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Sarah 17, Miss summers 22

Sarah gropped her perky 34B breasts, pushing them together to make them bigger. Sighing she gave up and had a quick check to the rest of her young 17 year old body.
She had beautiful pale skin without any blemishes, nice long copper hair that almost fell to her well rounded ass. She was only 5ft tall and was the shortest
girl in her grade but she knew what she lacked in height she made up in beauty. She had big innocent green eyes and a cute straight nose and
small pouty lips that made her look oh so sexy. She was a shy girl and didn' have many friends in school though all of her teachers loved her especially miss
Summers her 31 year old science teacher. Sarah bent over to examine her clean shaved pussy from behind.

"hmmmm i think i might need to shave this week... what good is it if no one gets to see my pussy?"
Sarah had been sexually active since she hit puberty when she was 12. She was still a virgin, but she enjoyed fooling around and trying out new toys she could stuff up
her twat just to test herself. Lately she had taken a liking to a long beaded necklace.The balls rolled around her twat while she walked and brought her to a climax
whenever she liked without anyone being the wiser. Lately though she had gotten bored of it and wanted to test something that would fill her more. Yesterday she had bought
a large bag of golf balls. She ran excitedly to her secret hideout where all of her toys were hidden under one of her desks. She spread her legs and slowly pulled out the
long beaded necklace from her soaking pussy where she had kept it during the night.

"Now onto something bigger" Sarah couldnt wait to feel her pussy stretch, but she couldnt wait to finally get real meat either.
"God i wanna get fucked sooo bad! The guys are stupid not to notice me."
She opened the bag and wondered how many gold balls would fit in her pussy without bulging her flat stomach. Slowly, she pushed two golf balls inside her letting out a moan.
Then put two more, her pussy was definetly full but sarah wanted to risk putting two more in just to push herself. She slowly put one to her cunt and pushed it slowly inside.
As she did this another one of the balls was threatening to pop back out.

"hmmm... no good..." Sarah loooked down at her ass and realised that maybe... she could put some in thhere too. She had watched plenty of pornos her grandfather left around
his room and knew that all of her holes should be trained just in case, so she took one of the balls out of her pussy and slowly pushed it against her virgin asshole. Slowly,
her small hole opened up, sarah let out a loud moan as the small ball entered her.

"God this feels so much better than i thought it would. It feels weird but so good."
Sarah decided that one ball in her ass wasn't nearly enough and pushe in a second, then a third and even managed to push a fourth ball up her hole.

"oooooooo, i feel so full!" The balls in her pussy were being pushed aside by the ones that were entering her ass which made her feel even more full. Carefully, Sarah got up
and to her relief, not one ball slipped from her cunt or ass. She slipped on a pair of panties that were slightly too small for her to make sure no ball would slip out unnoticed.
She dressed up in her school uniform and headed towards the kitchen where her grandfather sat eating some toast.

"Morning grampa!" She kissed him lightly on the lips and sat down for breakfast careful as to not let any ball fall out or a moan from her lips.
"Morning sweety, you took too long getting dressed and now you're going to miss your bus." He scoweled at her in his special way teasing her as he did every morning, He pushed
a bowl of cereal towards her. Sarah giggled and took a spoonfull of cereal.

"grampa, tonight i have to stay at school for a science project. Can you still come pick me up at 7:00?"
"Sure thing sweet pea, as long as you give me a kiss."
"See you tonight grampa!"
Sarah got up slowly and headed toward the bus stop, always walking carefully as to not spill any of her, "secrets".

Chapter 1:

As Sarah sat in her english class she regretted pushing her pussy and ass to such a limit. "Damn, why did i try to put some many balls up there?" She thought. She shifted
uncomfertably in her seat wishing for the day to finally be over so she could empty her aching pussy and ass. When the bell finally rang, Sarah almost forgot bolted out of class
until she remembered to be careful not to let any balls fall out. She went into the bathroom so to take out some of the balls and maybe hide them. She couldn't bear to hold them
inside her any longuer. Slowly, Sarah pushed each ball out of her aching pussy then ass. She decided to put them in a ziplock bag in her purse. "That way ill clean them and reuse
them later" She thought smiling as she headed towards the main school exit.

Sarah whirled around at the sound of miss Summers callng her name. "Damn the science project!" She had totally forgotten it was today."Oh well maybe i can act sick and go hoe.
I really need to take a bath to make this damn aching go away!"
She walked awkwardly to miss Summers and tried looking sick.

"Oh, hi miss summers, I'm sorry I haven't been feeling well lately, can i do the project some other day?" Miss Summers smiled gently but answered,
"I'm afraid you can't postpone it. I have other students in my class you know and each one needs a day under my supervision so they don't make any accidents for this lab.
Come along I need to talk to you in my officce before we start the labaratory anyway."
Miss summers was a new teacher at school that had only graduated last spring and so looked to be in her early twenties. "She's so pretty! and look at her breasts! they must be
at least D cups." wondered Sarah longinly. "I wish my breasts were bigger." she thought. Miss Summers was actually only 22, she had taken classses all year around, even during
summer so she could graduate as quickly as possible.When they reached miss Summers' office Sarah sat down in the chair infront of her desk while miss summers closed the door.

"So Sarah tell me, what has you so distracted lately?"
"Whaa...what? nothing.." Sarah answered wondering if her teacher knew her naughty secret.
"Its boys isnt' it?" Miss summers said knowingly."Look Sarah your young and beautiful I'm sure you don't need to worry about them. They must be chasing you down!Is it because
their so immature?"
Sarah was so relieved that Miss Summers hadn't discovered her secret that she agreed at once.

"They get s annoying sometimes you know, always trying to impress me with their stupid jokes." Sarah added.
Miss Summers placed her hand on Sarah's thigh reassuringly. "Don't bother yourself with boys Sarah, your worth so much more. You've turned into a beautiful young woman in the past year.
Trust me they don't deserve you." Miss summers stroked Sarahs thigh which made Sarah blush. Sarah closed her legs as a reflex suddenly shy. Stuttering Sarah added:

"Don't worry miss Summers, I.. I don't pay attention to them. I'm t..too mature." Miss Summers kneeled infront of Sarah as if to see eye to eye with her, her hand slowly reaching toward
Sarah's crotch. Sarah noticed that she was very horny indeed and realised that in her haste to take out the golf balls she forgot to put her panties back on! Her skirt was the only thing
standing between miss summer's hand and her young untouched pussy.

"You are very pretty Sarah, I've noticed since the very first day.You have a very delicate figure, and such beautful lips." As she said this miss Summers stole Sarah's very first kiss
Slipping her tongue into her mouth and kissing her pationatly. Sarah was caught off guard and didn't know how to respond, yet her body was responding nicely. Her nipples grew hard
and her pussy was soaking and hot.Miss Summers continued her passionate attack on Sarah's mouth while her hand found its way to Sarahs soaked pussy lips.

"Oh... Sarah, you've been naughty have you? Don't tell me you lost your virginity to some idiot boy. That would just break my heart." Miss Summers looked angry, and a scared Sarah replied
"No, no i swear! I was just practicing..."
"Practicing how Sarah? With what?" Miss Summers noticed Sarah was trying to hide her purse behind her and grinned wickedly. "Oooo Sarah what's in you purse?" Miss summers snatched it away
and dumped its contents on her desk. Sarah trembled from excitment and fear, she had never seen her beloved teacher act this way. Miss summers held up the bag filled with the golf balls
and thrust it right in Sarah's face.

"Sarah what are these? Did you stretch out that nice young cunt of yours with these hmmm? Do you like being stretched?"
Sarah shook her head energetically, suddenly terrified of her teacher.

"No mi.. miss Summers I don't."
"You shouldn't lie to me Sarah," Miss Summers looked sad.
"I thought you were a good little girl but it turns out your a little slut aren't you?"
Sarah trembled but said nothing. Miss summers reached into the bag and took out one of the balls that had been in her pussy and licked it slwoly.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm, Sarah you do have a lovely taste. But im very disapointed that you turned out to be such a slut. You need to be punished sweety..."
"No... no please..." Sarah whimpered. She knew no one was left in school at this hour so no one would hear if she screamed.
"When is your dear grandfather coming to pick you up Sarah?" Sarah only shook her head. Miss Summers slapped Sarah lightly on the cheek and kneeled infront of the terrified girl.
"Sarah I want to know so he doesn't find you in a bad position. Do you want your grandfather to see you for the slut you are, hmm? Now If you don't answer sweety ill have to be rough with
you and trully Sarah I don't want to hurt you. But I will If you don't answer my questions truthfully. Now when is your grandfather coming to pick you up?" Sarah just shook her head crying.
Miss Summers sighed and grabbed Sarah by her hair and bent her over her desk screaming in pain. She grabbed both of Sarah's hands and pulled them to her back tying a tube from the lab around
her wrists so Sarah would not move. Still keeping her bent over the desk, Miss Summers pushed Sarahs head against the desk painfully and whispered in her ear,

"Sarah, one last time I ask, When is your grandfather coming?"
"AT 7:00! please please just don't hurt me!" Sarah struggled against her once beloved teacher.
"Excellent now i want you to stop struggling, this way itll be fun for the both of us alright?" Sarah went limp but continued to sob against the desk.
"Good Sarah.Shhhhhh." Miss Summers pulled Sarah by her arms gently and sat her in the chair. She then proceeded to tie both of Sarah legs to the chair as well as her waist. Carefully,
Miss Summers undressed Sarah and admired her beautiful young body.

"Oh Sarah, I never thought you would be quite so pretty." Miss summers sat on the young adult's lap and kissed her once more. Gently probing Sarah's mouth with her tongue and caressing her
breasts. Miss Summers then stripped herself and looked at Sarahs face as her big plump breasts came into view.

"Mmmm Sarah d you like what you see?"
"Ye..Yes." The young girl answered. Miss Summers smiled and opened a drawer in her desk. Still smiling she brought the contents of the drawer up to Sarah. Sarah's eyes widened in horror
at the instruments that lay inside.

"Now its time to start the project little Sarah."

The End

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2011-03-22 21:32:40
You should have added more details. And the ending came too fast. What else did she do. Did the grampa come early.


2011-03-22 00:09:34
I think the line breaks are the effect of pressing enter at the end of a sentence or line. Other than the mistakes, it's a good effort.

Repost at least without the weird line breaks, and add more of a story to it. Why was her teacher suddenly turned on by her? There is a lot to explore about the backstory.

It made no sense for the teacher to just go and attack Sarah for what I thought was no reason other than her being attractive. And I agree with LT about the guys liking her but not saying anything to her. It would have made sense to make Sarah younger, then her isolation would be justified.


2011-03-21 22:30:47
There are some good things with this story - the basic idea is quite hot - but some others that don't really add up and make it unconvincing. You make Sarah very physically attractive, and yet say that the boys don't notice her, and whilst the bit with the golf balls is sexy, still she wouldn't be able to walk around all day with those in her pussy and ass. I know the stories are fantasies, but believable fantasy is much sexier than unbelievable ones. You need to be careful with simple things like continuity, for example where the teacher is age 31 in the first paragraph but 22 later on. Also it makes the story easier to read if you spell-check it before posting, and get capitals and punctuation right, plus something odd has happened to the line-breaks. It's a promising start, and I'm interested to see where you go with this next.

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2011-03-21 22:26:18
Introduction: Sarah 17, Miss summers 22

In the very first paragraph she was 31.


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