This is a story I wrote at the request of on of my Readers
Right then this is a piece of Fiction. The writer does not condone any behavior contained herein. Like I said in the intro this is a requested piece. If you aren't up to reading this based on the tags provided, that is if that didn't turn you away then Enjoy.

Robin was cleaning the bedrooms it was her usual duty. She had gotten a job as a sort of Nanny slash housekeeper. She had been working for James and his wife Saundra. They had an affluent house to say the least of course it was in a neighborhood filled with other affluent houses. The trouble was Robin’s husband owed money to a bookie, and while her job was good enough to pay the bills it wasn’t going to cover her husbands gambling debt. She paused as she dusted Saundra’s dresser, Pearls and gemstones, necklaces and rungs earrings. Most of the jewelry was in a sort of pile, and a few hanging separately. She was no expert on Jewelry but there was easily in her estimation a hundred grand worth of baubles. She paused a moment her fingers hovering over the pile. She picked something small magpie like a pair of Earrings and slipped it into her bra. She continued her cleaning and when the children arrived home from school she set them to work at their homework.

She repeated this process over a week taking one item at a time. Then after a week of her skimming the pile of Jewelry she was surprised when James came home early. Very early, it was barely 10 am. She continued her duties until he called for her to come into his office. He turned on the big screen television and a few moments later there was a high definition picture, of Robin skimming from the Piled of Saundra’s jewelry. She watched transfixed as she saw herself picking up earrings and slipping them into her bodice. “Stealing from us Robin?” James began “I should have you arrested, I have checked you have stolen at least ten thousand worth of Jewelry from my wife. Now that’s hard time. As I see it you have two choices, the first is I call the police…

“Nooo…” Robin moaned.

“Then I suppose you’ll take the alternative?” Robin stood frozen trying to determine what the alternative might be.

“Whatever you want,” she whispered her voice shaking. James walked around her he walked up behind her and his hands slid up her firm thighs peeling her skirt up over her ass. He pushed her gently up against the edge of the desk. His hands slowly unbuttoned her blouse; she let It fall to the floor at her feet. Her bra was next and she whimpered as his hands squeezed her breasts his fingers pulling at her nipples. She felt his hands on her waist working the fasteners of her belt and skirt. She stepped out of them her legs trembling as his fingers hooked into the waistband of her thong. She could feel his cock pressing though the fabric of his slacks, pressing against her, His fingers slid down her belly to her slit.
He clicked his tongue in disappointment. “Get on the desk” he said Robin slowly climbed onto the desk. She was nervous and trembling. I was going to fuck you but… I think you should finger yourself right here on my desk instead. Robin hesitated and then put her fingers over her slit she slowly started caressing her pussy with her fingertips. “Convince me you’re a horny bitch” James said. Robin closed her eyes and tried to imagine something anything to get her mind of her current situation. Her fingers slid over the lips of her sex, she spit on her hand and used it to lubricate her slit. That improved things; she slowly circled her clit with her fingertips as she felt the familiar feelings warming inside of her. She opened her eyes to see James sitting in a chair across the room. Slowly stroking his cock. Watching him jerk made her mouth water and her pussy started to lubricate itself. She moaned as her hand went to her breast, as her fingers slipped into her pussy. “Crawl over here” Slowly robin got down from the desk and on her hands and knees approached James until her face was inches from his throbbing cock. He rubbed the tip of his cock against her nose and across her cheeks all the while bubbling clear sticky precum. She inhaled sharply when it passed over her lips. He rested the tip on her nose and squeezed out a few drops of fluid onto it. She gasped when she felt a finger lightly probing her ass.

“I see you have gotten the thieving tramp right where we want her,” Saundra said as her finger speared Robin’s ass. Saundra came around her finger exiting Robin’s ass with a wet pop. She straddled James’ legs and lowered her drooling box onto James’ rod. She took Robin by the hair and pressed her face against her impaled sex. “Lick it” Saundra commanded “make me cum all over my husband’s hard cock.” Robin swallowed hard and opened her mouth, Saundra watching closely pressed robins face against her snatch and as the other woman started to work her tongue up and down the woman’s slit Saundra started to slowly hump James’ cock. It was only a few minutes but it seemed longer to Robin her fingers found James’ bloated balls tightening and then Saundra stood up letting James’ cock blast robin in the face with hot man cream. She started to reach up and wipe it out of her face but Saundra stopped her, “Oh no I want you just like you are.”

Robin watched through half closed eyes as her two employers dressed at least marginally. They led her into the kitchen and had her sit on the counter. “Well” James said “Lets see you finger fuck yourself here. Robin slowly dropped her fingers to her bubbling slit and started to slowly finger herself. She looked up when she saw the flash of a camera. She was horrified and turned on at the same time as she saw James shooting photos and his wife on her knees in front of him slurping his meat. “I think you need something bigger to stick in that naughty pussy of yours Robin, Don’t you think love?” Saundra moaned only what could be called an affirmative as she slurped loudly on James’ meat. James reached over to the refrigerator and with some effort pulled out several vegetables. And set them on the counter beside Robin. He then pulled out a package of hotdogs and another package of sausage links.

Robin stared at the array, a Cucumber, a Zucchini, an ear of corn, and a fat looking carrot. “I think the Cucumber first don’t you love?” Saundra said from her place on the floor a string of drool connecting her mouth to James’ juicy cock. Saundra leaned forward and handed Robin the cucumber and then used her fingers to spread Robin’s Juicy slit. The flash exploded in the room again and Robin took the cucumber and slowly pressed it into her fleshy opening. She groaned when Saundra took it from her she grabbed her cum slicked breasts as Saundra plunged the vegetable into her sopping slot. She left it so that only a bit of the end was sticking out and as James snapped pictures she slipped it out. Robin’s pussy contracted around the empty void left by the cucumber. Saundra next picked up the Carrot and started to slowly fuck Robin’s drooling snatch with the orange phallus. She pumped it in and out a few times and with a dissatisfied grunt picked up the sausage. She speared her hole with first one and then two of the links and worked them in and out individually as Robin gasped at the intruders. Saundra then picked up the ear of corn and slid it into Robin’s stretched sex. Robin groaned as the little nibblets massaged the inside of her twat. Saundra gave her a good five minutes of vigorous fucking with the yellow cob before she stopped. The James and Saundra maneuvered Robin off of the counter and walked her into the sprawling back yard. They didn’t go far Saundra stopped when they came upon Barry. Barry was a large Bloodhound who spent a lot of his time sunning himself and being an overall menace to the neighborhood squirrels. Now how about you show us how good you can suck cock. Robin moved to kneel down in front of James. “Oh no Robin you don’t get to suck James’ cock, your cock is right there,” she said pointing to Barry. “no be a good little bitch and suck some doggie cock” Robin only a moment and then got down where Barry was who immediately stood up.

Robin hesitantly reached between Barry’s legs and stroked his sheath, his large balls jiggled as she did she slowly pulled the sheath back exposing the bright red extremity of his cock, and She leaned forward and licked the tip. “That’s a good girl,” her two employers said almost in the same voice. She wrapped her lips around the tip and sucked revulsion and excitement thrilled her at the same time. She felt Barry’s massive piece of meat expanding in her mouth and she allowed more and more to pass between her lips. The depravity of it all struck a cord, a cord connected directly to her clit and she started slurping and stroking the throbbing piece of dog meat in earnest. She could taste the briny precum that was flowing copiously from the cock and when Barry decided to mount her face, she gagged and coughed as his cock hammered between her lips. She could barely keep upright and she tried her best to breathe but his knot expanded behind her lips her mouth was stuffed with dog meat she could feel his hot cum squirting into the back of her throat. It took another five or ten minutes before the tennis ball sized knot deflated enough to pass between her lips. Robin collapsed her ass in the air her jaws aching and her entire body trembling from exertion.

Robin moaned as the dog approached her again and his long tongue probed her flowing slit. A few licks were all it took for Barry and he mounted her again this time from behind. She could feel his massive piece of meat missing and missing and finally it hit pay dirt. Barry yelped and started hammering Robin’s already abused pussy. Robins whole body shook in electric orgasm as she felt the swollen knob of the dogs knot lock tight inside her. He kept hammering away she could feel her belly filling up with dog cream. How long she lay on the grass she wasn’t sure but she finally stood shakily and turned to see that Saundra and James were both standing there watching her. They led her back inside and into their bedroom. She was again forced down onto her knees in front of Saundra, she could smell the spilled cum in Saundra’s snatch “Clean it bitch” Saundra said.

“What should we do with her?”

“Oh we keep her” Saundra moaned. Juniors thirteenth birthday is coming up, and I thought maybe we could let him have little robin as a toy.”

James laughed.

“Of course… I think we should make sure she is good and fertile for the event.”

“Oh ho” James smiled at his wife.

No absolutely no Sequels... I'm leaving this one hanging I hope you enjoyed it please feel free to comment and Vote on this remember that this piece of fiction is not for everyone, If for some reason you feel compelled to ask me to write something well message me or something. I draw the line in some places but I'll consider just about anything.

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2014-04-08 21:08:57
If no sequel then more stories like this well written do good work

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2013-03-01 09:45:29
That is so pretty!! I love that big bulrtefty shape, I had no idea that was on the Wall Decor and more cart!! I really like all the bling you added. Girl I was so worried about you, I haven't seen you post anything in a long time and I haven't heard from you. I think we are having major Mickey withdrawls here LOL! Thank you so much for being on my hop friend!!!!

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YOU FUCKER! That's just mean, you stop just as it gets good then you tell us we're cut off!

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that is not fair you tease great story

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Voted negative just for the no sequels line at the end.

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