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Carlisle rubbed his eyes, then closed the book he'd been reading. He'd been in the Volturi library for hours, studying some of the more ancient manuscripts that Marcus had had bound into books. The history of the vampires went back for thousands of years, but their true origins had yet to be discovered.
He put the book back in its place on the shelf, blew out the candle, and threaded his way through the dim aisles toward the main doors.

A strange sound caught his attention as he moved closer to the main sitting area. Funny, but it sounded like Caius…laughing quietly…a sound not often heard. What had amused him?

Curious, Carlisle leaned around a bookshelf. To his surprise, Caius was with Aro, their arms around each other.

"You stayed away from me too long," Caius was saying. "Do you enjoy torturing me?"

"Oh, I can think of more pleasant ways to torture you," Aro replied, pulling the sash from Caius' dressing gown and wrapping it around his hand to use later.

"I like the sound of that," Caius smiled. He slipped out of the floor-length robe and let it fall, revealing that he wore nothing underneath.

Carlisle ducked back behind the bookshelf. There was no way he could get across the wide expanse of the sitting area without being seen by the lovers and there was no other exit from the section of the library he'd been exploring. He could return to the alcove…

"You look beautiful in the candlelight," Aro said, leaning down to kiss Caius.

"We all do," Caius laughed as he pushed Aro's robe from his shoulders. He ran his hands down the other vampire's chest, then followed with his tongue, pausing to circle Aro's nipples, before continuing downward.

Carlisle knew he should just sneak back to the alcove and wait until they were finished. But he was curious about the Volturi leaders; they seemed so formal and aloof, especially Caius. Would Marcus join them? Or was this a special bond just between these two?

'Oh, I'm absolutely going to hell,' he thought, peering through the small space between books and upper shelf. But even that notion couldn't quell his curiosity.

Aro sighed contentedly as Caius knelt on the floor and took his cock in his mouth. He hadn't meant to stay away so long from the youthful-looking vampire and, twining his fingers through Caius' white hair, he vowed not to do so again.

Caius took slow strokes, running his tongue around the head of Aro's cock on the upstroke, knowing that he enjoyed being teased this way. He could feel the other vampire's fingers in his hair, heard his deep sigh. His own lust stoked, he became greedier, wordlessly encouraging Aro to thrust more deeply into his mouth.

Aro gasped, filling his lover's mouth with venomous cum and enjoying the sensation of Caius' throat contracting as he swallowed.

Caius finally pulled his mouth away and looked up at Aro, laughing silently. Kneeling on the floor with the candlelight glittering on his translucent skin, he looked very much like an erotic angel.

Watching from his hiding place behind the bookshelf, Carlisle knew the lovemaking was far from over and he once more urged himself to return to the alcove. But he was too fascinated now.

Caius stood and Aro picked him up, settling him on the nearby desk. Caius wrapped his legs around his lover's waist and their tongues explored each other's mouths for a while, Aro's hand slowly pumping Caius' erection.

Just when Caius thought he couldn't stand it anymore, Aro knelt down and slid his mouth over Caius' cock, teasing him as mercilessly as he had been teased only moments before.

Caius tightened his knees against Aro's shoulders and threw back his head, moaning passionately while his lover drank his cum.

Aro kissed Caius' inner thigh, then rose to his feet to kiss Caius' mouth once more. His erection had returned and he wrapped the sash he still held around the other vampire's wrists, leaning down to playfully bite his nipples.

Caius gasped, wanting more from Aro. "Fuck me," he whispered, kissing the other's neck.

"Oh, I plan to," Aro chuckled, pushing Caius onto his back across the desk. "Now, you'll see what sweet torture I have for you."

Caius could have easily broken the flimsy sash that bound his wrists together, but he didn't want to. He liked the bondage games they played, giving himself entirely to Aro's whims.

He felt Aro's tongue lightly brushing along his body from neck to hipbone, then a finger pushed gently into his ass to caress that one spot that could nearly drive him mad with lust.

"Oh god, Aro," Caius whimpered, squirming on the desk. "Just fuck me."

Aro straightened, grinning mischievously, and pulled Caius' legs up, resting the younger vampire's thighs against his chest. "Beg me," he said, caressing his lover's slender calves.

The position he was in wouldn't allow Caius to just impale himself on Aro's cock, like he wanted to do, so he was reduced to complying with Aro's request.

"Please, Aro," he sobbed quietly.

Aro slid his cock part of the way into Caius' backside, then back out, torturing him with pleasure. "Please what, my love?"

"Fuck me, please."

Aro once again entered Caius, thrust a few times, then pulled back out. "Is that what you want, Caius?"

Caius was nearly wild with erotic hunger. "Yes…please, Aro. I'm begging you…fuck me."

"You beg so beautifully, Caius," Aro said, pushing into him once more. "How can I resist?"

Carlisle felt rather ashamed of himself for spying on the lovers, but he still couldn't tear his eyes away from the passionate pair. He had assumed their relationship was adversarial. Seeing them together in this new light, he realized it was the passion between them, not animosity, that sometimes made them butt heads over issues.

Caius raised his bound arms over his head and pressed his back against the desk, wanting to feel Aro's cock as deeply within him as possible. His own cock had hardened again, but he didn't need to be stroked or sucked this time. Just being fucked by his gorgeous, black-haired lover was enough to bring him to orgasm and he cried out, spraying them both with his cum.

Aro leaned in closer, pushing Caius' knees back toward his shoulders. He placed his hands on the desk to support himself better while he thrust a final few times into Caius, who moaned quietly when he felt Aro's cum filling him.

"God, I've missed that," Aro said, pulling out of Caius. He untied his wrists and helped him to sit up again.

"Then don't stay away for so long," Caius replied, wrapping his arms around Aro's neck. "You know I love you."

Aro nuzzled his neck. "Hmm…I love you, too."

They kissed, more leisurely now that their passion was spent. Then Caius hopped off the desk and picked his robe up from the floor.

Aro watched him for a moment, burgundy eyes wandering appreciatively over the other vampire's slender frame. He grabbed the discarded sash and took it to Caius. Threading it through the loops, he kissed him again, tying the ends together to close his robe.

"Do you want to hunt tonight?," Caius asked.

"How about tomorrow night? We can make an evening of it…maybe play in the dungeons again. We haven't done that in a while."

Caius grinned. "I'll bring the chains."

Aro laughed and, gently pushing him toward the doors, swatted his backside. "Go, Caius…I'll see you tomorrow evening."

Once his white-haired lover was gone, Aro picked up his own robe, put it back on, then turned toward the bookcase.

"You can come out now, Carlisle."

Carlisle stood and edged around the bookcase, looking more than a little embarrassed. "Sorry," he said. "I didn't mean to intrude."

The Volturi vampire shrugged. "We don't mind voyeurs, as long as they keep quiet. Care to join us in the dungeons tomorrow?"

"Um…no…I don't think so," Carlisle replied, not sure if he should be shocked or amused. "This time was purely accidental, Aro. And I'd rather Caius didn't know I was here tonight."

"I don't keep secrets from him, but I won't say anything unless he asks."

Carlisle nodded. "Thank you. Now…if you'll excuse me…I should probably go back to my rooms."

Aro opened the door, allowing Carlisle to depart.

Carlisle wandered through the maze of passageways back to his suite of rooms. While he understood the love and passion between Caius and Aro, he also felt like he'd learned just a little too much about the two Volturi leaders. And he was definitely not using that desk in the sitting area anymore.

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