, oh so sweet with a hint of tangiest, he could drink her nectar all day and still want. He wanted more now and kept at her, as her second orgasm shot thru her she grabbed him and pulled him up and kissed him, tasting herself. As she reached down and undid his trousers, Harry pulled them down and Hermione soft hand found him. They moaned, he gritted his teeth to keep from spewing, she felt him trembling and dove under the blanket and took him into her mouth.
“Oh God Hermione” he moaned, shortly oh too shortly he filled her mouth with the first load ever, other
by his hand. She took it all, swallowing greedily. ‘sweet Maeve he seems huge’ never seeing a real one before she wasn‘t sure.

She slid up to his lips and kissed him as she held him in her hand, he never soften a bit. “Harry, my love do you want on top or shall I”
“What do you think how huh I don’t know”
“Harry you’re a virgin too, my love”
“yes… too.. you’re a virgin.. I‘I thought”
“Yes my love, I’m a virgin, I’ve been saving myself for the rigt.. forYou… and no one has even done what you’ve done to me or about to” and she straddled him guiding him to her.
“Oh God Hermione”
“Harry oooh”
She was stretched oh so loving stretched, the pain pasted, but was worth every moment of, as she lower herself onto Harry, the man she loved. They kissed as she yelped into his mouth and became a woman, his woman and he her man, when filled and their pelvic areas was as close to one as you can get, she stopped. Feeling him inside her for the first time, She could feel his heart beat, she heard his moan and see the sparkle in his eyes.
“I love you Harry”
“And I love you Hermione my love… and ..and someday I want you to be my wife”
“Yes Harry, yes I’m yours now and always”
And they made love, sweet wondrous marvelous love, Hermione grinding her body on him and he slowly rising his hips back and forth, pushing her thru orgasm after orgasm. She tighten on him each time she came, ‘ ‘Oh sweet Maeve’ as she built for the best yet as she held back, then she ground into him hard and found his lips and he thrusted up into her, she spasmed on him as she climaxed and screamed into his mouth, she felt him grow inside her and twitch as his seed filled her womb, that hot sperm pulsing into her, she orgasmed again. The world was full of sparkling colors and stars, she heard music her favorite from her childhood and she knew what true love was. They both blacked out for a moment or two or ten, not sure.

She heard “I love you Hermione Granger, you are my heart and soul forever” and was kissed before she could answer.
When they broke their lips, but Harry was still inside her. She replied “and I love you Harry Potter with my heart and soul forever my love, I’m yours even after death”
“And I yours for eternity, so mote it be” and a bright golden aura enveloped them.

In the Halls of Records deep in the Ministry, the book of recorded marriages, betrothals, bonds and intent bonds on the daily ledger read the following;
Harry James Potter and Hermione Jean Granger obligatory conjugal. 10 January 1996 11:47a.

“Harry what was that, you saw it didn’t you”
“Yes I did it sort of surround us you and me, us”
“Harry do you think maybe our magic…huh.. Well”
“I don’t know… but if it did, all I have to say is I love magic and you Mrs. Potter”
“Mrs. Potter, you really think I’m Mrs. Potter.. Hermione Potter sounds nice doesn’t it”
“Sounds wonderful to me… oh “ Harry looks a little sad.
“What wrong Harry”
“What if just something else and we’re just wishful thinking”
“Harry I don’t know, but if it just wishful thinking, we’ll just have to make it a reality as soon as we can, my love”
“Yes my love Mrs. Hermione Jean Potter”
“Oh Harry, my love, my husband.. Harry make love to me again”
“of course my love just as often as I can”

Hermione still sitting in Harry’s lap ask Father Christmas. “Chris I want to ask you something about the book, did you charm it or something, I mean I’m won’t be upset if you did I was just wondering”
“Well there is a charm on the book, but before you say anything, it’s not a love charm or any other charm to make someone attracted to another, I don’t work that way”
“Oh then what”
“It’s a heart reveling spell, I call it ‘The You to Yourself charm‘”
“ you to yourself I don‘t understand.”
“All the charm does is open your heart so you know who you truly wish, to read the book with, when you open it. That’s all, it just shows who, nothing more. And if anything progresses from that, it’s of your own choosing, your own heart, hearts. In fact once the book helps you find your friend and the two of you begin to read the spell is over, till the next new owner opens it for the first time. I would never push two people together. The book just gives a nudge to the direction of your heart.”
“Oh I see, a good charm, a very good charm”
“And I don’t give the book often, only when I see the need” as he smiled.
A moment later.
“Chris, then why Hermione, not that I’m complaining, in fact I thank you for doing so, but why her” Harry asked.
“Well Harry, years ago when you ask me to stop giving you anything again, I did as you asked, but I’ve been watching you for years, looking for a way to correct my mistake”
“Chris it wasn’t your fault, you were just being you, spreading joy. You didn‘t know my uncle”
“I know, but I watched and realized why you asked, you taught me a valuable lesson, sometimes it best to watch better and to leave somethings alone ”
Hermione stared at the two puzzled.
“Hermione.. you don’t know what happen, I can tell by that look. Harry never told you… I should have known” Chris smiled.
“Told me what?”
“Hermione my love, you know about my uncle and how he was. Well years ago….” and he told her of the first seven Christmases of Harry Potter and the seventh when he ask Chris never to give him a present again.
She kissed her husband ‘Uh that horrid monster”
“It’s over and done with, Mione. It’s in the past”

“As I was saying Harry, I watched over you for years, looking for a way to redeem myself, not only for you, but me as well”.
Harry started to say something, Father Christmas continued.
“I could see plainly the love you had for Hermione, but wasn’t sure how to express it properly, neither one of you actually. You both were limited in matters of the heart. Harry not knowing any and Hermione knowing only her family and books and what she read… Her secret desire to be swept off her feet by the dashing captain or knight or such.”
Hermione blushed
“As I watch Hermione, I noticed how she sparkled when she first saw you after being apart for a while. And how you looked when someone else took her attention. I saw the slight hurt in her, when you kissed or paid attention to one of the other girls.
The trouble was you both were too wrapped up in your best friendship to see each other. And I thought of the book and how it would put the two of you together in a way part from the others, even if only for a short time and maybe you would find each other, as each hoped… And I’d have to say it was one of my better ideas and obliviously worked as I hoped it would.”
“Yes it did, thank you Chris, do you want the book back?”
“Oh no I have others, you keep it and pass it on. especially if you see someone in need or save it for your daughter or son girlfriend” casting a glance at Hermione mid-section.
Hermione smiled.

Dobby followed by Winky pop in quietly, with egg-nog for five.
“Hello Dobby, Winky Happy Christmas”
“Happy Christmas Father Christmas” they said in unison
“Happy Christmas old friends” Harry and Hermione said
“Happy Christmas Ma…” and Harry gave them that look
Happy Christmas Harry, misses Potter” and the five sat, sipped egg-nog and watched the fire and chatted of things past and possible things to come.

After the egg-nog was gone and the hour drew late, well wee in the morning.
“Well I need to be heading home, the misses will worry, later Harry, nice to have met you Hermione, Dobby and you Winky, Happy Christmas” and he vanished.
“Good night Dobby, Winky Happy Christmas”
Happy Christmas” and they disappeared.

Hermione turned to her husband “Harry James Potter as long as I’ve known you, you still surprise me, you know Father Christmas, you’ve known him for years, do you know how many kids would love to meet him, and you’re on first name bases with him..”
“We’re on first name, after all Mione, you’ve met him too and..”
Oh you”
“yes my love”
Yes my love
“Oh kiss me”
“Ye…” and they kissed.

Next morning Harry and Hermione found three new presents under the tree; a box of 25 little green and 25 little black plastic solders, a red fire brigade truck, and box with four matchbox cars.
Happy Christmas Harry,

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