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I end up shagging my grandfather. Pt 1
Two years ago my wife died. Then two of our friends used to invite me over for a meal each week. I enjoyed the company and they had been friends of ours for many years. One day one of the guys asked me if I was missing the sex I had with my wife as we all knew despite our age we were still sexually active and my wife was very proud of the fact she could still enjoy an orgasm.

I said I was however I had from time to time visited a brothel to be ‘serviced’ as I put it.

He was very interested and asked me would I mind if the next time I was going could he come.

We laughed about it and said its your money – so long as you don’t want the same girl I have each time it was fine by me. I explained I had a Japanese girl who ‘serviced’ me and we had fantastic times together and when I left I was walking on a cloud. I had shifted a lot of dirty water in the process and enjoyed the sensation of having a young smooth soft skin against me and she allowed me to do things with her I had not ever achieved with my wife.

For a few months we both visited this place at least once a month and sometimes twice. It was a secret between us as neither of us wanted it known we used young and attractive prostitutes and behaved like 20 year olds - for an hour or so.

Then he had a heart attack and died. I really missed him. His wife continued to invite me over for a meal as did another couple and the four of us often had a pleasant evening. I maintained my visits to my Japanese sweetheart.

Not long after that the husband of the other couple had a stroke and died.

The dinners continued with me as the sole male. One evening they began to talk about their sex lives with their husbands and surprised me by telling me that my wife had confided in them about the life we led in the bedroom. One of them seemed to be teasing me a bit and when the evening was over she asked me if I wouldn’t mind walking her back to her place as it was only a street away from my place and I didn’t hesitate.

When we got to her place she invited me in for a cup of tea – I went as it was not that late.

Once we had the tea she began to revisit our earlier conversation and told me how much she missed her husband and that she had been tempted, but not yet succumbed, to the temptation to seek a ‘Toy boy’ and engage in sex with him to ease her frustrations and asked me if I knew of where she could avail herself of the services of a young man to satisfy her needs. She then added she knew I had visited a brothel with her husband as she had noticed a distinct difference in him after we had been having our mens days out as she called them. Do they have young men that could provide what she sought.

I was a little taken back that she was aware of my visits but then opened up and told her of our visits and the girls that provided the ‘relief’ for us. I saw no point in denying it.

As I was about to leave I bent to kiss her on the cheek and she said as I kissed her ‘ would you go to bed with me’.

I was really taken back and said it wouldn’t be right.

She said why – neither of us has a partner and we both desire sex obviously and that she was offereing herself to me and would be embarrassed and very disappointed if I refused her.
We went back into the lounge and we talked bout what she had suggested for about 1 quarter of an hour and I could see she was serious and I really didn’t have any reasons not to so I said I would.

We went to her bedroom and we engaged in sex – it wasn’t a romantic occasion we both undressed and we had missionary sex and I managed to keep it going until she orgasmed.

She confided in me that she had not achieved an orgasm for a couple of years having intercourse and she had to masturbate in order to do so and used a vibrating toy to achieve her pleasures.

I quite enjoyed my time with her- it was quite different from my Japanese girl where I was far more animated. With her it was purely intercourse. We were both naked and after we had achieved our pleasure together we didn’t dress and had another cup of tea – naked. She often touched my penis and said how nice it looked – I am circumcised and her husband wasn’t she explained. Then she suggested I spend the night with her and maybe we could do it all again.

By now I had overcome my reluctance to be with her sexually and agreed. We spent the next few hours in bed engaging in sex – we actually kissed passionately and we relaxed a lot more and I suggested a change in position to doggy style and she informed me she had never had sex in any other way that missionary. The two of us were a little like teenagers exploring the pleasure of sex in various positions and not only did we engage I climaxed again doing it doggy style. Afterwards we lay together talking and fondling – I enjoyed the feel of her breasts and kissed and suckled them and again she explained that hadnt happened since she fed her children off them. I fondled and fingered her vagina and gave her some pleasure there and mentioned the fact she had not touched her hair there.

She said that the thought or desire to do it had never entered her head – she had always been natural there and asked me if I would like her to change – she said you have done more with me tonight than I have enjoyed for years why not go all the way.

I then suggested a couple of shapes and she said do it the way you feel it would look nice after all you will be the only one ever to know or see it.

I then shaved her and formed a small shape above her vagina and she giggled as I did it and after it was finished she said she loved the look, and had not see herself like that ever before. She said I look like an 18yo.

Then I did something I do with my Japanese girl and got down and began to give her oral sex. At first she was reluctant and I said well why not if I am going to act like a slut I may as well do what sluts do.

I said there is no way she is a slut – just a woman reborn.

She hugged and kissed me and said do what you wish – I am yours to do as you want with me – I have done more tonight than I have done in my lifetime – why should I not enjoy it.

I got down and at first she was uncomfortable with me licking and fingering her but after a while soon adapted to it and relaxed and eventually enjoyed a wonderful orgasm with my mouth over her clitoris. She was reasonably constrained in her physical orgasm – but I knew after a couple more like that she would relax as she did after we engaged in sex a few times. She kept feeling her now shorn pubic hair and said it felt wonderful and sexy. Now we didn’t have to worry about pregnancy or what our parents would say if we were found out.

That night began regular times together and I frequently spent the night with her engaging in sex in ways she had never dreamed of. She even bought a book on positions which we had many a fun filled hour or so engaging in them. Another aspect of our new life was nudity – she loved being naked.

We maintained this association for over a year, but we never lived together other than an occasional weekend away where we practiced being on a honeymoon.

About this time my granddaughter rang me and asked if she could stay with me for a while – she had a term to do at the local hospital as part of her training. I agreed. She was 20 and had a life of her own and I could not see things being any different for me other than I would have company for a while.

For two months everything was fine – I continued to have my nights away and it didn’t take long for Jane my granddaughter to realise I had a friend that was a little more than an acquaintance. She said to me one night – you sleep with her don’t you. I was truthful and we discussed the fact of her grandmother having died and I felt like life should go on and my lady friend was in a similar situation alone and lonely and we shared a common interest. She said you are a dirty old man and we laughed.

A week or so later she came home one afternoon which was unusual. It seems some problem existed in the hospital so the ended the day early. The unfortunate part was she found me naked in the back yard masturbating. She was a little shocked and taken back. I was embarrassed but she came to me and said I was not to worry I was doing what everybody does – including her – and masturbating when the urge was there. She said I am a little embarrassed at seeing you but not offended – I will leave you to finish it.

I said there was no way now I could take up where I left off.

She smiled at me moved over closer and said I think you could, and took my now flaccid penis in her hand and stroked me and had it erect in seconds. The feel of her soft hand and long fingers on my cock was amazing as she stroked it as well as my little Japanese girl.

No I said its not right –

She said I am an expert its one of the things nurses do well – you have no idea of the number of men and boys we provide relief to – just like this. Believe me I have been able to make literally hundred of guys cum and some have had extra special treatment – if I really like them. Oral – I have done that many many times believe me I am no novice I can assure you. I have been doing all these things since I was 16 and allowed a boy to share my virginity with me and I have never stopped since. I have lost count of the number of men I have been with. You can rest assured you are not doing anything with me I havnt done before.

But you are my Granddaughter – its wrong.

Not to me it isn’t – if I want to do it why not – it is only wrong in my eyes when a family member coerces a young girl into it that doesn’t know what she is doing. I have seen a few of them – 13 and 14yo innocent young things who have no idea what is happening to them and are pregnant to their father. Many more as old as 17 and 18yo pregnant to their fathers, brothers or uncles. I have performed more abortions that I could count – legally. Young boys with STD or torn and infected rectums from engaging in sex with homosexual men are another frequent sight. Don’t worry if I want to have sex with you I will and I hope you will return the love and affection I have for you that way.
I will willingly sleep with you and you wont have to worry – I am clean and willing and actually I have been told quite a few times I am pretty good. Now if that doesn’t shock you – then I also have sex with other girls – my age – sex with another woman is a wonderful experience so there – your granddaughter is basically a whore and is offering to let you find out first hand – well you have found out about the hand thing already havnt you.

I was shocked and speechless – Jane was more of a whore than my Japanese girl – I am sure she did it for money not fun as Jane seems to enjoy. She continued to stroke me and I had to admit her touch was that of an expert and after a few minutes of her stroking me I said I am going to cum let me finish it.

No way – what I start I finish she said and I was on the verge of cumming – I straightened my legs and tensed up for the ejaculation which made masturbating so wonderful when you cum. I grunted as I felt the first spasm and before I realised it she had her head over my cock and was taking my semen orally. She was stroking and sucking my cock – I could not help myself I released a load of semen equal to any I have ever produced and she took it and swallowed it as fast as I could refill her mouth. I could not ever remember having an orgasm to equal it – Uki my Japanese girl was good but even Jane was a little better – perhaps because of the surprise – I expected Uki to swallow my semen as part of the service she provided me – I would never in a million years expected Jane to do the same.

After a few minutes and had I recovered and Jane had swallowed everything I had ejaculated – she smiled at me and said – you didn’t expect that did you and there is more and better to come.

That some evidenced itself – she told me not to get dressed and said the second course wont be long. She stood up and removed her clothing – the two of us were butt naked and she looked beautiful. Her breast were full firm and uplifted with a nice cherry pink areola and hard nipples. He rpubic area was shaped into a srip above her clit and short haired – she had obviously done it recently as there was no stubble to be seen. When I said that’s nice – you have been busy.

She replied no I have had the hair removed by electrolysis – that way it doest grow back for years and its over a year now since I had it done. My girlfriends are all the same. You have to decide what shape you really like as you will have it for years. I experimented with a few shapes and found this the most practical for everything. Its what it exposes that is the best. I don’t like it all off – looks too childish.

I was staggered at her frankness.

Ok Pop – as she called me – lets get to show on the road – will we do it here or inside.

What do you mean?

You are going to make love to me as you and your lady friend do – I want to see how you perform and what the two of you get up to. Remember if you have a heart attack in the process I can bring you back – but I am sure after watching you cum a minute ago – you will be fine.


That’s the next chapter and it goes beyond the pale – sex with your granddaughter and age difference of over 50 years.

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2016-11-30 01:14:15
I like older men too. They are slower and better at it than the younger guys who believe they are F1 drivers. I dont have a grandfather but I do have sex with a neighbour who is 70. His wife takes her clothes off an she masturbates and watches us. The first couple of times was weird with her there but now I dont notice her and I enjoy being fucked for about 20 minutes by him before he cums.

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2016-01-24 00:42:32
I wish I had a grandad

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2015-08-27 08:40:32
my granddaughter just came in as I was reading this and stroking my cock, she was shocked but not for long, she finished me off and has gone up to bed and is waiting for me, so I have to go now

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2011-03-22 23:08:14
I cant wait to have grandaughters like Jane.

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